A Step-By-Step Tutorial On How To Replace Carpet With Vinyl Flooring

Replace Carpet With Vinyl Flooring - Is It A Good Idea For Home Innovation?

Dec 21, 2023
There will be a day when you realize your house needs a makeover. The fastest way to change your house’s appearance is to replace carpet with vinyl flooring. This is a project you can do at home. You only need to learn the correct way to do this. And the tutorial is right below!

replace carpet with vinyl flooring

Your home appearance will change dramatically if you choose a new flooring material

Here is a summary of what you can find in this post:

Why vinyl plank floor is the perfect choice to replace the carpet.

What you should pay attention to during vinyl plank floor installation.

A step-by-step tutorial on how to replace carpet with vinyl flooring.

Let’s begin!

Why you should choose vinyl plank floor to replace the carpet

The vinyl plank floor is becoming more and more popular for interior design. What does this flooring material have that makes it a perfect choice to replace carpet?

  • Durability: Carpet will soon be worn out in heavy traffic areas like the hallways, kitchen, and living room. But the vinyl plank floor is more resilient and can maintain a beautiful appearance much longer under the same circumstances.
  • Waterproof: The vinyl plank floor is waterproof, so cleaning spills and liquid stains on it would be so much easier and faster than the carpet.
  • Installation: Replacing carpet with vinyl flooring is so easy that it can be done like a DIY project without the help of any professionals, thanks to the click-together installation.
  • Pet-Friendly: If you are going to have a pet in the household, switching to the vinyl plank floor couldn’t be more appropriate. This flooring material won’t be damaged after “pet accidents”, and cleaning up afterward won’t be a nightmare for you.
  • Scratch Resistant: Since the vinyl plank floor has a protective layer on top to prevent scratching, you don’t have to worry about maintenance so much as maintenance of the carpet.
  • Cost: Vinyl plank floor is much cheaper than other hardwood floors or tiled floors. ceramic or hardwood flooring. If you are on a budget, then this flooring material is the best choice for replacing carpets.
  • Design & Color: What makes the vinyl plank floor suitable for interior design is it comes in various designs and colors. If you want to do a stunning makeover for your home, the vinyl plank floor will give you the widest options.

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What you need to consider when replacing carpet with vinyl plank floor

Removing carpet and installing vinyl flooring is an easy process, but that doesn’t mean there is nothing to be cautious about. Here are four major aspects that you need to pay attention to during this DIY project:

1. Wall footer:

The carpet would be much thicker than the vinyl plank floor. That is why when you replace the carpet with vinyl plank flooring, there will be a gap between the wall and the floor surface. You can paint the wall to cover the gap or use a quarter round as a decoration and connection method.

2. Baseboard Scratching:

During the removal and installation process, scratches on the baseboard are unavoidable. It would be best to prepare the paint color of the baseboard to cover the scratch. Touching up the baseboard can also make the whole innovation look better.

You should remove the baseboard before doing any replacement project

You should remove the baseboard before doing any replacement project

3. Height Of New Floor:

If you replace the carpet next to a different floor type like a tiled floor, chances are the new vinyl plank floor will be lower than the other floor. Because your carpet is even with the other floor in the first place, but the carpet is thicker than the vinyl plank floor, you will have to think about how to make the vinyl plank floor even with the existing floor.

You may need to install a subfloor to even out the height of both floor types. Or in some cases, if the gap is not too big, you can consider placing a reducer strip at the transition point to raise the vinyl plank floor to the same level as the existing floor.

4. Existing Sub-Floor:

If there is a subfloor underneath the carpet, you have to check it to see if the subfloor is good enough to install the new vinyl plank floor over it. In some cases, you will need to install a new subfloor before installing the vinyl plank floor. But if the subfloor is still good to go, then you can continue the process.

Beware of these problems can help you make a good preparation for installing a new vinyl floor over carpet. Including the adjustment in the process will make the result more perfect.

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How to replace old carpet with new vinyl flooring

There are two main tasks in the process of replacing carpets with vinyl flooring. First, you need to remove the old carpet. Then you can start installing the new vinyl plank floor.

What you will need to remove the carpet:

  • A spatula to pick the carpet up
  • A knife or a cutter to cut the carpet
  • Solvent
  • Face mask and gloves to cover yourself up

Here is how to remove the carpet in three simple steps:

Step 1: Remove the furniture

You can’t remove or install flooring with furniture lying on the surface. So it is best to move them to another room so your work won’t be disturbed. It will also help protect the furniture during the process. You wouldn’t want to have paint splash on your favorite couch, right?

You should also remove the baseboard at this step. The spatula will come in handy if it is not easy to peel the baseboard off the wall.

Step 2: Remove the carpet

Use a knife or a cutter to cut the carpet at the edge. You can cut it into squares or rectangles for easy tearing. Peel the carpet off the floor with your hand or use the spatula to scrape it up.

If you find the carpet hard to peel off, apply the solvent to remove the glue and adhesive tape first. Remember to wear gloves and a face mask throughout the whole process to protect yourself, especially when you pour out the solvent.

Step 3: Clean the floor

The final step to replacing the carpet with vinyl flooring is to clean up all the remaining. Once you have removed the entire carpet, get rid of all the adhesives and clean the floor with water and neutral soap. Let the floor dry, and then you are ready to install the new vinyl plank floors.

Now that everything is set, let’s learn how to replace carpet with vinyl plank floor.

There are four installation systems for vinyl plank floors: lock, drop lock, loose lay, and glued down.

  • The lock system:

This system's best feature is safety because the pressure exerted between the slats will reinforce the bond between them. With three simple steps, you can install a new vinyl plank floor with the lock system:

- First, slightly tilt the sheet.

- Then, place the sheet to fit the other.

- Finally, press the sheet for a whole, and then it will be ready.

  • The drop lock system:

The drop lock system only has two steps to install the vinyl plank floor. But it will require a rubber hammer to get the job done. Here is how to do it:

- Adjust a plank lengthwise to the previous plank you just laid down.

- Make some light hit on the plank with the rubber hammer, and it will be good to go.

The drop lock system will require a rubber hammer to process

The drop lock system will require a rubber hammer to process

  • The loose lay system:

To do the loose lay system installation, you need to prepare double-sided adhesive tape or acrylic adhesive first (make sure it is suitable for your vinyl plank type). Then, follow these three steps to get the job done:   

- Place the plank on the floor with double-sided adhesive tape or acrylic adhesive.

- Make sure the rows are secured every 3 linear meters and press the pieces together during installation.

- Finish things off by pressing the piece for a few seconds.

  • The glued system:

With the glued system, you will need to get adhesive for vinyl plank floor installation. Let’s learn how to do this simple method:

- Apply glue to the surface where you are going to place the planks.

- Lay the plank down lengthwise to the previously laid one.

- Press lightly to secure the planks in place.

Now that you have a new vinyl plank floor, the only thing left to do is find the best mop for vinyl plank floors to take care of it.

Final words

Replacing carpet with vinyl flooring is the fastest way to give your house a new look. This project is easy to do and doesn’t require much. You should try it out since it costs only one weekend to upgrade your house to a new level. Good luck with this DIY project!


  • 01. Can vinyl flooring be installed over carpet?
  • Yes, you can install a vinyl plank floor over the carpet. But there are reasons why it is recommended that you should remove carpet and install vinyl flooring. 

    First of all, not all carpet types are suitable for laying new flooring over. The thin, short-pile carpets are good to go. But the long pile carpets won’t be an even surface for the new vinyl plank floor.

    Secondly, the old carpet contains many harmful bacteria and mold. Removing the carpet before installing the vinyl plank floor will eliminate these unwanted elements.

    Lastly, the carpet holds moisture which can damage the vinyl plank floor if you don’t remove it before the installation. It would be best to get rid of the carpet to protect your new flooring.  

  • 02. Is it cheaper to install carpet or vinyl flooring?
  • The vinyl plank floor is the cheapest option compared to other hardwood floors. And of course, it would be cheaper to install a vinyl plank floor instead of a new carpet if the old one is two worn out. Don’t worry that vinyl plank floors can’t be as luxurious as carpets. There are many choices for you, it will depend on your style.

  • 03. How long does it take to replace carpet with vinyl?
  • It doesn’t take long to replace carpet with a vinyl plank floor, it would be roughly 1 to 2 days. That is why you can try this DIY project on the weekends. And it would be faster if you got help from your family members in the process.

  • 04. What kind of flooring can you put over carpet?
  • There are many flooring you can put over the carpet besides vinyl plank flooring like plastic flooring, the EZ portable dance floor, stayLock tile bump top… But it is not recommended to keep the carpet under your new flooring.

  • 05. How hard is it to remove carpet?
  • Carpets are big and bulky, which means they are heavy so it won’t be easy to remove them. Not to mention the glue that helps secure the carpet in place. You could never use your bare hand alone to peel off the carpet. So to make it easy for this process, you should use some tools to remove the carpet like cutters, solvent, spatula,...

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