Guadalupe Sullivan is the senior editor at TheKingLive

Guadalupe Sullivan

Guadalupe Sullivan

Guadalupe Sullivan has been a journalist, digital producer, content marketer, coffee lover, and recently appointed as The King Live's Executive Editor. 
In her early twenties, Guadalupe was an enthusiastic journalist and then a digital producer for a well-established newspaper in the country. With strong analytical and research skills, she has outstanding abilities to write and report in ways that attract readers’ minds. 
In her later career, this active and independent mom worked as a Content Marketing Manager for multiple corporations, spanning different sectors, including baby care, electronic devices, and bedding items. Working in this role for more than 15 years, she planned, implemented, and oversaw the overall content strategy of numerous successful campaigns. Though this job involved creating and producing online and offline content for corporations, Guadalupewas more interested in developing content marketing materials for web channels due to its affordability and instantaneous modes of communication. 
Guadalupe possesses excellent communication and influencing skills as she had chances to collaborate with cross-functional teams, a broad range of clients, and business partners of diverse fields.In building an online presence for brands via creating and disseminating multimedia content, she's known how to grasp a deep understanding of customers' insights. Her sharp mind is a priceless asset for her role as an Executive Editor at The King Live.

  • • Member of the eMarketing Association (EMA) 
  • • More than 15 years of experience as a digital producer and content marketer. 
  • • Excellent analytical and organization skills  

As an Executive Editor, Guadalupe is responsible for providing services that help our readers navigate the best products of their needs. As she oversees the overall content of all four product groups on our platform, she has been actively involved in the research and editing process of all articles. Better still, she also provides useful tips for the team to carry out professional, time-efficient, and results-oriented research. 
Guadalupe is also a mom of a 3-year-old daughter, so she has experienced all of the joy, sorrow of taking care of a newborn and now a toddler. This process of learning how to be a parent has taught her many lessons, and she loves to share her experience on how to take care of a baby with our readers. She takes pride in helping our customers pick only the most suitable baby care products for this exhausting yet rewarding journey. 

A Word from Guadalupe Sullivan: 

“Nothing makes me happier than meeting new customers and helping them learn to pick the right products of their choice. Equipping ourselves with the right household equipments will make life much easier and more enjoyable. It’s tempting to lure into attractive discounts and offers from manufacturers and retailers. Store atmospheres always try to seduce us, making us linger longer and spend more. It’s also easy to fall for the freebie. However, it’s best to slow down and ask ourselves if a product is right for us. We all need self-reward, but just stick within your budget and shop wisely.”

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