Discover the Bissell 3624 SpotClean Pro's Superior Cleaning Power

Bissell 3624 Spot Clean Pro - An Excellent Portable Vacuum Cleaner For Carpet Spots And Stains

Aug 29, 2023

Do you have pets or small children? If yes, you probably know that messes are inevitable. So an effective stain remover would be a great help to keep your house clean and mess-free. But among all the types of vacuum cleaners to get rid of stains and spots, how to know which one is the right machine for you? Well, products from reliable brands like Bissell are always a reasonable choice.

Our Bissell spot clean pro review will provide you with an in-depth analysis of a high-quality spot vacuum from this Michigan-based manufacturer. Its key features will be thoroughly reviewed. More importantly, we will carefully analyze its performance so you can make a well-informed decision when you reach the end of this article. So read on as we explore more.


Bissell - A pioneer in vacuuming industry and an effective time saver


For stairs
For deep cleaning
Suction power
Quality of material

Gone are the days of cleaning stains with elbow grease, soda, vinegar, or buckets of water. With technological advances, we are surrounded by many modern vacuum cleaners and stain removers that make our cleaning tasks more manageable.

However, this product diversity is not always a good thing. Sometimes it confuses us to the point that we can get lost, not knowing where to begin our search. The good news is you can have some basic knowledge about the product of your choice by reading a thorough and unbiased review before hitting the Google search button.

Once you know what you need to look for and type in the best vacuums for pets or the best vacuum for a home with pets in the search bar, chances are you will sooner or later come across several Bissell machines or Bissell vacuum cleaners reviews. Bissell has earned an excellent reputation for their reliable yet affordable products among the best-performing vacuum brands.

Bissell has a long history of more than 100 years of developing and innovating its product line. So you can find uprights, canisters, handheld, sticks, and of course, robots on the company’s product shelf. No matter what your needs and budgets may be, there is always a suitable Bissell vacuum for you.

If you’re interested in portable machines for quick carpet and upholstery spot cleanups, especially for homes with pets, this innovative manufacturer has a wide range of models and types for customers to choose from.

Bissell's engineering technologies and product designs of their vacuums are always based on thorough market research, which means customers’ opinions and feedback are listened to and taken into account whenever Bissell creates their products. As a result, all of their floor cleaning devices are bound to meet customers’ expectations.

This company has recently initiated the Bissell Pet Foundation to help homeless pets find their new and forever homes. Bissell says, every purchase saves pets,and they mean it! With every purchase of a product with a specially marked package, customers contribute to reducing the number of animals in shelters.

So Bissell does not only provide you a floor care device that helps make pet hair, messes and odors disappear, the company is also helping to get animals in shelters adopted. What’s better than giving all pets a home for their entire lives? Buying vacuums from a manufacturer that does care about giving back and corporate social responsibility, your floor is in good hands.

Bissell spot clean pro review - Pros and cons

Homeowners with pets all know that our four-legged friends shed hair and also leave messes behind. We love them as part of our family, but we will all have to admit that they’re not endowed with the ability to behave in the right way. Given this, training them not to scratch the sofa or chew our favorite pair of shoes is a process, which can be surprisingly fast or painfully slow.

They need us to teach them almost everything. While this training takes a lot of patience, we still need to maintain our house. So equipping ourselves with a decent device to take good care of our home, and our floor specifically, is necessary.

While the market is full of different vacuums specially designed for stains and spots, the Bissell spot clean professional is made to tackle both fresh spills and old stains effectively.

Bissell spot clean professional Via: Amazon

If the brand name confuses you, don’t fret... The Bissell 3624 spot clean, professional portable carpet cleaner, Bissell spot clean professional, or simply Bissell 3624, are all just different names for the same machine. So do not get confused!

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Before going into a more in-depth analysis, let’s look at what this machine’s pros and cons are


  • • Does a great job removing stains and spills

  • • Simple to set up

  • • Powerful motor

  • • Work perfectly on carpeted stairs

  • • Compact size for easy storage

  • • Powerful drying

  • • Large water tank capacity

  • • Has a carry handle

  • • Easy to move around and light to carry


  • • Short hose

  • • Not easy to empty

  • • Maintenance is time-consuming

Bissell spot clean pro review

Dimension, weight and tank capacity

The machine weighs 13 pounds, with dimensions of 10 x 14 x 14 inches, and has a tank capacity of 0.75 gallons. Its weight might give you the first impression of a heavy machine! However, when making a comparison with several best-selling carpet stain removers in terms of weight and tank capacity. You will see that Bissell spot clean professional is an excellent choice for many homeowners.

Hoover has a couple of great performing machines, and it would be a good idea to pick at least two of them to compare with Bissell 3624 in this Bissell spot clean pro review.

The first one is the Hoover FH11300PC Spotless. It weighs 9 pounds - which might sound like a very lightweight and portable vacuum, but its tank capacity is only 0.25 gallons. The second one is Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner Machine FH50150, which weighs 18.5 pounds with a tank containing up to 0.40 gallons.

Another stain remover worth a mention is a very well-known machine: the Rug Doctor Portable Carpet Spot Cleaner. Many professionals and users have praised this eye-catching red vacuum for its excellent performance. But what about its weight? Well, it weighs 19.8 pounds with a tank size of 0.5 gallons.

Now it’s clear that Bissell 3624 spotclean professional portable carpet cleaner is a wise investment compared to its competitors. You get a reasonably weighted carpet stain remover with a much higher tank capacity.

Among all the best sellers on the market, it is not the lightest nor the heaviest, but it has a tank that holds 3/4 of a gallon, allowing you to tackle multiple spills and stains without worrying about emptying it just after just a few passes. Frankly, its tank size is huge for a portable carpet stain remover.

Bissell spot clean pro’s large tank Via: Amazon

Design and ergonomics

Compact and user-friendly design

Weighing just 13 pounds, the Bissell Spot Clean Professional is convenient to use with a wrap-up space for the cord on one side of the unit. Also, Its 5-foot hose can be wound up on the other side of the machine for storage. Besides that, we noticed that the hose and the plug have clips to keep their wands in place on each end.

If you have teenage or older users in the house, you will find this machine’s carry handle a plus. Bissell has invested a lot of time in their design process to satisfy their customers’ needs. When it comes to user experience, Bissell 3624 is undoubtedly a well-rounded machine that any family with pets or toddlers need.

More importantly, Bissell 3624 comes with two tools that can extend the reach with a few extra centimeters. They can be quickly attached to the cleaners’ heads to tackle various cleanup tasks effectively. We will later review the functions of these two accessories further. So keep reading for more information.

Now you might be wondering how far this Bissell spot cleaner can reach. Its twenty-two-foot long power cord gives you the flexibility and mobility to reach many spots in the house with ease. So you do not have to put the entire machine right on the place that you need to clean.

One minor drawback that we noticed is the water tank’s cap. We find it a little bit confusing and not very helpful in measuring the required cleaning solution. Instead, we used the lid of our spot-removal liquid for measurement. For every full tank of water, we pour in two ounces of fluid.

Alternatively, you can use 50ml of cleaning fluid for mild to moderate stains. For tougher stains, double this amount for better results.

Sturdy build with excellent maneuverability

While some full-sized vacuums have wheels on their body, this Bissell carpet extractor has no wheels. However, the machine’s body structure is well-built. Also, the construction of all of its components is sturdy. As a result, the device has excellent balance as it sits solidly on the floor or any other surfaces that you need to clean like stairs or car interior.

Even though the cable and hose length has a specific limit, this portable device is much easier to use for stairs or vehicle cleaning than other full-sized shampooers.

Even though the machine comes with two accessories, you can only keep one of them on the cleaner itself. So the other can be easily lost during use. We do not believe this to be a major design flaw, but we believe it’s worth mentioning here so you know all the strengths and weaknesses of the product you’re interested in.

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Simple set up and operation

Even though Bissell 3624 is a mini-size carpet stain remover, this compact device has a motor of 750W, giving it reliable suction power to get rid of old and new stains on the carpet.

While full-sized carpet cleaners require several installation steps or assembly, Bissell Spot Clean Professional comes fully assembled. To add to users’ convenience, Bissell includes all purchases with a PRO MAX Clean + Protect bottle of cleaning liquid for trial use.

So the machine’s operation is straightforward. You will need to lift off the water tank, fill it with warm tap water, and add a small cleaning solution. We notice that the tank is easy to fit under the faucet, which is another plus point of this mini device.

Since water adds weight to your device, if you feel you do not have the strength to carry it with a full tank, only fill half or 1/4 of its container size. Now place the container back to its place, plug it in, and you’re ready to clean. The trigger on the bottom of the handle sprays water on the area that you want to clean.

After your carpet is sprayed, you can start vacuuming to remove any kinds of stains - from grape juice to food coloring mix, ketchup to muddy pawprints. Even the most burdensome tasks like removing the most stubborn drink spills of red wines, coffee, or your pet accidents become manageable with this compact Bissell carpet extractor.

Regarding the stain solutions, our advice is to consider them carefully. The most obvious tip is to try it out in an inconspicuous, hidden area first to see how it works on your carpet. In case you have a big stain right in the middle of your living room, be careful with a harsh stain remover, or you might permanently damage your carpet.

Some spot-removal products contain chemical agents that can discolor your rug or carpet. Therefore, we would always recommend our users to apply several drops on a testing area and wait about 15 minutes to see if there’s any discoloration. If there is, you need to try other alternatives before using it in a larger area.

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The two included tools are the same brushes in terms of function, and both are easily rinsed out. The only difference is that they come in different sizes.

  • • 3’’ tough stain tool

It has three rows of still bristles that scrubs and suctions away stains on the carpet, upholstery, and car interiors.

  • • 6’’ stair tool

This 6’’ tool is true to its name, designed for stairs cleaning with a wide clean path and two rows of stiff bristles.

As briefly mentioned above, there’s only space to store one of these two tools. So our tip is to attach the other under the hose after winding it up to avoid losing it.


Washing it out after a cleaning session is not a challenge for most users, as its dirty water tank has a removable lid. However, you will have to till the tank two times or more to get all the wastewater out.

On the top of the tank, two slots are facing downwards - which we believe are the manufacturer’s design to prevent spills.

While we appreciate this thoughtful design, we think it over complicates the cleaning process, and it is also somewhat unnecessary. Hopefully, Bissell will have some improvements in this respect in its successors.


Furniture experts, pro cleaners, and appliance specialists all rate this machine as one of the best carpet stain removers. Its outstanding performance on spot stains is unsurpassed. However, it is not meant to replace a full-sized spot cleaner, but it is a perfect choice for quick cleanups of spots and stains.

So if you have pets that keep leaving messes on your furniture or carpet, Bissell Spot Clean Professional is a necessary device always to keep your house in good condition.

Parents of toddlers might think that maintaining a mess-free house is not possible. However, this Bissell carpet extractor can change their minds. Having a tidy and clean house while you have pets and toddlers in the house has been made easy by Bissell.

On upholstery

Bissell 3624 performs on a 750W motor that delivers robust vacuuming suction on rug, carpet, and upholstery. Our test on our leather sofa works exceptionally thanks to the well-designed spray and bristles brush.

We notice that its spray power produces a relatively large amount of fluid in just one burst. This is not an issue on carpeted floors, but extra liquid might get into the cushioning when cleaning upholstered surfaces. So we would recommend users to squeeze the trigger with restraint. While it is hard to give specific advice, we believe all users would get used to it with regular practice.

We found that one of the most frustrating drawbacks of the Bissell 3624 is its short hose when it came to cleaning our house because we have a large sofa and two dogs. If we needed to tackle a few carpet stains, then this machine’s hose's limited reach was not a problem. However, if we needed to clean our entire sofa of 80-inches wide, it seemed to be a burden for this Bissell portable stain remover.

On carpet

The 3’’ tool of this Bissell Spot Clean Professional handles stains and spots on carpet excellently. Our recent test picked up our toddler's food spills and our pets' accidents with little efforts. After just two passes, our carpet was like new.

For the wine spills from our last weekend’s party, the Bissell 3624 struggled a little bit. So we sprayed and let this spilled-wine stain soaked for about 30 seconds before using the brush to agitate this spot. The process of spray and scrub can be repeated several times if needed on tough spots.

Our recommendation is to get rid of the stains or spots as soon as possible, as the older it is, the more challenging to get it cleaned.

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On stairs 

Many homeowners admit that stairs are the last place in the house that they clean, and we are among this group of house owners. While we’re not entirely sure why we often ignore the stairway, the most apparent reason could be the difficulty of cleaning this area. It’s a tedious chore to clean step and step, not to mention shine up the handrail and clear up dust in hidden corners. 

Also, the corners and edges are not easy to clean at all. If you have accumulated stains, your vacuuming task might be even more formidable. So the secret is regular cleanups to reduce the hard work and time we have to spend on occasional cleaning tasks. However, if you let things go for quite a while, there is still hope thanks to high-performing house appliances like the Bissell carpet extractor.

If you are pet owners, preventing them from running up and down the stairs is next to impossible. Some dog breeds like Russell Terriers, Golden Retrievers, Australian Shepherds are always energetic and love to run. So if they’re kept indoors during rainy days, they can’t help but run up and down the stairs. 

We have two Border Collies in our house, and during the last months of quarantine to keep ourselves from contracting Covid-19, these two athletic dogs used the stairs and our living room as their playground. So if you also have dogs like we do, you know that they leave dirty spots on carpets and stairs.

We use Bissell 3624 spot clean professional portable carpet cleaner to clean our stairs, and the results were top-notch. Since we have this portable Bissell carpet stain remover, we no longer need to lug around our bulky full-sized machine whenever we need quick cleanups.

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On car interior 

Aside from our house, our car is one of our most significant investments, and we always want to take good care of our vehicle to keep its value and ensure it will run properly for the longest time possible. We get ourselves into the habit of regular maintenance by checking the oil, power steering fluid, brake fluid, engine air filter, and so on.

However, we seem to pay little attention to cleaning the car interior. Therefore, bread crumbs, hair, cigarette ash, oil, coffee and soft drink spots, ketchup, body lotion, sweat, and all sorts of other stains can accumulate inside your vehicle. They’re unsightly and can be irritating.

The excellent news is that getting rid of these hard-to-remove stains is not a challenge as long as you have the right tool like a Bissell spot clean professional. The machine is a perfect combination of superior suction, powerful scrubbing action, and professional cleaning solution to remove even the most stubborn stains and embedded dirt.

Bissell spot clean professional is great for auto interiors Via: Amazon

In our most recent test was on our Toyota RAV4, a car that we use to take our kids to school. This Bissell stain remover provided a deep cleaning solution to leave us with professional-style results that we can only expect from the best local car cleaning services.


We’ve come across lots of positive comments while working on this Bissell spot clean pro review. Pet owners, especially those with small puppies, are stunned by its performance on pet stains. Customers are also surprised at how the machine effectively tackles old and stubborn stains that other ordinary carpet cleaners can’t.

Many users also love the simple setup and the complimentary cleaning solution they received with their purchase. Most users did not notice the inconvenience of emptying the dirty tank water that we mentioned above. So if you’re interested in this machine, you do not have to worry about this small issue too much as it’s not a big deal for the majority of users.

When we did our thorough research for this review, we found a couple of complaints about this machine’s noise level. While some said that it’s too loud, others did not find its 82dB noise level a big problem. Still, we think we should mention this point here in case you have a new-born in the house and need to arrange your cleaning schedule accordingly to keep your little one snoozing soundly.


#1- Bissell little green - A lighter carpet stain remover that can keep water warm

Bissell little green or Bissell little green ProHeat is also designed for carpet spot cleaning. It’s a corded carpet cleaner that contains a heating element to keep water warm while you’re vacuuming the floor or other surfaces.

Bissell Little Green

Bissell Little Green Via: Amazon

Some old stains are easier to get rid of with warm or hot water, such as protein-based ones. So if you have stains that need to be soaked with warm or hot water like dirt or mud, dyes or marker, grease, oil, lotion, grease, shoe polish, and pet accidents, Bissell little green is a great alternative.

This little green machine comes at 14 lbs with a tank size of 0.38 gallons, which is around half the Bissell spot clean professional’s tank.

#2- Bissell Spotclean Proheat - A somewhat similar machine that can maintain consistent water temperature

True to its name, Bissell Spotclean Proheat uses the advances of Heatwave technology to permanently remove tough spots and stains, leaving spotless carpets, upholstery, and rug surfaces. With a tank capacity of around 0.28 gallons, this Bissell stain cleaner is a compact and lightweight machine device to quickly and effectively tackle spots on multiple surfaces.

Bissell SpotClean ProHeat 

Bissell SpotClean ProHeat Via: Amazon

The Deep Reach Tool removes embedded dirt and set-in stains from the carpet while the Tough Stain Stool quickly cleans up spills, pet accidents, muddy footprints, and many other fresh stains. Similar to Bissell 3624 spotclean professional portable carpet cleaner removable tank, Bissell Spotclean Proheat’s water container can also be removed for easy filling and emptying.

The machine’s cord length is 15’’, which is 5’’ shorter than that of the Bissell Spot Clean professional, but with a tank size of a little less than 1/3 of a gallon, a 15’’ cord is relatively compatible.

#3- Hoover FH11300PC Spotless - A great alternative carpet stain remover that can clean itself after each use

If you have never heard of a machine that cleans itself, it might sound unrealistic. However, this is made possible by a self-cleaning technology that is incorporated in the Hoover FH11300PC Spotless. Basically, it can flush the hose after you’re done with your cleaning task.

 Hoover FH11300PC Spotles

Hoover FH11300PC Spotles Via: Amazon

We all know that the sooner we clean our stains, the easier to remove them. But sometimes our busy schedules keep us away from cleaning up the stains right after they appear. So the solution is a lightweight machine that you can keep handy to quickly remove them.

Hoover FH11300PC Spotless brings you this quick fix with its smart incorporation of powerful suction and well-thought-out design. This little device is guaranteed to remove unwanted stains from every inch of your upholstery and carpets.


Home appliances like the Bissell 3624 set us free from breaking our backs to get rid of upholstery or carpet stains. We no longer have to let go of our furry friends or keep our much-loved canine and feline in their outdoor pet houses.

Spot cleaning machines such as Bissell 3624 Spot Clean, professional portable carpet cleaner work effectively to remove the most stubborn stains on carpet and upholstery, leaving us a mess-free house.

In case you have puppies or pets that usually do their business in the house, a carpet stain remover that can produce warm or hot water couldn’t be a better alternative. So Bissell little green, Bissell spotclean proheat, or Hoover FH11300PC Spotless that we briefly reviewed above are worth your consideration. 

We hope our Bissell spot clean pro review has provided you with ample information to make a well-informed decision. Bissell 3624 comes at around $146.49, making it a competitively-priced spot cleaner, a wise choice for pet owners or parents of toddlers.

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