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How To Get Throw Up Out Of Carpet: A Comprehensive Guide
23 August 2022

How To Fix Scratches On Laminate Floors: The Quick & Easy Ways

Laminate floorboards have been engineered to be as durable as possible. Compared to natural hardwood floors, they can withstand much more punishment and take longer to wear down. However, laminate floors aren’t invincible. Over time, minor scratches and dents will form on your floor’s surface. When that happens, knowing how to fix scratches on laminate floors is going to be extremely useful.
Jul 29, 2022

How To Clean Roomba Brushes - Easiest & Quickest Roomba Maintenance Guide (2022)

If you have just bought your first Roomba, congratulations! Robot vacuums are touted as the future of home-cleaning thanks to their convenience. Just push a button or set up a schedule the day before and the robot is going to clean up a good portion of your home’s floors.
Jun 24, 2022

How To Get Wax Off Hardwood Floors In The Most Gentle Way

Hardwood flooring is a popular traditional option, mainly thanks to the natural beauty that can go with most home decoration styles. But there is some time you may need to learn how to get wax off hardwood floors for different reasons.
May 04, 2022

A Detailed Guide To How To Change Batteries In Swiffer Wet Jet

Learning how to change batteries in Swiffer Wet Jet can be daunting if you've never dealt with such appliances. But once you've decided to go with this amazing mop, it's a task you should always be proficient in.
Apr 30, 2022

How To Clean Discolored Vinyl Flooring Safely And Effectively

Learning how to clean discolored vinyl flooring can come to your rescue one day. This is a great option for modern houses as it doesn't cost much to install and maintain. The affordable price tag doesn't limit its durability. Vinyl flooring can be long-lasting, even under constant wear and tear.
Apr 26, 2022

How To Clean Laminate Floors Without Leaving A Film

So how to clean laminate floors without leaving a film? Make sure to follow our tips and instructions to have the answers. Never find yourself having to walk on a dirty laminate floor ever again.
Mar 10, 2022

How To Paint Laminate Floors - The Quickest, Easiest Ways

Laminate floors are beautiful and incredibly long-lasting when they’re maintained properly. Unfortunately, it’s not immune to the effect of time. Even if you care for it, laminate floors will become worn down after a few years.
Feb 14, 2022

How To Whitewash Laminate Flooring? Learn This 8 Simple Steps Tutorial You Can Try At Home

You can more easily find a shiny laminate floor than a rustic tiled floor. So if you’re a fan of rustic decoration style, you must be wondering how to whitewash laminate flooring to get the desired effect.
Feb 09, 2022

How To Cut Laminate With Simple Methods

Laminate is a popular material in households. This waterproof and durable covering can make great flooring not only for flooring but also countertops for bathrooms and kitchens. Another benefit is that with some DIY tools, you can prepare and install laminate sheets at home without professional help.
Jan 26, 2022

How To Clean Laminate Wood Floors Without Streaking: Step-by-Step Tutorial (2022)

If you’re the owner of a laminate floor, then you probably already know how difficult and frustrating it could be to clean it up. No matter what you do, it just seems like there’s no way to stop ugly streaks from forming and making an even worse mess.
Jan 13, 2022