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Top 3 Ways on How to Clean a Dirty Cooler and Sanitize It Too

A cooler works almost like a refrigerator. It helps to keep food and drinks fresh for a prolonged period. For example, it can keep fish, meat, beer, drinking water and even tomatoes fresh for a longer period. A typical cooler looks like the one below
13 February 2020

How to Change and Empty the Vacuum Bag: 5 essential steps to remember

Vacuum cleaners nowadays come in various types and prices that make us feeling dizzy when choosing a good piece. In principle, there are two main types of vacuum cleaners: bagged and bagless vacuum cleaners. Whether you are going for a bagged or a bagless one, you have to know their use and maintenance rules in order to ensure the machine’s cleaning performance and to increase its longevity. 
10 February 2020

Carpet Made Easy: How To Remove Carpet?

If it has been a long time since you first installed your wall-to-wall carpet, and now, time has taken its toll on it. That being said, the unclean stains, the unusually dusty floor, and most importantly, the annoying smell of mildews, all indicate that you should definitely make some changes to your old carpet, unless you wish to torture others with your nasty old flooring.
21 January 2020

Different Types Of Vacuum Cleaners Everything You Need To Know

We all want to keep our homes warm and clean. To ensure that we maintain a clean home for ourselves and our families, we need to invest in the best kind of vacuum cleaner. There are many different uses for vacuum cleaners. For instance, they can be used to suck up dust and liquids, to recover oil spills, and to clean houses.
17 January 2020

Why Does My Vacuum Cleaner Smell Bad - How To Make Vacuum Smell Better

You are struggling with vacuum cleaner smells when doing the housework even though you invested in an expensive vacuum machine. I used to have the same issue and I manage to get rid of those foul odors. Right now, you are going to know all that I've done to solve the issue.
13 January 2020

How Often Should You Vacuum? – The Complete Guide to Household Vacuuming

For most homeowners, the vacuum cleaner is probably the most useful and commonly-used invention of our times, thanks to its varied uses in cleaning. That being said, you can make use of its flexibility and usability to clean up in most of the mess in your home.
13 January 2020

How To Clean A Carpet - Top 9 Cleaning Carpet Tips

With time, your carpet will become dirty. And there is no better way of restoring its sparkling look other than cleaning it. No matter how hard you try to maintain its cleanliness, dirt will always catch up. As such, cleaning your carpet is inevitable.
6 January 2020

Baking Soda For Cleaning - The Accessible And Effective Household Cleaner

It’s normal for most of us to have a box of baking soda that sits on our kitchen cabinet for baking purposes. However, many of you have probably also heard about the useful applications of baking soda when it comes to cleaning.
2 January 2020

How To Clean Coffee Maker - Simple and Effective Ways

Many people have taken to drinking coffee. Most of us like to wake up to a cup of coffee or two. But when was the last time you cleaned your coffee maker thoroughly? Well, take a break from your brewing. Peep inside the internal components of your best coffee maker. Is it unsightly?
23 December 2019

How to Clean with Vinegar - Amazing Remedies and Cleaning Hacks for Homeowners

It’s natural, it’s cheap, it’s a disinfectant, and it is vinegar. Find out all about this amazing household cleaner that would seriously blow your mind away.
16 December 2019