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Arlo baby monitor reviews

Arlo Baby Monitor Reviews - Always Keeping Your Eyes On The Kids

By Jennifer Rodriquez | Sep 21, 2020

For babies, especially newborns, as parents, we always want to spend most of our time with them. However, as much as you may want to, you can’t stay near them all the time or keep checking on them, since there are always some other businesses that will need your attention.

Spectra S9 Plus Reviews

Spectra S9 Plus Review: One of The Best Portable Options Around

By Jennifer Rodriquez | May 07, 2020

Either you plan to pump milk at work, while going on a trip, or even when you have a lot of errands, all you need is a portable product like the Spectra S9 Plus.

Spectra s1 review

Spectra S1 Breast Pump Review: Will It Work For You?

By William Cawley | Sep 11, 2019

I heard about the Spectra S1 breast pump from my breast pumping buddies. Some (roughly 80%) gave me fantastic feedback about how incredible it was. Others (about 20%) said it did not meet their needs. I finally decided to get my hands on this product with the hope that it was a good bet.