Spectra S1 Breast Pump: A Nearly-Perfect Breast Pump

Spectra S1 Breast Pump: Will It Work For You?

Mar 01, 2021

I heard about the Spectra S1 breast pump from my breast pumping buddies. Some (roughly 80%) gave me fantastic feedback about how incredible it was. Others (about 20%) said it did not meet their needs. I finally decided to get my hands on this product with the hope that it was a good bet.

But did it live up to the hype? Or is this item just a waste of cash? I am ready to share with you my journey using it below. Spoiler: it somehow impressed me quite a bit.

Things to consider before buying a breast pump


1. Can it solve your problems?

It is typical of these items to have a pump creating a vacuum for milk expressing, a breast shield fitting over the nipple, and a container to collect the milk.

Breast pumps are essential in a breastfeeding mom’s life, mainly if you cannot feed the baby directly as a result of constant separation with him/her, or health issues. When you wish to achieve your breastfeeding goal, this kind of product can be a trusted friend.


Ease Of Use

2. Who needs this device?

A pump will be helpful if:

 ➣ Your baby does not nurse well. In this situation, the best way of maintaining milk supply is having the right pump.
 ➣ You need to raise the supply of milk. Or else, you can induce lactation for the baby you did not give birth to. You do not need a pump in these cases, but it does speed up the process.
 ➣ You are going back to your part or full-time job while wanting to provide milk for your baby.
 ➣ You will be separated from baby for over a couple of hours.
 ➣ You prefer to give expressed milk all of the time or part of the time for whatever reason.

Spectra breast pump insurances

3. It does not replace your bonding time

While they are amazing inventions, you should not use breast pumps simply as is. They are not a replacement for your arms, your skin, your cooing voice, and your smell. Rely on them only when you have to be away from the baby, etc. Also, a high-quality pump can make a world of difference.

4. Key things to think about before buying one

Purchasing a best breast pump can be a serious commitment the process is often nerve wracking. Though you will supposedly spend around two hours per day hooked up to this device, it is possible that you won’t be able to see it in person or try it out before you buy. So, how to know which one you should get?

The most decisive factors in this regard are:

 ➣ Hygiene
 ➣ Usability
 ➣ Pump effectiveness
 ➣ Comfort
 ➣ Noise
 ➣ Durability
 ➣ Portability
 ➣ Price

What is most important to you among the above factors?

Spectra S1 electric breast pump at a glance

This Baby USA dual power breast pump is classifiable as hospital-grade because of its broad range of suction levels and its heavy-duty motor. It expectedly brings confidence as well as comfort to moments of your breastfeeding journey.

The Spectra breast pump S1 has the same shape, size, features, and functionalities as the model S2. The only difference is that the S2 does not have a built-in battery while the S1 does.

To put the cost of the Spectra into perspective, this hospital-grade pump is genuinely reasonably priced and accessible to its users compared to other products in its class.

1. What comes with it when you purchase

Pump motor with battery incorporated
A breast flange pair
Two duckbill valves
A backflow protector pair
Two bottles with sealing discs and teats
≫ Two tubes
 AC wall adaptor
Detachable electric cord prongs

2. Who is the Spectra 1 breast pump intended for?

It is the right choice for mothers who are looking to:

Build their supply of milk
Achieve power pumping (thanks to its heavy-duty nature)
Maintain their supply (mainly when it is not possible for them to latch their baby directly)
Be exclusive pumpers
Be working moms

3. Who is it not intended for?

Those who prefer more portable choices (Spectra 9+, etc.), as this unit is rather bulky compared to other personal pumps.
Those who expect a more extensive range of breast flange sizes. The Spectra supports 20-mm, 24-mm, 28-mm, and 32-mm size.

4. The positives and negatives

I have listed some of the product’s most outstanding features and addressed the drawbacks:


Closed system
Powerful but comfortable pump motor
Efficient ability to empty breast
≫ Independent adjustment of cycle speed


A bit inconvenient in size (a separate bag to house your pump may be necessary when you tote to your work on a daily basis)
Some time needed to figure out your best setting for the pump
Original spare parts without many breast shield size options

Features & Benefits

The pump has a long list of features, but for now, I’ll be more specific about some of the best highlights:

Spectra breast pump s1 reviews

1. Spectra Baby USA S1 hospital grade with 300 mmHg as the maximum suction

This model provides a far higher suction limit than other pumps, which reach 250mmHg at max. Mothers will not all need this topmost level, but such an extra is undoubtedly a bonus.

You know, different moms have different preferences for suction. A broader range of options means this device will be beneficial to more customers. You will be more likely to find your own comfortable pumping level with it.

2. Powerful suction without nipple discomfort

This may result from its unique vibration. The pump vibrates the nipple when the sucking phase begins. A long deep suction then follows.

I find the vibrations to be just about the same as how my baby suckles the nipple when I am nursing her directly. What a comfortable feeling!

3. Excellent ability to establish and maintain milk supply

I can see with ease that it has enough power to build up and maintain a good supply.

I have read through the Spectra S1 breast pump review pages from moms of preemies and twins, those with low production, and exclusive pumpers. Most of them have positive feedback about this feature. I tested how efficient it was and can happily report that it can drain the breast thoroughly with as much as 90% efficiency.

4. Quietness

Noisy pumps tend to be disturbances at home and in the workplace. Sometimes I wish for a break from the daily noise. I desire some moments of relaxation when I can sit in beautiful silence. Several breast pumps rob me of that. They have, at times, even given me more stress than I had before I used them.

Fortunately, I can attest to the fact that the Spectra S1 hospital-grade double electric is one of the quieter milk drawing devices available these days. While using it, you will not wish it had volume controls to turn the noise down.

5. Closed system

A pair of backflow protectors allow the S1 to have this kind of system. Your milk will not get into the device motor. This feature makes the pump more hygienic and durable. It is safe to share between multiple users. All each one needs is her collection kit.

Indeed, that system does not wholly decrease the milk contamination risk to 0%, so good hygiene practices are necessary.

6. High customizability

The massage mode has five suction levels and cycle speeds of as many as 70 cycles each minute. It stimulates let-down reflex pretty effectively. I generally attain my first let-down following one minute and the second after about three minutes. The expression mode has more power, with 12 pumping levels and cycling speed from 38 to 54 cycles per minute.

As the unit remembers your last setting automatically, using the same setting whenever you pump is possible.

7. Handy nightlight

I do appreciate this feature. When I finish my milk expressing duties at midnight, I want to find a way to go back to sleep as fast as I can.

By leaving the lights off, I can return to sleep once I store the precious breast milk in the fridge.

8. Rechargeable battery

Its batteries rock since I do not have to invest more money in constantly replacing them.

The dry run is 4 hours, 33 minutes. With a fully charged battery, you can feel free to pump without worrying about the juice being drained from the power source.

9. The usable timer

You know, pumping sessions often take around15 minutes before you start tapping a dry. The timer allows you to keep track without having to peek into your bottle to check the amount of flow you still have.

A quick look at the features:

➙ Built-in rechargeable battery & AC adapter
➙ Strong pump performance
➙ Quiet sound
➙ Closed system
➙ LED display with 2-level integrated light
➙ Night light
➙ Massage function
➙ Adjustable suction, whether in expression or let-down mode
➙ Single or dual pumping. You can easily switch between the two by covering one of the tube connectors or unplugging one of the suckling tubes
➙ Digital controls which let you set the most effective rhythm and speed for your body as well as allowing you to save your preferred settings and set the program
➙ Auto shut-off after half an hour. This is a safety feature intended for in the event you fall asleep during the wee morning hours and leave the device operating all the time
➙ BPA-free parts

Product specifications

☑ Item Weight:    3.3 pounds
☑ Product Dimensions:    7.9 x 7.9 x 6.7 inches
☑ Item model number:    MM011091
☑ Batteries:    1 Lithium Polymer battery required (included)
☑ Material Type:    BPA Free
☑ Number of items:    1
☑ Style:    Spectra S1
☑ Batteries required:    No
☑ Dishwasher safe:    No
☑ Is portable:    No
☑ Customer Reviews:    4.4 out of 5 stars
☑ Amazon Best Sellers Rank:     #572 in Baby; #2 in Electric Breast Pumps
☑ Shipping Weight:    4 pounds
☑ Warranty:    Two years on the motor after purchase

Final thoughts

There are plenty of pumps out there today, but the S1 has become my most favorite by far.

It may be of enormous assistance to any mothers struggling with supply issues. The pump is powerful enough to keep your supply at the level it needs to be. Meanwhile, it is gentle enough that you will not feel any discomfort when the device is suckling. Maintaining the pump’s cleanliness is as painless as cleaning the flanges, since it has a closed system. Not to mention, the customer service is satisfying.


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