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About Us

Welcome to our space! We’re glad that you would like to know more about us. 

Have you ever stumped about which home care, baby care, or outdoor essentials to purchase? Have you ever bought a vacuum cleaner with all of the belts and whistles then later find out that you didn’t pick the right one for your needs? Even worse, have you ever learned that what you’ve just bought was overpriced and it soon finds its place in the trash can with the label on? 

We have, and that’s what drives us to start TheKingLive - a trusted product review and buying guide service. 

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Who are we? 

Our editorial team is a group of individuals with a diverse background in reporting and editing. The varying viewpoints and rich experience of our editors help drive our content to be reliable and trusted. Our writers are industrial engineers with a solid background in research and development, road trip heroes, coffee enthusiasts, and we are also parents of young kids and newborn babies. 

The King Live reaches a large number of readers each month across multiple platforms, including web, video, and social media. We aim to improve your shopping experience by offering practical tips and expert advice on only the best-rated products that you can buy. 

Our team is committed to improving your living standards, and TheKingLive site is well-organised into four groups, making it easy for your navigation: 

  • Home & Cleaning: reviews and buyers' guides of best-rated vacuum cleaners, pressure washers, mattress toppers, cordless drills are included in this section 
  • Kitchen & Dining: we're eager to share with you tips to purchase the most reliable pressure cookers, coffee makers, coffee grinders here 
  • Baby & Kids: only the highest-ranking breast pumps and baby monitors are reviewed in this section. We also cover how-to guides with useful tips and tricks for new parents. 
  • Outdoor: coolers, hiking boots, hiking pants, pocket knives, multitools are the essentials for any outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. We cover in-depth reviews together with actionable buying tips here. 

We dedicated lots of our time to reviewing and providing buying guides for vacuum cleaners as they are one of the key household equipment to keep our homes clean. Our team of editors and writers also knows that shopping for the right vacuum could be a real challenge as there are many models to consider. All of them seem to be of excellent quality and modern design. On top of that, manufacturers and retailers keep inducing us with hot deals. However, as long as we know what to look for, picking the most reliable cleaning tool is not an uphill task, and TheKingLive is here to help you with that. 

How do we do this? 

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All of our reviews and how-to guides take hours of research. With years of experience, our team carries out lab tests and gathers information from the best online sources, including industry news, interviews with experts, and innumerable subject-specific professionals. For example, when we need to compile a vacuum cleaner review or buyer guide, we seek out the most reliable data from engineers and cleaning experts. In the same manner, our reviews of outdoor essentials are a compilation of tips and advice from the most experienced outdoor enthusiasts, ranging from long-distance hikers to rescue crews. We apply this same assiduous approach in our research for all of our product evaluations, comparisons, and how-to guides. 

To provide you with unbiased information, we also pore over customer reviews to find out what they really think about their purchases. While experts’ opinions are of great importance, honest users’ feedback also carry a lot of weight, and these authentic peer users' opinions are what our readers would like to know. Our key focus is helping our readers shop for the best products that perform admirably yet don’t put a huge dent in your wallet. 

Amid an abundance of overpriced models packed with junk features, we are keen on recommending high-quality products that are worth their price while leaving behind unnecessary functions that you will rarely use. We are only interested in products with effective design and reasonable prices, as we know these are what our customers look for. In other words, we only suggest you purchase products that we recommend to our families and friends. 

How do we make money? 

Your trust is our biggest asset. If you believe in what we recommended, we can have revenue via an affiliate commission with our retailers. So our incentive is based on your needs. 

That being said, we set the goal to provide you with impartial product recommendations so that you would come back for more advice and keep supporting our site. By ensuring that our editorial team is unaware of our business operations, we maintain editorial independence from our business relationships.

TheKingLive Team 

Meet some of our team members below: 

William Cawley - Editor in Chief 

William Cawley is the Editor-in-Chief at TheKingLive. He joined the team after spending years working as a freelance copywriter and photographer. His writing expertise spans numerous topics, ranging from home care equipment to coffee makers and outdoor essentials. In this role, he is responsible for developing and creating content across all platforms, including web, video, and social. William currently lives in New York with his partner and two daughters.

A Word from William Cawley: 

I love to share my shopping knowledge with others, and I believe in smart shopping. I also believe that all shoppers should equip themselves with ample information about any products before making a purchase decision. My goal is to work with the editors' team at TheKingLive to help our customers select the right products for their specific needs, budget, and interests. We rely on the trust of our customers, so we aim to develop a long-term relationship with our readers by treating them as friends and families. One of my favorite quotes is the one from Robert Ingersoll: ‘We rise by lifting others.

Guadalupe Sullivan - Executive Editor 

Guadalupe has been writing for TheKingLive since our very first days of operation. She takes great pride in her accumulated experiences and rich content across the fields with a passion for improving our customers’ living environment and standards. By tailoring her experiences and knowledge to our customers' needs, she’s keen on providing services that help readers navigate the best home and garden care products. Guadalupe is now living in California but will relocate to Massachusetts next year. When Guadalupeis not working, you can find her watching comedy movies and enjoying time at home with her partner and Molly - her ginger cocker spaniel. 

A Word from Guadalupe Sullivan: 

Nothing makes me happier than meeting new customers and helping them learn to pick the right products of their choice. Equipping ourselves with the right household equipments will make life much easier and more enjoyable. It’s tempting to lure into attractive discounts and offers from manufacturers and retailers. Store atmospheres always try to seduce us, making us linger longer and spend more. It’s also easy to fall for the freebie. However, it’s best to slow down and ask ourselves if a product is right for us. We all need self-reward, but just stick within your budget and shop wisely.

Joseph French - Senior Editor 

Joseph is a senior editor at TheKingLive, where you can find his articles on many subjects, especially home and garden care. Joseph worked as an engineer at a few different manufacturing companies, where he contributed greatly to assembling multiple household equipment and solving technological problems. Since 2018, Joseph has pursued a different career path in writing and editing, in which his solid background in industrial engineering has been utilized on a series of reviews and how-to guides for vacuum cleaners on our site. Being an outdoor enthusiast, when Joseph is not working, you can find him hiking on the most beautiful national or state parks. 

A Word from Joseph French: 

Wise shopping all starts from a thorough research of necessary information and data gathering. But our fast-paced lifestyle usually takes away too much of our time, whereas brands don’t miss any opportunities to entice us with lots of attractive product offerings and hot deals. Grabbing a good bargain always feels good! In a world where top-rated models are loaded with junk features, it’s easy to fall for the unnecessary that tend to burn a hole in your pocket. However,  there are tons of potential purchases that we’ll soon regret. I've been through this and I would love to help our customers at TheKingLive make wiser purchase decisions and avoid spending regrets.

Meredith Smith - Associate Editor 

Meredith is an Associate Editor at TheKingLive where she covers home, garden, and baby care topics. As a mom of one toddler and one newborn, Meredith has tons of invisible responsibilities, so she knows how challenging it is to keep the house clean while ensuring everything is well-organized. That said, she relies heavily on the help of modern home and baby care equipment to make her housework more manageable. Meredith loves to share her home and baby care experience with TheKingLive readers. 

A Word from Meredith Smith: 

Parents of young kids like myself usually face many challenges even though we make an effort to organize our life better. The good news is modern household equipment can take the burden off your shoulders, but shopping for these tools can be tricky as there are a myriad of options to consider, not to mention inviting deals from various brands out there. So it’s best to set your budget and avoid buying in response to emotion or impulse. I’m proud to be part of the TheKingLive team to help you with smart shopping.

Jennifer Rodriquez - Assistant Editor 

Jennifer is an Assistant Editor with more than ten years of experience writing for well-known publications across the country. Currently, she has spent most of her time carrying out research and gathering data for all product categories on TheKingLive. As a dog and cat lover, Jennifer does know how hard it is to keep the house fur-free, so she’s especially interested in studying more about the features and performance of pet-friendly vacuum cleaners as well as other models of this helpful home cleaning device. Jennifer is currently living in Vermont with her cuddly Susie - a Scottish Fold feline and the bubbly Benji - a Jack Russell Terrier canine. 

A Word from Jennifer Rodriquez:

The mutual gazing between my little Benji and me feels just like the mother-child bond. My Susie? She is kind of snobbish, but her chubby face is irresistible. Though I love the company of these two furry friends, they can turn my home into a huge mess with muddy paws on the floors and pet fur all over my furniture. Fortunately, I’ve learned to pick pet-specific vacuums that can nip the pet hair problem in the bud, and I love to share my vacuum shopping experience with you. Aside from vacuum cleaners, I’m also into other household appliances that would make your life much easier and more relaxing.

Richard Kozak - Member of the Editorial team

Despite being among the most recent additions to the thekinglive.com Editorial team, Richard has worked as a cleaning expert and specialist for numerous businesses, structures, and residential clients for about thirty years. Therefore, he can offer a wealth of practical cleaning advice and strategies due to his proficiency with cleaning tools and methods. He mostly writes on topics related to housecleaning and cleaning devices like mops and vacuums.

Richard now lives in San Francisco and when he isn't working on his own business or writing for TheKingLive, he enjoys spending time with his kids watching old movies.

A Word from Richard Kozak:

Nothing beats the feeling of walking into a clean and tidy environment. It's not just about the aesthetic appeal but the sense of tranquility and order it brings. Over the years, I've learned that the key to maintaining such an environment lies in the right tools and the right methods. It's always a delight to share with you the secrets I've unlocked from my years of experience in the cleaning sector. My aim is to help you make informed decisions when purchasing cleaning appliances and to provide practical tips on their usage

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