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About Us

What we are about?

we are the king live

We set out on three missions in the hope of making your everyday life a little bit easier. First, we want to help you find better and smarter products with ease. Second, we provide helpful information, guidance, and tips to improve various aspects of your life. Third, we get you informed about the hot deals on every day of the week.

To give you our unbiased version of the truth about the products in the market, we try to listen to every voice – the good, the bad, the ugly – about the products. By doing that, we can list the best options to save you the time and avoid the stress of figuring which product to buy.

Likewise, when sharing what-for and how-to information, we try to consult as many reliable sources as possible. That way, we can keep our articles both easy-to-read and fact-based. In short, we pride ourselves on always following rigorous journalism ethics and standards protecting you against fake news.

What we do?

Our objective is to become one the most comprehensive and user-friendly product review website, featuring reviews in diverse categories that include Home & Garden, Kitchen & Dining, Sports & Outdoors, Automobile, and a lot more. Our reviews generally combine manufacturer's descriptions & specifications, product images & prices, pros & cons, product comparison, expert analyses, user opinions & reviews, industry statistics & rankings.

While we research dozens of similar products, we only review the best picks to help you find the right product for your need, preference, and budget. We also show you several other choices which have been researched, reviewed, and ranked among the best options elsewhere. We group the products in an easy-to-follow format to prevent confusion when you view our page and possibly look for a specific category.

To further stand out from the crowd of product review sites, we provide fascinating facts and useful information that anyone should know. We also give daily updates about Amazon hot deals for a range of products from which our current focus is Home & Garden. We hope you can save time on browsing and save money on ‘high quality, low price' products.

How we do this?

How we test product

What we do is basically to crawl the web for all the information we can find about a product or topic. It may sound ambitious, but that is how we research so that you can sit back and read the relevant information in just one article or review rather than hundreds of places online.

For instance, our product recommendations are the result of extensive research on industry news, customer feedbacks, and review sites. A critical standard when we select information from other reviews is whether those reviewers had tested the products meticulously. We seek data on the features, functionality, usability, durability, the amount of customer support provided by the manual and manufacturer.

After factoring in the price, user satisfaction, strengths, and weaknesses, we present the overall best product to you. The whole point is to help you purchase an excellent product quickly and easily so you can concentrate on other tasks and get on with living your routine life.

Why we do this?

We get sick and tired of seeing famous or luxury brands releasing subpar or unoriginal products, and live off their good old name. Let's face it, not everything from big brands are good-quality and suitable for everyone.

Having said that, we are not here to rant on about failed products of big brands. But we aim to offer you as much transparency when you are searching for products as possible. We hope our reviews help you stay away from subpar products and make quicker, easier decisions when shopping online or in stores.

Besides, there are more choices than ever when it comes to everyday budgeting. It might take a painfully long time for you to sift through loads of information online and learn about products or deals from scratch. That is the case whether you are shopping for your home, backyard, or workplace.

A solution would be to fill your shopping cart with the top 10 products on offer, bring them home to try each one, and select the best product or the one you enjoy using the most, then return the rest. This solution is so perfect that you may think it is straight out of fairy tales.

Unfortunately, you do not have the time for such experiments every time you buy something new. That's where The King Live comes in. We do the hard work of researching and comparing so you don't have to.

We recognize the vast amount of information and knowledge available on the internet. Such resourcefulness is undoubtedly great for you to learn new things every day by yourself; however, you might sometimes find it overwhelming. So, we are here to do the research and answer your questions.

How we make money?

How we make money

We prioritize your trust in our reviews. Our goal is to give unbiased product recommendations so that you would come back for more advice and continue supporting our page. We present the evidence for why we made our picks, and you can judge for yourself.

To minimize bias from affiliate commissions and advertisements, we ensure the editorial team is unaware of our business operations. This strategy allows us to maintain editorial independence from our business relationships.

If you purchase what we recommended, we will develop revenue through an affiliate commission with the retailer. It is fair to say that our sole incentive is to commit to your needs. If we were to recommend inferior products for affiliate fees, you would return the purchase, and we would earn nothing.

We also monetize through advertising on the page. However, our revenue team only contacts the company once our editorial team has published the review for its product. Therefore, we can assure you that our reviews are not affected by sponsorships.