Maximize Your Cleaning Power With The Hoover WindTunnel Max UH30600

Hoover WindTunnel Max UH30600: The Ultimate Solution To Your Cleaning Needs

Aug 28, 2023

For those looking for a new vacuum cleaner, Hoover isn’t a shabby place to start the search.

Hoover has been designing and manufacturing vacuums since 1908. With a century of experience, needless to say, the company has many attractive offerings on display.

In this Hoover WindTunnel Max UH30600 reviews, we will look into one of the most popular bagged vacuums in their portfolio yet. If you want a vacuum cleaner that’s powerful, easy to use, and hygienic, I honestly think that you’re going to love this one!


The Hoover UH30600 is a highly versatile vacuum performance-wise. It can handle bare floors just as well as carpeting. Its 12-amp WindTunnel electric motor can generate a respectable amount of suction to scoop up dust, dirt, and debris on its cleaning path. Furthermore, the motor was intelligently designed to reduce as much spilling as possible for a hygienic, fuss-free cleaning experience.


Easy to assemble
Suction power
For cleaning up hair

Despite its powerful suction performance, the motor is relatively noisy.

Just like any other upright vacuum, this Hoover red vacuum has a motorized brush roll for use on carpets and rugs. The brush roll’s scrubbing motion can dislodge stubborn dirt and debris stuck inside of the carpet piling.

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But what I like most about the brush isn’t just its apparent scrubbing power. The brush has 7 height settings that allow the user to flexibly adjust the brush for optimum performance. As a result, the Hoover UH30600 can deal with everything from low-pile carpeting all the way to thick carpets and shaggy rugs. Just set the correct height and you’re ready to go!

Knowing how to set the correct brush height is critical. I have seen many negative reviews from some customers stating that the vacuum got stuck and became hard to maneuver on dense carpets. It’s very likely that the brush height was incorrectly set. So if you haven’t used any vacuum cleaner with this feature before, I’ll be discussing this feature in more detail further down the article.

(The Hoover UH30600 is one of the most popular bagged vacuums in Hoover’s portfolio, and deservingly so.)

(The Hoover UH30600 is one of the most popular bagged vacuums in Hoover’s portfolio, and deservingly so.) Via: Amazon

The vacuum doesn’t have a suction control function. This can be a problem if you also want to clean up delicate materials like upholstery.

This top rated Hoover vacuum is quite heavy, however. It weighs 18.4 pounds, so it may prove problematic for some to carry (especially up and down the stairs.) Fortunately, Hoover caught on to this early in the design stage and built the vacuum with an ergonomic carrying handle.

The vacuum has a long 30 feet power cord. You can extend the cleaning range of the vacuum further with either of the two accessories it’s shipped with. The stretchy suction hose will provide you with 15 feet of range, or you can use the telescopic suction wand for 17 feet of extra reach.

The cleaning path of the vacuum is large, measuring 15 inches wide. With it, you can clean a large portion of the floor with only a single pass .

This original Hoover vacuum uses HEPA dust bags (Hoover Type-Y 3M HEPA bags).

The bag has an integrated HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter. It can eliminate up to 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns passing through. This means the vacuum has no problem trapping pollen, microscopic dust particles, and even airborne bacteria and viruses. If you or anyone in your home has allergies, this vacuum can significantly improve your quality of life.

Other than the bag’s HEPA filter, the vacuum has secondary filters, also. The robust filtering system is definitely a plus for this top rated Hoover vacuum.

I also like the vacuum’s dust bag for its Clean-Drop system. This tech essentially allows you to safely dispose of a filled dust bag without having to ever touch it directly. The vacuum’s front cover (where the dust bag sits) is removable. Once detached, just hold the front cover with the dust bag over a trash can. Press the release tab and the dust bag will cleanly fall in.

The vacuum comes with 4 different accessories (at the time of this writing). The shipping box will include an air-powered hand tool, a 12-inch crevice tool, an upholstery/dusting brush combo tool, and a telescopic wand.


  • • Powerful, versatile cleaning performance

  • • Does well on carpeting

  • • Long reach

  • • Wide cleaning path

  • • Comes with an assortment of accessories

  • • Excellent filtration system


  • • Noisy

  • • Heavy

Features about Hoover Windtunnel Max UH30600

12-amp WindTunnel Motor

The greatest selling point of this Hoover WindTunnel bagged upright must definitely be its 12-amp WindTunnel motor. Once switched on, the motor can generate a remarkable amount of suction. As a matter of fact, the majority of customers are more pleased with the vacuum’s suction output than any other feature.

The high suction allows the vacuum to sweep up dust, dirt, and debris on bare floors quickly and efficiently. On carpeting, with the help of the brush roll, it can also scoop up all of the entrenched debris and dirt.

The way it attains such performance is through the integrated WindTunnel MAX technology. According to Hoover, the motor has 3 additional suction channels that provide greater suction efficiency. Granted, the description is quite vague, but the end result is apparent: the tech works. 

Other than improving suction, WindTunnel MAX also minimizes scattering that can ruin your day (and your floor.)

 Hoover windtunnel max uh30600 vacuum cleaner

 Hoover WindTunnel max UH30600 vacuum cleaner Via: Amazon

But like I mentioned before, despite its power, the motor isn’t without its flaws.

Firstly, Hoover didn’t do a great job at acoustically shielding the motor. Thus, the motor noise is quite loud. If you have neighbors living next door, the vacuum’s noise can definitely put a strain on your relationship.

Next, since the Hoover UH30600 doesn’t have suction control, you cannot adjust the motor’s suction output. It only has a single power mode, thus, it’s not the most flexible vacuum out there. Unless you have a cleaning tool to limit its suction (like the air-powered hand tool), the high suction can turn destructive fast.

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Height-Adjusting Motorized Brush Roll

The UH30600— like other uprights— has a motorized brush roll to help it clean up carpets and rugs. There is a foot pedal on top of the floor head that can turn the brush roll on and off.

While cleaning delicate floor types such as hardwood, where the abrasive scrubbing motion can scratch up the surface, it’s best to turn it off. But on dense carpets and rugs, it can make your job much easier. By dislodging all of the dirt and debris inside of the piling, the brush makes it easier for the vacuum’s suction to sweep it up.

There is a height adjustment lever for you to manually adjust the height of the floor head. Floor head height is incredibly important if you’re going to vacuum carpets and rugs. 

If the floor head is too high, the bristles of the brush roll inside cannot effectively comb through the dense piling. Besides not being able to suck out all of the dirt and debris, the undisturbed piling will also block the vacuum’s suction.

On the other hand, if the floor head is way too low, the vacuum’s suction will stick the floor head firmly against the carpet. A tell-tale symptom for this is your vacuum suddenly becoming difficult to move around or feeling “heavy.” Many customers have written about their UH30600 exhibiting this exact behavior, so I have reasons to believe their issue arose from an improperly-adjusted floor head.

So toy around with the lever if your house has carpets and rugs to clean. Since the vacuum offers up to 7 different settings, there ought to be an optimal one that would work for yours!

Power Cord Reel

Most vacuums offer a 20-foot long power cord, which is ample length for most households. This Hoover red vacuum goes further and offers a 30 feet long power cord. The long cord will ensure that even if you have a large house or space to clean, you’re never too far from an electric outlet.

Hoover windtunnel bagged upright

Hoover WindTunnel bagged upright Via: Amazon

As for storage, the cord doesn’t have a retracting mechanism, though it does have a cord reel. This way, you won’t have to awkwardly wrap it around the vacuum’s body every time you’re finished with a vacuuming session.

Filtering System

In all of the Hoover WindTunnel Max UH30600 reviews, one of the best highlights of the vacuum is the filtering system. It’s very robust, as it’s made from multiple different filtration layers.

The Hoover UH30600 has two separate filtering processes: a vacuum-side filtering system and a dust-bag side system.

Vacuum-side Filtration

The vacuum-side filtering system consists of filters that are installed directly into the vacuum itself.

There are two filters inside the vacuum: a pre-motor filter and a post-motor (exhaust) filter. The former helps protect the motor from being infiltrated by dirt and dust, while the former cleanses the final exhaust of the vacuum. Both can do a great job of filtering out dirty particles in the airflow and protect the vacuum from dust ingestion.

The pre-motor filter isn’t meant to be reused, and Hoover recommends replacing it every time it gets dirty. Nonetheless, some customers have found that if you’re very careful while washing it, you can squeeze one or two extra uses from it.

The post-motor filter, on the other hand, can be liberally washed and reused a few times.

Dust Bag-side Filtration

Like we mentioned before, all Hoover WindTunnel MAX bags come with a built-in HEPA-filter. This HEPA filter handles the bulk of the filtering process by capturing all of the dirt particles passing through, down to even the tiniest ones.

And because HEPA filters have been demonstrated to work against bacteria and viruses (even COVID-19), having this capability could potentially be life-saving.

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Hoover Type-Y Dust Bags

The Hoover UH30600 is shipped with two Type-Y HEPA dust bags.

Puzzlingly, Hoover doesn’t disclose the actual volume of the Type-Y bags, so we can only guesstimate how long each bag would last. Most people found that even with regular vacuuming, each bag can easily last up to three or more months before filling up.

You will find a color indicator on the bag that will tell you exactly when you need to change it out. And of course, the Clean-Drop system that I talked about earlier can make the emptying process a whole lot easier and cleaner.

Hoover bagged vacuum cleaners

Hoover bagged vacuum cleaners Via: Amazon

This Hoover red vacuum is supposedly compatible with all Type-Y vacuum bags out there. But just to be safe, the UH30600’s user manual recommends the bag with serial 902419001. Be advised, these seem to be in low stock nowadays. If they were to run out of stock and you cannot find any other bags with that serial, just use any Type-Y vacuum bags still available.

Other than HEPA dust bags, the UH30600 is also compatible with Type-Y Carbon HEPA dust bags. These contain activated carbon to eliminate odors (such as pet odors) from the house, making them an ideal purchase for pet owners. 


There are four accessories included to enhance your cleaning experience.

First, you have an air-powered hand tool. This is the tool to go for when you need to clean delicate surfaces such as upholstery, furniture, or the car. It’s designed to somewhat limit the vacuum’s powerful suction and make it perform more gently. Additionally, the air-driven brush inside can agitate dust, dirt, and debris on these surfaces for more efficient cleaning.

Hoover wind tunnel max

Hoover WindTunnel max Via: Amazon

Then you have the 12-inch crevice tool, which will provide your vacuum with both reach and maneuverability with its narrow form. With it, you can reach deep into nooks and crannies around the house.

Hoover windtunnel bagged vacuum

Hoover WindTunnel bagged vacuum Via: Amazon

An upholstery/dusting brush combo tool can be used both to clean up upholstery and for dusting. It has a soft bristle brush to scrub out stubborn dust and dirt without damaging the cleaning surface. 

Last but not least, a 17-foot telescopic wand can give you all of the reach you need to clean high-up places like the ceiling.

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Alternatives to Consider

Looking for something different?

Don’t worry, there are many alternatives to the Hoover UH30600 that you can get instead. After all, a single vacuum cannot appease absolutely everyone. Here are some models for you to consider instead.

#1- Hoover WindTunnel MAX Pet Plus UH70605

Hoover WindTunnel MAX Pet Plus UH70605

Hoover WindTunnel MAX Pet Plus UH70605 Via: Amazon

The Hoover WindTunnel MAX Pet Plus UH70605 is the vacuum to go for if you are a pet owner. Bonus points for this vacuum if your pets regularly shed their fur, too.

Pet hair is especially tough for vacuum cleaners that weren’t designed specifically to clean them up. They can easily tangle the brush roll, and hairballs can clog up the suction nozzle. Pet hair is also heavy on the filtration system of vacuums and can easily saturate them in no time at all. It’s on this basis that pet hair vacuums like the UH70605 came into existence.

Other than a powerful 3-suction channel WindTunnel motor, the UH70605 also uses multi cyclonic technology to bolster its suction performance. Essentially, the vacuum uses an elaborate array of 12 cyclonic chambers to help it separate dust, dirt, debris, and pet hair from the airflow.

Its high suction performance makes cleaning bare floors an easy task. Fortunately, that’s not all. The motorized brush roll of the UH70605 also gives it remarkable efficiency on carpets and rugs. The height-adjustable brush roll can do a great job at scrubbing dirt, debris, and pet hair from out of thick carpet piling.

Just like the Hoover UH30600, you can turn the brush roll on or off using a pedal on top of the floor head. The only negative thing is that this vacuum also inherited the flaw of the original Hoover vacuum: it doesn’t have suction control. Therefore, it’s going to make cleaning upholstery and drapes a bit more difficult.

The UH70605 is a bagless vacuum, so it uses an approximately 1 gallon dust cup to store everything it managed to pick up. Though you no longer have to worry about buying dust bags, the dust cup can be messy to empty.

The vacuum still has a HEPA filter. There’s nothing to worry about filtration-wise.

But there are still plenty of flaws to talk about when it comes to this vacuum. For example, it’s still quite heavy. With the added weight of the dust cup, the UH70605 can be a problem for some people to carry around. Hoover also hasn’t done a good job at acoustically shielding the motor of the UH70605, so the noise can reach an annoying level.

Overall, if you are a pet owner, the Hoover WindTunnel MAX Pet Plus UH70605 can turn out to be a great buy if you can look past some of its disadvantages.

#2- Hoover WindTunnel T2

Hoover WindTunnel T2

Hoover WindTunnel T2 Via: Amazon

The Hoover WindTunnel T2 has basically the same design as the Hoover UH30600.

It’s a bagged vacuum that has WindTunnel technology for enhanced performance. It uses Hoover’s Type-Y vacuum bags and has the Clean-Drop system for hygienic disposal. The T2 also has HEPA filtration, just like the UH30600, as well as a long 30-foot power cord.

At a brief glance, other than having a blue shell instead of red, the T2 is virtually indistinguishable from the UH30600. But there are actually two notable differences between the models: the T2 is lighter and is more pet-centric.

Rather than having the UH30600’s 18.4-pound body frame, the T2 only weighs about 15.9 pounds. Granted, it’s still quite heavy. Nonetheless, if you want your vacuum cleaner to be as light as possible, every pound counts.

The Hoover T2 is also more focused on cleaning up after pets, as evidenced by the multitude of pet accessories it’s shipped with. The air-powered pet hand tool and the pet upholstery tool, for example, will be extremely helpful during shedding season.

The air-powered pet hand tool can help you sweep up pet hair on stairs and the car’s interior with its small size. 

The pet upholstery tool, on the other hand, can help you deal with pet hair on couches. It will also be of use for when you have to scrub out your pet’s bedding.

According to the majority of the Hoover WindTunnel T2 reviews, performance on bare floors as well as carpets and rugs is generally great. It seems like you won’t miss a whole lot going for this version rather than the UH30600 (other than the limited supply.)

#3- Hoover WindTunnel Air Steerable UH72400

Hoover WindTunnel Air Steerable UH72400

Hoover WindTunnel Air Steerable UH72400 Via: Amazon

The Hoover WindTunnel Air Steerable UH72400 will be worth investigating further if you like a maneuverable vacuum.

The UH72400 is equipped with WindTunnel 3 technology. The motor has 3 suction channels which, according to Hoover, can drastically improve and stabilize the suction flow. With this, the UH72400’s performance on bare floors, carpets, and rugs is just as great as all the other top rated Hoover vacuums.

The point at which it separates from the rest of the pack lies in its steering mechanism. This mechanism makes it considerably easier for the user to maneuver the vacuum between furniture and around obstacles. If you have a small home or apartment, you will definitely come to love this ability.

If you have never used a vacuum with a steering mechanism before, it can take a while before you can get used to the handling. Fortunately, the process shouldn’t take too long.

Besides being maneuverable, the UH72400 is also lightweight. It measures about 14 pounds, which is quite good for such an imposing-looking upright.

#4- Hoover MAXLife Pro Pet UH74220PC

Hoover MAXLife Pro Pet UH74220PC

Hoover MAXLife Pro Pet UH74220PC Via: Amazon

The Hoover MAXLife Pro Pet UH74220PC is the top rated Hoover vacuum to go for if you don’t mind spending extra for a better design. At the moment, it is among the more premium vacuums in Hoover’s portfolio.

In return for the extra investment, you get a multitude of useful features.

Performance-wise, the UH74220PC takes advantage of the company’s MAXLife system, which offers better, more reliable suction performance. According to the company, the UH74220PC can perform 3 times longer than the ordinary Hoover vacuum before suction efficiency decreases. If you’re looking for a long-term investment, this tech will make it worth the extra money spent.

The UH74220PC’s performance on carpets and rugs is bolstered by the strong motorized brush roll. But other than improving carpet performance, the brush roll is also tangle-resistant.

All of the dust, dirt, and debris that the vacuum picks up are stored inside of its “XL-sized” dust cup. Hoover, as usual, doesn’t disclose the actual capacity of the cup. Fortunately, most customers said that the cup is generously-sized and can last for some time before having to be emptied.

The emptying process was reviewed by most to be easy, though not very hygienic. Some customers mentioned that the dust cup has some nooks and crannies within which dust and dirt can get stuck. In order to dislodge this, the user has to manually reach inside and draw it out. This can be a problem for allergy sufferers.

The UH74220PC, like all other models in the WindTunnel series, has HEPA filtration.


Through these Hoover WindTunnel MAX UH30600 reviews, I hope you have found the perfect vacuum for your home. Even if you turn out to not like the UH30600, one out of the four alternatives above may strike your fancy! Since these are all top rated Hoover vacuums, whichever vacuum you choose, I’m sure it will be to your liking.

Happy shopping!

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