Vacuum Stores Near Me: The Ultimate Guide to Shopping Locally

“What’s the Best Vacuum Store Near Me”: How to Choose the Right One

Sep 16, 2023
Picture it: you’ve spent hours or even days searching for the right vacuum cleaner and already had a few preferred models on your shortlist. You’ve asked your friends and relatives for their opinions on the essential features of a good vacuum. You think that you’re a few steps closer to a purchasing decision, yet you’re reluctant to buy a vacuum online.

Regardless of how many times you’ve shopped for household items online, without  any problems when it comes to the quality of the products, you’ve been thinking twice about clicking the purchase button to get a vacuum delivered to your house.

You feel the need to visit a few vacuum cleaner stores nearby to see how some of your shortlisted machines look and work in reality, or you’re looking for a nearby vacuum shop to get your machine fixed.

Thanks to the growth of online commerce, almost any home appliances’ specifications can easily be found on a retailer or a manufacturer’s site with just a click of the mouse. Therefore, you can check out all of the specifications of almost any vacuums, from their weight to the included accessories online. Specifications, however, are not enough; you still want to get a feel for the physical machine in a brick and mortar store.

Guess what? You’re not alone! Online shopping allows you to shop anytime, anywhere, as long as you have access to the internet. Despite this extra convenience, many customers are still keen on a better shopping experience of traditional shopping in the street-side stores.

When it comes to buying home appliances for regular use such as a vacuum cleaner, getting a real feel of the vacuum’s weight, or trying to maneuver it around perhaps give you a better idea of the product’s suitability. Given this, many shoppers often search for terms like vacuum cleaner stores near me, or vacuum stores in my area.

But how can you filter out the irrelevant information? Google search is helpful but can be confusing. Plus, it can give you thousands, if not millions, of search results. How to search for the right store if there are so many nearby? How to select the right vacuum given a wide range of products available in the store? Read on to find out the answers to the questions posed here.

How to search for a vacuum store near me?

Customers living in urban or suburban areas might find it easier to locate a nearby vacuum shop than those residing in the countryside. However, many well-known brands do have their stores across different areas of North American and EU countries thanks to their excellent distribution system. Given this, brand names are important. So pay attention to the vacuums’ brands while shopping.

Simply type in some popular terms such as: vacuum supply store near me or nearest vacuum cleaner store will guide you to your area's closest stores. These days, most shops have their websites or Facebook page, where you can find their store location with ease.

How to choose the most suitable vacuum shop near me?

More than 45% of the world’s population uses a smartphone, so searching on Google to find the nearest vacuum store might not be a problem for most of us. But we are not supposed to visit the first store shown up on our Google search result! So how do we know which store is the best? We would recommend all shoppers to dig deeper in their search. Below are a few actionable tips.

Do your homework before visiting the stores

So after typing vacuum stores in my area, we would not pick the closest store to our house and go there right away. Instead, we would spend a little bit of our time to learn more about a few stores that look reliable online.

A quick look at the shop’s Facebook fan page would give you a rough idea of the customers' feedback. We always pay attention to each shop's star ratings as it’s an indicator of shoppers' satisfaction on the shops’ product quality and customer service. We would only visit stores that are ranked with three stars or above.

In case there are only a few stores in your area, and none of them looks like a good store, then a careful read of customers' feedback can also help you decide whether it’s worth a visit. More importantly, how the store responds to negative customer feedback is another way to know if that is where you should purchase your vacuum.

vacuum supply store near me

Alternatively, you can contact the shop via Facebook Messenger or a quick phone call to ask about your preferred products. How professional and enthusiastic the sales assistant is on the phone or the live chat would somehow tell you whether the store is reliable.

Last but not least, you should also check how long the store has been in business. We would pick those that have been selling vacuums to their customers for at least two years. While the store’s presence on the market is not the most critical factor, it does tell you a bit about their stability.

Pick the stores that let you test-drive the vacuum

You come to the actual store to get a feel of the vacuums. So there’s no point in purchasing your machine from a store that does not let you test your device before buying it.

vacuum stores in my area

Once you’ve settled on your favorite vacuum, make sure that you only buy them from the store that lets you test it on multiple floor types to see how it works. Also, you will know whether the machine’s weight and maneuverability are suitable for yourself and your family members.

Pay attention to sales consultant knowledge and experience

Do you still remember why you were hesitant to purchase your vacuum online and search for a vacuum store nearby? Isn’t it all about a more satisfactory shopping experience? You want to see if the design, size, and weight are right for you before buying. Moreover, you expect that the shop assistants or engineers should be able to answer the tons of questions that you have about your preferred vacuum.

vacuum supply stores near me

Therefore, the shop staff should be friendly and helpful. While welcoming sales people is necessary for groceries or clothing shopping, you’ll need knowledgeable sales consultants. They should know about the ins and outs of the vacuums that you are interested in or the one you intend to purchase. More importantly, this person should be able to consult you with an alternative that is right for your needs, should your first choice turn out to be unsuitable.

Pick dealer stores of your brands 

If you’ve already picked your vacuum brands, instead of searching for nearest vacuum cleaner store or vacuum cleaner stores near me search for your brand’s dealer shops to get the best deals and services.

For example, your parents and siblings have been fans of Miele vacuums for years, and you’re newlyweds shopping for your first vacuum for your new house. It’s very likely that your family members have a particular influence on you in terms of reliable vacuum brands.

So perhaps you’re more skewed towards machines from Miele rather than others like Dyson or Shark. Given this, you might want to type in the search bar phrases like Miele Vacuum Store Near Me to get to Miele's nearest vacuum stores. We’ll get into more details about searching for specific brands’ stores in the later section. So scroll down for more!

In case you only require the services, not buying the products, then look for the manufacturers’ authorized service centers instead of searching for the nearest vacuum stores. While this is common sense, we believe it’s worth a mention in this article. Many customers had to pay quite a lot for maintenance services, just because they searched for vacuum sales and service near me and then dropped their machines at the nearby stores instead of the brands-specific shops.

What should I do if there are no vacuum stores near me?

While this is a rare case, we understand how frustrating it can be to keep typing phrases like vacuum supply stores near me or vacuum sales and service near me, but nothing showed up. Situations like these do sometimes happen to some customers living in remote areas.

In this case, it’s best to shop on Amazon. You can find almost anything on this retailer’s site. Vacuums of different shapes and sizes from many manufacturers are available at affordable prices from various sellers.

Amazon Prime offers customers free, fast shipping, or speedy delivery within two days for some eligible purchases. During special occasions like Black Friday or X’mas, you can get attractive promotional packages that can be cheaper than buying it in a physical store.

Shoppers can get 24/7 customers support services as Amazon puts customers at the center of everything it does. Besides top-notch customer service quality, there is also a self-service FAQ so that you can find answers to most of your questions online by yourself. Moreover, Amazon nurtures an online community of fellow customers, where customers can help each other.

How much should I spend on a vacuum?

While this can be a common question, there is not a straightforward answer to it. Vacuums come in different shapes and sizes, not to mention numerous types and models. The price is equivalent to quality - thus - it varies.

How much a vacuum cost will largely depend on its brand, performance, and durability. Some modern machines are embedded with innovative technologies, which are the driving factors for their high price points.

vacuum shop near me

Before reaching for your smartphone to search vacuum stores in my area or nearest vacuum cleaner store, customers can have a quick check to get a rough idea of how much each model of vacuum might cost. Since customers’ needs are different, we categorize vacuums’ price range into five levels based on vacuums’ types:

Cordless sticks

These vacuums cost around $130 to $650. You can get a Shark Navigator Freestyle Upright at around $139 only while a Dyson Cyclone V11 costs you no less than $650.


Canister machines’ price varies from $60 to $700. You only need to spend a little less than $60 to get a Bissell Zing Lightweight, Bagged Canister Vacuum, 2154A. A Miele C2, however, costs you more than $680 since it’s one of the best canister vacuums on the market.


Customers buying upright vacuums can spend as little as $80 to as much as $500 to get the device of their choice. If your budget is less than $80, a Eureka Power-speed Bagless Upright or a Bissell Cleanview Swivel Upright Bagless can be the right choice. However, if you have more to spend, Shark and Dyson have a few models that were rated as best upright machines such as Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV356E, Dyson Ball Multi-Floor 2 or Dyson V8.


These handy devices are probably the least expensive among all vacuum types. However, they should only be used for quick cleaning tasks around the house. They’re not meant to replace full-sized vacuums.

Handheld vacuums are affordable to most customers as you only need to spend from $40 to $100 to purchase one. BLACK+DECKER HHVI315JO42 is only $40, while a Shark WV201 WANDVAC is a little less than $100.

vacuum cleaner stores near me


Robotic vacuums are the most expensive to buy due to their advanced technology. They are straightforward to use, highly efficient - thus - save a lot of your time. The basic models cost around $150, while the high-end models can run up to $1,500. Despite the myth that robots are unaffordable, there is something for everyone’s budget.

nearest vacuum stores

Brand-specific vacuum stores

As briefly mentioned above, once you’ve got a specific brand of vacuum in your mind, it’s best to search for the manufacturer’s dealer stores rather than going with a general search term like: vacuum supply stores near me. But how to find the stores of your brand?

A majority of the manufacturer’s website includes the contact information of their chain of stores. Depending on where you live, you can easily find the nearest shops in your areas. If you are in the US, then there's stores in every state. We’ll provide you with more details on how to find nearby stores of some popular brands below.

Kirby Vacuum Store Near Me

Kirby was established in 1914, and its vacuum is 100% produced in the US. The company is based in Cleveland, and one of its latest models is the Sentria 2, which has extremely powerful airflow to give you consistent suction power across multiple floor types. Besides that, customers rate Kirby Six as the best model of this manufacturer because of its outstanding performance at an affordable price range.

If your Kirby vacuum needs a repair or a service, call the customer service team at 1-800-437-7170. Alternatively, call the company’s Rebuild Department at 216 - 433 - 7797 or email: with a specific explanation about your problem. If your vacuum is still within the warranty period, then the maintenance cost is free.

You can also locate nearby vacuum shops in your area and ask if they’re an accredited Kirby vacuum store. If they are, they will provide Kirby vacuum buyers with a manual on the range of repair services and equivalent fees.

Local vacuum shops usually have sticker logos of various manufacturers on their front door. From our experience, if the Kirby logo and wording are present, stating that the store is an authorized Kirby repair store, you can go in  to ask for more details. You can also find a Kirby distributor or service center from this link:

Oreck Vacuum Store Near Me

Oreck started their business more than 50 years ago and is well-known for its lightweight yet durable machines. The company used to be a market leader in the commercial vacuums segment, and now they have a wide range of bagged and bagless products.

Oreck U2000R-1 Commercial, Oreck XL Insight, and Oreck Magnesium are their top-rated upright vacuums of this brand. Oreck users love this brand for its low maintenance and affordability. Oreck’s machines work well on both hard and carpeted floors.

If you’re thinking of buying a new Oreck machine or in need of their repair services, simply type in your state and zip code in these two below links:

Rainbow Vacuum Store Near Me

Rainbow has been in the market since 1936 and headquartered in Michigan, US. Rainbow vacuums are best known for their high-performing filtration system that cleans up 99.9% of dirt and debris from your home. The machines have also lived up to many people's expectations thanks to its impressive suction power and the variety of included attachments.

If you’re thinking of buying a vacuum of this US-based manufacturer, do not hesitate to contact their local store for an in-home demonstration. The company has been selling their vacuums to customers through this direct experience for 80 years.

In case you prefer visiting their nearby stores, click this link to locate the closest Rainbow distributor in your area:

Miele Vacuum Store Near Me

Miele has been a well-established brand since its birth in 1899. Miele vacuum cleaners are powerful, well-engineered machines that can clean up messes around the house with ease. Durability is also an essential factor that consumers have chosen this brand over the years.

If you’re keen on having a Miele machine to get rid of pet hair or dust and debris in the house, you’ve made a wise decision. The company offers customers a wide range of vacuums of different shapes and sizes. No matter what your need is, there is a Miele machine for you.

Miele C3 is the most powerful canister vacuum with a smart filtration system, excellent suction power, and high versatility. Even though C3 is on the higher price range, it’s worth your investment as its reliability can guarantee its longevity. C2 and C1 come at lower price points, making them more affordable for shoppers with a smaller budget.

Why not head over to the Shops section on the Miele homepage to find the nearest Miele store to you? Or simply click this link to find out more:

Hoover Vacuum Store Near Me

Hoover has designed easy-to-use, powerful machines that make your heavy cleaning tasks much more manageable. The company was founded more than 100 years ago, is now based in Hong Kong with stores across countries in North America, Europe, and Australia.

Homeowners with pets have praised Hoover WindTunnel 3 for its outstanding performance on carpeted and hard floors. Its 40-foot cord length is also a plus point for those living in a large house. Hoover also has a high-ranking cordless vacuum called Hoover LiNX that has powerful functionality across different surfaces.

So if you’re thinking of buying a Hoover for your home or you are in need of maintenance services, click the below link to find the nearest store to your place:

Shark Vacuum Store Near Me

Shark has been a pioneer in  the vacuum industry for more than 100 years with a wide range of highly functional and innovative products. Shark vacuums have gained a significant market share thanks to their easy-to-use and reliable machines.

The iconic red and white Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet NV352 is well-perceived among customers for its lift-away feature, which is lightweight enough to let you carry with one hand. Besides that, Shark’s vacuum’s excellent cleaning and easy usability are also their critical competitive edges.

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While NV352 seems to be the most famous model, Shark also has many other excellent machines, such as NV801, HV302, and NV682. Now, why not head over to your nearest Shark stores to pick the vacuum that can keep your house clean for years?

Shark has its offices in the US, Canada, UK, China, and Japan. With more than 100 retailers worldwide, customers can easily find the products of their needs or quickly seek repair or support services. So click the below link to find the nearest Shark store:

Eureka Vacuum Store Near Me

Founded in 1909, Eureka has dedicated more than 100 years to perfect and innovate its lines of vacuums, including uprights, cordless, handheld, and stick machines. Eureka vacuum cleaners have powerful suction and a large cleaning pad, allowing you to effectively pick up pet hair and clean up hard-to-reach spots of the house.

Eureka’s NEU180B is the company’s top of the line model. Indeed, it has all the reasons to be many customers’ favorite. It’s a bagless machine with a large cup capacity in a lightweight and portable design. Homeowners with a few flights of stairs would find this device an ideal choice with five height adjustments for effective cleaning.

Aside from NEU180B, Eureka also has few other fantastic models such as NEC222, NEU188A, NEU100. If you’re on a budget, Eureka Mighty Mike 3670G is probably the best option. It’s compact, easy to use, and comes at around $80 only. 

Now head over to the nearest Eureka stores to have a test-drive and pick your ideal model. Click here to find out more

Bissell Vacuum Store Near Me

Bissel started its business in the 1800s in Michigan, and over the last 140 years, it has become one of the largest vacuum manufacturers in North America. The company made canisters, sticks, uprights, handhelds, and robot vacuums in the price range of $100 to $200. So no matter what your need and budget for a vacuum are, there will be a Bissell model for you.

Bissell Cleanview Swivel Pet 2252 is one of the best models of this manufacturer. It easily picks up hair thanks to the triple action brush roll and quickly cleans different floor types thanks to a cleaning path width of 13.5 inches. Besides that, Bissell also has a few other high-perfuming devices such as ICONpet 22889, Featherweight Stick 2033, or Zing Canister 2156A.

The company has offices and retailers across different continents, so if you’re looking for a nearby store to buy its products or need its repair services, click this link to find out more:

Dyson Vacuum Store Near Me

Founded in 1991 in the UK, Dyson has been a market leader of vacuuming products. Dyson is well-known among its target customers for the innovative cyclonic technology that significantly enhances the machines’ suction power.

This British vacuum manufacturer has earned customers’ trust for many years as it renovates its products around customers' needs. Dyson’s recent ball tech innovation is an example. It was developed to reduce the awkward maneuvering experience that customers usually face when vacuuming corners or edges in their homes.

Dyson’s Ball Animal 2 is probably the best model in its ball series. The machine’s powerful suction and tangle-free turbine attachment allow you to tackle pet hair effortlessly. Its whole machine HEPA filtration means that you can enjoy fresh air in the house while its 35-foot cord lets you vacuum a large house easily.

If you’re keen on a cordless machine, do not overlook the Dyson V10 as it’s a compact, yet versatile and robust, vacuum that can quickly convert to a handheld. Dyson also has a wide range of machines that have stood the test of time for its excellent performance and durability. So click the below link to find the nearest store to your place

Electrolux Vacuum Store Near Me

Electrolux has been a brand name of superior home appliances for more than 100 years. Its vacuums have been known as products of thoughtful design and high quality. The company provides customers with canister, stick, cordless, upright, and robot vacuum cleaners.

Its robotic vacuum - Electrolux Pure i9 - has been recently developed with 3D vision technology to detect obstacles in three dimensions. Aside from its superb navigation skills, the machine also has a distinct look. Unlike other robot vacuums that come in a round shape or D-shape, Electrolux has a unique trinity shape, meaning it can clean corners, edges, and tight spots with ease.

If you can’t wait to see how amazing Electrolux machines are, why not head over to its nearest store? If you’re in the US, click the below link to contact them for more information about the closest shop to your area:

Tips for buying a good vacuum

Decide what your type of vacuum should be

In other words, you’ll need to know your cleaning needs first. Different types of vacuums are made to meet various customers’ needs. For example, canisters offer outstanding performance on both carpeted and hard floors. Since these types of vacuums are designed to be used with a wand and a hose, they are usually more maneuverable than their upright counterparts.

So if you have a lot of stairs, a canister is probably a better choice than an upright. If you do not have stairs and your home is primarily wall-to-wall carpeting, an upright with necessary attachments would be perfect.

Know which tools you will need for your floor types

While there is a common myth that a canister is more powerful than upright, and homeowners with carpets should choose a canister, this is not always the case. The critical point here is choosing the right tools included in their vacuums for your specific type of floors.

  vacuum shop nearby

For example, if you have synthetic fiber carpeted surfaces, choose a machine with dense, stiff, and aggressive bristles to pick up soil, pet hair, and dust from this type of carpet pile. Many upright vacuums from Dyson or Shark are equipped with such bristles on their revolving brush rolls.

What if you have more than one type of carpet? Our advice is to choose a vacuum with a set of tools available, and make sure that you have the tool for your rug. Both uprights and canisters offer extra soft-bristle brush for this cleaning requirement.

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Suction strength and cleaning efficiency 

Your vacuum’s performance largely depends on its suction. The more suction you have, the more powerful your vacuum is. The ideal choice is the one that fits for need the most. So if you’re living in an apartment and do not have pets, then pick those with the power of 250-350W. 

If you live in a large house and have a few pets with upholstery surfaces to clean, you might need machines with the suction power of 350-450W to clear up messes your four-legged friends leave behind. Also, if budget is not your concern, go with vacuums with either a mechanical or digital suction power regulator. It will allow you to clean multiple surfaces with optimal suction strength and avoid unnecessary energy waste.

Ease of use

No matter how strong or modern your vacuum is, it should be easy to use. Weight is one of the first criteria to evaluate the ease of use. Make sure you’re not taking home a heavy, bulky machine that you will end up struggling with while lugging it around your home. More importantly, your vacuums should be maneuvered easily to turn corners, edges, or reach awkward spots.


You only need to type in a few words like vacuum cleaner stores nearby or vacuum cleaner stores near me on your Google search bar to find the nearest vacuum shops. Purchasing your perfect vacuum cleaner is easier than ever. If you already have a preferred vacuum brand in mind, search for that brand-specific store to get better services and hot deals.

Before heading to the local vacuum store, it’s best to do your homework first. So get to know the stores, read their online reviews, and decide on the type of machine you will need for your floors should be in your must-do list. 

We hope our post has provided you with useful information to answer the question how to find the vacuum store near me. We also believe that our article has helped you make a well-informed decision on which type of machine is the most suitable for your needs. Click share if you like this post, and feel free to leave us your comments below.

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