How to Clean Roller Brush on Shark Vacuum - Easy Maintenance Guide

How to Clean Shark Vacuum Brush for Every Model

Oct 26, 2021
Although the best Shark vacuum cleaners are generally seen as a household cleaning workhorse, they can stop working properly without regular maintenance. One of the main concerns of users is how to clean Shark vacuum brush—a common source of various issues.

The roller brush is where your vacuum attracts debris first, and as a result, it builds up quite a lot of dirt and hair over time. Too much debris  could render your vacuum useless, preventing the brush roll from spinning and leading to a drop in suction.

Read on to find out how to clean roller brush on Shark vacuum and make your vacuum work properly again.

How To Clean Shark Vacuum Brush

Shark Rocket

Shark Rocket

Shark Rocket Via: Amazon

Thanks to the user-friendly design of Shark Rocket vacuum cleaners, it's easy to remove the roller brush for cleaning.

  • First, unplug the machine from the wall socket, then remove the cleaning head from the vacuum.
  • Look at the cleaning head closely, and you will find the release buttons on both sides. Press them to release the cover above the brush roll.
  • There is also a pull tab on one side. Hold it to pull the brush out of the vacuum.
  • There are two ways to get rid of dirt and hair entangled on this brush: use a pair of scissors to snip the mess or rely on the hair removal tool provided by Shark when you bought your vacuum.
  • Regardless of the method you opt for, follow the groove on the brush while cutting hair away so you don’t damage the bristles.
  • Once you're finished removing the hair and debris and the brush is clean, it's easy to inspect for any damage on it. For example, if it has a big crack that could prevent the vacuum from working altogether. You should order a replacement from Shark as soon as possible.
  • If the wear and tear are still in the acceptable range, you can rinse it in tap water for a few seconds and let it air-dry.
  • When the brush is completely dry, install it back into the vacuum the same way you took it off.
  • Slide the brush into place. Make sure the side with the tab is in the correct position, then push the brush down.

In addition to knowing how to clean Shark Rocket brush rolls, some Shark Rocket models also come with a softer roller designed for cleaning delicate surfaces like hardwood that you should take care of as well.

This roller is much easier to remove than the regular brush. Just press the small “Eject Roller” button on one side of the cleaning head and pull the roller away from the vacuum cleaner to remove it.

Use a damp cloth and a soft brush to wipe the roller, then rinse it with water and let it dry completely before clipping the roller back into place.

Shark Navigator And Rotator Powered Lift-Away

Shark Navigator Powered Lift-Away

Shark Navigator Powered Lift-Away Via: Amazon

A dirty brush roller that has built up a huge amount of dirt and pet hair is one of the common reasons a Shark Navigator and Rotator vacuum suddenly stops working.

If this occurs with your machine, try to remove and clean the brush to solve the issue.

Rotator models look and work similarly to vacuums in Shark's Navigator series. For example, the brush roll of those vacuum cleaners is installed in a wide cleaning head.

Removing the brush roll of the Shark Rotator and Navigator vacuums typically don’t require a screwdriver if you don't want to deep clean them, as they have a more modern and user-friendly cleaning head design.

  • You still need to remove the compartment hosting the brush roll first (also known as the brush roll garage).
  • Turn off and unplug the machine. Find the two buttons on the floor nozzle and press them down to pop up the lid of this compartment.
  • Pull the tab on the left side of the brush roll to lift it up. Use the included hair removal tool to cut away any debris, string, or hair wrapped around the brush roll. You can find this tool in the onboard storage compartment on the nozzle.
  • Give the brush roll a wash as needed and let it dry completely. Install the brush roll back into position by pressing down on the lid until you hear a click.

You should also know how to clean Shark vacuum rollers—the part designed to clean hard floors.

  • For the soft roller, press the release button next to it and slide it out.
  • Similarly, use the onboard hair removal tool to get rid of any string or hair that is entangled around the soft roller. You can also tap off any loose dirt and wipe it clean with a towel.
  • Check the teeth on the cleaning head behind the soft roller as well to see if there is any hair or dirt buildup. Cut away the hair and wipe the dirt away with a dry towel.
  • Wash the soft roller with water and let it dry completely for at least 24 hours before putting it back into the machine. Slide the roller into place until there is an audible click.

A replacement for both the main brush roll and the soft roller could be easily found from any of Shark's authorized stores. Don't hesitate to replace them if they're damaged and your vacuum isn’t picking up debris properly.

Shark Navigator And Rotator: Deep Clean Method

Shark Rotator

Shark Rotator Via: Amazon

In addition to learning how to clean Shark navigator brush rolls, every few months, you should disassemble your vacuum completely to give it a deep clean, including the brush roll.

  • You will need to separate the cleaning head from the main body. Sharks use screws to fasten this compartment to the machine, which you can locate by flipping it over.
  • Turn off and unplug the vacuum. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove two screws near the larger wheels and the four screws below the brush area.
  • Remove the smaller wheels and use a flathead screwdriver to remove the two screws underneath them. Finally, remove two hidden screws in the crevices near the big wheels.
  • By removing those screws, you will loosen the roller brush compartment. It's now easy for you to separate the upper part from the lower. Do it gently, so you don't break the electrical wire connection.
  • Use a small, sharp pair of scissors to carefully snip away any dirt and hair entangled around the brush roller.
  • If there is too much hair, cut it at multiple points to loosen the hair before you pull it away with your fingers.
  • If the brush roller is damaged beyond repair, order a replacement from Shark. Otherwise, wash it with water and let it dry.
  • Attach the brush roller back to the machine in the same way you removed it.

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Shark DuoClean Cordless

Shark DuoClean Cordless

Shark DuoClean Cordless Via: Amazon

Removing the brush roll of a Shark DuoClean cordless upright isn't more difficult than doing so on its wired cousins. If you already know how to clean the brush roll on a Shark vacuum, the steps below should be a piece of cake.

  • Turn off the power before performing any maintenance.
  • Use a coin to turn the locks on the brush roll compartment in the counterclockwise direction to open them. Lift the top cover to access the brush roll underneath.
  • Cut any strings or hair tangled around the brush roll with a small pair of scissors. Remember to carefully follow along the groove and not cut into the bristles.
  • Tap loose dirt off and put the cover back in place. Turn the locks clockwise to push the cover into place.
  • Like many other Shark vacuum cleaners, removing the soft roller is easy too.

Find the “Eject Roller” button on the side and slide it forward. Pull the tab of the soft roller on the right to remove it.

  • Shake loose dirt off the roller and wipe it clean with a dry towel. Use your scissors to snip away any fibers or hair caught in the teeth behind the roller as well.
  • Rinse the roller with lukewarm water as needed. When it is completely dry (the process may take up to 24 hours), put it back into its compartment by pushing the left end first. Make sure the face with the label “Front” faces forward.

Shark ION P50

The process for this discontinued model isn't much different from how to clean Shark vacuum brushes for the Shark DuoClean. Just remember that it's pretty much impossible to find a replacement for the roller and brush roll of the ION P50. If there is significant damage to your vacuum, perhaps it's time to think about getting a new vacuum.

Shark ION Robot

Shark ION

Shark ION Via: Amazon

  • Turn off the power before cleaning the brush roll.
  • Flip the robot vacuum over, and you will see two tabs on the access door. Push them up and lift them away from the bottom of the machine.
  • Pull up the brush roll inside the compartment and clean it with the provided hair removal tool. Remember not to cut anything other than fibers, string, or hair wrapped around the brush roll.
  • Install it back into your robot vacuum by inserting the flat end first, and then the protruding end. Push the brush roll into place until you hear a click. Replace the access door and press down until it clicks.
  • Check the side brushes as well because they also attract plenty of fibers and hair after many cleaning sessions.
  • Unwind and pull off any string tangled around the side brushes. Use a damp cloth to wipe them gently. Make sure you let them dry completely before using the vacuum again.
  • Pull a damaged or bent side brush off the post. Correctly align the hole of the new side brush over the post, then press down to install it.

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Shark Rotator Professional Upright Vacuum: Complete Disassembly

  • Press the Lift-Away button on the canister and lift the handle up to remove the base (cleaning head) from the main body.
  • Flip the base, so you have access to the brush roll. Use a spudger to remove the smaller wheels from the bottom of the vacuum.
  • Use a #2 Phillips screwdriver to remove nine 16-mm screws on the bottom. Pull up the panel by pressing on the side tabs, which will reveal another two 13.5-mm screws under the hose connection. Remove them with the Phillips screwdriver.
  • Move the cover to the side and squeeze the pin of the wire attached to the cleaning head. Remove this wire by pulling up the pin.
  • Use the Phillips screwdriver to remove the two screws so you can lift up the cover of the brush roll.
  • Pull out the brush roll and tap off any loose dirt. Use scissors to cut away all the strings and hair tangled around the roller before installing it back in the same way you removed it.

Shark Rotator Canister Vacuum

  • Turn off your vacuum and unplug it. Flip the floor nozzle, where you will find three locks. Use a coin to unlock them.
  • The base of the Rotator canister model has a removable portion to improve the airway and allow users to access the brush roll. Normally, you can also check for any blockages in the airway using a flashlight without taking everything apart.

Lift this portion up to access the brush roll. Use scissors to snip any hair, carpet fibers, or string that may be entangled around it. Follow the grooves along the brush bar so you don’t damage the bristles.

  • Tap off any loose dirt before reinstalling the base. Remember to correctly line it up along the nozzle and push it into place. Use a coin to fasten the three locks you removed in the beginning.
  • If the indicator light on the brush roll changes to red while vacuuming, it means the nozzle is blocked and jammed. Turn off the machine immediately and follow the above steps to access the brush roll and remove any debris.
  • Only operate the machine if there is no hair or debris left in the nozzle that could stop it from working.

The indicator light should be green. If there is still a jam in the nozzle and the light is still red, contact Shark's customer service.


We hope that you learned how to clean Shark vacuum brush from this guide. It's one of the most important Shark vacuum troubleshooting routines of any vacuum cleaner, and your Shark machine is no exception.


  • 01. How Often Should I Clean the Roller Brush on My Vacuum?
  • Ideally, you should check for any trapped hair or debris stuck to your vacuum's bristles and brushes after each use. But it's also fine to do so after every few uses.

  • 02. When Should I Replace the Whole Vacuum?
  • While high-quality vacuums from Shark could easily last beyond ten years with proper maintenance, you should replace your vacuum before it hits this mark. Older technology produces more pollutants and has less efficiency, even if the machine still works just fine.

  • 03. How to clean Shark vacuums thoroughly?
  • After 12 months or so, you should do a complete disassembly and deep clean by learning how to remove roller brush from Shark vacuums and replace the filters.

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