Can You Use Bissell Crosswave on Carpet? Best User's Guide

Can You Use Bissell Crosswave on Carpet? All of Your Questions Answered

Dec 22, 2023
The Bissell CrossWave is a remarkable upright vacuum. For a mid-range machine, it has a lot to offer, namely, strong performance and a highly versatile 2-in-1 design. It’s not very surprising how the vacuum managed to become so popular among customers.

But, for quite some time now, readers have sent emails to us with many questions, such as: “Can you use Bissell CrossWave on carpet?”

This and many others are genuinely good questions that we think can be helpful to a lot of people. So, we have compiled a list of them all (yes, including “Can you use the Bissell Crosswave on carpet?”) for your use.

The Bissell CrossWave is one of the best vacuum-mop combo we’ve tested in a while

Bissell CrossWave is one of the best vacuum-mop combos we’ve tested in a while

Can You Use the Bissell CrossWave as Just a Vacuum?

This is a question that we received a lot, and the answer is yes, absolutely.

The Bissell CrossWave is a 2-in-1 vacuum that combines the functionalities of a vacuum cleaner and a floor mop. But with that said, there’s no reason that you couldn’t use just one of the two functions.

The CrossWave is a mop-vacuum hybrid

The CrossWave is a mop-vacuum hybrid

We have experimented using the CrossWave with the water tank empty. The CrossWave still worked like a charm. It sucked up most of the dirt and debris on bare floors like we expected it to.

There aren’t any complicated tricks involved. Just leave the water tank empty, and then clean it as you normally would.

Does the Bissell CrossWave Deep Clean Carpet?

This is one of the most-asked questions. But the answer is a bit complicated.

According to our performance tests, the Bissell CrossWave doesn’t do very well on carpeting overall. It was able to eliminate bad odors on our old shaggy rug and remove some stray dirt and debris on the surface of the piling. However, all of the dirt and debris embedded deep down in the rug was almost untouched.

As a result, you shouldn’t expect too much from the CrossWave when it comes to deep-cleaning carpeting (especially the thicker ones).

The CrossWave will do fine on sparse, low-pile carpets

The CrossWave will do fine on sparse, low-pile carpets

Can You Use the Bissell CrossWave on Area Rugs?

While the CrossWave isn’t much help when it comes to thick carpeting and rugs, thin-pile wall-to-wall carpets and small rugs could probably be cleaned fairly effectively.

In our test, the vacuum was able to pick up a decent amount of debris and even some pet hair from the surface. But like we said earlier, the vacuum still left a fair amount behind deep down in a pile.

Can I Use the Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro on Carpet?

The Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro is the costlier, more feature-packed version of the baseline CrossWave. A question that we get quite often is: “Can the Bissell CrossWave be used on carpet (the Pet Pro version)?”

So, we tested the CrossWave Pet Pro alongside the baseline CrossWave in our lab. Unfortunately, the results aren’t very encouraging. Both models seem to exhibit the same performance on carpeting.

The Pet Pro generally deals with low-pile carpets and rugs relatively okay. Aside from dust, dirt, and common debris, the Pet Pro picked up notably more pet hair on low-pile carpeting than the baseline CrossWave did.

However, when we used it to clean high-pile carpets, the vacuum didn’t perform well at all. It was able to refresh the piling, but it wasn’t able to deep clean the carpet.

Our only recommendation, if you’re gunning for the Pet Pro, is to get it only if you have a lot of pets to take care of. Don’t buy it and expect that it will be able to clean up your deep carpeting.

Verdict: Can the Bissell CrossWave Be Used on Carpet?

Yes, but the scope of its performance is fairly limited. If you get the Bissell CrossWave, have reasonable expectations for it when it comes to carpeting. It will help you on wall-to-wall carpets and thin rugs, but it won’t do much for your high-pile carpets.

If good carpet cleaning ability is an absolute must for you, the Bissell CrossWave isn’t a very good model for the job. Instead, get the Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution, which has significantly better carpet performance.

If you need something that can clean carpet, the Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution will be a better choice overall

If you need something that can clean carpet, the Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution will be a better choice overall

Why Is My Bissell CrossWave Leaving Streaks?

Streaking is a fairly common problem among CrossWave owners. Basically, the problem is that as the vacuum glides across the floor, it leaves perpendicular water streak marks on the surface.

There are a couple of reasons why this happens, and fortunately, all of them are easily fixable.

Too Much Water on the Floor

If there is too much water on the floor, the scrubbing action of the rolling brush will leave behind streaks. Therefore, go over the area with the streaks again, but this time, do not press the water dispensing trigger. Instead, just let the vacuum do its job and suck up all of the excess moisture.

Additionally, you should make sure that the vacuum is properly set. When the vacuum is set to “Hardwood Mode” it dispenses less water than when it’s set to “Area Carpet Mode.”

If you accidentally set the vacuum to Area Carpet mode while you’re cleaning hardwood, streak marks will form. Make sure that you don’t make this mistake.

Dirty or Water-logged Filter

If the filter is dirty, the water can become stagnant inside of the vacuum, eventually dripping out through the cleaning head. As the wet brush works, it’s going to leave behind dirty water streaks.

To fix this issue, you will have to remove the filter and clean it. Rinse the filter and the filter screen using warm water.

Once they’re clean, leave the filters in a cool, well-ventilated spot for several hours until they are completely dry. To that end, we recommend leaving the filters to dry for at least 24 hours.

Do not reinstall the filters if they are still wet.

Dirty Brush Rolls

Over time, the brush rolls can also become dirty, leaving behind streaks as it works. Unfortunately, the baseline Bissell CrossWave 1785A does not have a self-cleaning function. Thus, you will have to clean the brush roll by yourself.

If the CrossWave’s brush roll is dirty, it will leave streak

If the CrossWave’s brush roll is dirty, it will leave streak Via: Amazon

How to Clean the Bissell CrossWave’s Brush Roll

The first thing that you have to do is unplug the vacuum. Make sure that the power is completely off before you remove any part or do any kind of maintenance. This is one of the very first things that you have to know when you learn how to use the Bissell CrossWave.

Grab the ledge at the front of the cleaning head and pull up to remove the brush roll window. Once the window is removed, the brush roll will be exposed. You can now remove the brush roll by pulling up the thin tab on the brush.

Wash both the brush window and the brush roll under warm running water. After you’re done, wipe both parts dry using a dry towel.

Since the brush roll chamber can also get pretty dirty, it should also be cleaned. Reach into the cleaning head and take out any dirty spots you can find with a paper towel or a cloth.

Before putting the brush roll and the window back in place, make sure that they are completely dry. Just to be safe, you can let them dry on the kitchen counter overnight.

Reverse the process detailed above for reinstallation.

Can the Bissell CrossWave Clean Up Dog Pee?

According to a lot of reviews from past customers, the Bissell CrossWave works exceptionally well against urine. We’re not very surprised by this. After all, the vacuum was specifically designed to deal with this issue.

The Bissell CrossWave works excellently against pet residues: kibbles, hair, and pee alike

The Bissell CrossWave works excellently against pet residues: kibbles, hair, and pee alike

But take careful note that the Bissell CrossWave is more like an immediate clean-up solution. The moment your dog has an accident on your floor or carpet, take out the CrossWave and clean it up. If you have a urine spray solution, spritz it on top of the puddle. It will make it easier for you to clean up the urine.

If you let the urine sit for a while, it can stain your floor or carpet. The CrossWave wasn’t designed to be a stain remover, unfortunately.

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if you were searching “Does the Bissell CrossWave work on carpet against stains?” then it won’t work. Even though the CrossWave is one of the best Bissell vacuums out there, it’s just not designed for removing stains. You will have to resort to something else.

Can I Use Vinegar and Water in My Bissell CrossWave?

Though Bissell recommends using its proprietary cleaning solution with the CrossWave, you can make an inexpensive, DIY substitute. All you need is some vinegar and tap water.

The reason that vinegar is such a good cleaning agent is because of its high acetic acid content. Acetic acid is an extremely popular and versatile cleaning agent. It can dissolve dirt and is strong enough to kill bacteria.

Making the solution is extremely simple. Pour a cup of white vinegar into the water tank, then top up the tank with water. After that, just clean with the CrossWave as you normally would.

While white vinegar is certainly less expensive than Bissell’s proprietary cleaner, it has one glaring disadvantage: the smell. Your floor will smell like vinegar after one cleaning session until the solution dries. Fortunately, there’s a way to get around this. You can add some extra ingredients to improve the smell.

How to Mix a DIY Fragrant Floor Cleaner for the Bissell CrossWave

It begins with a cup of vinegar. Pour the vinegar into the water tank. Follow that with a cup of water.

After mixing the two, add half a cup of lemon juice into the tank. Just like vinegar, lemon juice contains a lot of acetic acids and is a very effective cleaning agent. Mixing the two together, you will strengthen the cleaning power of your DIY solution as well as give it a nice, citrusy smell.

The solution should now smell a lot better.

Nonetheless, if you still don’t like how it smells, you can choose to add essential oil into the mix. There are many kinds of essential oils freely available on the market. You can purchase lavender oil, tea tree oil, vanilla oil, and so many more.

Essential oils don’t just lend the mixture a better scent, though. Several types — like mint — are antimicrobial, too.

You can add 10 to 15 drops into the tank, depending on how strong you would like the solution to be.

That’s the last ingredient! Shut the tank and gently shake the CrossWave back and forth in order for the mixture to come together.

Clean the floor with the vacuum like you normally would. The floor should smell far better now than when you used just vinegar and water.

Are There Any Other DIY Cleaning Solutions That I Can Make?

Sure, there are plenty! Besides white vinegar and lemon juice, you can also use isopropyl alcohol, baking soda, or castile soap with the Bissell CrossWave.

Alcohol is self-explanatory. It is the ultimate cleaning agent and can make short work of bacteria and germs around the house. Add about one cup of alcohol into the water tank, top it off with clean water, and clean.

The best advantage of alcohol is that it can evaporate very quickly (in only a couple of minutes).

Baking soda is the go-to solution if you ever have to deal with dirt or mud in the house. This handy powder that you can easily find in any kitchen can dislodge stubborn dirt when applied. Interested? Mix about a cup of baking soda with water inside the CrossWave’s tank. After that, you can clean with the vacuum as normal.

Can you use Bissell CrossWave on the carpet with this baking soda mixture? Good news: you can! Baking soda can deodorize carpeting. So, if your dog made a mess on your lush carpet, you can use this DIY solution to get rid of the smell.

Lastly, there’s castile soap. Castile soap dissolves oil very well. Thus, it makes for a good cleaning solution if you ever have to deal with oily stains (on the garage floor, for example).

Castile soap is typically mixed together with baking soda. The ratio is 2:1 between baking soda and soap. In other words, if you were to add a cup of baking soda into the tank, follow it up with half a cup of soap.


Whether you’re looking for answers regarding “Does the Bissell CrossWave clean carpet?” or  “How to get urine out of carpet?”… we hope you’ve found what you were searching for!

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