Pressure Washer Repair Near Me: What to Look For

Pressure Washer Repair Near Me - The Local Pressure Washer Repair

Sep 12, 2023
A lot of problems can occur during your pressure washer use, making it less effective or even causing it to stop running. And since not all of us are able to diagnose and fix those problems, it’s natural for you to search online for “pressure washer repair shops near me”.

That being the case, to make it easier for you to find the right address, my experiences over the years could come in handy. Here, I’ll show you exactly how you can find the best pressure washer repair nearby, judging from certain aspects of the stores.

And at the same time, even if there aren’t any local stores that you can visit, I’ll also provide common knowledge on fixing your broken or low pressure machines, before you need to travel farther for better repair services.

So make sure that you stay tuned for the only informative guide that you’ll ever need.

How to look for pressure washer repair near me?

The thing with offline shopping is that you can really get to know the owners of the stores and the quality of their goods, before deciding to make your purchases. Hence, you won’t get fooled by online advertisements, that can be deceiving. Not to mention that you’ll also learn valuable lessons on self-repairing your pressure washer, if you ever need to fix it.

Below are all of the important steps that you’ll need to follow before and after you go to the stores. They will help to assess the reliability of the business and other aspects of the store. Thus, making it easier for you to repair or shop for new pressure washers.

Before going to the store

The first thing that you’ll need to do before going to your pressure washer repair is to look for one. And since we’re looking for a local business, it’s best to ask your neighbors or friends, who are capable in this type of thing, for “pressure washer repair shops near me”. Their knowledge should come in handy, as they’ll usually introduce you to the most legit addresses in town.

Your pressure washer will need repairs and maintenances to keep running

Your pressure washer will need repairs and maintenances to keep running

And to further solidify your decisions, or if none of your friends know about this, it’s also possible for you to search online for “pressure washer sales and service near me”. This would show you a bunch of different choices with various aspects to consider. But there are a few important things that you should keep in mind.

Start by taking a look at the store’s address on the map, then decide whether it’s convenient for you to drop by. Feel free to go for other options if you want a closer address. But in my experience, it’s always worth going a few extra miles, if possible, to look for a really good shop.

Aside from the store’s address, be sure to look for online feedback from other visitors on Google. And don’t just hover around the rating of the stores, since there can be many fake ones. Instead, spend your time reading detailed reviews and really understand what are the drawbacks or advantages of the stores.

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And if there is a contact number or live chat option, you should always give them a call before visiting, to make sure that they’re able to solve your problems. Not to mention that they might even be able to diagnose and help you fix your machines before you need to take it to the store.

Lastly, I suggest you look for a couple of addresses to visit, just in case if you find the first one not really suitable.

Always go online and check on the stores before visit

Always go online and check on the stores before visit

First impression is always important

After searching for a few good stores, you can attempt to visit the one that you find most reliable. And upon arriving in the store, there are a few aspects that you can take note of immediately. The first thing would be the overall setup of the repair store, as they must provide a positive and welcoming atmosphere so you can find yourself comfortable walking in the store.

Pay attention to the staff reactions when you arrive since it’ll often indicate their after sales services. Do they welcome you with a smile and start questioning your inquiries, or only knod without answering your questions? I often walk out of a repair store, or any businesses in general, if it’s the second scenario is the case, since it shows that they’re not care about you at all.

Also, you’ll need to look around the establishment to better understand the level of service. Make sure that the sections are well organized, since it’s important for every experienced repairer to keep their tools in place. But you shouldn’t mind if it’s a little dirty, especially for a small local repair shop, since the quality of the service is what is really important. And on legit establishments, you can even get a detailed price board that explains how much you’ll need to pay for certain services.

The way they handle your problems

And upon explaining the problems to the repairer, you can also pay attention to their reactions. Normally, legit store owners will ask you a few questions on common problems on your Briggs and Stratton machines, like leaking, low-pressure, or not running, before they check your machine. This would help them to understand how these problems can occur and come up with ways to fix them. Then they could proceed to remove the malfunctioned parts and start examining.

On the other hand, if a store owner just wants to tear out your machine first before asking and explaining what they’re doing, then it could be that they want to give you some extra fees. Just politely ask them to listen to you, or simply walk out of the store if you have other options. And that is exactly how you can tell if a pressure washer repair is legit or not.

Consider how they treat customer

Consider how they treat customer

What to do if there is no pressure washer repair near me?

For those of you who weren’t able to find a pressure washer repair nearby, there are other options for you. Either book an online repairer or send out the product to a long distance maintenance center. Both of them will require you to pay attention to the quality of the services.

Book a pressure washer specialist online

To make sure that you can get access to reliable services, there are a few things that you will need to remember when having the repairman come to your house.

Look for reliable services

You should start by searching online for “repair service near me” and opt for businesses that offer in-home services. Follow all the provided guides, just like when looking for repair services near you. Always consider the feedback of actual customers online to decide which one to trust.

Then proceed to contact them with the available numbers or email addresses. Tell them exactly what’s happening with your machine so they can prepare before going to your home. Also, remember to negotiate the cost, by considering all the initial expenses. Although you won’t be able to decide on final prices since there can be some extra payments, you two can still agree on an approximate fee.

After everything is finished, you can wait for the repairer to arrive. And in the meantime, you can take out your pressure washer and get ready to have it fixed with some coffee, for you and for the repair specialist.

Always look for reliable services

Always look for reliable services

Supervise and encourage

Upon arriving, you should greet him and offer some drinks to build the bond. This would help to improve the atmosphere and allow the repairer to work properly. And although you don’t need to be present all the time, it’s important for you to stay around to tell the repairman the exact problems that you’re having.

At the same time, also consult the repairer for ways to tackle the issues. He will provide you with the most optimum solution. After that, you can let the man work on his job without asking too much. Feel free to get some drinks for him upon finishing.

Send out for maintenance

And if you don’t want to waste too much money on online booking, it’s also possible for homeowners to send out their pressure washers to repair centers.

Look for online services

To guarantee that your pressure washers can get fixed, it’s important to find online repair services that you can ship out your package for maintenance. And as usual, make sure to consider the quality of the services through online feedback.

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And upon contacting them for more details, you should ask for the repair and return period, which can take up to weeks. So you won’t be able to make uses of your pressure washer in the meantime.

Ideally, I would recommend you to send the product directly to its official maintenance center, even when the warranty has run out. Most of them would still offer repair services with some extra fee. And most importantly, they can guarantee that all replacing components are legit.

Pack your stuff properly

Once you’ve all agreed on specific terms, it’s time to pack your machine and send it out. At this stage, to make sure that the product will arrive unscratched, you will need to pad the packaging with proper cushions. Keep your machine inside a tightly sealed cardboard box and make sure to put all removable external components into a bag so they won’t fall around during shipping.

 pressure washer repairs near me

Make sure to pack your stuff properly before sending out

How to self-repair your pressure washer?

And last but not least, if you prefer not to waste your money, it’s always possible for you to try repairing your pressure washer at home, especially when there are only minor issues with it.

The following guides will show you exactly how to diagnose the problems and fix your machine, by tackling some of the most common issues with pressure washers.

Machine not running

The first thing that should go through your mind when your pressure washer is not running is to check the engine.

On electrical models

For electrical models, you can plug it into the power outlet and hit the power button. Make sure to connect your machine to a pressured water valve, which is needed to provide enough power for the stream. If it’s not running at all, then the problem is with the engine. In this case, your Karcher pressure washer will need to be taken apart and manually tested.

Make sure to have a multimeter ready so you can start checking the components. Turn on the meter and connect the two probes on the power outlet to find out if there are any breaks in the electrical system. Then proceed to take out the electrical circuits inside your machine, which will consist of the pumping motor itself.

Check the multimeter on each part of the electrical system from circuit to circuit. Start from the plug to the switch, from the switch to the motor, and across the motor. If there is any part where the electricity can’t pass through, then your problems should lie there. Proceed to fix the broken wires by connecting new ones, or replace your motor if it’s causing the problem.

Use the multimeter to diagnose your machine

Use the multimeter to diagnose your machine

On gas-powered models

On the other hand, for gas-powered pressure washers, since the internal components of the engine are quite complex and delicate, you won’t be able to take it apart and repair it at home, especially for inexperienced users.

The only thing that you can try is to hook up the machine, make sure that the fuel is still there, then see if there are any signs of malfunction. Note them down before you give the professional service providers a call.

Loss of suction

And if your Honda pressure washer is out of pressure while the motor is still running, then you might want to take a look at the pump and pipes on the machine to make sure that there aren’t any clogs or leaks. These are the most common reasons for the sudden loss of pressure while using the machine.

Start by checking the filter on your water since the dirt and debris can easily clog the filter. Proceed to get it cleaned before putting it back so you can guarantee the water source.

Then you can try to check out for any leaks at the pipe connections around the machine. These could be at the water inlet and outlet, the wand, the hose, and the spray tip. If you see any water leaking while turning on the machine, then you might want to change the rubber O rings on these parts to prevent any loss of pressure.

Also pay attention to any potential clogs inside the spray tip and the wand, which can cause the water pressure to significantly drop and become unstable. In this case, you’ll need to take out the orifices on both of these parts and clean them with anything that can fit inside. At the same time, also run the machine without the orifices to push out any dirt and debris along the water system.

Attempt to change the O ring if there is any leakage

Attempt to change the O ring if there is any leakage

Maintenance tips for your pressure washer

While you can always Google for “Briggs and Stratton pressure washer repair near meto look for places that can fix your broken pressure washers, it’s always a better to make sure that your product is well-maintained. As a result, these following tips will make sure that your machine can stay functional longer without any repairments needed.

Change the spark plug

Over time, your spark plug will get deteriorated, causing the machine to hardly start. Hence, if you notice any difficulties when starting your engine, it may be because the spark plug is as functional as it used to. To change the part, you will need to take the spark plug boot out first by simply holding on the head and pull it out.

As for the spark plug itself, a 13/16 socket wrench is needed to get the old one out and install a new one. Just simply work the wrench into the screw to get it out and tighten the new spark plug. This will significantly improve the starting performances on your machine.

nearest power pressure washer repair shop

Change the engine oil

As the machine works, the inner lubricating solution will get dirty and less effective over time, causing the pressure washer to heat up easily as well as be less functional. Hence, like any other mechanical engine, your engine will need new machine oil to keep it cool and fluid.

Start by getting the dirty oil out of the machine as you remove the drain plug. Make sure to put something underneath to catch the oil, if you don’t want to do any extra cleaning later on. Let the oil drip out until there is nothing left, then reinstall the drain plug properly.

Proceed to put in new machine oil by removing the fill cap, which you can easily access without any tools. Then get yourself a funnel that fits to start pouring in the lubricating solution. The oil will work on the mechanical parts inside to prevent corrosion, improve heat distribution to the radiator, and make sure that the machine can function properly.

Just remember that certain machines will require different types of machine oil. So make sure to look for the right product, by researching for the specific requirements from manufacturers.

Engine oil is need to keep the mechanical parts lubricated

Engine oil is need to keep the mechanical parts lubricated

Clean or change the air filter

Another thing that will affect the heat distribution inside your machine is the air filter, which will allow the engine to draw clean air from outside and fire up. That being the case, if your air filter gets dirty, the air quality will get worse, causing the machine to fire up less effectively and the lubricating oil will also get spoiled really fast.

Hence, you should clean the air filter every once in a while to keep it clean, or at least prevent too much dirt from getting inside. And with most foam filters, you can easily wash them with soap and water. Then let your filter dry completely before you put it back.

On the other hand, if the filter is too dirty to even try to clean it, then you might want to change a new one.

Protect the pump from corrosion with pump protector

And finally, all pressure washer users will need to know how to take care of their pump, which is universal for all electric or gas-powered machines.

That being the case, lubricating products for pumps are often used to clean and coat the inside walls with corrosion-free solution. And you can easily get them by asking every repair shop owner for the right product.

Start the work by taking out the hose, then getting the pump protector connected to the pump input. For certain models you can easily press the pressured spray to work the solution in, while for others, you will need to apply pressure by squeezing the can. Keep applying medium amounts of solution until you notice some of it start flowing out from the output where the hose connects. This means that the entire pumping machine has been coated and your pressure washer is ready for storage.

Good brands that you can trust

When doing repairs or maintenance on your pressure washer, we always recommend viewers to look for approved stores from the specific brands that made your products. That way, you can receive reliable customer services and get the proper repairs on your machines. Below are a few insights that we have collected from famous pressure washer brands, and how can you quickly get assisted by their support services.

Karcher pressure washer repair near me

Alfred Karcher SE & Co. KG is a well-known German family-owned business that provides many household products, ranging from vacuum cleaners to floor care equipment. And their pressure washer has always been trusted for its reliability and impressive functions.

Ever since its first opening in 1935, the company has been working toward the highest technological standard, in order to provide their customers with the most trusted household appliances. And they have always been a legit brand for producing high-quality electric pressure washers.

With more than 10,000 employees worldwide, Karcher already has more than 100 subsidiaries across 60 different countries in the world. This allows for a widely-connected and professional support service whenever you need. As a result, you can easily look for a Karcher repair center near you and get your machines fixed.

Honda pressure washer repair near me

Honda, or Honda Motor Co, is a world-famous company for their engine productions. From powerful engines on your automobiles, motorcycles, to those that are more suited for pressure washers. The company always provides the most reliable products for users from all over the world.

With their impressive history and technological capabilities, the company is more than capable of producing high-quality gas-powered pressure washers with impressive functionality. And this is also one of their most well-known product lineups for the floor care equipment business.

As Honda customers, you can always trust in the company for their product’s quality as well as their support services. And since the company already entered more than 71 markets all over the world and established proper support services across all these countries, if you ever run into any problems with your pressure washers, simply contact your local stores and you can receive immediate support.

Briggs and Stratton pressure washer repair near me

With a long history that dates back to 1908, and consistent improvements and innovations over the years, Briggs & Stratton has established itself as one of the best pressure washer companies out there.

Unlike the two larger companies above, which have their wide range of products, Briggs & Stratton has always been well-known for their making of household equipment, with pressure washers being their most prominent lineup. As a result, you can always trust in the quality of your products and be confident with its functions.

And when it comes to fixing your products and their maintenance, Briggs & Stratton always provides impressive support from its service networks, especially in America. Hence, it’s going to be quite easy to get help from your local repair services, both online and offline.


Even the best pressure washer will run into problems after an extended period of use and lack of maintenance. Hence, if you’re looking for a reliable pressure washer repair service nearby for your Subaru machine. Then you can always count on our guides to search for pressure washer repair shops near me, as well as to do some simple self-repair and maintenance on your own.

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