Can You Paint Laminate Floors At Home? Learn This 8 Steps Tutorial To Give Your Laminate Floor A New Look

Can You Paint laminate floors? Do This 8 Steps Tutorial To Achieve Your Goal

May 04, 2022
Laminate is a very delicate flooring material. That is why we usually focus on how to preserve it more than giving it a new look. But I’m sure there are people who want to change that same old color after years and years of having a laminate floor to brighten up the house. But can you paint laminate floors without ruining them?

Painting laminate floors is always a popular topic but not many people dare try to do it. They don’t know what kind of paint is safe to use on laminate floors, or how to paint laminate flooring. This is where most people get stuck and leave their floors untouched. But I’ve found the secret to the perfect painted laminate floors which I want to share today.

Painting laminate floor is not an impossible mission when you know the right technique

Painting laminate floor is not an impossible mission when you know the right technique

Here are what you can learn from this post:

  • Answering the question: can you paint laminate floors with a detailed explanation.
  • An 8 steps tutorial on how to paint laminate floors which is so easy that you can try it at home.
  • A Q&A section to satisfy your curiosity about painting laminate floors.

If that’s what you want to know, let’s jump into the details!

The secret behind laminate flooring

To answer the question: “can you paint over laminate flooring?” you need to know how this material is made. This information will also help the process be more accurate and efficient.

Laminate flooring contains four layers: the protective layer, the designer layer, the moisture-resistant layer, and the balancing layer. Each layer plays an important role in making the material beautiful and sustainable.

The first layer saves your floor from all kinds of surface damages: scratches, burns, stains, wear and tear, chemicals… If you want to change the color of your laminate floor, you have to get through the protective layer first.

The second layer is the appearance of the material. They print real-life images of wood or marble onto this layer so if you want to paint a laminate floor, this layer is where you are going to work with.

The third layer is the core of your floor. Made from real wood fibers and high-quality resin, this layer is the structure of your floor and keeps your floor stable through time. You need to be extra careful not to ruin this layer while giving your laminate floor a new look.

The final layer is in charge of strengthening your floor. This is what keeps your floor from bending or breaking under pressure. But since it’s the last layer, you hardly can damage it in the process of painting laminate flooring.

To sum up, don’t ask: “can I paint laminate flooring” anymore. Instead, learn how to paint your laminate floor with the simple tutorial I’m about to share right now in the next segment. But first, you need to grab all the tools you need for this mission.

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What you need for a laminate floor make-over

  • All-purpose cleaner
  • A mop
  • A towel
  • A floor sander
  • A broom or a vacuum cleaner
  • Painter’s tape
  • Primer
  • Laminate floor paint
  • Paintbrush/ paint roller/ paint spray
  • Sealant

The secret to the best result is choosing high-quality primer and sealant for your laminate floor. When you get all the items, it’s time to start painting!

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8 simple steps to paint your laminate floor

It’s not too hard to paint the laminate floor, you just have to follow the steps correctly. I’ll explain the reason for each step along the way. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Clean the floor

The first thing you need to do is make sure your floor is clean. Even though we will sand the floor in the next step, keeping the floor clean will prevent damage while sanding better.

To clean your floor, sweep or vacuum your laminate floor. Then, use a mop and all-purpose cleaner to get rid of all debris. Be careful not to drag in more debris while you go around switching cleaning tools.

Clean the laminate floor is an essential step to prepare for the painting job

Clean the laminate floor is an essential step to prepare for the painting job

Step 2: Sand the floor

When you’re sure the floor is perfectly cleaned, use a random orbital sander to remove the protective layer I mentioned above. If you leave some of this layer on your laminate floor, the paint won’t stick properly. On the opposite, make sure you don’t sand the floor too deep into the second and third layers.

The right sanding process will make a smooth and dull surface. The floor may look scuffed at this point, but the paint will cover it up later with a brand new look.

Step 3: Clean off the sand dust

Sand dust is now a kind of debris that will affect your final result. That’s why they need to be removed in this step. Use a broom or vacuum to clean all the sand dust and other debris you created in the latest step.

Step 4: Prevent the mess

Use the painter’s tape to protect surrounding areas where you don’t want to paint. You should move all furniture far away too to prevent unwanted paint splashing. Who knows if you will drop the paint bucket or not? Better safe than sorry.

Step 5: Repair damage

If you make any damage to the floor while sanding or after usage, this is the last chance to fix them. Use the sealant to repair any holes and scratches. Make sure the surface is in its best form before you move to the next step.   

Step 6: Prime the floor

Finally, we are getting to the best part: painting laminate flooring. But can you paint laminate floors without priming? Well, you can, but you shouldn't. Priming helps protect the base layer and boost the paint effect later. So don’t skip this step.

This step will create a canvas for your paint later, so try to apply the primer as evenly as possible. You should start priming at the far ends. This technique ensures excess primer won’t drip onto your floor. Let your floor dry completely before moving to the next step.

Step 7: Paint the floor

Now it’s time to paint your floor! Do the same technique as the primer which starts working from the far ends. The surface will be free from lumps and bumps afterward if you do it right. Apply two to four coats of laminate floor paint and let each coat dry before you apply the next.

You should only use laminate floor paint since it can stand foot traffic and general wear and tear better than other paints. Each paint coat is a protecting layer for your floor so don’t hesitate to paint up to four coats.

Apply the paint evenly and don’t forget to paint several layers

Apply the paint evenly and don’t forget to paint several layers

Step 8: Apply sealant

We have come to the final step: apply the sealant. After the paint coat is completely dry, apply a sealant to replace the protective layer you sanded off earlier. Don’t skip this step if you want your paint masterpiece to last longer. A layer of sealant also fights cracks and scratches in the long run for your laminate floor.

Do you find this tutorial easy to follow? With 8 simple steps, you can give your old laminate floor a brand new look for several years from now on!

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Final words

I hope you get the answer to the question: “can you paint laminate floors?” after reading this post. Painting laminate floors will not only give your flooring a new look but also create a different vibe for your room. Especially when you choose a totally different color than the original laminate floor you have.

If you find this activity interesting, give this tutorial a try. Just follow these 8 simple steps and you’re going to have a new laminate floor in no time. Don’t forget to check the FAQs to find important notes about painting laminate floors so you won’t make any mistakes while giving your floor a makeover.


  • 01. ?
  • To help you understand more about the process of painting a laminate floor, I have selected some frequently asked questions online to give you a better understanding of this activity.  

  • 02. What kind of paint can you use on laminate floors?
  • I recommend choosing a resilient paint product such as porch paint. Latex paint is also a good alternative option. Meanwhile, chalk paint is a bold choice if you want to make a great contrast from your laminate floor with other floor tiles or vinyl plank.

    What you should avoid is using acrylic paint. Because this type of paint is easily worn off since it doesn’t stick well to the laminate floor no matter how good you sand the floor, I don’t recommend using acrylic paint as an alternative option.

  • 03. Can you paint directly onto laminate?
  • “Can laminate flooring be painted directly?” - The honest answer is, that you can paint directly onto laminate. But the bad news is it’s not going to stick well to the surface. Since the laminate floor has a protective layer on top to prevent stains, painting directly with this layer on is not effective. 

    Painting laminate floors is a time-consuming task, but don’t cut any necessary steps to reduce the time. Otherwise, the result will be bad and you have to spend more time trying to fix it. 

  • 04. How do you get paint to stick to laminate?
  • The first thing you should do is sand your laminate floor carefully. That way any kind of paint is going to stick better to the material. But depending on different types of paint, the color will last longer or wear off faster. That’s why the second thing you should do is choose the suitable paint types.  

    Porch paint and latex paint are resilient paints you can use for laminate floors. Chalk paint is also a good option. Don’t use acrylic paint since this type is going to wear off faster than others. 

    Sanding before painting and choosing the right paint is the key to a resilient result 

    Sanding before painting and choosing the right paint is the key to a resilient result 

  • 05. How can I paint laminate flooring without sanding?
  • “Can laminate floors be painted without sanding?” is probably the most asked question. Of course, I would recommend you don’t skip this step. But in case you really don’t want to risk damaging your laminate floor since you don’t know the sanding technique, you can still follow the tutorial above.

    The difference is you jump from step 1 to step 4, step 2 to 3 can be skipped if you want to paint laminate floors without sanding. You can also skip step 4 if there is no damage spot on your laminate floor.

  • 06. Can you use chalk paint on laminate floor?
  • “Can you paint laminate flooring with chalk paint?” Well, this type of paint is fine to apply on the laminate floor. If you want to make your floor stand out then chalk paint is the perfect choice for you. 

    With various vibrant colors this type of paint can offer, you are free to choose a new tone for your room by painting your laminate floor. Since chalk paint gives a kind of rustic vibe, the sanding part doesn’t have to be perfect (however, it’s still better if you can do it properly). 

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