Practical Tips on How to Remove Pet Hair from Clothes Effectively

How to Remove Pet Hair from Clothes: The Complete Tutorial

Nov 08, 2023
It is such a nuisance…Dogs and cats are a blessing to all of us. After a long day at work, all we want to do is to come home and cuddle the furballs. But, as much as we love them, their hair on our clothes is a huge problem, and not everyone knows how to remove it. 

That’s why we are here to help. With the ultimate tutorial below, pet hair will no longer be a hassle for you. It’s time to enjoy your pet’s cuteness without fearing about removing their shedding.

How to remove pet hair from clothes

Four ways to remove cat or dog hair from clothes

1. Use a fur remover

A lint roller or just a piece of tape will remove pet hair by firmly gripping the surface and ripping out the stubborn strands of hair.

Things you need to get

   a lint roller

   or a Velcro curler

   or a roll of sticky tape

Step-by-step instructions

1. With a lint roller, hang your clothes up and carefully roll downward to collect all the hair. When the sticky surface is fully covered by pet hair, rip it off and continue with the next piece of adhesive. Repeat this until your clothes are clean. 

2. Use the rough edge of a Velcro curler and role it down your clothes. Put all the collected hair into a bag to prevent it from sticking elsewhere.

3. Cut adhesive tape into 15 cm strips. Tap the strips onto your hair-covered clothes to pick up the hair. You should do this right after playing with your pets.

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Use a fur remover

2. Use water

Moisture makes cat and dog hair heavier and easier to remove. The solution is low-cost and straightforward, but a little less effective and more time-consuming.

Things you need to get:

●    a bowl of water

●    or a clean kitchen sponge

●    or a pair of rubber gloves

Step-by-step instructions

1. With your bare hands, soak your clothes in water. Hang the laundry up and move your wet hand downward against the fabric. The pet hair will absorb the dampness, get heavier, and attach to your hands.

2. Dip a kitchen sponge in water and squeeze slightly to get rid of excess water. Rub it against the fabric. The hair will curl up into clumps and then you can remove them by hand.

3. Wet some rubber gloves and grip each part of the hung laundry. Pick up the gathered cat and dog hair and put it into a secured bag.

Use water

3. Use electric attraction

The solution works the same way as pulling a sweater over your head can make your hair static. To get pet hair off clothes, try the steps below.

Things you need to get:

●    a pair of latex gloves

●    or a balloon

Step-by-step instructions

1. Put on the gloves. Hang your clothes or spread them on a firm surface. Use your gloved hands to scrub the fabric. The pet hair will stick to the rubber. You could dampen the gloves to enhance the effectiveness.

2. Inflate the balloon. Cause fraction by rubbing it on the laundry. The charge will attract the hair. After each item of clothing, remove the hair from the balloon and reuse it with other items.

For carpets and rugs, a rubber broom could work faster and more efficiently.

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4. Use a washing machine and dryer

Use a washing machine and dryer

This technique is more time-consuming and requires more maneuvering, but it’s the best to get cat hair off a bundle of clothes at the same time. Below are the instructions on how to get dog hair off clothes in the dryer.

Things you need to get:

●    a washing machine and dryer

●    ½ cup of white vinegar

●    a soft, clean piece of cloth

Step-by-step instructions

1. Put all the laundry in the dryer. Run it through a 10-minute cycle with no heat to soften the fabric and loosen the pet hair. The dry hair will fall out and get collected into the dryer’s lint tray. Empty the lint tray later for the dryer’s best performance.

2. Shake out the clothes to remove more pet hair. Then, toss them into the washing machine and run a cycle. When it switches to the rinse cycle, add the vinegar into the load. This is much more effective when your clothes are fully covered with hair.

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3. When your laundry is finished, run an empty washing load to clean the washer. Or, to save water, you can use a clean, damp piece of cloth to wipe the inside of the machine.

Ways to save your laundry from scattered pet hair

No matter which technique you use to get pet hair off clothes, it’s still better to prevent it in the first place. Your clothes will have less hair coverage, making removal and cleaning much more relaxed. Take these actions before you get to the point of desperation.

Ways to save your laundry from scattered pet hair

1. Groom your pets often

Bathing your dogs and cats is not enough to get rid of the excess pet hair. You should own a good brush, and give your cute furballs a brushing session at least once every three days. Besides the necessary grooming, you could check for excess hair by running the brush through their fur sometimes when they are outside. This way, the lingering hair will fall out before it sticks to your laundry, bedding, or carpet.

2. Cover your laundry

You should also put something over the dirty laundry basket so your pets won’t snuggle into it and leave hair behind. It’s best if you can find a basket with a securable lid. When you’ve stored your clothes, keep your closet and drawers closed. For high-end clothes like suits, don’t hesitate to invest in a reliable clothes cover.

For furniture and carpet, things are more challenging. You could reserve a blanket exclusively for your pets and train them to lie on it. Cleaning this is less energy-consuming than hoovering everything.

3. Wash your pet’s bedding regularly

Most of your pet’s excess hair will get caught in their bedding. When the fabric is fully covered, the excess hair may fly into the air and end up on your clothes or the carpet. Therefore, you should form the habit of washing your pet’s bedding at least once a week.

This action is beneficial not only for removing pet hair but also for your pet’s well-being. Lying on dirty fabric cause fur and skin problems. Some sensitive pets even refuse to sleep on dirty beeding and will resort to the couch or rug, making your furniture suffer.

4. Wear pet hair friendly clothes when cuddling your pets

Pet hair tends to get attracted to velvet, velour, wool, cotton, loose knits, and corduroy. It sticks less to leather, linen, satin, or other kinds of shiny cloth. Therefore, when playing with your pets, you should choose suitable clothes.

5. Spray your clothes with anti-static substances

Since the static charge is the leading cause of stuck pet hair, you could mitigate the problem using certain substances. Such sprays can be found on Amazon or any pet shop or fabric store.

Or, you could always mix a homemade product with water and fabric conditioner. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and apply a thin coat to your laundry. Then, wipe the excess liquid off using a piece of clean cloth. It makes removing pet hair much easier.

6. Own an excellent vacuum cleaner for pet hair

Instead of searching for how to get rid of pet hair on clothes, you could prevent it using best rated vacuum cleaner. In fact, to all vacuums work effectively on pet hair since they are light and tend to fly freely. You should choose one with a high suction level and consistent performance.

Don’t forget to empty the vacuum bag after each use. Some bagless vacuum can cause such a mess if you aren’t careful, scattering the hair everywhere. To deal with it, lower the canister into the trash bin before removing it from the vacuum cleaner so the dust and hair will fall directly into the container.

The Final Verdict

That’s the end of the complete tutorial to remove pet hair from clothes. We have tried our best to bring you the simplest yet most practical solutions. Pet hair is troublesome, but it’s nothing to get upset about. Hope you have a good time with your cute furry companions! and don't forget visit ALL IN ONE Guides for more useful information.

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