How to Get Dog Hair Out of Car: Simple Steps to a Cleaner Car


How to Get Dog Hair Out of Car: The Top 3 Ways to Get Dog Hair Out of Your Car (and Even More)

Dec 08, 2020
Our love for dogs is a science. Hanging out with them helps us lead happier and healthy lives. They make us exercise and spend plenty of time in the fresh air. 

My cute dog is especially fond of traveling with me in the car to the beach, the park, and wherever I can tag him along. After countless car adventures, lots of dog hair is stubbornly weaving into the fabric of my car.

how to get dog hair out of car

Shedding hair is something we cannot avoid. Some shed all year, while others do so only seasonally, leaving enough fur chunks to create a whole new animal. Even hairless breeds probably drop hair from time to time.

So, the question is how to get dog hair out of your car’s carpet, etc.? After scouring the Internet to find a proper solution, I came up with ten possible tips. I have given them a try, and below are what I found had the most satisfactory results.

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How to get dog hair off car seats

1. Rubber gloves

I came across this method in more than five articles before thinking about it as a viable choice. It was not justifiable to me at first because I couldn’t see how rubber gloves could tackle my dog hair problem?

It turned out it works well. I took out my yellow rubber gloves, headed to the car and I swiped at the problematic areas with my gloved hands as guided. Much to my surprise, a clump of loose hair started forming. I removed it and eagerly threw it in the trash.

As a curious person, I learned the secret to the tip. Have you ever wondered why your hair stands up when you rub a balloon or winter hat on your head? Static electricity is behind that effect. Likewise, static power generated by rubbing rubber gloves over the carpet attracts pet hair. You can then clean the hair off with a simple wipe. This easy trick saves me hours of frustration.

Some variations are available to this method. Some suggest spraying the area with water or a solution of fabric softener and water before wiping. As it softens the pet hairs, this way allows you to remove them with more ease. Others recommend you use cleaning gloves with traction nubs on the palm to get rid of deeply embedded hairs more effectively.

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Myself? Using dry gloves is one of the best methods of getting dog hair remover for car seats I have tried. I often do most of the cleaning with them.

After that, I deal with the most stubborn hairs with the fabric softener/water mixture. As an added benefit, the softener spray leaves a fresh smell in my car. You can opt for the softener scents you love. On the other hand, as your vehicle will need a bit of time to dry, I would not recommend trying this right before you hit the road. If you are in a hurry to go somewhere, you can try dry gloves.

Rubber gloves

2. Balloons

Another static way to get dog hair out of car is blowing up a balloon and then rubbing it across the upholstery and carpet of your vehicle in one direction. The static created between the balloon’s surface and your carpet leads to the attraction of dog hair. It will pull away and stick onto the balloon.

Some people absolutely trust to this trick. Others seem to doubt it. For me, I will recommend using it on the vehicle’s carpet-upholstered seats. Getting things out of the deeply plagued areas took much more time and effort. Also, the balloons are not always reusable. As it can be a bit challenging to remove the hair from a balloon, I suggest you purchase a multipack from party supply stores, etc.

In general, though relying on balloons is not an all-around solution, it is at least a quick and easy method to dispose of the majority of the offending pet hair.

3. Vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaners

If you have pets in your home, you must know the value of a powerful vacuum to keep your living spaces clean, but they are also particularly useful for getting dog hair out of car.

Recommendations? Many best rated vacuum cleaners these days include bristled brush attachments. Make use of this to access difficult-to-reach places.

If the regular brush and hose of your unit fail to pick up hairs, you may need the help of a rubber attachment. The rubber bristled brushes work in the same way as the balloon or rubber glove methods. With the assistance of static electricity, they can attract dog fur by sweeping in a steady motion.

Alternatively, you can use shredding tools first. I love how effectively they remove deep-seated dander and dog fur from the topcoat and the thicker layer of my car’s upholstery. Next, I go over the upholstery with the vacuum to pick up any extra dander.

Bear in mind that this method is not productive if your vehicle is full of dog treat crumbs or other debris. Still, some deep cleaning cycles will make your car look fresh and clean.

How to prevent dog hair in your car

Since the dog hair is now out of your vehicle, how do you avoid its frequent occurrence? Below I have some suggestions for keeping it to a minimum and making your future cleaning a simple routine.

1. Brush your dog before car rides

Brush your dog before car rides

Before letting your pet step into the car, a dog brush is all you need. You don’t have to shave his/her hair whenever you are about to ride. Removing loose hair from your dog’s coat is the key so always brush them down.

One drawback is that this method is not always easy in the real world. You may not have time to groom your animal when you’re in a rush. One of the best answers is to shed the dog routinely so that he/ she is in a good condition most of the time. It brings a lot of advantages like minimizing loose hair, health checks, hair and skin conditioning, and bonding.

Another possible problem is your dogs don’t love it. A solution is to begin grooming them when they are young so that they can become familiar with it. Motivate them with rewards and make grooming a routine.

2. Wash your dog

Wash your dog

This is another useful way to eliminate loose hair. You should do this following a thorough brush instead of before to prevent clogging up your drains with excessive fur. Also, be sure you put a filter over the drain. Pet hair tends to attract and stick to oil, grease, and fat, and thus will solidly block pipes if you are careless.

Use dog shampoo rather than human ones that are too drying and possibly irritating to your pet’s skin. After that, give your dog a thorough towel dry to take away extra fur. Rub against the coat’s grain to get rid of as many loose hairs as you can.

3. Spread a dog cover in your vehicle

Spread a dog cover in your vehicle

Pet covers are a must-have for pet owners. As the blankets cover the interior of your car, they save it from the mud, dirt, and fur of your dog. After a trip, you can remove, wash, and store them for the following use.

They are pretty affordable, effortless to remove, and simple to clean. To prevent unpleasant odors such as mildew, you should wash the seat cover routinely to maintain its fresh smell between uses. Plus, make sure you remove all hair clumps before washing to prevent any clogging or appliance malfunction.

4. Use a travel carrier or pet crate

Use a travel carrier or pet crate

You can keep your dog contained in the travel carrier while driving. It is not just safe for you and your pet; it also helps decrease the amount of hair in your car.

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Crates and carriers both have their upsides and downsides. Pet crates are more useful and practically beneficial, but they’re pricey. Carriers have a lower cost, but  they are not secure enough, and not the right choice for bigger breeds. Also, they are less effective when we touch on toilet training.

In short

Above, I have shared the best ways to get dog hair out of car from my experience to make sure you can minimize any related problems to traveling with your pet by your side.

Did you enjoy reading through the guide? Have you tried any of these tips? If you find them to be helpful, I couldn’t be happier. Also, don’t forget to share this. If you have other successful methods, feel free to share your experiences with other pet parents in the comments below.

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