Shark Rocket Pro Pet Upright Vacuum Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Shark Rocket Pet Pro: Best Vacuum For Pet Owners

Jun 17, 2021

While the full-sized upright vacuum cleaners can be extremely powerful and capable of a lot of cleaning tasks, you won’t find them very convenient, especially with the simple spot cleaning tasks like cleaning pet hair, or working in car interiors. This is why many homeowners often go for the stick vacuum design.

That being the case, you’ll certainly find that our Shark Rocket Pet Pro Reviews is extremely helpful. Not only does it provide complete insights on one of the best cordless stick vacuums there is, but you’ll also have access to other great vacuums from prominent brands. All of which should be enough for you to make your choice and go with the best suited vacuums.

So feel free to take a look as we guide you through the in-depth and intuitive reviews of the Shark Rocket vacuum for pets, which will come in handy for any pet owners.


Light weight
Suction power
Battery life
For deep cleaning

About the Shark Rocket Pet Pro

The Shark Rocket Pet Pro comes from Shark’s cordless stick vacuum line up, with its specialised feature of cleaning pet hair on multiple surfaces. In addition, it comes with many interesting features and design nuances to further improve your cleaning experience. Hence, to make sure that you can truly enjoy your home vacuuming experiences, especially when dealing with pet hair, the cordless vacuum from Shark should make an ideal tool for getting the job done.

Since it’s just a cordless model, you won’t find yourself having too much suction power compared to a corded model. But, thanks to the combined cleaning technology with the functional brush roller and a decent level of suction, you can still perform most cleaning tasks with ease. Not to mention that the added power boost option can effectively power up your vacuum for a short amount of time, which should come in handy when cleaning on tougher spots.

In addition, the ultra-lightweight design will certainly make it a lot easier for you to carry it around without having too much of a problem. Not to mention that you can easily take off the cleaner head and use it in the handheld mode, which is even more comfortable and light.


  • Good suction power for a cordless model

  • Impressive weight even for a cordless vacuum

  • Convenient cleaning experiences with adjustable modes

  • Reliable cleaning performances especially with pets

  • Amazing maneuverability with convertible features


  • None that we know of

The Shark Rocket Pet Pro should be able to impress you

The Shark Rocket Pet Pro should be able to impress you Via: Amazon

Features & Benefits

To further highlight the product’s features and functions, our following analysis should give you some insight. So feel free to check out our Shark Rocket Pet Pro cordless stick vacuum reviews, which would give you all information you need regarding this great vacuum from Shark. Here, you can discover all of its features and their specific benefits to find out exactly why it’s needed for your vacuuming chores.

Capable vacuuming power for varied tasks

Right off the bat, homeowners will be impressed by the powerful suction from the 181W motor. And although it’s not comparable to other corded models, considering that the machine is cordless and is packed in a compact stick design, it’s still one of the best options that you can get.

Not to mention that when combined with the advanced Dirt Engage technology from Shark for direct floor contact, and the motorized brush roll, you can enjoy impressive cleaning applications from the machine. These include the cleaning of dust, debris, and most importantly hair that are located on your low-pile carpets and bare floors.

Also, thanks to the self-cleaning brush roll with spaced bristle design, you won’t find your machine getting blocked by hair clumps. Thus it allows for hassle free cleaning operations with consistent performance. This allows for much better cleaning performance, even when compared to other cordless stick models from Shark.

And last but not least, since it’s a cordless vacuum, constantly using the suction power at high settings isn’t a good way to clean with it. But at the same time, you’ll need better suction for certain cleaning tasks. Which is why on the Shark Rocket Pet Pro you’ll have the option to easily crank up the suction using the provided controllers on the handle. This allows you to boost the suction power for as long as needed. And as a result, you can significantly boost your cleaning performances.

The vacuum can function on both carpets and hard floors

The vacuum can function on both carpets and hard floors Via: Amazon

Impressive maneuverability with convertible options

For a cordless vacuum model, maneuverability is certainly  a feature that you would expect, especially from the best vacuum cleaner on the market. Here on this Shark vacuum, you can easily make use of it and comfortably carry it around with little effort, all thanks to its extreme low weight of only 7.2 pounds. In fact, the unit can get even lighter, should you choose to use it in the handheld mode.

Speaking of which, the Shark Rocket vacuum does offer two convenient vacuum modes, which is the standard upright stick mode and the flexible handheld use. All of which are extremely accessible and can be easily switched between different functions . This certainly improves its cleaning powers and application, especially when you’re totally free from the traditional power cord.

First of all, for vacuuming floors and carpets, you should find the ultra-lightweight stick vacuum from Shark is extremely maneuverable. Here, with the flexible steering option, you can easily direct the vacuum toward various paths without having to use too much force or lift it up. And at the same time, the reclining handle will allow you to work the cleaner head under many household appliances with ease.

For other cleaning applications, especially spot treating, car vacuuming, and above-floor cleaning, you can easily remove the cleaner head and have a handheld vacuum ready to use. Feel free to clean with the standard design or connect your handheld model with many other attachments, which are extremely effective and convenient with certain tasks.

As a result, you can make use of the included pet brush tool to collect dust and hair on your upholsteries, carpeted stairs, and beddings. On the other hand, the handy crevice tool should make it a lot easier to clean those narrow nooks and crannies.

Feel free to convert the vacuum into the handheld mode

Feel free to convert the vacuum into the handheld mode Via: Amazon

Good running time with switchable battery

One of the major concerns when it comes to cordless vacuum design is the limited battery capability, which only allows your machine to work for a limited amount of time. This means that you might not be able to finish your job before the time runs out.

With the Shark Rocket Pro Pet upright vacuum, you can rest assured, knowing that the machine packs a capable battery with it. Here, you can make use of 40 minutes of handheld runtime to comfortably finish many of your vacuuming tasks. However, you should keep in mind that when connected to the motorized cleaner head, the stick vacuum will run out of battery a little quicker.

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But all of that can be easily countered, thanks to the switchable battery design from the Shark Rocket Pet Pro. Here, the handle-mounted battery can be easily removed and inserted with little tricks. And with the external charging unit, you can simply purchase a couple of reserve batteries. Just change your battery whenever you find it running low, and you can enjoy endless vacuuming time with the cordless unit.

40 minutes of runtime allows you to work comfortably

40 minutes of runtime allows you to work comfortably

Complete protection from dust and allergens

For those of you who are suffering from asthma and allergies, you’ll definitely find pet hairs and dust being your worst enemies. The tiny dust particles can easily get into the air and mess up with your breathing, and the harmful allergens from pet hair can be a serious menace for people with allergies. For that reason, having a proper filtration system on your vacuum is certainly a must for most homeowners.

And with the best vacuum system, you’ll always have proper pre-motor filters to prevent large dust particles and debris, along with the capable post-motor HEPA filter to trap all the fine dust and allergens inside. But that won’t be enough if there are still spaces between the connected components of the vacuum, since the tiny particles can easily escape through these cracks.

Which is why you’ll definitely find the Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology from the Shark Rocket Pet Pro extremely useful, as it guarantees that all the components are properly connected and prevents allergens from escaping before they can reach the filter.

And at the same time, the proper air purification system in the machine also offers all the required filters that you’ll need. These include the washable foam filters and the capable HEPA filter to prevent up to 99,97% of dust particles from escaping.

Your house is free with dust and allergens thanks to the machine

Your house is free with dust and allergens thanks to the machine Via: Amazon

Large dust cup with cyclonic action

To make sure that you stay comfortable throughout your vacuuming session, the Rocket Pet Pro also offers its larger dust cup with a capacity of 0,34 quarts, which is a lot larger than many other cordless models from Sharks and other brands. This ensures that you can finish your cleaning tasks before the dust container gets full.

Not to mention that the included cyclonic action will also maintain sufficient airflow inside your dust cup whenever the machine is operating. As a result, it allows you to easily vacuum up all the hair and dust into the dust cup, while still ensuring that the machine keeps running without losing any suction.

And when you finish cleaning, it’s quite simple to get the dust out, and most importantly, you won’t find your hands getting dirty. All it takes is for you to move the vacuum over the trash bin, unleash the dirt ejector and all the collected waste should end up inside the bin. Just make sure to keep your dust container right on top of the trash can, too high and you might spill. And to give your dust cup a final touch, just take it out, rinse it under the tap and let it dry before you put it back to the unit.

You can easily empty the dust cup

You can easily empty the dust cup Via: Amazon

Thoughtful LED headlights

If you’re having problems with detecting the hidden pieces of debris or hairs on the floor, you should find the included LED headlights on the cleaner head extremely helpful. Here, you can make use of the lighting option to reveal hidden dust around the house, especially when working on floors and carpets. As a result, it makes your overall cleaning experience a lot more effective and comfortable.

The included LED lights allow for better vision

The included LED lights allow for better vision Via: Amazon

Other notable products from Shark

For those of you who are having problems with pet hairs and need assistance, you can always trust in the Shark Rocket Pet Pro. However, if you’re in need of other products with different preferences, then our complete list of notable pet vacuum products from Shark should come in handy.

Feel free to take a look at different Shark vacuums with unique designs and features, all of which should make it possible for you to select the best suited vacuums for your specific needs.

Shark APEX DuoClean – A corded alternative of the Rocket Pet Pro

The Shark APEX DuoClean is the corded version of your Rocket Pet Pro

The Shark APEX DuoClean is the corded version of your Rocket Pet Pro Via: Amazon

So, you are interested in the design and functions of the Rocket Pet Pro, but you require a little more power and cleaning features from your next vacuum models? Then this fully-featured corded stick vacuum from Shark should be great for almost every cleaning task.

Here, you can enjoy moving the lightweight stick vacuum around your rooms with little problems. Also, thanks to the added power cord, you can now enjoy much better suction power from the unit with a 600W motor.

The Shark APEX DuoCLean comes with many technologies that you would find on the original Rocket Pet Pro, which include the self-cleaning brush roll for pet hair, the added LED lights, and most importantly, the impressive maneuverability.

Here, you can easily convert your stick vacuum into a handheld model and make use of many available attachments and tools. And thanks to the improved suction power, you should find your machine fully utilizing these added attachments even better

Shark ION Robot R85 – Enjoy your automated cleaning experiences

Let the Shark ION Robot R85 do the pet hair cleaning for you

Let the Shark ION Robot R85 do the pet hair cleaning for you Via: Amazon

For hands-free floor cleaning applications, homeowners will find our Shark Ion Robot R85 quite handy. Here, you can discover yet another great product from Shark, which will boost your pet hair cleaning experiences even more.

With fully-automated cleaning operations and programmable smartphone software, the robotic vacuum will make sure that you can enjoy your automated cleaning experiences whenever you need. Just let the machine freely operate around your houses.

It’s complex and advanced sensors will allow the machine to comfortably navigate around the house. And the multi-surface brushes will let you capture pet hair, dust, and debris on both carpets and bare floors with ease. Combined with the self-cleaning brush roll, you can have a fully-featured robotic vacuum for pet hair.

And last but not least, the intuitive voiced commands with Alexa or Google Home, along with added Wi-Fi connection, will certainly make your cleaning experiences a lot more exciting.

Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away – Powerful and fully-featured upright vacuum

Enjoy your professional house cleaning application with the Shark NV501

Enjoy your professional house cleaning application with the Shark NV501 Via: Amazon

For those of you who are interested in a functional upright vacuum with powerful-suction and many available features for you to make uses of, then the Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away can definitely impress you.

Here, homeowners can fully utilize the corded upright vacuum in your standard floor cleaning tasks, using the powerful suction and swivel steering features. And at the same time, thanks to the convenient Lift-Away design from Shark will let you turn your upright vacuum into a canister model.

As a result, you can further enjoy the cleaning applications from the machine and have it assisting you in varied tasks, from stair and ceiling cleaning to spot treatments. With the added tools and attachments, you’ll find it even more capable. The only problem that you might need to consider is the extra weight and inconvenient power cord.


With the convenient cordless design, along with many of its interesting features, the Shark Rocket Pet Pro will rank among the best cordless vacuums for homeowners. Here, you can fully utilize its impressive maneuverability and added attachments to easily deal with pet hair and allergens. Thus, protecting other members of your family who suffer from asthma conditions and allergies.

On the other hand, even if you don’t find the product really suited your preferences, our in-depth and conclusive Shark Rocket Pet Pro reviews should provide enough understanding for you to look for other products. And preferably, those that were introduced in our notable mentions could make a few great alternatives for the Rocket Pet Pro.

So feel free to check them out and find out which Shark vacuum is the best.


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