Shark NV360 Vacuum - Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe NV360 Upright

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe NV360 Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Jun 14, 2023

If you are reading this article, we assume you are in search of a suitable well-performing vacuum. And Shark Navigator Lift Away Deluxe NV360 may have caught your eye.

After all, its stylish design and blue color are aesthetically presentable. But is it worth the cost? More importantly, is it a perfect match for your specific needs?

Our society associates any deluxe product with optimal quality and high efficiency. That is what Shark NV360 brings across. In this article, we will break down the greatest features of this best budget vacuum. We hope to help you decide whether this is your best purchase option and not regret it later on.

Unlike the Shark NV803 or the Shark NV352 on some other sites, you usually get only a brief evaluation of these machines’ features. This review from ALL IN ONE Guides team is different



We will go into detail about the functions and technologies equipped in the Shark NV360. We’ll start by letting you know what kinds of questions we seek to answer in this review, then dig deeper into its performance. So read on as we explore more!

What questions do our Shark NV360 reviews answer?

We have searched high and low for vacuums in the industry. Now we can conclude that the Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV360 is potentially the finest dust sucker in every category.

Is the vacuum reliable, easy-to-use, and well-rounded in terms of function, stature, and design? Is it effective but still reasonably priced?

Can it make vacuuming your home any less of a time-consuming task and arduous house chore? Does it work well on both carpets and hard floors? Can it keep the noise down to avoid waking your sleeping baby?

Here’s another key consideration you may have while looking for a new vacuum. Will you have to make a compromise between function and price?

Obviously, it is not a good idea to get something that is very cheap but does the job sluggishly or breaks down too easily. Ultimately, you will just end up paying extra in maintenance costs and pulling your hair out in frustration. And, it’s likely that you’ll be buying another vacuum after just a few months.

These are the questions that our Shark Navigator Lift Away Deluxe NV360 reviews set out to answer for you. It is a big YES for all the criteria above, and we will explain why in the detail.

Shark Navigator Professional Upright Vacuum for Carpet and Hard Floor with Lift-Away Hand Vacuum and Anti-Allergy Seal (NV360), comes with Pet Power Brush, Dusting Brush, Crevice Tool

So… what is the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe NV360?

The Shark NV360 combines a Bagless Upright and a Lift-Away Canister. You can vacuum all carpets and even bare floors, your furniture, ceiling fans, stairs, drapes, and upholstery. It is ideal for most people in most homes, shops, and offices.


≫ Fast in action, easy-to-use

≫ High efficiency, strong suction, low noise

≫ Lightweight, portable, easy-to-maneuver

≫ Affordable in terms of running costs

≫ Durable (anti-clogging filters)


≫ Shorter cord, smaller room coverage than other Shark vacuums

≫ Need to empty dust cup, replace canisters, lubricate some parts

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What features and benefits make the Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV360 special?

It has many cool features and fantastic benefits. Here are our top 13 specifications that make it a highly competitive player in the current market for vacuum cleaners.

☑ Lightweight: 16 pounds

☑ Good-for-storage dimension: 15 x 11.4 x 45.5 inches

☑ Flexible cord length: 25 feet

☑ Support from the canister

☑ Anti-allergen complete seal technology

☑ High-efficiency particulate arrest (HEPA)

☑ Never loses suction technology

☑ Swivel steering

☑ High Reach Cleaning kit

☑ Additional set of accessories

☑ Speeds: ON or OFF brush roll

☑ Power capacity: 1200W

☑ Warranty: 5 years

Our Shark Navigator Lift Away Deluxe reviews will focus on five advantages that make the Shark NV360 stand out and just touch on other exclusive features.

The Shark navigator lift away deluxe

Dust Collection Technologies

The Shark vacuum NV360 gets its high reputation from HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance) and Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology.

These advanced technologies optimize the vacuum’s ability to collect dust and secure dust within the bin.

When it comes to choosing top rated vacuum cleaners, our first concern is how well it captures dust from hard-to-reach places.

From the space under our sofa or behind our cabinet, to the tight spot areas or high ceilings, it may be difficult to clean such places properly using a traditional vacuum even with a hose attachment.

But the Shark NV360 is so strong, and so powerful, that it is sure to suck in and trap all types of dust particles and allergens.

You can then empty the whole lot from the dust cup after each use. The sealed system ensures your surrounding air is clean while you are vacuuming.

Pollen, pet dander, dust mites, and pet dander can cause severe allergies in some people. So, these two technologies could prove valuable if your home or office accommodates allergy and asthma sufferers.

Never Loses Suction Technology

Another important factor contributing to the quality of the Shark vacuum NV360 is suction power. It would be difficult and frustrating if your vacuum fails to provide constant power for suctioning or suffers from weak suction power.

This advanced cyclonic technology aims to separate dust from the air. Thus, providing the filters with an anti-clogging mechanism.

It can maintain strong suction pressure over time. So, from the first-ever use to the last, the cleaning power stays the same.

As the filters are clog-free and durable, that means they will last for a long time without the need to purchase new parts or another cleaner. It has adequate safeguards to prevent you from spending extra on the filters.

Durability and consistency coupled to the range of services that the the Shark Navigator NV360 offers, make it cost-effective and worthy of its selling price.

Detachable Portable Canister

For particulate arrest, anti-allergen, and suction technology, the NV360 Shark is among the best on the market.

But the ability to move anywhere gives it a further advantage. It helps you clean the places that are really difficult to reach. To make this even easier, just detach the canister, move the components to wherever you want, and reassemble the vacuum.

Basically, the detachable portable canisters of the Shark NV360 are great for multi-story homes. And for when you need to clean the stairs or narrow spaces.

If your vacuum cannot reach all the places where you need to clean, then the remaining features will just go in vain.

Swivel Steering

The Shark Navigator Lift Away Deluxe NV360 has this smart feature to maneuver easily. It gives you the freedom to steer the vacuum around any obstacles in your room. Swivel steering allows you to control it like a skilled biker!

Are there coffee tables and armchairs in your living room, or kids playing on the carpet all day? Large printers, plant pots, or office desks can no longer stop you from vacuuming.

An additional set of accessories

Are you looking for a powerful vacuum for your heavily carpeted home? If yes, we would highly recommend the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe NV360.

You can use it for all kinds of carpets. It cleans the carpets and certain rugs fast, sanitizes them well, and causes no damage.

The incredible suction power removes dirt and dust from even the high-pile carpets. Such material with tall, loose fibers is generally hard for cleaning. For instance, shag carpets could be destroyed easily by some vacuums, but are completely safe with the Shark Navigator Deluxe NV360.

It is worth noting that the full potential also comes from plentiful accessories. From the turbo pet-hair brush, dusting brush, to the crevice tool and under-appliance wand.

These tools can add even more speed, precision, and efficiency to your vacuuming process. The set of brushes are proven to be effective in brushing away dust, especially on soft and fuzzy surfaces.

The pet-hair brush is particularly good at removing pet hair, dirt, and dust from your carpets, stairs, and upholstery. Its usability is most obvious when the particles are deeply embedded in the surface material.

Other Exclusive Characteristics

The ease of portability isn’t the only reason making many people think that Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe NV360 is user-friendly.

The following factors may seem unimportant. But in fact, they are designed to be usable to people with diverse technical backgrounds and on different types of surfaces.

How the Shark NV360 works is based on a simple principle of technology-oriented functionality. And the power cable is long enough to give you comfort in vacuuming most places. Moreover, the canister has a large capacity dust cup and bin.

The brush roll shutoff scores another point for efficient cleaning – a smart feature that many vacuum cleaners still lack.

While a brush roll works well when you are vacuuming carpets, it might damage some rugs, hard floors, and other tough surfaces. The option to switch the brush roll on/off greatly increases user-friendliness.

The last benefit that might become your deciding factor is the warranty for up to 5 years warranty. This is to date the longest you can get for a vacuum cleaner!

Tester’s Opinion NV360:

"For an entry-level vacuum, the NV360 performs exceptionally well. It’s a joy to use on both hardwood floors and dense carpets. With the various tools included in the box, the vacuum can also be adapted for other jobs. Cleaning pet hair from delicate materials such as curtains, draperies, and upholstered furniture, for example, is easy with the pet power brush" — Meredith Smith

What does the public say about Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV360?

The Shark navigator lift-away deluxe nv360

We have analyzed the full specifications and special benefits of the vacuum cleaner. What follows is some social proof to help with your decision.

The Shark Navigator Lift Away Deluxe NV360 has been raised by many industry experts, electronics gurus, and technicians.

They consider it a nimble vacuum that does an excellent job on different types of flooring. With the absolute-best cleaning performance and filtration, the price is amazingly affordable!

More to come is evidence of positive feedback from the real users – who were once in search of a suitable cleaner. And feeling overwhelmed by the abundance of brands and models available.

Doesn’t that sound like a headache-inducing situation?

While scouring the internet, we found many customer reviews, posted recently or years ago – back when the product was first released. Most of them have been rated 4 to 5 stars. So, the customers seem satisfied with their journey using the Shark vacuum NV360.

Here, we summarize the informative bits from the most popular comments from online stores and blogs for you:

“The vacuum arrived in several pieces, but it took only a couple of minutes to assemble and was not difficult using the manual.”

“It is significantly lighter than my previous vacuums, turning and pivoting incredibly well. Has very powerful suction, almost making it seem like it is self-propelled.”

“My first time using it had only been a few days since I had vacuumed with my old cleaner. But an entire canister was filled just vacuuming my rugs and stairs.”

“With Shark Navigator NV360, I actually enjoyed vacuuming! It’s no longer an insufferable chore. The attachments make it so easy and comfortable to work with. A good solution to all my household problems.”

“Every time it’s on duty, I’d end up vacuuming the whole house and something extra like dusting bookshelves or clearing cobwebs in the corners while I’m at it.”


1. Shark NV360 Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe Upright Vacuum

Shark NV360K Navigator Lift-Away

If you’re a big fan of the lift-away feature of the Navigator Lift-Away NV360, but its price is a bit higher than your budget, then the Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV360 can be a great alternative. Like the NV360, it also comes with a detachable canister, allowing you to convert from upright to canister within a press of a button. The best news is you only have to pay around $120 instead of $159. It sounds like a bargain, right?

The NV360’s Never Loses Suction Technology also ensures consistent suction strength on intensive cleaning tasks on different floor types and surfaces. Besides, this upright vacuum also features a swivel steering head, making it easy to navigate obstacles and furniture.

This champagne color vacuum also has a premium filtration system. Its anti-allergen complete seal technology and the HEPA filter can trap more than 99.9% dust, allergens, pollen, and contaminants, ensuring your living space is always fresh and clean. It is also equipped with multiple attachments: a 5’’ crevice tool, a pet power brush, a super-stretch hose, and an extendable under-appliance wand, allowing users to tackle pet hair and all sorts of dirt and debris on the floor and off the floor with little effort.

Tester’s Opinion NV360:

"Though it is the more affordable version of the NV360, it performs just as well as its costlier sibling. For the price, it also has most of the features that make the NV360 so special. Features like HEPA air filtering, high-performance motors, and more are included. Overall, it is a highly valued purchase for buyers with limited budgets" — Guadalupe Sullivan

2.  Shark Navigator UV440 Lift-Away Deluxe Upright Vacuum Cleaner

 Shark Navigator UV440 Lift-Away Deluxe Upright Vacuum Cleaner

While the Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV360 is lightweight and steerable, its 25-feet power cord might leave you cold. Upright vacuums are usually chosen by homeowners of large dwellings or pet owners. These machines have strong suction power, allowing users to tackle pet hair and work on other heavy-duty cleaning tasks. Given this, the NV360’s limited power cord can be one of its biggest cons for many users.

If you find yourself among this group of shoppers, the UV440 is worth your consideration. It features a 35-feet cable, giving you extended reach for a wide range of vacuuming jobs in large areas. With a motorized brush roll that can be easily turned on or off, this lift-away vacuum provides excellent performance on both carpets, timber, and tile floors.

Similar to the Shark Navigator NV360 and NV360, the UV440 also comes with Never Loses Suction technology, giving it superior suction power to gobble up all sorts of dirt and dust. No corners in your house will be left untouched! However, this upright vacuum’s full weight is 15.96 pounds, meaning that some users might feel like they need to lug around quite a bulk. Nevertheless, its canister is detachable, so we’re pretty sure you won’t have any problems with its mobility.

Tester’s Opinion UV440:

"The selling point of the UV440 is the significantly longer power cord than the NV360. At 35 feet long, the power cord gives you the range necessary to clean the largest of spaces. It ought to be the ideal vacuum to buy for those with large homes" — Joseph French

Your final verdict

We have come to the very end of our Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe NV360 reviews. This best budget vacuum is among the top-quality units available in the market.

By now, you know about the High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance, Anti-Allergen Complete Seal and Never Loses Suction Technology; for which, the gadget can capture and hold dust effectively from time to time.

We all hope for a clean surrounding to live and work in. To keep it clean from day to day, we all seek a suitable and affordable vacuum that will save us tremendous time and effort. The Shark Navigator NV360 is a brilliant candidate!


  • 01. How to Replace Brushroll Circuit Board on Shark vacuum NV360?
  • This is the most advanced maintenance task that you can possibly do. During the process, you will also need to solder the board, which isn’t something that everyone can successfully do without proper training or know-hows. As a result, unless you are technically-trained or are very skilled with electronics, we do not recommend that you do this by yourself. For most people, we will either recommend you to send the vacuum off to a professional or to purchase a new vacuum altogether if the circuit board fails. So, what does the circuit board do? The circuit board inside of the vacuum controls the brushroll. When you flick the brushroll control button on and off, it is the circuit board that either powers on or shuts down the brushroll for you. And when the brushroll becomes stuck or clogged, the circuit board can intervene and shut it down to prevent damage to the vacuum. If the vacuum’s brushroll refuses to work, the issue could be a failed circuit board. In that case, if you want the vacuum to work again, you must replace this component.

    Where to Find the NV360’s Circuit Board?

    The biggest problem isn’t the fixing job itself, but rather, it is finding the proper circuit board. Shark does not sell the NV360’s circuit board and no third-party manufactures it, either, because it is proprietary technology. Therefore, if you want to get your hands on a circuit board, you will have to go to auctioning sites such as eBay. Circuit boards are typically quite cheap. You can get one for around $25 - $30.

    Gather the Necessary Tools

    Once you have finally gotten a proper, working circuit board, it’s time to gather the necessary tools to perform the switch. You will need the following:

    • Metal spudger
    • Flush wire cutters
    • Soldering iron
    • Phillips #1 screwdriver
    • Opening tool

    How to Replace the Circuit Board

    Remove the Bottom Plate and Gain Access to the Internals

    The circuit board is located right underneath the brushroll inside of the vacuum’s cleaning head. Thus, the first thing to do is to disassemble the cleaning head to gain access. In the segment above on how to change the belt, we have given detailed instructions on how to remove the bottom plate of the cleaning head to access the internals. Scroll up, refer to, and follow it up until the step where the bottom plate is removed.

    Remove the Brushroll & Electric Motor

    Once the bottom plate has been removed and you can now interact with the brushroll, remove it by gently lifting it away from the plastic frame. Next, you will want to remove the electric motor. It is the metal cylindrical that sits at the top right corner of the cleaning head. Gently lift the motor from its half-circle bracket. Do not forcefully yank it because the motor is still tethered to the vacuum via two electrical connectors. You can easily locate the connectors through the blue plastic insulation that cover the connectors. One wire is white and the other is black. Pinch the plastic insulation and pull it down the wire up until the connectors are completely exposed. Do this for both of the connectors. When the insulation is pulled back, it should reveal a tiny metal protrusion where the wire meets up with the motor. Use your finger to push this protrusion down and, with the spudger, push the slim connector away from the motor. This will disconnect the wire from the motor. Do the same thing for the other wire. With both wires disconnected, the electrical motor is free. You can now safely remove it from its bracket and out of the vacuum.

    Remove the Circuit Board

    Remember the two wires that you just removed from the motor? Those are important. If you follow them along, they should lead you back to the vacuum’s circuit board. The circuit board is separated from the motor via a plastic divider with a pass-through hole for the two connecting wires. Remove both wires from this divider. Pinning the circuit board to the vacuum are two 10mm screws. They should be fairly easy to spot. Remove them using your Phillips #1 screwdriver. Because the two electrical wires are solidly soldered onto the circuit board, you cannot remove them the gentle way. This is where your wire cutters come in. Using your wire cutters, cut both the white and black wires that connect the circuit board with the vacuum. Once the two wires are cut, the circuit board will be completely free. Lift it away from the vacuum.

    Reinstall the New Circuit Board

    Place the new circuit board that you got into the compartment where the old circuit board once sat. Take the two wires that you just cut from the old circuit board and solder them back onto the new circuit board.


    Reassemble the vacuum by reversing all of the steps above. Be careful when you reconnect the two electrical wires with the motor.

  • 02. How to Change Belt on Shark NV360?
  • When Do I Have to Change the Belt?

    Like every other upright vacuum cleaners, the Shark Navigator NV360 comes with a motorized brushroll. It scrubs the floor and helps the vacuum take out ground-in dirt or stubborn debris. On carpeting, the brush can dislodge stuck debris from carpet piling. But for the brushroll to work, two components must work together: the small brushroll motor and the belt. The motor provides the power and works the belt, which, in turn, rotates the brushroll. If the belt snaps, the brushroll stops rotating.

    A snapped belt is an especially common problem among pet owners. When pet hair becomes tangled inside of the brushroll, it can clog up the brush and prevent it from moving. If you don’t remove the tangle immediately, the belt can become stressed out and will eventually snap. If your belt has snapped (signified by the brushroll not rolling), don’t throw the entire vacuum away. Instead, you have two options: you can either send it to a professional who will replace it for you at a fee, or you can replace it yourself. Here’s how to do the latter.

    How to Replace the Belt

    Find the Correct Belt & Necessary Tools

    Just like the air filters, you can either purchase a replacement belt from Shark or you can purchase one from third-party manufacturers. Just search the model name “NV360” along with “replacement belt”. Replacement belts are cheap, costing less than $10. As for the tools, you will need a standard Phillips #1 screwdriver, a metal spudger, and an opening tool.

    Replacement Process

    Place the vacuum down flat on the ground. Find the brushroll underneath the vacuum’s cleaning head. The next thing you will want to do is to remove the wheels at each corner of the cleaning head. To do this, take the metal spudger and insert it into the tiny crevice beside the wheel where the axle is. Make sure to insert it into the side facing the brushroll (the inside side). When the spudger is in place, gently pry the wheel from out of its place. Repeat this with all of the other wheels. Once finished, find the four screws spread all across the underside of the cleaning head. They keep the cover plate attached and we want to remove the plate.

    You can remove each screw using a Phillips #1 screwdriver. With the screws all removed, wiggle the joint connecting the vacuum’s body with the cleaning head to shake loose the cover plate. Then, slot an opening tool into the tiny crevice that separates the grey plastic bottom with the blue plastic cover at the top of the cleaning head. Gently pry and apply force all around until the two parts pop free from one another. Lift out the grey bottom frame and the brushroll assembly will be revealed.

    The belt will be off to one side of the brushroll. If the belt has already snapped, it wouldn’t even be connected to the brushroll anymore, so removing it should be easy. If the belt is still fairly intact and holding onto the brushroll, lift the brushroll gently upward and slide off the belt from the motor. Place the new belt into its place. Place one end of the belt onto the electric motor’s gear and the other end onto the fitting of the brushroll. Reassemble the vacuum.

  • 03. How to Replace Shark NV360 Filters?
  • This is a very common question that we were asked. The air filtering system inside of the Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV360 has to be regularly cleaned for them to perform at their best. And if you have read our previous reviews, you will also know that if they’re cared for well enough, you may never need to replace them. However, if your filters are coming apart and you need to replace them, the process is simple and you can do it in only a few minutes.

    Find the Correct Filter Replacement Kit

    First, you need to find a compatible filter replacement kit online. They are (at the moment of writing) fairly easy to find and are also affordable to boot. Just search for the model number (Shark NV360) along with the search term “filter replacement kit” and you should have plenty of options to pick from. You have two options, here. You can either buy directly from Shark’s store. They are still selling filter replacement parts. Because you will be buying directly from the company, the quality is guaranteed. However, according to our data, several third-party manufacturers who offer NV360’s replacement filters have good quality track records, too. This kit, for example, is very well-rated among users. Whichever outlet you purchase from, the kit should contain three filter pieces: a foam filter, a felt filter, and a HEPA filter. The foam and felt filters make up the vacuum’s pre-motor filtration. Though they are not as efficient as the HEPA filter, they can do a good job at preventing large particles like dust and visible debris from being ingested by the motor. They also reduce the HEPA filter’s workload significantly by trapping large particles. Then, there’s the HEPA filter. It eliminates anything that has managed to slip through the pre-motor filters. With its high-efficiency filtering rate (99.97% of 0.3 microns particles), it will be able to do a good enough job to protect even users who suffer from allergies.

    How to Replace the Filters

    Replacing the Pre-Motor Filters

    The first thing you have to do is remove the dust cup from the vacuum. You can do this by locating and unhooking the two latches on either side of the cup. They anchor the dust cup to the rest of the vacuum. Once the latches are off, grab the cup using the top handle and lift it away from the vacuum. The compartment holding the foam filter will be revealed underneath the spot where the cup had once sat. With clean hands, grab the foam filter by the corner and lift it out. Directly beneath the foam filter will also be the felt filter. There will be a small lifting tab on the surface of the felt filter. You can extricate it from the vacuum by grabbing onto the tab and pull. When both the old filters have been removed, install the new filters by reversing the process. Place the dust cup back into place once you are done changing out the two pre-motor filters.

    Replacing the HEPA Filter

    The HEPA filter sits in a different compartment than the pre-motor filters, so the replacement process will be drastically different. Fortunately, taking out and changing the HEPA filter is much simpler. First, you have to locate the door to the HEPA filter compartment. Look at the front of the vacuum and find the silver air vent with the words “Lift-Away Deluxe” emblazoned across the middle. Behind that portion is the HEPA filter. Look for a small latch at the bottom of this vent. It should be centered relative to the door. If it is too difficult to find, you can refer to the user’s manual. When the latch is located, you have to pull outward to release it. Unhooking the latch and the cover door will come loose. Remove the door and you will find the HEPA filter behind it. In order to remove the HEPA filter, grab onto the small, protruding tab in the middle of the filter’s grate. If you pull and it doesn’t budge for the first time, don’t worry. The HEPA filter is notoriously difficult to remove, so give it some time and some vigorous wiggling. When the old filter finally comes loose, put the new filter in place, install the cover door, and you’re finished!

  • 04. What is the Difference Between Shark NV360 and Shark NV356E?
  • Beside the confusion surrounding the Shark Navigator NV352 and the NV360, we have also received plenty of questions about the Shark Navigator NV360 and NV356E. If you don’t know what to choose between either of these vacuums, this next segment will help you out.

    Now, unlike in the case between the Shark NV352 and the NV360, it is obvious from the get-go that the NV360 and the NV356E are different from one another. Though the old, industrial, and bulky design motif is still there, they each have a unique look to them. Thus, you can easily distinguish them from one another.

    Next to the overall design, there are many other things that our testers have found the two vacuums to be at odds. From motor type, cleaning performance, to dust cup design.

    Choosing between these two vacuums is going to be a little bit more difficult.

    Suction Power

    Immediately, there is a notable difference in suction power between the two vacuums. This is because they contain different suction motors than one another.

    The Shark Navigator NV360 comes with a 1,200-watt and 10A motor. Meanwhile, the Shark Navigator NV356E has a less powerful 1,100-watt and 10A motor.

    As you may have already expected, you will get far less suction using the NV356E than the NV360.

    While this sounds pretty bad for the Shark Navigator NV356E, the reality may surprise you. Our performance tests have found that the two vacuums are equally as capable as the other on bare floors tests. The NV356E — along with the NV360 — did excellent jobs at pulling out stubborn debris from between the floorboards. They are also able to deal with tricky particles like pet hair.

    These two vacuums also go head-to-head on carpeting. The NV356E seems to be able to pull just as much dirt and debris from out of high-pile carpets as the NV360 despite having a weaker suction motor.

    In the end, it seems like the Shark Navigator NV360 and NV356E are equal in terms of performance.

    This isn’t the result we expected, with the NV356E having an underpowered suction motor and all. But considering the fact that the NV356E is pricier than the other vacuum, this is very good news if you have been rooting for this vacuum all along.

    Overall Design

    It is in the design that the two vacuums begin to separate into distinct models.

    First thing that we ought to talk about is the general appearance. The two vacuums do not look alike, with the NV356E a little bit sleeker and more compact than the NV360. There’s also the coloring, too. The NV356E has a cleaner, more luxurious silvery color while the NV360 has a dark blue tone.

    That much is true. If you want a compact upright vacuum, the NV356E will do the job particularly well.

    However, if it is a lightweight vacuum that you are after, the NV360 is going to be a better choice. The Shark Navigator NV356E is measured to be around 13.7 pounds heavy. Meanwhile, the NV360 is 0.7 pounds lighter at around 13 pounds.

    Both vacuums — like all other Shark Navigator vacuum cleaners — have Shark’s special Lift-Away canister for more mobile and flexible vacuuming.

    Then, there’s the power cord. With the Shark NV360, you only get a 25 feet power cord. This is enough for medium-size houses and apartments, but may not be enough to cover large houses. It is very likely that you will need to use the NV360 in conjunction with an extension cord.

    If you get the NV356E, you get to have a far larger cleaning radius with its 30 feet power cord.

    Dust Cup Capacity

    This is the portion where the NV356E completely beats the NV360 and also explains why the former vacuum is heavier.

    While the Shark NV360 only comes with a 1.2 dry quarts dust cup, the NV356E’s dust cup is two times larger with a capacity of up to 2.2 dry quarts. It is because of this double-sized dust cup that it is almost a pound heavier than the NV360.

    The larger dust cup gives you the ability to clean for longer periods without having to empty the cup. It also means that you’re far less likely to have to empty the cup in the middle of a cleaning session, as well.

    According to our testers and numerous reviews from consumers, the dust cup of both vacuums are easy to remove and interact with.

    Filtration System

    You get the same top-grade air filtration system on both vacuums with Shark’s Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology and HEPA air filtration.


    The included accessories between the two models are quite similar, but the NV360 has more tools included in the box.

    You get a power brush alongside a crevice tool with the purchase of a Shark Navigator NV356E. But if you get the NV360, you get both the power brush, the crevice tool, then a few extras including the duct cleaning brush and the extendable wand.

  • 05. What is the Difference Between NV360 vs NV352?
  • With a superficial glance, you may think that there aren’t many differences between the Shark Navigator NV360 and the Shark Navigator NV352. They have more or less the same design, the same name, and they are in the same price range, too.

    The only notable difference between them from the outside would be the color. While the NV352 has a purple-lilac color, the NV360 comes in a pleasant dark blue.

    In reality, they are not the same vacuum. There are key differences that set them apart from the other. They also have a different set of strengths and weaknesses.

    Suction Power

    The Shark Navigator series as a whole is well-known for having surprisingly strong suction power for the price. This sentiment holds true for both the Shark Navigator NV352 and NV360.

    During performance tests, our testers and reviewers were both very pleased with the way the two vacuums sucked up dust and debris. Both of them are equally capable of cleaning on bare floors and carpeting.

    Our test results showed that the two vacuums perform best on bare surfaces like hardwood and tiled floors. The NV352 and NV360 all did an excellent job at rooting out stubborn dirt and debris from between the floorboards using their strong suction.

    Where conflict began is on carpeting. Though both vacuums visibly struggle with pulling out debris from high-pile carpeting, the NV360’s brush roll does a slightly better job at agitating debris.

    Therefore, if you have a lot of carpets and rugs to vacuum, the Shark Navigator NV360 will be a better choice overall. If you only have bare surfaces to deal with, either vacuum will do.

    Overall Design

    Like we mentioned earlier, the Shark Navigator NV352 and NV360 are mightily similar to one another in terms of overall design. From the outside, if it is not for the difference color scheme (NV352 being purple-lilac, and NV360 being blue), you won’t be able to distinguish between them.

    The two vacuums share the same bulky, heavy-looking design. And indeed, they are fairly heavy.

    Here’s the thing, though. The NV360, according to our measurements, weighs 13 pounds. The NV352 weighs only 12.5 pounds. The half-pound difference can mean a lot for people who like to use lightweight vacuums.

    The Shark Navigator NV352 and NV360 both have Shark’s special “Lift-Away” canister. This feature is the “bread-and-butter” of the Shark Navigator line-up, so to speak.

    If you don’t know what it is, essentially, the Lift-Away canister can convert a Shark Navigator vacuum from an upright to a canister vacuum. You can push a button and the body (or the “canister”) of the vacuum will pop off. So rather than having to drag the full upright around the house, you can just carry the lighter, more mobile canister.

    The Lift-Away canister found in both the NV352 and NV360 only weighs 7 pounds.

    Aesthetic-wise, they aren’t the best looking upright vacuums on the market (far from it, in fact). Because they were designed years ago, the NV352 and the NV360 don’t have the minimalist, sleek-and-slender look of today’s vacuums.

    Nevertheless, most people who are interested in getting them are more concerned with the performance (which is great, like we mentioned earlier) rather than the design. The look shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

    Dust Cup Capacity

    The first difference lies in the dust cup capacity.

    If you get the Shark Navigator NV352, you have a decent 1.1 dry quarts dust cup. On the other hand, if you decide to get the NV360, you will have a slightly larger, 1.2 dry quarts dust cup.

    Yes, the difference is so small to the point of being negligible.

    However, for a lot of people out there, even a dust cup that is 0.1 dry quart larger can be a decisive purchasing factor. If you have a large home or space to clean, you will be better off overall with an NV360.

    There’s another issue, though: ease of removal.

    According to many Shark Navigator reviews that we have found from past customers, many people experienced slight difficulties with using the NV352’s dust cup. Specifically, they found that it is rather difficult to re-insert the dust cup back to the vacuum once it’s been removed.

    Meanwhile, the NV360’s dust cup seems to be easier overall for most people to put back into place.

    Filtration System

    You will find both the NV352 and the NV360 to be excellent in this department.

    They both have Shark’s Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology. It prevents allergen and dangerous contaminants from leaking out of the vacuum through cracks and seams on the vacuum’s body.

    The second thing is that both vacuums have HEPA filtration.

    If you don’t know what this is, just know that HEPA is quite literally the best type of filtration you can commercially purchase. It is capable of filtering out 99.97% of particles around 0.3 microns. This means that the filter is so effective, it can take out airborne bacteria and viruses.


    Each model comes with a different selection of accessories.

    NV352’s Accessories

    The NV352 comes with a brush tool, which is incredibly helpful for cleaning stairs and furniture. The brush can aid with picking out debris that the vacuum’s suction hose cannot dislodge.

    The second piece of accessory is the 5-inch crevice tool. It helps extend the reach of the vacuum and is effective for cleaning the car. It can help you reach between the seats and other small nooks around the car to suck away the dirt and debris accumulated there.

    If you need more range than the 5-inch crevice tool can provide, use the third accessory: the 24-inch crevice tool. Not only will it be helpful at cleaning out debris between car seats, it will also be helpful at gathering cobwebs on the ceiling or on tall shelves.

    The fourth and last accessory of the NV352 is the power brush. This piece of accessory is for pet owners who regularly have to deal with pet hair. The brush won’t tangle up.

    NV360’s Accessories

    The accessories that come in the box with the NV360 include a power brush and a 5.5-inch crevice tool. Both of which are shipped alongside the NV352.

    There are two special tools that can only be found with the NV360 and they are the duct brush attachment and the extendable wand.

    The duct brush attachment makes it easier for you to clean air vents and air ducts. With the extendable wand, you can clean the underside of furniture such as the sofa or the bed without bending forward and potentially hurt your back.

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