Ensure a Dust-Free Environment with the Shark NV752 Vacuum

Shark Rotator NV752 Powered Lift-Away TruePet

Aug 30, 2023

Feeling drained because of your cleaning chores? Your upright vacuum cleaner can’t reach underneath the couch but your apartment is too small to change to a canister vacuum? Is pet hair lingering on the carpet despite your utmost cleaning effort

I might have a solution for you - an affordable and versatile vacuum cleaner: the Shark NV752

What can you expect from this shark navigator cleaning unit?


#1- Sealed system filtration

This means the air entering the vacuum is forced to go through the entire filtration system before it’s exhausted from the machine and that ensures that your allergens and things are caught by your filtration system and that the air exiting the vacuum is quite clean.

I put this feature at the top of the list as it drastically increases the vacuum cleaning performance, saving you from countless steps moving back and forth and of course, from high electricity bills.



A lot of other vacuums available on the market come without a sealed system. In which case, the air entering into the vacuum will escape through leaks, poor seals throughout the vacuum body, or poor connections between the parts.

The leaking due to poor sealing will also result in a loud and rowdy vacuum, which puts everyone in the household on a tolerance test.

#2- Intuitive switch and buttons placement

Does it ever bother you when the on/off switch is not within finger reach and you have to drop the vacuum to the floor in order to turn it off every time?

Well I do.

I don’t call myself an exceptionally smart individual but it makes me doubt my intellectual ability every time I can’t find the control switches on devices (like I’m not brainy enough to locate them or something).

The vacuum handle has several controls on it and the on/off button is very conveniently located here.

You also have brush bar controls which allow you to switch between hard floor, low pile carpet, and thick carpet cleaning options.

Pretty convenient right? Everything you need to maneuver this machine is visible and right at your fingertips (so you won’t look like a fool trying to run this cleaning unit for the first time).

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#3- Pet hair removal

I can say that the Shark performs pretty admirably on pulling up pet hair compared to other upright vacuum cleaners.

However, there’s a catch: after cleaning up your dog or cat hair (human hair also) you have to go in and do a clean up on the machine because all that long hair really gets tangled in the brush bar afterwards.

Yes, you can put off cleaning the brush bar a couple of times but eventually it will hinder the suction flow of the vacuum, which means longer time spent on cleaning and a big waste of energy.

This usually happens with short pet hair so if your baby is a bulldog or Scottish Fold then you can rest assured.

#4- Truepet motorized brush

Another useful tool for pet hair cleaning that the Shark NV752 offers is the handheld dusting brush. This is a heavier tool than the other accessories that come with the unit because it has a motor on it.

This motorized dusting brush performs fairly well on hard surfaces and upholstery as well.

One interesting feature is that there is a suction release on the top of the tool in case the suction becomes a bit too powerful that it might damage whatever surface you’re working on.

#5- Lift-away feature

To transform the Shark NV752 into a handheld position, it essentially involves just pulling the lift-away button, pushing it again and you can lift this assembly away, you don’t need the canister anymore.

This surely would save you from pre- and post- cleaning furniture cleaning and trips to the doctor’s office because of back pain issues.

#6- 30 foot power cord

This is a respectable length for an upright vacuum. It also weighs in the neighborhood of 15 and a half pounds, which is not too heavy but it’s not a particularly light machine either.

The Shark NV752 is not originally designed as a canister vacuum so it’s not as mobile. The unit can be a little bit top-heavy but consider it as a hybrid; the performance is relatively admirable.

#7- Bright LED lights

There’s also a brush roll indicator light, which turns green to tell you if the brush roll is spinning.

An interesting feature here is that no matter what setting you have on the handle, this brush roll is not going to spin when the vacuum is in the upright position, which ensures you don’t accidentally stop the vacuum with the brush roll still spinning and, for example, burn your carpet.

No matter what setting is on the handle, it will not spin so that’s two thumbs up for safety feature.

The bright LED lights also help you hunt down pet hair and dust bunnies when there is a lack of lighting.

#8- Satisfactory cleaning performance against baseboards

The baseboard is always my least favorite place on earth when it comes to vacuuming. You know how it feels when the debris is visibly scattering the carpet or upholstery, lying against the baseboard, looking at you daringly. But you can do nothing about it if your vacuum cleaner is ill-equipped for the baseboards.

It makes you frustrated.

Well, I believe the Shark can help relieve half of the frustration. I said “half” here because there’s some performance discrepancy between the right and left sides of the unit.

When pressed tightly against the baseboard, the right side cleans much faster and requires fewer attempts compared to the left despite being placed in the same position.

#9- Easy dustbin cleaning

Emptying the dust cup of the Shark NV752 is similar to that of other bagless vacuums.

There are two buttons that you need to squeeze that are labeled “dust cup release” which comes away very easily. Simultaneously, the bottom part opens up and exposes the pathway to the dust canister.

This is what I call frustration-free design as there have been numerous times I made a fool of myself trying to open the vacuum dustbin, which I guess we’ve all been there at some point.

#10- Comes with a host of accessories and tools

The dusting genie: essentially a crevice tool with an extendable brush on it.

Pet upholstery tool: the red velvet strips on the top and the bottom that helps ensure you don’t mark your upholstery.

Dusting brush: good for doing hard surfaces and upholstery as well.

A true-pet motorized brush: a heavier tool because it has a motor in it and it’s good for cleaning pet hair (obviously), loose debris, and stuff on upholstery and other surfaces. It also got a suction release on the top in case the suction becomes a bit too powerful.

The hard-floor genie is an interesting tool in my opinion. It has a suction channel in the front and an area for a microfiber pad. The microfiber pad comes with the best vacuum cleaner and it’s pretty easy to install. You put it on, it has a couple of tabs that reach over and attach to a Velcro strip that is on top of the device.

Nice soft dusting pad: you don’t want to use this on a wet surface and you don’t want to dampen the cloth or anything. When you finish with it, it’s machine washable and it comes off pretty easily.

Another plus point is that all of the accessories fit nicely into the bag provided by Shark so you need to worry about misplacing them.

So what’s special about this Shark pet vacuum unit?

A Quick look at the features:

➣ Advanced Swivel Steering feature which makes it easy to maneuver

➣ Detachable canister for portable cleaning

➣ Completely sealed system

➣ Average weight at 15.4 pounds for an upright vacuum cleaner

➣ Sizable dust canister

Upright vacuums are usually very bulky and make cleaning a more back-breaking chore than it already is. The Shark Rotator NV752 Powered Lift Away is something I believe that can take up some of that weight on your shoulders, but still remain a versatile cleaning unit.

What’s special about this full-size powered vacuum cleaner is that it can morph from an upright to a canister vacuum within seconds.

Additionally, the unit carries several pet-specific cleaning functions and tools that work on all types of surfaces. I believe this can be a game changer for pet owners as the Shark NV752 not only has the flexibility of being something between an upright and canister vacuum and but can also be easily detached to deep clean those hard-to-reach areas which are notorious for housing pet hair.


Ergonomic design

Intuitive buttons and switches system

 Sealed HEPA filtration system

≫ Easy to empty dust canister

 All filters are washable

≫ Easy maintenance

 Affordable (considering it can morph from an upright to a lift-away vacuum)

 7 years warranty


 Heavy weight on the wrist when in upright mode

 Still costs over $300

 Need to clean up the brush roll after cleaning long pet hairs

 Not so mobile as a canister vacuum, a little bit top-heavy

What other people say about Shark NV752?

Quick glimpse at the review section on Amazon and I can tell the Shark rotator powered lift-away true-pet gets a pretty respectable amount of thumbs up.

The negative reviews are mostly about the weight it places on the wrist when being used, which makes it difficult to change direction in the upright mode.

The canister feature is a bit clumsy but it’s probably not something we’d use very often as the lift-away is a much better alternative.

Hard floor genie: many users reported that it has adequate performance but nothing special.

This machine will cost around $300 to $350 depending on which retailer you go to and in our mind, for what you get, it’s a reasonable price.

It also carries an impressive 7-year warranty which is really quite long for an upright vacuum cleaner.

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Highlight features and benefits of Shark NV752

Medium weight: 15.4 pounds

Long power cord: 30 feet

Less noise (compared to Dyson vacuums)

HEPA filtration

Washable filters: easy maintenance

Frustration-free design: intuitive placement of buttons and switches

Dynamic swivel steering

Comes with motorized brush: efficient pet hair cleaning

Power capacity: 1150W

Compare Similar Vacuums

Alternatives to the Shark NV752

If you don’t think that the NV752 is the right vacuum for you, don’t worry! Here are a couple alternatives to consider instead.

#1- Shark Navigator Powered Lift-Away Upright Vacuum (NV586)

Shark Navigator Powered Lift-Away Upright Vacuum, NV586

The Shark Navigator NV586 is not as popular a vacuum cleaner as the Shark Rotator NV752. Both vacuums are in the same price range (between $290 and $300), but the NV586 seems to offer a little bit more value.

According to performance tests, the Shark Navigator NV586 performs markedly better than the NV752 on carpeting. This upright vacuum generally does a great job at removing stubborn, stuck-on dirt inside of dense carpet piling with its strong brush roll. It is also capable of untangling pet hair from carpeting, which makes it an excellent choice for pet owners.

On the other hand, bare floor performance is about the same as the NV752. The Shark Navigator NV586 will be able to remove dust, dirt, a variety of debris, and pet hair from hardwood and similar kinds of floors.

So, performance-wise, if you dislike the NV752 purely for its lackluster carpet-scrubbing ability, you will find the Shark NV586 more appealing.

In terms of design, although the Shark Navigator NV586 has the same bulky body as the Shark Rotator NV752, it is a tad lighter. This vacuum weighs 16 pounds.

Granted, it is not the lightest upright vacuum cleaners out there. But nonetheless, most of our customer surveys showed that users are happy with the vacuum’s handling and mobility. The vacuum is capable of maneuvering around sharp corners and getting into tight spaces fairly well.

Like every other Shark Navigator vacuums, the NV586 is equipped with Shark’s prized Lift-Away technology. The main body of the vacuum (called the “Lift-Away canister”) can be detached and used separately.

This canister is lighter, more mobile, and flexible, allowing you to do a wider range of jobs. From cleaning the ceiling, the stairs, and vacuuming the car, it is much easier to do with the canister than with the full vacuum.

The only problem when it comes to the design is the short power cord. The NV586 only has a 25 feet power cord. Meanwhile, the cord of the NV752 goes up to 30 feet. This limits the range of the vacuum pretty significantly.

The Shark Navigator NV586 has a fairly large dust cup with a maximum capacity of around 2.5 dry quarts. In contrast, the Shark Rotator NV752 is larger by a meagre 0.3 dry quarts. You won’t notice the difference if you were to use both vacuums side by side.

Shark has given the Shark NV586 a pretty robust filtering system that consists of a HEPA filter and the company’s Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology. If you have allergies or are sensitive to dust, the vacuum is fully capable of protecting you from those nasty coughs and sneezes.

There aren’t many attachments, which is quite disappointing. You only get two tools out of the box: a pet hair tool and a crevice tool. For the price, we had expected a richer selection.

All in all, the NV586 is an excellent alternative if you want a more balanced vacuum that can clean carpet and bare floors equally well.

#2- Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Deluxe Upright Vacuum (NV751)

Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Upright Vacuum with Crevice Tool and Pet Multi-Tool with a Rose Gunmetal Finish

The Shark Rotator NV751 is the exact same vacuum as the NV752 in all things that are important.

They both share the same 1,200-watt suction motor, they have the same size, and the same weight (15.6 pounds in upright mode and 8 pounds in Lift-Away mode). The capacity of either vacuum’s dust cup is the same at 3.3 dry quarts, too.

Our performance tests even showed that there’s virtually no difference between the NV751’s performance versus the NV752.

However, there is one small thing that separates the NV751 from the NV752: accessories.

Because the Shark Rotator TruePet NV752 is marketed towards pet owners, it comes with a TruePet Mini Motorized Brush in the box. The Shark Rotator Deluxe NV751 on the other hand, does not. Instead, it has a conventional pet power brush tool that is a little bit less effective against pet hair.

Take the Shark Rotator Deluxe NV751 into consideration if you still like what the Shark Rotator series has to offer, but you’re not a pet owner.

The omission of the TruePet tool makes the NV751 about $10 cheaper than the NV752. Though the number may not mean a lot, you’ll get more value out of the vacuum as you don’t really need the costlier TruePet tool.

#3- Shark APEX AZ1002 DuoClean

 Shark APEX AZ1002 DuoClean with Self-Cleaning Brushroll

If you need a Shark upright vacuum that is more premium than all of the vacuums above, the Shark APEX AZ1002 DuoClean will be it.

The Shark Apex AZ1002 features a stronger 1,350-watt motor, which can output far more suction than the Shark Navigator or Shark Rotator. Our performance tests have shown this newer vacuum to be considerably more effective on bare floors and carpeting than older, more budget vacuums, too.

But where the AZ1002 shines the best is in pet hair cleaning. With a new self-cleaning, dual brush roll, the vacuum is capable of eliminating stubborn hair from dense carpets. As a result, if you’re looking for a pet vacuum, the AZ1002 should be one of your top considerations.

Though this upright is still fairly heavy at 16 pounds, its overall bulk has been reduced. You will have far better luck fitting the vacuum underneath furniture and in cramped spaces than Shark Navigator or Rotator-series vacuums.

Compared to earlier models, the AZ1002’s maneuverability is improved significantly. Shark has built this vacuum with “Active-Glide technology”, so as you use the vacuum, it smoothly rolls across the floor and doesn’t feel clunky. Active-Glide also makes steering easier and more fluent.

A great thing about the AZ1002 is that it still has the famed Lift-Away canister design. By pressing the “Detach” button on the vacuum, you can convert and use this upright as a canister vacuum.

The power cord is decently long at 30 feet. You will be able to clean medium to large-size spaces with this vacuum without having to worry about running out of range.

Dust cup capacity is adequate at 2.8 dry quarts and is equal to the Shark Rotator NV752.

If more affordable models in Shark’s portfolio have HEPA filters and Anti-Allergen Complete Seal tech, this premium model surely also has them. Indeed, the AZ1002 comes with HEPA filtering and Anti-Allergen Complete Seal. This vacuum was given the seal of approval by a lot of allergy sufferers in our surveys.

The amount of accessories is small with only three tools: a 12-inch crevice tool, an upholstery tool, and a pet power brush. With the vacuum costing more than $300, there should have been more in the box. Nonetheless, the three tools can cover most common cleaning jobs.

Final thoughts

Overall, I’m pretty impressed with what the Shark NV752 has to offer. If you’re living in a small loft with a cat and have back pain problems then this would be a wise choice for you. The slim design and low noise level would make it a good fit for a crowded household.

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