Shark Pet Perfect II Sv780 - The Shark Handheld Vacuum Reviews

Shark Pet Perfect Review - An In-Depth Analysis Of The Strongest Handheld Vacuum On The Market

Are you looking for an affordable handheld vacuum with strong suction power to remove pet hair? The Shark Cordless Pet Perfect 2 could be a great choice when you need to quickly clean up the mess of your fur babies on different types of floors. 

Even though it might not replace your full-size vacuum, its long-body design allows you to clean harder to reach places with ease. What are other features that make this machine stand out from its competitors? Our Shark Pet Perfect review will give you a clearer picture of this little guy. 

1. Overview

What is the best Shark on the market? Your choice of Shark vacuums depends on your personal needs and preferences. How large is your house? How many pets do you have? How regularly do you vacuum? These factors will decide your suitable model. 


For stairs
For cleaning up hair
Suction power

When it comes to identifying the best handheld vacuums on the market, Shark vacuums are one of the first preferences. Shark Pet Perfect is a series of three different models of handheld vacuums: SV780, SV75 and SV66. 

The key difference between them is the voltage and color. With suction power of 18 volts, the Shark pet perfect ii SV780 is the strongest in this series. It’s also the most powerful cordless hand vacuum available on the market. 

The SV75 is a little less powerful. It comes at a rating of 15.6 volts, which is 35% less power compared to SV780. The third model is the SV66, which has a rating of 12 volts. While the SV780’s color is the combination of purple and black, the SV75 is green and black, and the SV66 is grey and black. 

Shark Pet Perfect vacuums are lightweight, making them handy tools that are versatile enough to use on multiple surfaces with four cleaning options: direct suction, motorized pet hair brush, dusting brush and crevice tool. They work well not only in hidden corners in your home but also in your car or boat.

They have bagless dust cups, which are convenient to use and highly hygienic. More importantly, they don’t throw back the germs indoors, keeping your home clean.

Since SV780 is the most powerful vacuum among three models, let’s take a look at its pros and cons before going to more details of the Shark SV780 review.


  • • Inexpensive but easy to use 

  • • Lightweight and compact

  • • Equipped with a motorized brush - ideal for homeowners with pets 

  • • Powerful: 18 volts

  • • Removable batteries that are also replaceable 

  • • LED charging indicator batteries 

  • • Versatile thanks to crevice and brush tool 

  • • Detachable and washable filter 

  • • An easy-to-empty bagless dust cup


  • • Only suitable for light cleaning tasks 

  • • No HEPA filter 

  • • Not efficient in tackling large pieces of debris on hard floors 

  • • Short run time (15 minutes) 

  • • Long battery charging time (it takes 16 hours to charge) 

2. Shark Pet Perfect Review 

Shark Pet Perfect II SV780

Shark Pet Perfect II SV780 Via: Amazon

What is unique about Shark Pet Perfect 2?

True to its name, Shark Pet Perfect 2 is uniquely designed for homes with pets. But can homeowners use it for other small touch-ups around the house as well? And can it replace an upright vacuum? 

The machine is handy enough to keep your home clean. It can quickly suck up pet fur and ground-in-dirt. This Shark handheld vacuum is ideal for quick cleanups on kitchen cabinets, stairs, or upholstery. 

However, if you’re thinking of using this portable Shark to replace a full-size vacuum, then other alternatives might work as better options. The reason is that the Shark Pet Perfect 2 has a short run time of less than 15 minutes. So it’s more suitable for light cleaning tasks rather than tidying up every room of your house. 

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Is Shark Pet Perfect II for homeowners with pets? 

One of the most frequently asked questions of pet owners is: “What is the best vacuum for pet hair?” We all love fluffy cats and dogs. They are cute, but they can be annoying when they shed. But which pets do not shed? Not many! 

Given this, homeowners with four-legged friends are usually on the hunt for the most durable machines to keep their homes tidy. Why is this? That’s because removing pet fur is probably one of the biggest challenges that vacuum cleaners have to deal with. 

Can’t a normal vacuum tackle pet hair? Not always! The best vacuums to tackle pet fur should have tangle-free brush rolls that do not twist around the brush. Plus, they should be equipped with easy-to-empty dust cups as your pet sheds every day. The Shark Pet Perfect ii SV780 is such a machine! 

Let’s now take a look at our review. We’ll go into the details of all essential features of this small-sized yet high-performing pet vac so that you can make a well-informed buying decision for yourself when you have to. 

Shark pet perfect 2 review - its size and weight  

Shark Pet Perfect 2 Via: Amazon

Shark Pet Perfect 2 is a cordless machine that comes at 15.7’’ long, 6.1’’ tall, 4.6’’ wide, and weighs 4.6 pounds, making it a perfectly compact device for users of different needs around the house. Gone are the days when you had to lug around a heavy full-size vacuum for small cleaning tasks. 

This little device is an excellent choice for spot cleanups on multiple surfaces, be it the edges or your stairs, the sofas or leather chairs. Thanks to its small and sleek size, your handy Shark is ideal for quick touch-ups of your car as well. 

If you have a few pets in the house, you know how hard it is to keep the space clean and tidy. Dogs love to bring the whole garden into your living rooms, and their muddy paws can ruin your carpets or furniture. 

The good news is you can still have your lovely pets while keeping things neat with the Shark Pet Perfect 2. It’s a lightweight handheld device for quick cleanups of light mess on different surfaces, be it your floors or furniture. 

If your kids are toddlers or preschoolers, you’re likely to get overwhelmed with a lot of cleanups. From stickers to pencil leads and heads, from cereals to food spills, parents’ work is never done! A handy vacuum like the Shark Pet Perfect 2 would make their daily cleaning tasks much more manageable as it goes where they go.  

Shark Pet Perfect 2 Review - Its Features


Even though Shark Pet Perfect 2 is a handheld vacuum, it offers a decent suction power level. Thanks to its “cyclonic twister” technology, the machine delivers consistent strong suction while cleaning. 

It has 35% more suction power than its 15.6-volt siblings, which are Pet Perfect Hand Vacuums SV75 and 75Z. You can bid goodbye to sticky pet fur, stubborn dirt, and debris once you have the Shark Pet Perfect 2 - a cordless compact hand vacuum with 18-volt power requirements. 

Dust Cup 

The Shark Pet Perfect II vacuum has a 0.56-quart dust cup, which is an impressive capacity compared to other handheld vacuums on the market. It can pick up lots of tracked-in dirt, dry spills, and, of course, pet hair stuck to anything in the house. 

If you do not live in a large house, this Shark handheld vacuum cleaner lets you speedily tackle smaller mess without worrying about charging it. What’s better than stashing this master of daily maintenance in the house? 


Even though Shark Pet Perfect 2 doesn’t come with a HEPA filtration system, its filter is detachable and washable. However, users should always wash it with water. More importantly, avoid using detergents as they can end up damaging the filters. 

Since this vacuum is designed to work with only dry dirt, let them dry thoroughly after rinsing and washing them with water. The more carefully you clean the filters, the better longevity and effectiveness of this home appliance you can have. 

We can’t stress enough on how important it is to clean the filters regularly. The reason is that clogged filters severely impact the vacuum's performance, regardless of its size and weight. Keeping your vacuum free from blockages ensures its powerful suction. 

Shark Pet Perfect 2’s filter is easy to empty. There are four straightforward steps that we recommend all users to follow: 

  • • Push the release button 

  • • Pull the filter out 

  • • Empty the dust cup and wash the filter 

  • • Let it dry thoroughly before putting it back in 

Homeowners with a few pets might need to buy one or two extra filters to avoid waiting time for them to dry out.

Noise Level 

Shark Pet Perfect II emits 77 dB of sound when we’re a 3’ away from it. This noise level is not too loud nor too soft compared to other models on the market.

Shark Pet Perfect 2 review - Its Utility

Ease of Use

Using the Shark Pet Perfect 2 is quite straightforward. There are only two buttons - the first one is the power button, which is located next to the handle, making it easy to use; the second one is to release the dust cup. 

After turning it on, simply flip the switch on, and you’re ready to vacuum. Depending on your cleaning needs, you can insert the desired accessory into the air-intake nozzle.

Setting up the machine is also simple. The process includes three key steps: 

  • • Unbox the vacuum and its accessories 

  • • Charge the vacuum for 24 hours before using 

  • • Choose the desired tool for your cleaning needs. 

Charging Stand

The wall-mountable deluxe charging stand is one of the best attributes of the Shark Pet Perfect II. When this mini vacuum is not in use, simply place it in the stand and charge it. What if you prefer not to use the charging base? Then you can use the provided charger and plug your vacuum into the wall.  

The machine’s overall design is well-thought-out, including the way it is stored. It is designed for compact utility as it doesn’t take up a lot of space. The charging stand also includes a storage case for its three attachments for easy access. These tools fit right in so that they do not rattle around to avoid getting lost easily.

Are you wondering if you can only mount it on the wall? Sometimes you might need to bring it closer to you while charging to check on its progress. So the answer is yes, you can place it on a tabletop as well. 

Charging Time and Run Time 

The machine takes 16 hours to reach a full charge. To extend the machine’s battery life, Shark recommends users to unplug the charger after each 16 hours charge cycle. 

Even though this long charging time is not a big deal, its run time comes to only around 10 to 15 minutes, which is low compared to other hand vacuums. If you use the Shark Pet Perfect 2 for more than just a quick mess in the house, you might need to wait for more than half a day. 

If you’re using this handheld vacuum for small to medium-sized cars, it would be a great choice since the machine is designed for utility. However, for those who use this device to clear up mess in a large vehicle, you might have to speed it up, or you'll run out of battery power before you can have a clean car. 

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Accessories add tremendous value to handheld vacuums as they facilitate quick fixes and cleanups. The Shark Pet Perfect II is equipped with three attachments - a crevice tool, a dusting brush, and a motorized brush roll. 

The crevice tool is designed to use in smaller corners and crevices. The dusting brush has soft bristles to clear up dirt and debris on upholstery, and the motorized brush roll helps the vacuum with heavy mess that you might not consider using a handheld vacuum for otherwise. 


Handheld vacuums can tackle mess where bigger vacuums can’t. If you do not like to carry a large-sized vacuum from the storage area to your living room to ferret out crumbs between couch cushions, the Shark Pet Perfect 2 is ideal for these tasks. 

Maneuverability of cordless handheld vacuums are in the hands of their users. You can take it almost anywhere. Besides, this handy Shark device is skinny, thus, letting users squeeze into or slip underneath tight spaces.


Shark recommends users to empty its dust cup after each use, change the filter every six to nine months and replace the battery every year. However, this replacement frequency depends on individual usage. How often you vacuum, how heavy-duty your cleaning tasks are, and how your house’s floor plan is will decide how frequent your maintenance should be. 

To ensure the top performance, users need to rinse out the filter regularly to maintain the suction strength. All you need to do is to scrub it carefully under a faucet. 

The maintenance cost of the Shark Pet Perfect II comes at around $5.00 to $10.00 per year if you replace the filter a couple of times. This is relatively reasonable compared to that of other models on the market. 

The most expensive replacement part of the Shark Pet Perfect II is its battery, which costs around $48.00. While the vacuum itself is only about $60.00, it would probably be a better idea to buy a new one if your battery doesn’t work anymore. 

Shark Pet Perfect Review - Its Performance

shark pet perfect vacuum

Shark pet perfect vacuum Via: Amazon

Bare Floor Performance

The Shark Pet Perfect 2 excels in cleaning hardwood floors. Thanks to its durable suction power and the motorized brush roll, it picks up dust and tackles that stubborn dog fur effectively. 

Carpet Performance

On low-pile carpet, the Shark Pet Perfect 2 cleans up specks of dirt and pet fur or carpeted stairs with ease. It also removes cereal, kitty litter, sugar, and rice in no time. 

On high pile carpet, it lived up to its name for pet hair as it has a high level of suction. The Shark Pet Perfect 2 deserves its ranking as the best Shark cordless handheld vacuum for pet hair.

However, when it has to deal with larger chunks of dirt on thick carpets, its performance is only average compared to other handheld vacuums. What is more, the brush roll doesn’t rotate, making it a little bit hard on the wrist. 

3. FAQs 

Is there a full charge indicator on this machine? 

Overcharging gradually diminishes the battery’s ability to charge, which eventually results in runtime issues. However, there is no full-charge indicator on this machine.

It only has a LED charging indicator. We hope Shark will tackle this drawback in its future handheld models. 

Does this model feature a HEPA filter?

Unfortunately, no. It doesn’t have a HEPA filter, but its foam filter is washable and easy to use. 

Can I use this handheld vacuum in my bathroom? 

Pet owners can find pet fur everywhere in the house, from the couch to the cushions, from the bedroom to the bathroom. So it is understandable that you want to vacuum your shower area to keep it clean. If your bathroom is dry, then you don't have to worry about ruining your vacuum. 

However, it’s best not to use your vacuum on wet floors or to clean a large body of water. There are alternative vacuums designed to pick up wet debris. So you can consider these options instead. 

Does this machine tackle dog hair only? Or does it suck up cat fur as well? 

Cat hair is usually thinner than dog hair; thus, can be sticker. Therefore, some vacuum models might not work well in dealing with cat hair. However, the Shark Pet Perfect 2 is one of the best machines to pick up pet hair, regardless of how thin or thick, long or short they are. 

Don’t worry about the sticky cat hair on upholstered furniture. This Shark handheld’s motorized pet hair brush works exceptionally well in sucking up dogs and cats hair with no problem with fabric surfaces. 

I don’t have any pets, but I need a lightweight handheld vacuum. Is this the right choice for me, or it’s only for homeowners with pets? 

The Shark Pet Perfect 2 is a compact design with powerful suction strength. It’s designed for small tasks around the house. Whether you have a pet hair problem or not, it will do an excellent job of picking up a variety of types of mess. 

4. Feedback

All three versions in the Shark Pet Perfect series received good feedback from most customers. They’re well-known for their suction power and maneuverability. 

Users with a few pets often say that these machines easily clean mess that their four-legged friends leave behind. While it’s not the most popular handheld vacuum from Shark, it still gets a 4.4/5 score on Amazon. 

shark pet perfect ii sv780

shark pet perfect ii hand vac (sv780)

5. Alternatives 

Shark WV201 WandVac - A similar handheld to Shark cordless pet perfect 2, but weighs a bit less. 

Shark WV201 WandVac

Shark WV201 WandVac Via: Amazon

If you’re keen on a mini vacuum that does easy work of dislodging breadcrumbs or pet hair on the sofa and bits of small trash on carpets, consider the Shark WandVac. Even though it’s not as strong as the Shark Pet Perfect 2, it also has a base station dock, allowing users to recharge with convenience.  

Shark Ultra Cyclone Pro - A great lightweight alternative for pet hair. 

Shark Ultra Cyclone Pro

Shark Ultra Cyclone Pro Via: Amazon

The Shark Ultra Cyclone Pro also features cyclonic technology like the Shark Pet Perfect. Thanks to this advancement, the machine has incredible suction power. Besides, this portable vacuum also eliminates hair wrap onto carpets and upholstery thanks to a self-cleaning Pet Power Brush. 

The Shark Ultra Cyclone Pro is installed with an XL dust cup to tackle small to big jobs. Plus, this compact vacuum comes with a crevice tool and scrubbing brush, allowing you to reach hidden places and remove stuck-on dirt with ease. 


As you can see in our above Shark Pet Perfect review, this handheld vacuum is powerful with impressive suction power. With a lightweight and portable build, it’s ideal not only for cleaning jobs around the house but also for on-the-go cleanups of cars or boats. 

One of the biggest advantages of the Shark Pet Perfect 2 is its extra-large detachable motorized brush, which is the attachment that you don’t usually see on cordless handheld vacuums. It significantly improves the cleaning performance, especially for pet hair. 

Even though its run time leaves a lot to be desired, Shark Pet Perfect 2 is one of the best vacuums for picking up pet hair. It offers a high level of performance at an affordable price. Also, the device tackles a wide range of mess with little effort. 

If we consider all factors, this handy vacuum could be an excellent option for both pet owners and users who need quick touch-ups.

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