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Shark Navigator DLX Review: An Excellent Mid-range Vacuum

We don't always need the newest, fanciest features in a vacuum cleaner because, at the end of the day, we only need it as a cleaning tool, not a decorative item. And the Shark NV70 - one of the best vacuum cleaners on the market - is a model that takes this principle seriously.

This bagless upright vacuum is just above the most basic lineups and below the expensive high-end models. Shark has created it in an effort to find a sweet spot between features and price. Have they done a good job? Let's find out in our Shark Navigator DLX review.


Shark NV70 Navigator Deluxe upright vacuum is a bagless model that targets budget-conscious customers.

Its biggest selling points include a huge dust canister (which is three times bigger than the previous Navigator models) and strong suction, all at a reasonable price. Shark also includes a HEPA filter in a sealed filtration system.


Easy to assemble
Easy to clean
For cleaning up hair
Suction power

But the downside is that this is not a bells-and-whistles product and you won't see other famous features found on other high-end Shark vacuums like Lift-Away, DuoClean, or Zero-M.


  • • Big dust canister
  • • Strong suction
  • • Minimal maintenance
  • • Able to control brush roll
  • • Lifetime belt included


  • • Short wand and power cord
  • • Only one color option (gold and silver)
  • • Poor edge cleaning ability
  • • Narrow cleaning head
  • • No advanced features like Zero-M, DuoClean, or Lift-Away

A Closer Look


Bagless technology

Shark Navigator DLX

Shark Navigator DLX Via: Amazon

Like other bagless vacuums from Shark, the NV70 comes with the patented cyclonic technology, which has become the most popular design in bagless models these days. In simple terms, the incoming air spins rapidly in a cyclone to throw the dust and debris into the dust canister.

This mechanism ensures that the suction power of the machine doesn't reduce over time while the filter also remains cleaner as a result. 


The Navigator DLX NV70 has a good average weight when compared to other Shark Navigator vacuums. For example, it weighs 15.2 pounds, while the NV42 has a weight of 15.1 pounds.

Hard floors and Carpet modes

The NV70 gives you the ability to turn the brush roll on and off on the cleaning head with a power switch on top of the machine. There are three settings on this switch: Carpet (brush roll is on), hard floors (brush roll is off), and vacuum power off.

This is a nice feature that not every vacuum on the market has. Without the ability to turn off the brush roll, you can damage your bare floors while vacuuming.

And it doesn't stop there. This brush roll is also able to stop automatically when the cleaner head encounters any obstruction, which prevents it from damaging the belt and motor of the machine.

Filtration system

Shark includes its Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology in the NV70, which provides a HEPA filter in a completely sealed system. With the presence of this HEPA filter, the NV70 can remove tiny particles from the air, including tobacco smoke, pet dander, pollen, and mold spores.

This is a must-have feature for any vacuum that claims to be a quality product. But many manufacturers don't do a good job with the design and some machines can still let air bypass the HEPA filter. This can get even worse in poorly-made models where the air can leak out from cracks or seals before going through the filter.

Shark has recognized this problem and introduced a solution for its product - a sealed filtration system. Although we're expected to find this Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology on top-notch series, it's plus when you find this upgraded system on lower-end vacuum like the Shark Navigator DLX.

The ultimate goal of this system is to let no unfiltered air out. To do this, the NV70 has three filters: a HEPA filter behind the motor and two pre-motor (standard) ones.

You can find these pre-motor filters (one foam and one felt) under the canister. Shark recommends rinsing them with warm water and let them completely dry once per month.

The HEPA filter is located on the front of the machine. It's recommended to rinse and wash it once per year.


The most notable feature of the NV70 is its huge dust canister, which has a capacity of 3.5 dry quarts. This is a huge step-up from other Navigator models. For example, the canisters of NV360 and the NV42 can only hold dirt and debris of up to 3 and 2.6 quarts, respectively.

You can empty this dust canister from the bottom. All you need to do is press the button to open it and dump the dirt in a dustbin.

Cleaner head

The width of the cleaner head is quite small at only 9.25 inches, but this is not necessarily a good or bad thing.

While it allows you to clean small, narrow areas, making it easier to maneuver, you will need more passes with this narrow cleaner head to vacuum a large area. Whether it's a good fit for you depends on where and how thoroughly you plan to clean.

Note that this cleaner head also comes with the swivel steering feature, which increases the level of maneuverability of the entire machine.

Suction control

Many vacuums allow you to change the motor speed and adjust the suction power. While you can't directly set the speed of the motor with the NV70, it does provide a control slider as a simple and inexpensive alternative.

This slider can close or open the opening, essentially allowing you to change the suction when needed. While it's not perfect, this mechanism comes in handy when you need to deal with delicate surfaces like upholstery and draperies. And when you need the maximum suction power, just keep the slider fully open.

Power cord

The Shark Navigator NV70 has a short power cord (25 feet), especially when you need a 30-feet cord like most customers.

Although different houses have different electrical installations, most NV70 owners have expressed their complaints about this. This short cord can frustrate people when they need to change power outlets constantly during a vacuuming session.


If you already don't like the short power cord, you won't be happy to hear about the issue with the wand either. Many users have said that it isn't long enough to be practical, sometimes not even able to reach the floor.

The hose itself is not short, but we find it hard to stretch out, which may pull the whole machine over.

Another common problem of this hose is that you can't lock it into place when you attach it to the vacuum. Shark uses only a compression fit connection, and this sometimes makes the hose fall off in operation.

On top of that, this low-price vacuum provides no headlights in both cleaner head and wand.

Belt & Wheels

The Shark Navigator DLX NV70 has rubber wheels to make sure there is no marring on your delicate floors. It also comes with a lifetime belt, which is supposed to last long and never get replaced by you.


When buying the NV70, you receive three accessories in the unit: a crevice tool, an upholstery tool, and a Wide Pet upholstery tool. While the first two comes with all NV70 products, you may or may not get the last upholstery tool.

While this 5.5-inch crevice tool is not as long as our expectation, it still works fine. And the upholstery tool is actually amazing. There are little strips of red lint brushes on both sides that can pick up everything on your pants or coats.

Manual and Warranty

Shark doesn't provide a detailed user manual, which is usually the case and no different with inexpensive models like the NV70. But it still covers a lot, from the assembly, cleaning the brush roll to filter maintenance, empty the canister, and other troubleshooting. This machine comes with a 5-year limited warranty.



Most Shark Navigator DLX reviews out there agree with us that this upright vacuum has a powerful suction, which is a surprise given its price tag. This is why this machine can get rid of dirt and debris on both bare floors and carpet pretty well, especially with pet hair.

Shark NV70 Navigator Professional Upright Vacuum

Shark NV70 Navigator Professional Upright Vacuum Via: Amazon

Edge cleaning

While the NV70 has no problem with general vacuuming, edge cleaning is not its strong suit.

For example, if you have kids, your house will have a lot of beads, paper, and crumbs left behind by your children. A high-performance should be able to deal with this and leave nothing visible on the edges of the floor, so you don't need to pull out the crevice tool. But in the case of the NV70, this tool is absolutely necessary.


The movement of the DLX NV70 is both good and bad. Although it's not a super-heavy machine, many people have found it a little bulky due to its weight. At the same time, many also have praised how they can move this vacuum around the house with the swivel steering ability.


While the hose is not short, and in fact very extendable, the rigid part is just 2-feet long. As a result, you may need to bend over when cleaning the edges with the crevice tool.

Additionally, you may not be able to reach your ceiling with the NV70, so sometimes a stool is a must if you need to get rid of cobwebs in the corners or a fan. This is not a big issue but still a hassle for many people, especially when they need to do a quick cleaning.


This is actually a strong suit of the Shark Navigator DLX NV70 as you don't need to spend a lot of effort to keep the machine in its best condition. The belt has a lifetime guarantee, and since this vacuum is a bagless model, you don't need to buy and throw away bags. You can also rinse the filters to clean them.

The only task you need to do regularly is to detach and empty the dust canister, and this is extremely easy to do.

User Feedback

The Navigator DLX is a popular vacuum on online stores with 1,961 ratings and 4.4/5 stars on Amazon. It’s also a common recommendation in other upright vacuum reviews.

shark navigator dlx nv70 manual

shark gold vacuum


Shark Navigator Professional NV80

Shark Navigator Professional NV80

Shark Navigator Professional NV80 Via: Amazon

As you might be able to guess, the NV80 is a similar model in the same lineup.

Both of them come with soft rubber wheels and the swivel steering feature, making it easier to maneuver and clean hard-to-reach areas.

Like the Shark Navigator DLX, the NV80 also features a stretch hose with a total 51 inches of extended reach when the crevice tool and hose extender are both attached to the vacuum. This makes the NV80 great at vacuuming on elevated surfaces.

Furthermore, you won't see any automatic cord rewind mechanism on the NV80 either. The difference is that while the NV70 has a 25-feet power cord, this length on the NV80 is 30 feet.

On the NV80, Shark equips two motors: one for producing suction and one for running the brush roll. You can switch off the second motor when vacuuming hard floors.

This vacuum also uses a sealed filtration system with a HEPA filter - a crucial point for those with allergies and asthma.

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Shark Navigator Deluxe NV42

Shark Navigator Deluxe NV42

Shark Navigator Deluxe NV42 Via: Amazon

The Shark NV42 seems to be a budget version of the NV80 with many significant downgrades.

For example, while the swivel steering is a nice feature on the NV70 to help people avoid obstacles, the NV42 doesn't have it. The huge dust canister is one of the biggest selling points of the NV70, but on the  NV42, the capacity is just around one third that number.

Another deal-breaker for many people with health conditions is the lack of a HEPA filter in a sealed system on this cheap upright vacuum, which uses Electret filters from Shark instead.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe NV360

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe NV360

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe NV360 Via: Amazon

The Shark NV360 is an obvious choice when you like the overall design and features of the NV70 but also want to have better versatility, but at a higher price.

Just like other Deluxe vacuums, the NV360 also has rubber wheels and swivel steering to maneuver smoothly around obstacles. It also features a huge dust canister and great filtration system.

The main feature that sets it apart from the NV70 is the Lift-Away feature. With this brilliant design, you can detach the pod from the main machine and carry it like a portable canister. This makes cleaning your stairs or furniture extremely easier.

Final Words

As our Shark Navigator DLX review has pointed out, while this bagless upright vacuum is not a high-end model, it's still worth your consideration. Although it doesn't feature other advanced technologies like Lift-Away or DuoClean, the NV70 is still able to provide a decent cleaning performance, strong suction, great filtration system, and a huge dust canister.

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