Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner Fh52000 Turquoise Reviews


Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner Reviews - The Ultimate Solution For Your Home?

Carpets and area rugs will certainly make your floor more comfortable to walk and sit on. In addition to that, the added aesthetic value also transforms the entire look of your house.

However, just like other types of flooring, your carpets will get dirty from being constantly walked over and sat on. And worst, spilled liquids and drinks will make it even more difficult for you to clean.

With this in mind, to make your cleaning jobs a lot easier, our Hoover Smartwash automatic carpet cleaner reviews will certainly come in handy.

Here, we’ll be reviewing the famous Hoover Smartwash vacuum, which is designed to help you deep clean your carpets without any trouble. At the same time, we’ll also give you insights into many other useful carpet cleaners, each of which can be helpful to you in its own way.


Easy to assemble
Easy to use
Easy to clean
Suction power
For deep cleaning

Presenting the product

The Hoover fh52000 is the latest product in Hoover’s high-end household cleaning lineup with amazing capability when working on area rugs, carpets, and upholstery. It comes with similar features and functions to the original Hoover Smartwash, which allow you to comfortably wash and dry your dirty and odorous carpets with just a few swipes.

At the same time, thanks to the added elements of automation, you can comfortably work the vacuum around the house without worrying about the buttons and modes. The flexible sensors on your Hoover Smartwash will automatically identify your motions to better utilize its cleaning features. And the added Turquoise color will make the unit look and feel a lot cleaner.

This machine will wash the carpet when being pushed and dry off the excess water when being pulled back. There are no buttons involved, so you can always stay relaxed while doing your cleaning jobs.

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With powerful brushes and dedicated cleaning solutions, the machine can tackle many different carpet cleaning tasks by targeting multiple stains and odors. What’s more, the separate tanks will make it easier to add and empty the water, and when you finish cleaning, it’s quite easy to disassemble the parts and do a quick rinse.

Learn more about the Hoover Smartwash carpet cleaner with our reviews

Learn more about the Hoover Smartwash carpet cleaner with our reviews Via: Amazon


  • • Many automated features to work with

  • • Great value for money

  • • Works well on carpets, area rugs, and stairs

  • • Impressive suction and cleaning power


  • • The automated features can be too sensitive

Features & Benefits

To better understand the product and its features, the following assessments are vitally important. Here, we’ll be discussing the available features on the Hoover smart wash fh52000 and its tested benefits for daily use. As a result, you can get a better picture of how it works, it will be helpful to your specific needs. Learn more from our Hoover Smartwash reviews with the following analysis and evaluations.

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Maneuverable and easy to use

Right off the bat, homeowners will immediately find their Hoover Smartwash upright carpet cleaner to be extremely easy to work with. Here, you can comfortably maneuver your carpet cleaner around using the triggerless handle design without worrying about any buttons. Also, the stable yet flexible wheels will ensure that you can comfortably push and pull the entire unit into any targeted directions.

The machine also comes with a surprisingly light weight, at only 18.49 pounds, which is quite impressive for a full-sized carpet cleaner. The added carry handle will also make it a lot easier for you to move it around, but I don’t recommend you do this with the water tanks being filled, since the unit will be a lot heavier.

Also, the machine comes with a 22 ft power cord, which can extend your work area quite a lot. The additional hose will also allow you to vacuum in awkward places, using the provided attachments.

Last but not least, the low-profile cleaner head can easily fit under furniture and make it easier for you to clean. As a result, you can reach further and tackle many hidden messes on your carpets.

Enjoy working with the triggerless handle

Enjoy working with the triggerless handle Via: Amazon

Separate tanks for a better cleaning experience

The unit comes with separate tanks for storing the cleaning solution, clean water, and dirty water, which will guarantee consistent performance. Here, you can comfortably choose any types of detergent that's most suitable for your carpet to ensure the best overall performance.

You can fill the clean water tank with up to 1 gallon of water, which is more than enough to use on your entire room. You can choose to add warm water to better dilute the cleaning solutions and improve cleaning performance, too.

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And last but not least, all collected dirt and debris will be collected in the separated tank to prevent them from being mixed with the clean water. The large tank will ensure that you can work for an extended period of time before you need to empty the water. And don’t worry if you forget to do this, as the automated pause feature will intervene when the dirty water reaches the maximum level.

The separate tanks will improve your cleaning experiences

The separate tanks will improve your cleaning experiences Via: Amazon

Automatic cleaning technology to keep your mind free

One of the selling points on the Hoover FH52000 is certainly its automatic cleaning technology, which makes the unit a lot more convenient to work with.

Simply add water to the tank and install the solution tank on the machine, and it’ll automatically mix and dispense the right amounts of solution for optimized cleaning performance. This, of course, means that you don’t need to premix the solution or follow any specific ratios.

Once that’s done, you can enjoy working with the convenient wash and dry features on the unit. Simply push it forward to apply the solution and work the brush into thick layers of carpet. Then pull it back to collect all the dirty water and residue along with it. There are no buttons that you have to constantly work with since the auto-clean motion sensors can always guess your movements.

And if you think that your carpets or area rugs aren’t dry enough, there will be one single control button to turn on the Dry Only mode. Now, you can comfortably work your cleaner head around to further clean and dry the surfaces. Simply tap on the button again to disable the feature and finish your cleaning session.

Enjoy working with the automated technology

Enjoy working with the automated technology Via: Amazon

Impressive carpet-cleaning power

To make sure that you are completely satisfied with the machine’s performance, Hoover has also introduced many upgraded features and increased the cleaning power on its latest vacuum.

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It starts with the rotating flex force brushes, which constantly work into the thick layers of area rugs and carpets to pull out dirt and debris. The extra-long and flexible bristles will make sure that it can reach under the surfaces and gently remove deep dirt, along with other messes.

In addition, with the improved suction compared to the original models, the Hoover FH52000 will ensure that you can quickly collect dirt and water, and the HeatForce technology will also make it a lot easier to dry your carpets, thus making the unit a lot more capable, especially when working on tougher tasks.

The FlexForce will make it easier to remove dirt and debris

The FlexForce will make it easier to remove dirt and debris Via: Amazon

Enjoy working with the included 2-in-1 pet tool

Now, with the included 2-in-1 pet tool, homeowners can make full uses of the 8 ft hose that comes along with the package. Simply connect it to the vacuum unit and you can enjoy effective cleaning on many awkward surfaces. These include upholstery, stairs, bedding, and more.

And most importantly, you can enjoy all the benefits of wet vacuuming, just as you would with the standard carpet cleaner. Feel free to use the provided triggers to apply cleaning solution onto the targeted surfaces, then work the brushes on and let the vacuum collect all the dirt.

The included pet tool will make it easier to clean awkward places

The included pet tool will make it easier to clean awkward places Via: Amazon

Easy to clean

One of the most common problems that you might run into when working with carpet cleaners is cleaning the machine itself. While the machine can be extremely effective on carpets and area rugs, it also accumulates a lot of dirt along the hose, brushes, and tanks. Therefore, you’ll need to clean your machine immediately after each use, unless you want it to become smelly.

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That being said, the Hoover FH52000 offers many thoughtful features that make its cleaning a lot easier. Here, you can easily remove the recovery nozzle along with the power brushes for further cleaning, and the water tanks come with smart mounting mechanisms, which only require one-handed operation. Simply take out all the parts and rinse them under tap water to extract all the dirt so you can keep the machine sanitized at all times.

You can easily remove and clean the parts

You can easily remove and clean the parts Via: Amazon

Social Proof

While the product is undoubtedly a great value-for-money buy, according to our Hoover Smartwash automatic carpet cleaner reviews, we do understand that our viewers need more proof before making their purchase. To aid this, we also scoured the Internet to look for trusted reviews from verified purchases. And in this case, we’ve found many positive reviews on Amazon, with their good opinions varying between the uses, convenience, power, and many other aspects of the machine.

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To better clarify their points, we’ve selected some of the most in-depth and interesting reviews, each offering a unique point of view that you’ll find useful. Feel free to check them out and decide if the Hoover FH52000 is right for your personal use.

hoover smartwash carpet cleaner

hoover smartwash automatic carpet cleaner


When shopping for a carpet cleaner, there are many different aspects for you to consider, especially when it comes to personal preferences. As a result, although this product from Hoover is undoubtedly a great buy for most of you, certain individuals will find themselves interested in other products with slightly different builds and features.

To make it easier for you to pick up the right carpet cleaners, we’ve also provided our well-researched list of other great alternatives to the Hoover Smartwash automatic carpet cleaner. Get ready to take a look at these top rated Hoover vacuums along with products from other brands in our brief reviews, all of which will help to narrow down your difficult choice and introduce all the added features that you would want from your alternative purchases.

#1- Hoover UH72625 WindTunnel 3

If you are only interested in dry cleaning your carpets and area rugs, then the Hoover windtunnel 3 will be a better choice at this price range. Feel free to enjoy the advanced Windtunnel 3 technology, which will intelligently channel the suction to optimize the machine’s performance.

Enjoy working with the added carbon HEPA filtration, which will not only get rid of unwanted fine dust, but also harmful allergens. Also, the adjustable brush roller will make the machine more functional when working on hard floors.

And last but not least, with many included attachments, the machine will make it a lot easier to work on any vacuum tasks.

Enjoy vacuum only on the Hoover WindTunnel

Enjoy vacuum only on the Hoover WindTunnel Via: Amazon

#2- Hoover SmartWash Pet Automatic Carpet Cleaner

Those of you who have to deal with pet messes on a daily basis might want to consider the Hoover SmartWash Pet Automatic Carpet Cleaner instead. Here, you can enjoy working with a fully-capable carpet cleaner that packs all the adequate features of the Hoover FH52000. At the same time, the added features for cleaning pet messes will make the unit a lot more valuable for pet parents.

Start by enjoying the automatic carpet cleaning features with the available wash and dry operations, which will help you collect your everyday stains and pet messes. And if you ever need to spot-treat any specific areas, the spot chaser will make it a lot easier to pretreat the surfaces, making it a lot easier for you to work with.

In addition, thanks to the antimicrobial brushes and pet tools, the machine is great for resisting odors and keeping your house clean. Feel free to check out our Hoover Smartwash advanced pet reviews for more in-depth information regarding the product.

Work better on pet messes with the Hoover SmartWash Pet

Work better on pet messes with the Hoover SmartWash Pet Via: Amazon

#3- Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Max Clean Pet Pro

For the last product, we have something really similar to the Hoover Smartwash Automatic from Bissell – the Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Max Clean Pet Pro. With adequate cleaning powers and similarly effective features, this product can make a great alternative for your Hoover FH52000 or vice versa, depending on their current offering prices.

Here, you can enjoy working with the powerful stain removal tool and easily clean up any dirty messes on your floor with its impressive suction, and the pretreat option will ensure that you can effectively prepare the carpet for cleaning too.

However, you’ll need to pay attention to the controls, since the unit isn’t fully automated, like the Hoover Smartwash.

Enjoy equal benefits with the Bissell ProHeat

Enjoy equal benefits with the Bissell ProHeat Via: Amazon


With smart cleaning features and almost fully-automated operations, the Hoover Smartwash FH5200 can satisfy many homeowners’ needs with its convenient use. And if you constantly have to deal with dirty messes and stains on your carpets or area rugs, then this impressive product from Hoover can really improve your living quality with its carpet cleaning features.

Simply run it on your floorings and allow the machine to thoroughly brush and wash off the stains. The included vacuum and dry option will then immediately collect all the dirt and quickly return your carpets to normal. As a result, you won’t have to go through many arduous steps like before, if you ever want to clean your stained carpets.

And for those of you who are interested, hopefully, our in-depth Hoover Smartwash automatic carpet cleaner reviews are enough to provide you with the needed insights regarding the product. Feel free to click the following links to check it out, and also consider our great alternatives, should you find them more suitable.

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