Dyson V8 Absolute Cord-Free Vacuum Reviews


Dyson V8 Reviews and Absolute Comparison

If you are reading this post, we assume that the Dyson V8 has caught your attention on the shopping route. It’s not a surprise since the model features such a classy appearance and gives out a sense of reliability. However, it never hurts to check for some Dyson V8 reviews before making a purchase. 

Why is Dyson V8 a fantastic choice for cordless vacuum cleaners? 

Before talking about the excellent features of the model, we’d like to remind you what to look for in such products. The Dyson V8 cordless vacuum cleaner satisfies us in all the categories: battery, power, ease of use, noise level, price, and appearance. 


In most cases, stick vacuums offer 15 to 40 minutes of run time. One with more than 20 minutes of battery span would do for a small apartment. Lithium or lithium-ion batteries are more durable and faster when charging.




To check the power feature, you should look for the specification of voltage. Higher power means the more outstanding ability to suck up dust and dirt. For that, we recommend 20-volt cordless vacuums. 

Noise level

A typical conversation has a noise level of approximately 60 decibels, while most vacuum cleaners operate at 70 to 80. Some excellent products have ratings of only 65. 


Only you can decide which vacuum cleaner has the best look. However, the more compact it is, the better. Besides, such a household appliance should match the overall design of your house. 

So, what could we expect from the Dyson V8 stick vacuum? 

The Dyson V8 is one of Dyson’s most powerful vacuums. It features up to 40 minutes of battery span, multiple cleaning heads, and a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter. Although there are some arguments on the best of Dyson models, the V8 is always my favorite. For my family, it’s a well-rounded cordless vacuum cleaner, bringing only benefits and satisfaction. 

You could transform the model into a handheld vacuum, so your cleaning experience can be even more blissful. 


 Up to 40-minute run time

 Versatile cleaning heads

 HEPA filter available

 Strong suction, high efficiency

 Excellent at maneuvering around the home

 Classy look 


≫ Struggle with large debris 

 A little expensive 

Why should we choose Dyson V8 over other choices?

The Dyson V8 comes with two options: Dyson V8 Absolute and Dyson V8 Animal. They feature the same dust bin, motor, suction power, and battery span. 

Despite the similarity, people often choose the Absolute. It is a little heavier than the other, but you get a new fluffy cleaning head and a mini dusting brush. That’s why most Dyson V8 cordless vacuum reviews often feature Dyson V8 Absolute comparisons to other models. 

Honestly, Dyson V8 Absolute is an best vacuum cleaner in the world, but it doesn’t far outweigh the sibling models from the same manufacturer. What I love about this one is it works smoothly, is surprisingly suitable for my medium apartment, and performs brilliantly on the hardwood floor. Below, I will try my best to express my satisfaction when cleaning using the Dyson V8 Absolute. 

Ease of use

Dyson V8 Absolute’s design is what makes it easy to use. The trigger grip, where most of the primary components are on, is close to your hand. That means cleaning the ceiling becomes much less tiring. 

The only thing I don’t like about the trigger grip is its material: hard plastic. When I have to use it for a long time, for example, during a deep seasonal cleaning, the side of the motor will rub against my thumb, causing discomfort. The problem was gone when I stuck a piece of rubber on the place. 

Owing to the smart design, you could transform the vacuum from a handheld to a standard cordless. Also, you could attach the myriad of accessories included in the package to both settings. That allows me to clean high and low, from the floor to the bookshelf or even ceiling corners. 

There is another plus point, though not so noticeable, the accessories changing mechanism. Compared to the previous model, the release clip is now on the accessory head instead of the extension tube. Removing fixtures is now much more comfortable, and you could perform it with only one free hand. 

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Plenty of accessories

Dyson provides us with all kinds of accessories we could imagine. With a direct drive cleaner head, a soft roller cleaner head, a rigid crevice tool, a mini motorized too, etc. you can complete all the tasks and clean everywhere inside your house. 

I’ve found it surprisingly convenient to suction the debris that hides deep into the tight corners of my sofas and kitchen counters. Owing to the included docking station, we could wall-mount the vacuum, making it more space-saving. Still, I think it is not so necessary because the model is already compact enough. 

Impressive performance

When the battery’s about to run out, your electric toothbrush or facial cleansing brushes motor will spin slower. With the Dyson v8, you may notice that this is not the case. Due to the reliable lithium-ion battery, its performance will stay the same no matter how much battery it’s storing.

What’s more, the level of suction force is amazingly stable. Even when there is much dirt accumulated inside the bin, the V8’s power won’t dwindle. 

The model’s so powerful that the motor could spin at about 110,000 RPM. Although it’s an impressive specification, it’s the same as that of the previous model. What Dyson has improved in this one is the suction power, growing from 100 air watts to 115. 

Multiple heads coming with trustful work 

With the diversity of head choices, the Dyson V8 Absolute performs well on most kinds of floors. My apartment has both hardwood floor and carpet areas, and it satisfies all my needs. For the hardwood, the roller cleaner head excellently cleans 99% of the debris I accidentally spill in only one move, leaving a shine behind. The cleaning, however, causes little pressure on the floor. 

Also, the direct-drive head doesn’t disappoint when cleaning the carpet surface. My cat happens to love playing in the area, making the task more challenging due to the hair and litter. The direct-drive does a good job dealing with the trouble by pushing the bristles deep into the surface and collecting the debris entirely. 

One more thing I love about the head is the articulating ball-joint, making the model amazingly nimble. The direct-drive head moves smoothly, much like dancing and gliding on most surfaces. It overcomes all obstacles and suction in all the dirt and dust. 

Max Power saves the day

When the dirt pile is too challenging to clean up, you could switch the Dyson V8 vacuum to Max Power. This allows high suction power, but of course, consumes much more battery. The battery span of the V8 is typically 40 minutes, which goes down to only 7 minutes with Max Power. The mode switch is positioned on the top, enabling easier toggling. 

Owing to the re-design of the post-motor filter, the vacuum expels less dust back into the air. If you have the experience of using old vacuum cleaners for a long time, you might notice the air feels heavier. It’s not the case for Dyson V8 and other new models from the same manufacturer. 

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What do people say about Dyson V8?

What do I think about the Dyson V8? For me, it’s versatile, graceful, reliable, efficient, and excellent. Of course, there are few negative points, like sometimes it cannot suck up 100% of the debris in one pass. However, could we expect more? It’s just a machine, not magic. 

As far as I am concerned, about 80% of buyers find Dyson V8 the best vacuum cleaner they have ever owned. The rest is not pleased with the run time of only 40 minutes. Besides, for Dyson V8 cordless the best price is not something we should look for.  

If your apartment is super large, or your need is something industrial, the Dyson V8 cannot satisfy you. But if you are looking for a domestic household appliance, this model’s an ideal option.

If my words about my favorite vacuum cleaner don’t seem too convincing, I’d like to quote some thoughts from buyers who posted on accessible review webs:

“I live in a pretty small townhouse (2 bedrooms + 3 floors), and it is convenient to use. Expensive but worth every penny. It performs decently on carpet and floorboards.”

“Cordless and powerful! This machine saves me so much time, and with all the different attachments I can clean so many areas with the one machine.”

“I vacuum the wooden flooring on general suction and the carpets on high suction that way I get through the whole house before it runs out of battery. Even in general though, it does a great job. I especially love the carpet attachment - it cleans the carpets well.”

“This is by far the best vacuum I have purchased. So worth the money! Love that it feels as though it deep cleans carpets and properly sucks up pet hair. It feels pretty powerful, and is easy to whip around the house!”

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The final verdict

That’s the end of the Dyson V8 review. It’s the best cordless vacuum cleaner I have ever tried. Perhaps, in the future, something else may be worth more compliments, but my family’s happy with the Dyson V8 Absolute for now. 

Science has proved that the cleanliness of the surrounding environment significantly affects our feeling and work performance. So, to make sure we have the best conditions for productive days, find the best vacuum cleaner. For that, I highly recommend the Dyson V8 stick vacuum.

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Dyson V8 Reviews and Absolute Comparison