Bissell 1650A Pet Hair Eraser: Your Ultimate Pet Hair Solution

Bissell 1650A Pet Hair Eraser - An Upright Vacuum For Every Pet Parent

Nov 13, 2022

Pets make great companions and they give us loads of love and laughter. They welcome us back home every day after a long day at work, sit on our laps, and go on a walk with our family during weekends. But, there is one thing that we have to deal with is their fur.

The good news is there are plenty of vacuum cleaners designed to tackle pet hair. We will go into the details of such a machine from Bissell. Let’s now take a look at our Bissell 1650A Pet Hair Eraser review.

Embedded pet hair is, undeniably, one of the biggest challenges that a vacuum cleaner has to face. It requires machines with reliable suction power. But is that all you need? Probably not! You will also need vacuums with maneuverability and versatility, as pet fur can get stuck on multiple surfaces in the house.


Easy to assemble
Suction power
For cleaning up hair

Market leaders in the vacuuming industry have provided customers with numerous options of vacuums to choose from. While this product diversity satisfies your buying needs, it might, at the same time, confuse you. You might get overwhelmed and ask yourself, so which one is the most suitable machine for me?

This question is common, but there is no straightforward answer to it, as everyone’s needs are different. However, if you are looking for a high-performing yet affordable machine to get rid of pet hair on various surfaces, do not overlook Bissell Pet Hair Remover.


Bissell - The vacuum Brand That Satisfies Diverse Customers’ Needs And Budget

If you google the term, the best vacuums, or most high-performing vacuums, you will come across several Bissell models. Among the most well known names on the market Bissell has its own competitive edge. Bissell’s machines are well-known for their superior performance and low price.

The company provides customers with a complete line of product categories, from uprights to canisters, handhelds and sticks. On top of that, within each of these categories, there is a wide range of models with various features to meet your needs. No matter what your expectations and budget are, there is always a Bissell vacuum for you.

When it comes to high-quality machines to tackle pet hair, this Michigan-based manufacturer is one of the pioneers in this product segment. Indeed, how a vacuum handles pet hair tells customers pretty much all they’ll need to know about the company’s engineering technique, since pet fur is probably one of the biggest challenges for vacuum cleaners of any type.

Bissell designs and engineers their products based on thorough market research. Given this, all of their products are bound to meet customers’ requirements. The Bissell pet hair remover is such a machine!

 Bissell pet hair remover 

     Bissell pet hair remover Via: Amazon

Bissell Pet Hair Remover - Pros And Cons

As we briefly mentioned above, if you’ve come across products like Bissell pet hair remover, Bissell 1650, Bissell 1650A, or Bissell pet hair upright 1650A, you might quickly get confused. To make it clear, these are just different names for the same upright vacuum from Bissell that is engineered for pet hair.

So you might be wondering if this machine lives up to its claims! Our Bissell pet hair eraser review will provide an in-depth analysis of all the essential features of this machine. More importantly, how it handles pet hair on multiple floor types will also be reviewed.

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But let’s take a look at its pros and cons first before going any deeper into other details.


  • • Good suction power to pick up pet fur

  • • Competitive price

  • • Long hose to reach hidden spots

  • • Wide cleaning path

  • • Included three specialized pet tools

  • • Long cord length

  • • Febreze filter to keep the air free from pet odor

  • • Sealed system to retain particles

  • • Tangle-free brush roll

  • • Decent bin size

  • • Easy-to-empty dust canister

  • • Excellent edge cleaning

  • • A good set of accessories

  • • Extended Warranty: 5 years


  • • Heavy (18lbs)

  • • The filter is not HEPA

  • • Difficult to reach beneath low furniture

Bissel Pet Hair Eraser 1650A Review

Key Features

Dimensions And Weight

Bissell 1650A pet hair eraser comes with the dimensions of 13.5 x 12.4 x 46.8 inches and weighs 18 lbs. While its weight is one of the biggest cons of this machine, we still find it reasonable. The average weight of upright vacuums is around 13 to 20 lbs, so when you are vacuuming your house with an 18lbs machine that works effectively in cleaning up pet hair, there is not much to complain about.

Suction power

Bissell pet hair remover 1650A, is one model in its Bissell 1650 series, which includes 1650, 1650A, 16501, 16502, 1650P, 1650R and 1650W. They come in negligibly different weights and features to meet customers’ needs. While suction strength is one of the first criteria that customers look for when purchasing a vacuum, the advice from most experienced home appliances engineers might change your mindset.

Don’t get us wrong! We’re not saying that you can go with a lower suction power machine as long as you like its design. The key point here is aside from suction power buyers should also look at floor agitation and usability. Put differently, you should find a balance between your desired suction strength and other equally important factors.

Bissell pet hair eraser is powered by an 8.5amp motor, which means its suction is decent. While this upright vacuum is not the most potent machine for pet hair that you can find on the market, its brush roll is uniquely designed with an innovation called SuctionChannel Technology...

What is so special about this innovative design? Well, this is all about its agitation. While some manufacturers use suction on one side of their devices’ brush roll, Bissell created a broader and more direct cleaning path, allowing more powerful edge-to-edge suction that picks up pet hair and debris on the carpet more effectively.

So why are you still wasting time to shortlist your preferred vacuums for pet hair? Look no further! Bissell pet hair remover is the ideal machine for pet lovers. Its power is more than enough to get you going. Who does not want to have a fur-free space while still having a few lovely pets' company?


Bissell pet hair eraser does not have a HEPA filtration system. So if your kids or your parents suffer from respiratory-related diseases such as asthma, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), pneumonia or pleural effusion, we would recommend you to consider other alternative vacuums that are installed with a HEPA filter.

Instead, Bissell pet hair remover is a perfect dog vacuum as it has a Smart Seal System that traps pet hair, dirt, allergens, and dander effortlessly. So what does this system do? It ensures that air passes through the filters before going out of the vacuum, which helps clean the air. Besides, the machine is housed with three filters: two pre-motor and one post-motor. While the former are both washable, the latter is not.

Pet parents do know how wonderful it is to have a few four-legged friends like your family’s best friends. However, their odor might leave you frustrated, especially if you’re meticulous homeowners. If you're among these groups of vacuum users, you will appreciate the odor eliminator of Bissell pet hair remover.

Bissell owns the trademark for this unique feature, which is called Febreze Pet Odour Eliminator. True to its name, this is a type of post-motor filter to keep your home smelling fresh and clean. Gone are the days when you finished vacuuming your house and turned around to still smell the odor of your canine or feline wifting around your living room.

Design And Ergonomics

Overall look and feel

Right from the first glance, you can tell that Bissell pet hair remover has the standard design of an upright machine. Its key color is bright green, added with a few hints of grey. This harmonious color combination of this Bissell device is eye-catching.

Its swivel steering head allows users to maneuver the machine through corners and edges effortlessly. Besides, the device has a quick-release wand, which means users can easily attach necessary tools. More importantly, this easily disconnected wand gives you extra reach to clean top corners or under the furniture spots.

The tangle-free brush roll

One of the biggest headaches when vacuuming pet hair would be having to use scissors to cut the wrapped hair around the brush roll. After each run, cleaning the tangled hair to keep it clog-free is a tedious and time-consuming job. Sometimes, you might end up spending much more time removing hair from the brush roll than cleaning your space.

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If you’ve dealt with such hassle before, Bissell's pet hair remover would be a perfect solution. It is one of the top-rated vacuums for pet hair that has addressed this issue with a tangle-free brush roll. So does it work true to its name?

The answer is definitely yes. Since its roller is more extensive than an ordinary brush roll, it prevents hair from being wrapped around, thus avoiding any tangle.

Are you parents of certain dog breeds such as husky, poodles, Belgian sheepdog, or Springer Spaniels? If yes, you know how long their hair is. Cleaning their hair on the sofa, carpeted floors or furniture can be a challenge if you are using conventional vacuums.

So, why not buy a pet hair machine such as the Bissell pet hair eraser, which eliminates those tangles on the brush roll. Now your pet fur cleaning tasks are much more manageable!

One minor con of this much-loved brush roll is that its belt is near the center, which means you can have a blind spot while vacuuming. We believe this belt’s location is part of the tangle-free design. Even though this is not a concern for us, we think it is worth mentioning it here, as users might need to have one or two extra passes from time to time to pick up all the debris.


Bissell pet hair remover has only three tools, but all of them are crucial to clear up accumulated pet hair on multiple surfaces. So the machine lives up to its name as a dog vacuum that every pet parent should have. We will review the usability and functions of these tools, one by one, in this Bissell pet hair eraser review.

  • • LED-lit crevice tool

It takes two 3 Volt batteries to use this tool to pick up dirt and debris in those hidden or awkward to reach spots. Bissell provides the LED light right on the crevice tool, making it much more convenient to clean up small or hard-to-reach spaces such as in-between sofas, window or shower tracks, small blinds, air vents, folds and crevices of mattress.

By turning the bright green dial from floor suction to hose suction, you can use this battery-powered LED-lit crevice tool. But before that, you will need to turn the brush roll off by hitting the on/off switch beside the power button.

  • • 2-in-1 pet brush

This brush is attached directly onto the handle of Bissell pet hair remover. It’s made to clean up the most stubborn dirt and pet hair on delicate surfaces. For harder to reach areas such as blinds or ceiling fans, you can move the 2-in-1 pet brush from the handle and connect it to the wand for better use.

This link will show you how this tool can be used:

  • • Pet turbo eraser tool

Pet parents would know too well that their four-legged friends, especially the skittish ones, love to snuggle or play on the upholstery surfaces.

If you have more active dog breeds like Siberian Husky, Belgian Malinois, Golden Retrievers, or Australian Shepherds, you know how full of energy they are.

So this pet turbo eraser tool will help you clean pet hair on stairs and upholstery areas with ease. If it gets clogged, it is also easy to fix.

Cleaning Performance

On the hard floor

Even though the machine does not have the most durable suction power compared to its competitors, it works well on bare floors. We have come across a few negative comments about its performance on hard floors. Some users said that some particles stuck to the wheels while others commented that the machine struggles on the first pass.

Since these comments are not entirely clear on whether the problems are due to improper setup or clogging, we believe it would be of great help to mention that Bissell has got a video to help you get it properly functioning. So watch it here to better equip yourself with more information:

The brush roll button should be off when you are cleaning hard floors like tile or hardwood. Another important note is that users should not set the nozzle height too high since carpeted floors usually require higher nozzles than bare floors.

On Carpeted Floor

With a five-level height adjustment, this Bissell dog vacuum works effectively on multiple floor types. However, it performs exceptionally well on both low pile and high pile carpet. The device’s stiff bristles allow it to pick up any dirt and debris with ease. If most of your house floor is carpeted and you have a couple of pets around, this Bissell machine is an ideal option.

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Pet hair

When it comes to the machine’s performance on pet hair, Bissell pet hair remover excels. Thanks to the tangle-free brush tool and a cyclonic spooling system, it excels in this regard.

If you are pet parents, you know how common it is to see hair wrapping around the outer filter shell, and you will have to use your finger to pull the hair out. Bissell has made significant improvements in this pet fur vacuum to address this problem by creating an internal hair management mechanism called Cyclonic Pet Hair Spooling system.

This system effectively separates dirt from hair by forcing the hair to spool together to create a large chunk of it, which will eventually fall down the bin when the trap door is open. So you do not have to use your fingers to pick up hair, meaning the vacuum is much more hygienic for users of all ages.


Maintaining Bissell pet hair remover is pretty straightforward. As briefly mentioned above, since its two pre-motor filters are washable, you only need to give it a proper rinse under cold water to get rid of the accumulated dust.

As with any other vacuums’ filters, we always remind our readers to completely dry the filters for at least 24 hours before putting it back in. This reminder is to ensure the longevity of the motor and also to avoid getting mold in un-dry filters.

The Febreze post-motor filters are not washable, so Bissell recommends users replace it every five to six months, depending on your vacuuming frequency and how many pets you have. Replacement filters cost around $20 and are always available on Amazon for home delivery.

For the dust canister, all you have to do is hold its handle, which is right on its top, press the black button in front of it, and all of the hair will drop into your bin.

Noise Level

Pet lovers might already know that cats and dogs are sensitive to noise. Aside from fireworks, they can be easily frightened of thunder and strange sounds from some home appliances, especially lawnmowers.

While some upright or canister vacuums are extremely loud, the Bissell 1650A’s noise level is average. Depending on which surfaces you’re vacuuming, its noise level varies from around 70 to 80dB, which does not bother your pets too much.


#1- Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Plus 24613 - Somewhat Similar Machine But Lighter

If the Bissell Pet Hair Remover 1650 caught your attention, but you’re concerned about its weight, Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Plus 24613 is a great alternative. It weighs 4 lbs less than its 1650 brother, and it is the most lightweight among all four pet hair upright vacuums from this manufacturer.

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Plus 24613

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Plus 24613 Via: Amazon

With the same tangle-free brush roll technology, this machine picks up pet hair on various surfaces perfectly. Moreover, it deep cleans exceptionally well on the carpet. At the same time, it comes at a more affordable price, compared to some of its direct competitors such as Hoover Hushtone, Oreck XL, or Windsor XP12.

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Plus 2281 also comes with three accessories: one LED Lighted Crevice Tool, and two tools for pet hair: 2-in-1 Pet Dusting Brush and Pet TurboEraser tool. Last but not least, its wand and hose are both easy to remove, making it one of the best vacuums for homeowners with pets.

#2- Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Lift-Off Bagless Upright Vacuum 20874 - A Two-In-One Machine, Suitable For Homes With Stairs

So you have lots of stairs in your house, and you are looking for a tangle-free brush roll pet vacuum... You have come across Bissell pet hair remover and its tangle-free brush roll is what you have been looking for in a vacuum. However, you are wondering whether it would be an uphill task to lug around an 18 lbs vacuum to clean the stairs every week.

Well, Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Lift-Off Bagless Upright Vacuum 2087 is an ideal alternative as its canister can be lifted-off. Cleaning up the stairs now is much simpler as you only have to carry half of the machine up and down the stairs. After vacuuming the flights of stairs, you do not have to suffer from back pain anymore.

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Lift-Off Bagless Upright Vacuum 20874

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Lift-Off Bagless Upright Vacuum 20874 Via: Amazon

Users can enjoy the benefits of the tangle-free-brush roll that is usually seen in the high-end pet hair vacuum of Bissell in this machine. Emptying the dust canister is within one-touch, thanks to the Cyclonic Pet Hair Pooling System. You have what you love from the Bissell Pet Hair Remover but in a 2-in-1 detachable and portable lift-off canister.

#3- Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro 1986 - Somewhat Similar Machine That Can Tackle Pet Messes As Well

You know that pets shed fur, but they also leave behind messes like littler or food. Sometimes they bring the whole garden into your living room. During rainy seasons, your carpets can have caked on mud stains. Even worse, pets’ muddy paws can ruin your upholstery furniture.

If you’ve struggled cleaning these messes from your pets before, you would probably appreciate the functions of Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro Carpet Cleaner 1986. It cleans multiple stains on carpets thanks to the design of two brush rolls.

Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro 1986

Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro 1986 Via: Amazon

Besides, its CleanShot Pretreater shoots cleaning liquids onto the particular carpet stains, which means you can now tackle stubborn spots and stains effectively.

With a low profile foot, the machine can quickly get under furniture. So you do not have to use an upright and keep a handheld with you and bend over to clean under the low cabinets or sofa.


So, is Bissell a good vacuum cleaner? Given the diversity of the Bissell product range and its numerous models, it is hard to have a one-size-fits-all answer for everyone.

Choosing which Bissell machine will answer the question will largely depend on your needs. The Bissell vacuum that your colleague is using for five years and has praised for its durability might not be a good fit for your family. Given this, your choice is a matter of personal preferences.

However, if the question is is Bissell Pet Hair Remover the right vacuum cleaner for pets?, we would not hesitate to say yes. It has outstanding performance on pet hair thanks to the unique feature of the tangle-free brush roll.

As can be seen from our Bissell Pet Hair Eraser review above, the device is genuinely designed for households with pets, as it comes with three tools to leave your house fur-free. The machine is also hygienic to use as you only need to press one button to empty its dust canister.

Even though you might have read a few comments about its weight, we find that it is easy to maneuver and not a bulky machine. However, if you still prefer a more compact model, then the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Plus 2281 briefly reviewed from our above Alternative section is the right choice.

In case you need a machine to handle messes on hard floors, BISSELL Crosswave Pet Pro is a handy machine that tackles spills or nasty messes on timber surfaces. This device weighs only a little more than 11 lbs, making it ideal for almost every user.

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