The 2554A Bissell Crosswave Max Cordless Wet-Dry Vacuum Reviews


Bissell Crosswave Cordless Max Reviews - Portable and Convenient King?

Sometimes, vacuuming isn’t the optimal solution for the dirty messes around your houses, especially when they are wet and sticky. In these cases, having a wet vacuum will certainly be more helpful, since it can comfortably work on cleaning stains and spills, along with the traditional dry messes like other vacuums. And when combined with a cordless design, homeowners will have a multi-function vacuum with absolute convenience .

Learn more about these impressive qualities with our bissell crosswave cordless max reviews, which will show you exactly what a good wet and portable vacuum should be. And if you aren’t interested in this specific model, we also provide our own list of worthy alternatives that will satisfy your different preferences.

About the Bissell Crosswave Cordless Max


Easy to use
Easy to assemble
Light weight
Suction power

Bissell Crosswave Cordless Max is the next product on Bissell’s wet vacuum lineup, with new features and upgraded functions to match its premium price. As a result, you will find the model to be more powerful and longer-lasting than the standard Bissell Crosswave Cordless. And unlike the original Bissell Crosswave and Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro, this unit is completely cord free, allowing you to comfortably work on your vacuuming jobs without being limited by the power cord.

The vacuum offers capable cleaning power with its combined wet and dry function, which will allow you to effectively collect normal dust and debris while also enabling you to clean up stains and spills. At the same time, the extended battery capacity and cleaning power will make sure that you can comfortably work on all tasks.

For those of you who are looking to combine their surface mopping and vacuuming jobs, this hybrid model from Bissell will surely impress you, not only with its effective cleaning applications, but also because of its convenient and premium features.

The unit will let you vacuum and wash at the same time

The unit will let you vacuum and wash at the same time Via: Amazon


  • • Convenient usage with cordless design

  • • Good battery life with up to 30 minutes of run time

  • • Suitable to clean dry and wet messes on varied surfaces

  • • Premium build and design


  • • Relatively expensive and limited vacuum application

Features & Benefits

For those of you who are interested, you can further discover this product from Bissell with our in-depth bissell crosswave cordless max reviews. Here, we’ll provide you with the complete insight regarding its features and the exact benefits. As a result, you can better understand the product and will be able to decide if it’s the right one for you. Nonetheless, you’ll still know what to expect from a top-tier product, which is quite useful if you are considering other options.

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Vacuum and wash at the same time

With the standard vacuum function and the added moping option, homeowners can now comfortably work on their cleaning tasks, regardless of the dirt types. And for thorough floor cleaning operations, there is no need to vacuum first and then mop later. You can have the machine operating both tasks simultaneously. Thus, allowing you to comfortably work on your cleaning jobs and enjoy the impressive cleaning results, even with the stickiest and messiest stains.

Useful sanitizing formula and brush combos

And to assist homeowners in working on different cleaning tasks, Bissell provides its complete collection of sanitizer and brush roll combos, which can be easily installed and replaced on your vacuum unit. As a result, it’s totally possible to always go for the best options.

Sanitize hard floors – Start by doing your simple hard floor cleaning tasks with the Hard Floor Sanitize Formula and Multi-Surface Brush Roll from Bissell, as you make uses of their impressive cleaning and sanitizing effects. The combo will help eliminate up to 99% of harmful bacteria, which will result in a cleaner and shinier floor.

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Clean Multiple Surfaces – With the standard Multi-Surface Brush and Formula, homeowners can easily work on any area of their house, from hard floors to rugs. The multi-function formula and the universal brush will make sure that it works on all floor and carpet cleaning tasks comfortably.

Clean Up After Pets – For pet owners, the added deodorizing benefits from the Pet Multi-Surface Formula, combined with the flexible Pet Multi-Surface Brush Roll, will allow you to effectively eliminate common pet messes along with their distinctive odors.

Clean Wood Floors – For dedicated wooden surfaces, you’ll need the soft Wood Floor Brush Roll to gently clean up your floors. In addition, the impressive Wood Floor Formula will provide a natural coating on the applied surfaces, giving them a shiny and protective layer.

Clean Area Rugs – To effectively pull up hairs and loosen dirt inside your thick carpets and area rugs, the added bristle on the Area Rug Brush Roll and the amazing Area Rug Formula can help you with the task.

The available combos allow you to clean on multiple surfaces

The available combos allow you to clean on multiple surfaces Via: Amazon

Suitable for multiple floors and surfaces

With many cleaning combos available, the bissell cordless wet dry floor allows users to comfortably and effectively work their vacuum on multiple surfaces. From sealed wooden floors, tiles, rubber floor mats, to even rugs.

And with the optimized cleaner head design, you can improve edge cleaning application with the Bissell 2554A. Feel free to work the vacuum along the baseboard and get into the corners without any obstructions.

Enjoy the convenient cordless usages

Like many other cordless vacuum models, the cordless vacuum mop provides you with a convenient and flexible cleaning experience, which will set you free from the annoying electric cords. Now, you don’t have to worry about you tripping on it or getting hooked or caught while working.

And with an impressive run time of up to 30 minutes, users can comfortably work on their vacuuming and mopping tasks for as long as needed. This is always more than enough to work around your entire apartment.

Enjoy the convenient usages of your cordless machine

Enjoy the convenient usages of your cordless machine Via: Amazon

Rest assured with the two-tank technology

While using the mop option, Bissell 2554A, users can always trust in the two-tank technology to provide you with a clean mixture of water and sanitizing solution. Here, the clean water is separated from the dirty water into two different tanks.

You will only mop with the clean solution from the first tank. And the dirty water will be collected to the second tank immediately to guarantee that the brush always stays clean. Plus, in the dirty tank, the debris will be filtered, making it a lot easier to clean the entire unit once you are done.

Never clean with dirty water

Never clean with dirty water Via: Amazon

Useful docking station with multiple functions

And speaking of which, when you’re finished using the machine, users can easily store their Bissell Cordless mop in the 3-in-1 Docking Station. This, beside the storing application, can also be used to recharge your Bissell unit. Hence, you will always have your electric mop ready to use when you take it out from the docking station.

In addition, it’s also possible to run the Self-Cleaning Cycle on your Bissell crosswave cordless max self cleaning machine, using the provided dock. This will help to flush out all the dirt and waste inside the system, allowing the vacuum to return to its natural clean state. Not to mention that you’ll save a lot of time doing cleaning maintenance on the unit.

Use the multi-function docking station for cleaning and charging

Use the multi-function docking station for cleaning and charging Via: Amazon

Great Wi-Fi connection to the mobile app

And to further add up to the machine’s application, Bissell also provides its useful Wi-Fi connection for the mopping unit. Now, you can use the proprietary mobile app from Bissell to connect to your machine. Check out all the information of your system through the usage dashboard, get help with many available helpful alerts and cleaning tips, or get allerted when maintenance is needed. Then simply pick up your part replacements by using the Dash Replenishment feature to directly connect to Bissell online store.

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Use the proprietary mobile app for more applications

Use the proprietary mobile app for more applications Via: Amazon

Premium and convenient LED display

With the display function enabled, users can now see the exact amount of battery that your machine has left. And the unit will let you select and display the current surface that you are working on, which will provide the most optimum cleaning experiences.

Support Bissell Pet Foundation with your purchases

And for pet lovers, you can now support the poor homeless animals, by helping them through the Bissell Pet Foundation. As a result, with each of your purchases on Bissell’s products, you can donate up to 10 dollars for the poor animals and give them a shelter.

Always buy Bissell products to support pets

Always buy Bissell products to support pets Via: Amazon

Social Proof

The bissell crosswave cordless multi-surface wet dry vac comes with many useful and interesting features, which make them absolutely amazing when it comes to both dry and wet cleaning. But to further justify our points, we’ve also looked at some reliable feedback. And to our expectations, most of them were positive and indicated many crucial points. Feel free to check out these reviews to further understand the product.

biseell cordelss wet dry floor

bissell crosswave cordless multi-surface wet dry vac


While the Bissell 2554A is among the top rated bissell vacuum cleaners, some of you might still prefer other specs and features over the ones that were included in this unit. As a result, we’ve also selected other good alternatives from Bissell and other brands, which will make it easier for you to consider your options.

#1- BISSELL CrossWave 1785A

Bissell CrossWave 1785A

Bissell CrossWave 1785A Via: Amazon

If you have problems with the limited cleaning time on the cordless Bissell 2554A, then the original corded Bissell CrossWave 1785A will be a better option. Here, users can comfortably work on their vacuuming and mopping tasks without worrying about their battery. Plus, the corded power source will provide better suction power for users. Thus, allowing for better performance, especially when you are dealing with large and dirty messes.

At the same time, the machine does feature all the impressive functions on their cordless counterpart, making it completely capable of performing any dry and wet vacuuming tasks. And with a much cheaper price, you will definitely find the Bissell 1785A being a great alternative for the more expensive Bissell 2554A. 

#2- Hoover FH40160PC

Hoover FH40160PC

Hoover FH40160PCVia: Amazon

Another option for dry and wet vacuuming combo is the Hoover FH40160PC, which is a dedicated floor cleaning machine with all the features that you will need. Start by enjoying the SpinScrub Brush Technology on the vacuum, as it helps you easily collect dirt and wet messes, using an effective 3600 scrubbing function. Here, the gentle brush can effectively work on many flooring and surfaces to collect dirt and wet mess. And the effective dual-tank technology will make sure that you’ll always operate with clean solutions.

#3- Shark VM252

Shark VM252

Shark VM252 Via: Amazon

If you prefer the cordless use but are willing to pay for the premium Bissell 2554A, then this interesting product from Shark might interest you. Here, you can have access to the classic cordless vacuum with a decent operation time and all the standard benefits.

In addition, if you wish to use the machine for casual moping jobs, it’s also possible to install the cleaning pad to the vacuum. The spraying unit on the front will apply the cleaning solution while you proceed to mop the floor with the cordless unit.

Perform both vacuuming and mopping operation at the same time without any hassles. And when you are done, simply dispose of the pad into your trash can with ease. Not to mention that the unbeatable price of the unit will certainly impress you.


Having dirty floors and carpets is certainly not what we want when entering our houses after a long working day. So it would be nice if you are able to solve your problems in just a few minutes. And as you have seen from our bissell crosswave cordless max reviews, this machine is completely capable of completing your casual vacuuming and mopping jobs at the same time.

And with the liberation of the cordless design, you’ll have a more comfortable time working with the machine. Of course, if you prioritize other aspects and features, our complete list of the best alternatives will always be helpful.

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bissell crosswave cordless max reviews - portable and convenient king?

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