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YETI 75 Cooler: A High-End Model Made For The Wild

Nov 22, 2020

Are you an outdoor enthusiast who puts the quality of your gear first? Are you looking for a durable, sizeable cooler for your next outdoor adventure? There is a vast array of ice chests from different high-end brands on the market, and the best models can withstand summer heat, rugged terrain to keep ice for more than a week.

The Tundra product series from YETI is well-known for its durability and ice retention, and the Tundra 75 YETI cooler is a medium-sized model of this product line. In this YETI 75 cooler review, I will provide you ample information to decide whether this outdoor cooler should be with you on your next trip. Let’s dive right in!


Hard versus soft coolers - Which one is better for an outdoor adventure?

A soft-sided cooler is usually light, as it’s designed to carry as a backpack on your shoulders.



Value for money
Easy to clean

However, users have to sacrifice the portability for capacity since a standard cooler of this type can only contain a few cans of drinks.

Hard-sided coolers, on the other hand, allow the adventurers to pack much more stuff. Even though they're heavier, they can keep ice much longer as they're built with better materials.

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Outdoor activities such as fishing, hunting, camping, or tailgating require portable yet rugged coolers to withstand rigorous use and extended handling. A soft-sided cooler is compact and easy to store, but it may not be capable of withstanding rough terrain. Given this, heavy-duty hard-sided coolers are a better choice for outdoor explorers.

Long outdoor trips required hard-side coolers 

Long outdoor trips required hard-side coolers

YETI - A premium brand for its unsurpassed durability

If you google best medium-sized coolers for outdoor activities or the most durable large-sized coolers, chances are a few YETI models of different sizes will show up in your search results. This is not a surprise as YETI coolers are many customers' top-of-mind choice over the years.

Even though YETI came to the market only more than ten years ago, the brand has been well-known for its ultra-durable products with exceptional performance and excellent ice retention.

The company’s owners aim to build products for serious outdoor enthusiasts.

That said, YETI coolers are not made for everyone. So, if you’re keen on indestructible ice chests that thrive in the harshest outdoor trips, the YETI Tundra coolers are made for you.

Now, is the 75-quart YETI cooler the right choice for you? This thorough and unbiased YETI 75 cooler review will help you to make a well- informed decision.

YETI coolers 75 quart - Pros and cons


  • • Permafrost insulation

  • • Easy to use

  • • Durable and robust

  • • Great capacity

  • • Rotomolded construction

  • • Freezer-quality gasket

  • • Double handles

  • • Anti-slip feet


  • • Heavy and expensive

  • • Uncomfortable rope handles

YETI 75 cooler review

Dimensions, weight, and capacity

Its outside dimension is 17 7/8’’ x 17 1/2’’ x 33 1/2’’ while its inside measurement is: 3/4’’ x 12 7/8’’ x 25 5/8’’. It weighs 34lbs and can fit 57 cans of beer, giving you tons of capacity for your outdoor trips.

Yeti Tundra 75

YETI Tundra 75 Via: Amazon

This YETI cooler is hefty, and it’s also one of the biggest cons of this high-ranking ice chest. However, if you compare this YETI 75 quarts with a few competitors of the same capacity, its weight shouldn’t be a concern for fans of YETI Tundra sturdy and durable coolers.

For example, the Bison cooler 75 quarts was also built with rotomolded technology, but it weighs 39 lbs. Similarly, the Orca 75 quarts cooler weighs 36 lbs, making it a little heavier than the YETI Tundra 75. Another model that I should mention is the Grizzly 75 quarts, as it also weighs 34 pounds.

At first glance, the YETI Tundra 75 quarts might look like a massive ice chest. However, a quick comparison with several equivalent models on the market reveals that most coolers of 75 quarts weigh about the same or more massive than YETI 75 quarts.

Durability and insulation

The best coolers on the market are those that can keep ice the longest, and the YETI Tundra 75 quarts is one of those. Several technologies contribute to excellent durability and ice retention of this cooler model. We’ll go into the details of these innovations right below.

Rotomolded construction

Romomoled coolers have recently gained a lot of recognition for their superior quality. If you have wondered what this term means, here is a quick explanation: rotomolding is short for the rotational molding technique. It refers to the production process that allows manufacturers to create the shape they want for their coolers. This whole process starts with coating the mold’s inside part with raw plastic, which is usually more expensive than regular plastic.

Once the mold is coated, it will be filled with hot molten plastic and rotated continuously at a preset speed in an oven in horizontal and vertical axes. This rotation creates an even and consistent thickness for the cooler’s body since it is evenly distributed inside the mold.

As a result, the end products’ corners and joints are much more robust than their counterparts manufactured using other traditional processes. A rotomolded cooler like the Tundra 75 YETI cooler has extra insulation, and it is also prone to cracking and can put through a great deal of abuse.

Fat-wall design and Permafrost insulation

Its fat-wall design holds up 2 inches of insulation while the 3 inches of PermaFrost insulation creates unmatched ice retention for the YETI 75 quarts cooler. But what is the Permafrost insulation? It’s a technique to inject commercial-grade polyurethane foam in the walls and lid of coolers to ensure that ice stays the longest.

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Polyurethane foam is the premium material that has been used by many high-end cooler manufacturers, and YETI is one of those. Thanks to its closed-cell structure, this type of foam ensures insulation effectiveness in confined space. Better yet, it is also a light material, giving the YETI coolers the ideal weight to be outdoors man's best companion.

A perfect cooler for outdoorsmen

A perfect cooler for outdoorsmen Via: Amazon

Ease of use

The YETI Tundra series is available in different colors: brown, orange, seafoam, charcoal, black, so everyone can find the color that fits their style. I love them all, but I like the YETI Tundra 75 quart cooler white the most as it looks calming to my eyes.

YETI is probably the most recognized brand in the coolers sphere, and its product quality deserves this recognition. Aside from excellent ice retention and durability, YETI Tundra ice chests are also made with users' convenience in mind. Usability is another area that most YETI products shine.

In this section, we will go through the additional features that contribute to this cooler's outstanding usability.

Double haul handles

The first pair of the handle is designed for solo carry. With a long shape, the Tundra 75 quarts wouldn’t be a burden if you need to carry it independently. The second pair of handles are made of military-grade polyester for easy grabbing, and they're designed for co-carrying as they are on two sides of the cooler.

Integrated Hinge

One of the most commonly seen complaints from coolers users is the hinges can bust off after extensive use. The YETI cooler 75 quart is different as its hinges are built into the unit's body; therefore, it’s in line with the body, giving it a sturdy look and feel.

This hinge system can also fit perfectly into the limited space of your vehicles. Fishermen will also find these hinges a plus point, as boats usually have limited space on board, so a cooler with a sleek design is an ideal choice.

Freezer-quality gasket 

Since heat is transmitted via conduction (which is the heat that goes through the walls) and convection (which is the air currents that go through the lid), it’s best to have coolers with a thick wall design and a high-quality lid. With a freezer-quality gasket around the entire lid, the Tundra 75 quarts’ lid seals tightly to minimize air exchange, thus, ensures that ice stays longer, no matter where you bring your cooler to.

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This YETI cooler is also installed with an interlocked lid, allowing two latches to hold the lid securely for easy, quick opening and closing. This type of lid also makes it convenient for storage and transportation. Its sturdy latches are made from stretchy rubber, giving them the flexibility you need to turn the cooler into a mini table for partying or an extra chair to stand on while you’re fishing.

Vortex drain system

The drain plug is leakproof and easy to use for quick draining. Users only need to twist the cap to open and drain it in just two or three minutes.

BearFoot non-slip feet

Other coolers can easily slip when you leave them unnoticed on slick surfaces like boat decks or truck beds. This 75-quart YETI cooler has the BearFoot non-slip feet, which means it stays where you put it. Whenever you put it down, it will remain where it is. That way, the contents that you keep in your cooler will never spill out.

YETI 75 vs. 105

The YETI Tundra series of coolers have a wide range of models of different sizes. Among those, the 75 quarts and 105 quarts are two popular medium-sized that many shoppers look for. So what are their differences? And which one is a better option? Our comparison chart will help you to make a decision.

Specifications/Features YETI Tundra 75 YETI Tundra 105

Dimensions (outside)

17 7/8’’ x 17 1/2’’ x 33 1/2’’

19 3/4’’ x 17 7/8’’ x 30 7/8’’

Dimensions (inside)

10 3/4’’ x 12 7/8’’ x 25 5/8’’

12 3/8’’ x 14 5/8’’ x 23’’

Weight (when empty)

34 lbs

36 lbs


57 cans of beer

67 cans of beer

Rotomolded construction



Permafrost insulation



Fat-wall design



Vortex drain system

Yes Yes

Double handles

Yes Yes



You can see that both YETI Tundra 75 and 105 are equally built with the same standards to ensure unsurpassed durability and ice retention. When I put these two coolers side by side, the Tundra 105 is much taller than its 75 quarts sibling.

While the Tundra 75 can hold 57 cans of beer, the 105 quarts can hold 67 cans of beer. Given this, if you’re going on an extended trip with a large group of family or friends, I would recommend you to pick the Tundra 105 quarts.

Another note is that Tundra 105 is taller with a smaller footprint on its bottom, making it a perfect choice if you have limited space on your boats, trucks or if you’re planning to pack many items in your vehicles.

How to pick the right size of YETI cooler?

As you can see from this review and our YETI Tundra 65 review, YETI coolers come in different shapes and sizes, so buyers have a wide variety of options to choose from. I’ve briefly mentioned above that a soft-sided cooler is small, and it’s perfectly fine for a day trip, but longer outings would need a bigger hard-sided cooler. But what cooler size do you need?

Your cooler's size should depend on your intended use, the length of the trip, and how large your group will be. The cooler capacity is usually stated in quarts, and one quart equals 0.75 cans, so if you’re buying a 24-quart cooler, you can keep about 18 cans. If you’re a group of three having a day trip, a 40-quart cooler should be fine.

Another essential detail to note is that 30% or 50% of your ice chest capacity will be taken up with ice. I would not recommend a group of five or six to buy a large cooler, as a tightly packed ice chest would keep your food and beverage longer and colder.

Some of my friends tend to choose a jumbo-sized cooler and add extra ice because they assume that the more ice they fill, the longer their cooler keeps their perishables cold. While this assumption is somehow reasonable, adding more ice to your cooler will eventually increase the weight that you will have to carry. Also, an overly large cooler can make the ice melt faster due to the excess air.

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Last month, I used my YETI Tundra 75 quarts cooler white for my family outing on the beach. We were a group of four, and the capacity of this ice chest was the right fit for our needs in these two days. So if you’re having about the same number of members in your groups, and you’re thinking of a two days trip, then a 60-quart to 75-quart cooler would be an ideal choice.

Yeti Tundra 75 white 

YETI Tundra 75 white Via: Amazon


1. RTIC 65-quart hard cooler - A perfect alternative to other high-end models

If you’re a big fan of the YETI Tundra 75 quarts but still reluctant to click the purchase button because of its price, then the RTIC 65-quart is worth your consideration. Compared to the YETI Tundra 75-quart, you can save about $100 when buying this RTIC model. When it comes to cost-effectiveness, RTIC has been a winner.

However, it does not mean that you will have to sacrifice quality for affordability. This 65-quart cooler from RTIC was also built with the rotomolded technique, which means excellent ice retention. A friend of mine has used this ice chest for five months in about ten short and long trips, and he said that it could keep food and drinks cold for six days, even in extreme heat weather.

RTIC 65-quart 

RTIC 65-quart Via: Amazon

This mid-sized cooler can hold 65 cans, making it an ideal choice for a group of four to five people on a weekend trip. The RTIC is also a tough cooler that can withstand pushing, yanking, and other harsh weather conditions. You can even stand on it when fishing.

2.  RovR Wheeled 60-quart cooler - Another alternative with excellent mobility

The Tundra 75 YETI cooler is perfectly engineered for extended trips, but its weight is what makes shoppers think again before clicking the purchase button. Lots of outing activities can be enervating enough that you wouldn’t want to carry a heavy cooler. A cooler with sturdy wheels can make a world of difference!

The RovR 60-quart is maneuverable, making the transportation of foods and drinks so much more convenient. Its puncture-resistant tires are fast, agile, durable, and fantastic in the sand, allowing users to pull it for long-distance or bumpy or sandy with little effort. It also has unmatched ice retention capacity thanks to the combination of the rotomolded construction, an elevated body, and an airtight gasket with thick foam insulation.

RovR 60-quart

RovR 60-quart Via: Amazon

Its pull-beside dual-handle lets you pull it with you whenever you are. Better yet, this tow arm also connects your RovR cooler to your bike. I'm not surprised that this ice chest won the Men’s Journal 2018 Gear of the Year award with all of these features. It's undoubtedly an excellent choice for your next outdoor trip!

3. YETI Tundra 65 quarts - A slightly smaller model with similar functions and durability

If you’re interested in the Tundra 75 quarts features and looking for a smaller, lighter model, do not underestimate the Tundra 65 quarts. It’s built with similar techniques, packed with identical features but in a slightly smaller shape, which means you can have better portability for long trips.

This mid-sized cooler can hold 42 cans of beer for up to one week. If you’re a small group of three, and you’re planning for a three days trip, then this ice chest could be a good fit.

Yeti Tundra 65 

YETI Tundra 65 Via: Amazon

Investing in the right cooler will let you enjoy your trips to the fullest. However, it’s best to keep food in one cooler and drinks in another on your camping trips. You can rest easy knowing that your perishables still stays cold even though the other cooler, where you keep the drinks, is opened every few minutes.

YETI dimensions are always stated clearly on each of their products. So looking at their specifications carefully before deciding on whether you’ll need a large-sized or two mid-sized coolers is always recommended.


Our YETI 75 cooler review has included all necessary information about the YETI Tundra 75-quart ice chest. It’s a perfectly-built cooler with unsurpassed durability and ice retention for outdoor enthusiasts. If you prefer more affordable or compact models, head over to my above alternatives section, where I briefly reviewed a few other options that are all worth your consideration.

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