Simpson Megashot Msh3125-S 2.5 Gpm Gas Pressure Washer Reviews

Simpson Cleaning MSH3125 MegaShot Gas Pressure Washer Powered by Honda

Nov 11, 2020

If you have a considerable amount of outdoor space, you wouldn't want to be moving around with a scrubbing brush and hosepipe. It would be exhausting and ineffective. With so many different brands, models and types of pressure washers in the market, the ideal solution for a spic and span backyard, garden paths, and vehicles is at hand!

Read our post on the Simpson Megashot 3200 gas pressure washer where we highlight the key features of this product by Simpson. And if you are doubtful in any way about this model, we feature a few alternative models that you might like to consider.

Simpson Megashot 3200 Reviews - Real Information That You Need to Know

If you have outdoor space that needs a deep cleaning, a simple garden hose isn't going to help you much. And, there is a limit as to how much area you can cover with a scrubbing brush and soapy water.


Easy to assemble
Easy to use
Value for money

What you need is a pressure washer. These handy machines get your yard and pathways cleaned in a jiffy, and you can learn all about them in Simpson Megashot 3200 reviews.

Your outdoor space is subject to wind, rain, dirt accumulation and the ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun. Accompanying rain and moisture is the accumulation of moss and mildew. Throw in generous doses of bird droppings, and over time, the exterior of your home will soon start looking dilapidated. These deposits are difficult to remove with traditional cleaning methods. It would help if you had something more powerful and practical like a pressure washer.

Of the two major types of pressure washers, gas and electric, the electric variety are more powerful but less convenient. The two reasons are that firstly, you have the hassle of the power cord and you need to work in the proximity of a power outlet. Secondly, electricity and water don’t mix too well, so there could be a bit of a safety hazard with electric pressure washers if you don't take adequate precautions.

Gas pressure washers, on the other hand, have taken the market by storm in recent years, and you can get a variety of different brands and models to suit varying degrees of cleaning tasks.

Pressure Washers Are Great Machines for Washing Cars

Pressure Washers Are Great Machines for Washing Cars

Why do I Need a Pressure Washer?

From the points mentioned above, it is evident that if you neglect your property, it will fall to rack and ruin. You can keep the exteriors of your home neat and clean with a pressure washer. Here how it could benefit you and your property in the long run:

#1- Increased Value

Pressure washing is an affordable option to maintain your property and increase its value.

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#2- Exposes Surfaces to be Maintained

By cleaning off all the accumulated dirt, grime and other debris, you expose the surfaces to cracks and flaws that need to be fixed. You can also use a pressure washer to prep a surface when you need to apply varnish, paint or any other sealant.

#3- Hygienic Environment

If you pressure clean the outside area of your home regularly, you will get rid of bugs, dirt, grime and mold, which are the leading causes of various diseases.

#4- Removes Stubborn Stains

A pressure washer will remove stubborn stains the way you can never do with soap and a scrubbing brush.

#5- Safe Surfaces to Walk On

Regions that receive heavy rainfall during the year are prone to accumulation of moss and algae. It causes the surfaces, especially concrete, to become slimy and slippery, making it hazardous for walking.

#6- Cleans Hard-to-Reach Areas

You Can Clean Hard-to-Reach Areas Easily

You Can Clean Hard-to-Reach Areas Easily

You can reach all the nooks and crannies that you don’t get access to with a scrubbing brush. You can even clean out highly-placed gutters and overhangs without having to use a stepladder or climb into inaccessible places.

Now that we’ve established that using a pressure washer makes a whole lot of sense, and gas pressure washers are powerful and versatile, which models are the best? To help you choose a suitable pressure washer, we discuss the Simpson Megashot 3200 pressure washer pump in this post. We also take a look at a few other alternative models in case the Megashot 3200 doesn’t entirely convince you. So, stay tuned and be with us!

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Introducing the Simpson Megashot 3200 Pressure Washer

The Simpson Megashot Pressure Washer

The Simpson Megashot Pressure Washer Via: Amazon

The Simpson Megashot 3200 PSI gas pressure washer powered by Honda, uses a Honda GC190 engine with an efficient maintenance-free axial cam pump from OEM Technologies. The engine is easy to start and adequately weather-proofed to enable using the machine in the harshest environments without fear of damage to the parts.

Rugged 10-inch pneumatic wheels ensure that you can move around the unit with ease, and with a welded steel frame and an M22 hose connection.

You can adjust the direction of the nozzle by using different nozzles, the stainless-steel Quick-Connect nozzle tips of 0°, 15°, 25°, 40°, and “soap.” You will also find the hose quite robust and flexible. It is abrasion and kink resistant, and 25 feet long.

This top rated pressure washer is extensively quality checked at the factory to give an optimal, trouble-free and fuel-efficient performance to the user. The engine is also designed to keep fuel odor and fumes at a minimum level.

You will find the Simpson Megashot 3200 ideal because it is lightweight and you can use it for cleaning driveways, siding, and cars. A single person can handle it. The pressure is consistent at 3200 PSI and 2.5 gallons per minute (GPM) which will get rid of the most stubborn stains, mold and moss from your yard.

Another useful function of this pressure washer is for prepping surfaces for painting outdoor furniture, decks and siding. It is easy to start, portable and safe to use. However, wearing adequate protective gear is recommended.

The engine comes with a two-year warranty and a one-year warranty for the pump. The frame is guaranteed for five years against any manufacturing defects.


  • Frame is rugged in construction

  • Powerful engine by Honda

  • Versatile cleaning with five stainless-steel quick-connect nozzles

  • Abrasion-free flexible and kink-free hose

  • Pneumatic wheels make the machine easy to move around

  • Durable and efficient pump

  • Five-year warranty on the frame, two years on the engine, and one year on the pump


  • Onboard detergent tank not provided

  • The machine is cumbersome and difficult to move if the tire pressure drops

  • Water connections in too much proximity to each other

Simpson Megashot 3200 – Key Features

1- General

As in all Simpson 3200 PSI pressure washer reviews, after a general overview, let’s get into the finer details of the Simpson Megashot 3200, shall we? The powerful Honda engine generates a cool 3,200 PSI and a flow of up to 2.5 GPM to provide super strength for the toughest of jobs. Hence, if you are looking for power and versatility, then this pressure washer by Simpson should be able to deliver the goods.

Because a pressure washer is usually meant for outdoor use, this machine is well-designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions with a rugged welded frame construction and water-resistant engine. The frame is also fitted with shields that protect the device from the elements and physical damage.

Here are the main features of the Simpson Megashot 3200:

2- Setup

The Simpson Megashot 3200 comes partly assembled, but you will have to attach a few parts like the handle which you can snap into place without needing any specialized tools. You then need to connect the wand and top the fuel tank up with fuel and check the oil level.

The machine comes with engine oil charged, so you only need to ensure that the oil level is sufficient. The company also provides extra oil in a soft pouch which you may need after a few months or a year of using the pressure washer depending on frequency of use. The entire process of setting up and assembling the unit will take no more than 15 minutes.

3- Engine

The Honda GV190 OHC Engine

The Honda GV190 OHC Engine Via: Amazon

Other than having a durable steel frame, a useful feature of this pressure washer is the Honda GV190 Overhead Camshaft (OHC) engine. It is among the most powerful engines in its class and comes with a two-year limited warranty.

This engine is fuel-efficient but powerful. The compact combustion chamber and uni-block engine design contribute to fuel efficiency. It is also the lightest engine in its class and enjoys the reputation of being the first general-purpose engine in the world. The internal timing belt of the machine also makes the engine one of the quietest engines available. You will also find the Honda GV190 OHC engine easy to maintain, with respect to basic maintenance jobs like cleaning the spark plug or oil change.

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4- Performance

When it comes to performance, you will find this pressure washer satisfactory thanks to the raw power that it generates. With a pressure of 3,200 PSI and a flow rate of 2.5 GPM, you will find that most dirt, grime, graffiti, mold, and moss disappear instantly. It is also quite useful for removing stubborn stains from your walls and flooring surfaces in your yard or on your patio.

Simpson Megashot 3200 reviews indicate that users also found the Simpson Megashot 3200 useful for prepping the surfaces before being painted. If you have a weather-worn deck that needs cleaning or perhaps painting, then the powerful jet of water from this machine will clean even the grimiest and dirtiest surfaces, whatever the material.

If you have a mud-encrusted ATV or car or a dirt-encrusted driveway or even a filthy old grill, the Simpson Megashot will handle them all with ease. You will end up with clean surfaces thanks to the machine's powerful performance.

When you use the 0° nozzle, you need to be careful because the jet is so powerful that you stand the chance of damaging the paintwork and your wooden surfaces. Take care even when you are using the 40° nozzle for the same reasons that we described above.

5- Design

From the design point of view, the Simpson Megashot has some good and some not so good features. The major downside is the absence of a separate soap tank. Instead of a soap tank, you get a tube that you have to insert into a soap container.

Although many users complained about the lack of a soap tank, some users found it to be a convenient arrangement. The reason cited was that the soap tanks that the manufacturers provide are usually small in capacity. You can use a container as large as you want, so you won't have to be refilling the detergent continually.

Another downside of the machine’s design is how the water connections are located. They are situated at too much proximity to each other. It can be inconvenient if you have a large hose adaptor for use on big hoses, or if you want to attach more than one hose at a time.

Moving on, the other design features of the Simpson Megashot 3200 are well-spoken for by users. The machine has an extremely durable design. The heavy-duty welded steel frame provides ample mechanical protection. The hose is a robust addition to the equipment. It is abrasion-free and kink-resistant. You get 25 feet of hose, which gives you a fair degree of mobility without having to move the machine about too much.

Critical parts are made of high-quality brass, so you won't have to worry about corrosion or cracks over time. The quick-release mechanism on the nozzles and wand makes it easy to change nozzles while on the job. The five different angles are 0°, 15°, 25°, 40°, and “soap.”

The pneumatic wheels of the cart make it relatively rugged and stable as you wheel it around. It is required because at 65 lbs; the machine would otherwise be next to impossible to maneuver.

6- Nozzles

The Versatile Nozzles Provide a Satisfying User Experience

The Versatile Nozzles Provide a Satisfying User Experience Via: Amazon

Durability and powerful performance aside, the Simpson Megashot has some effective nozzle tips that are worth mentioning. The machine comes with five nozzles of 0°, 15°, 25°, 40°, and “soap.” You can use the 0° and 25° nozzles for deep-seated stains and the other nozzles for general cleaning. The soap nozzle is also universal to all surfaces. If you want to strip paint or remove graffiti, you should use the 0° nozzle. However, please don't hold this nozzle too close to the surface. If you do, you might damage it due to the extremely high pressure.

7- Other Features

We then move on to a few other features that are worth mentioning. If you are thinking of buying this model, then it would be worthwhile to go through these details as well in order to gain a complete understanding of what this pressure washer has to offer:

8- Maintenance-Free Pump

The Pump is Efficient and Maintenance-Free

The Pump is Efficient and Maintenance-Free Via: Amazon

Not only is the Simpson 3200 PSI pressure washer pump of this pressure washer powerful and efficient, but it is also maintenance-free. This axial cam pump from OEM Technologies needs no dedicated maintenance like in the pumps of other pressure washers. The pump is a critical component of any pressure washer, and the machine will not work correctly if the pump malfunctions.

But, the pump of the Simpson Megashot 3200 is a sealed unit, which means that you don’t have to be clearing debris and various obstacles from the pump after using the pressure washer.

9- Oversized Pneumatic Wheels

The pneumatic wheels of the Simpson Megashot

The wheels of the Simpson Megashot

The pneumatic wheels of the Simpson Megashot are 10 inches in diameter which make them look rather large in contrast to the size of the machine. However, considering that the machine weighs 65 lbs, you would find it difficult to maneuver with smaller wheels. Thanks to the 10-inch pneumatic wheels, you can roll the equipment over all types of surfaces easily, whether they be on gravel, rocks mud or even on grassy areas.

The only point that could be considered a downside of sorts is that you need to check the air pressure of the tires regularly. Low air pressure could lead to difficulty in maneuvering the machine, especially on rough surfaces or if you are moving it uphill.

10- Versatile High-Pressure Hose

The Hose is Abrasion-Proof and Will Not Kink

The Hose is Abrasion-Proof and Will Not Kink Via: Amazon

Suppose you want to do house cleaning between floors, no problem. The 25-foot MorFlex high-pressure hose will enable you to get your job done with ease. If you're going to clean a large truck parked at a distance, this hose will get you there. You won't have to move around the machine too much.

The hose is abrasion-proof and also doesn’t kink, so you will find it comfortable to work with. Furthermore, if you need to extend your range without too much movement of the machine, then an extension hose is also provided. You also get a convenient bracket attached to the handle from which you can roll and hand the hose when you aren’t using it.

11- Compact and Easy to Store

After reading all this information about the Simpson Megashot 3200, you will agree that it is indeed a powerful machine. However, the cherry on the top is that it is compact and easy to store in small storage space. There is an onboard storage facility for the hose as we mentioned, so that you don't have it trailing all over once your job is done. You also get a dedicated storage place for the wand and the various nozzles.

12- Five-Year warranty

There is a five-year limited warranty on the frame, and the engine is covered with a Two-year warranty. The warranty on the pump is for one year. Other than the warranty, reviewers stated that the company has a good customer service team, which is easily contactable and you can call them anytime to get support for technical and non-technical issues.

Simpson Megashot 3200: Alternative Options

If you are not convinced about the Simpson Megashot 3200, in line with all good Simpson Megashot 3200 reviews, we have featured a few alternative models that you might like to consider. We wanted to review the Simpson MSH3125 S Megashot 3100 PSI 2.5 GPM, and perhaps a Simpson MS61043 review. Unfortunately, as they are unavailable on Amazon right now, we decided to highlight a few similar gas pressure washers of other brands.

#1- WEN PW3100 3100 PSI Gas Pressure Washer

The WEN PW3100

The WEN PW3100 Via: Amazon

This gas-powered engine by WEN comes in an attractive color combination of black and orange. With a maximum pressure of 3,100 PSI, it delivers a flow of 2.5 GPM which is the same as the Simpson Megashot 3,200 except for a slight reduction in force. It runs on a powerful 4-stroke Overhead Valve (OHV) engine that has a capacity of 208 CC.

The nozzle configuration is also similar to that of the Simpson Powershot. It has a set of five quick-connect nozzles of 0°, 15°, 25°, 40°, and soap. The pump puts out a consistent performance with a reliable spray. It also helps that the hose is 30 feet long for added convenience. You find the 12-inch wheels convenient, more so because this unit is quite heavy at almost 75 lbs, ten pounds heavier than the Simpson Powershot.

Another useful feature that you don’t get with the Simpson Megashot pressure washer is the 32-ounce detergent tank. Although not very large, you will find it helpful to keep it charged with liquid detergent for having it readily available when you work on greasy and oily surfaces. The WEN PW3100 comes with a two-year warranty, and the after-sales service is highly recommended.

#2- Generac 7122 SpeedWash Gas Pressure Washer

The Generac 7122

The Generac 7122 Via: Amazon

Here is another good option if you want a fast and efficient cleanup. The Generac 7122 SpeedWash comes with a few features that distinguish it from the Simpson Megashot 3200. To begin with, the Power Dial ergonomic spray gun is a useful means of cleaning different surfaces and interchanging the nozzles between tasks. You can work the “car,” “wood,” “concrete,” and “soap” with a twist of the dial.

According to the manufacturer, the machine is smarter and cleans up to 50% faster than other pressure washers in the market. The Turbo nozzle is claimed to be 30% faster in removing accumulated dirt and grime. And what’s more, you get the “soap blaster” attachment which is supposed to spray the soap three times farther than regular pressure washers, coupled with the “power broom” attachment.

The Generac 7122 uses a powerful 199 CC OHV engine to generate a powerful cleaning force. The 25-foot long flex hose is kink-resistant and non-marring adding versatility to your cleaning operations. Unlike the Simpson Megashot 3200, here you get only four quick-change nozzles, 0°, 25°, 40°, and soap. Another unique feature is the “rotating pinpoint stream” which simulates a scrubbing action to penetrate deeper into the dirt and grime.

The Generac 7122 is indeed a complete pressure washing system that is as good if not better than most of the pressure washers on the market.

#3- YARD FORCE YF3100ES-R 3100 PSI Gas Pressure Washer

The Yard Force YF3100ES-R

The Yard Force YF3100ES-R Via: Amazon

Finally, we come to the third option on our list of alternative pressure washer models. The Yard Force YF3100E is a likely candidate if you are looking for a powerful option to the Simpson Megashot 3200 at a slightly higher price than the other ones.

This pressure washer from Yard Force runs on a powerful Briggs & Stratton Professional Series engine, 875EXi and you get up to 3,100 PSI with a flow rate of 2.4 GPM. You can use this pressure washer for a variety of cleaning tasks.

A useful feature of this pressure washer is that it has a remote electric start, with a range of up to 100 feet. You will find this feature extremely useful if you are on a ladder at a distance from the machine or on top of elevated space, but you need to start the machine which is standing on the ground. The remote control uses a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, and you can start the machine up to 100 times on a single charge.

The 12-inch wheels support the roll-cage frame easily, and you can wheel the machine around on all types of terrain. You get an integrated storage space where you can store all your accessories, including the spray gun and the hose.

The onboard soap tank has a capacity of one gallon, which allows you longer cleaning sessions before having to refill. Like the Generac 7122m pressure washer, you get only four quick-connect nozzles, 0°, 25°, 40°, and “soap.” The 25-foot hose is non-marring and a convenient length for most cleaning operations. There is a two-year warranty on the pump and engine.


There is nothing like a pressure washer to clean up your yard, deck, and pathways. No matter how hard you scrub and toil with brushes and soapy water, you can never match the raw cleaning power of a gas pressure washer. But you need to make a suitable choice failing which you can be stuck with a white elephant!

The Simpson Megashot 3200 is a versatile but powerful gas pressure washer that will get all your cleaning jobs done efficiently. The powerful, quick-start Honda engine starts with just the pull of the cord and the large pneumatic wheels help you to wheel it around the toughest of terrains with minimum effort.

The machine is designed for deep penetration with nozzles of different angles to suit every requirement. To illustrate further the performance of this pressure washer, we highlighted reviews of verified customers who posted their comments after using the machine.

In case you would like to look further, we also provided you with a few viable options, with alternative features that perhaps you would prefer. For instance, the Yard Force YF3100ES, with its remote electric start, is one model worth considering.

However, please note, Simpson 420CC Engine reviews are not mentioned in this post. Also, we were not able to review the Simpson Cleaning MSH3125-s 3100 PSI pressure washer as it is not available right now on Amazon, we hope to make up for it in another post later on.

Ultimately, the onus is on you, and you are the only person who can truly define your requirements for a gas pressure washer. But now that we have provided you with comprehensive information on the Simpson Megashot 3200, and a few alternative models, we hope that you will find it easier to identify a suitable machine that fits your requirements.

Happy pressure washing!

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