Greenworks GPW1501 Electric Pressure Washer: Power, Efficiency, and Durability Combined

Greenworks GPW1501: Reasonable Choice For Home Use?

Aug 30, 2023

While you can cover most of your household cleaning tasks with simple tools and a little hard work, there are certain things that you just can’t. Having said that, when working on your dirty driveways, walkways, wood decks, cars, concrete or brick walls, it’s extremely helpful to have your pressure washer available. The machine will offer powerful water streams that blast off all stains, mildew, grime, and other dirty stuff on the targeted surfaces.

And for home use, an accessible and decently-powered electric model is certainly a good choice. Hence, you’ll definitely find our Greenworks  GPW1501 reviews to be absolutely crucial, as it provides you with an in-depth evaluation regarding this unit.

Learn everything you need to know about the product’s features and how it may benefit you. At the same time, also discover many other top-rated pressure washers that will offer equally satisfying experiences, depending on your personal preferences. All of which should ensure the validity and helpfulness of our articles.


Cord length
Easy to assemble
Value for money
Easy to use

About the Greenworks GPW1501

The GPW1501 is the bottom-line product from Greenworks’ electric pressure washer line up, with average power and limited features. But that doesn’t stop it from really shining and outperforming many of its contenders.

You can start by enjoying the absolute comfort of working with the portable and maneuverable unit with surprisingly lightweight and flexibility. Simply carry it around, hook it up to any nearby water source and you can easily work on the surrounding areas.

And while the 1500 PSI Electric pressure washer doesn’t seem much compared to other top-tier models, it’s going to work fine on most of your household pressure washing tasks. In addition, the useful attachments and tools will make sure that you can enjoy the useful machine in many cases.

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In the package, you’ll get your soap applicator, two angled nozzles, and a few standard items to completely set up your machine. And if you wish to make the most of the unit, there are also options to pick up other attachments from Greenworks to work along with the machine itself.

Learn more about the Greenworks GPW1501 with our in-depth reviews

Learn more about the Greenworks GPW1501 with our in-depth reviews Via: Amazon

And last but not least, with relatively inexpensive pricing, you can still have yourself a solid pressure washer that can handle most of your household tasks with absolute ease. Plus, the extended warranty for the unit and tools will ensure your satisfying experiences with the unit.


  • Great price for the values

  • Work well on most household tasks

  • Compact, lightweight, and easily maneuverable

  • Extremely easy to use

  • Work well with all other Greenworks attachments


  • Limited tools from the package

The machine is an affordable pressure washer unit for complete home use

The machine is an affordable pressure washer unit for complete home use Via: Amazon

Features & Benefits

For those of you who are interested in this product from Greenworks, we’ll be providing our in-depth Greenworks GPW1501 reviews, which provide all the needed insights regarding the product functions and performances in different cases. As a result, you can easily relate the product features and their benefits to your daily use. All of which will make it so much easier to decide whether this product is right for you.

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Decently powered unit for home uses

With the Greenworks 1500 PSI pressure washer, users can enjoy working with a unit equipped with enough power to tackle most household cleaning tasks. Here, the machine will constantly produce a powerful spray of 1500PSI at 1.3 GPM, which will allow you to comfortably work on your driveways, concrete walls, wooden decks, and vehicles.

In addition, the consistent and resilient motor will also perform relatively well during extended periods of pressure washing. This is mostly thanks to the power input and optimized pressure output from Greenworks’s design. Hence, your machine will generate less heat while also getting cooled relatively quick.

The decently powered unit can work well on many tasks

The decently powered unit can work well on many tasks Via: Amazon

Useful tools and attachments

And along with the unit itself, homeowners can also enjoy working with the useful tools and attachments that come with the purchase.

Start by connecting the adjustable wand to the gun to extend your reach and also enable connectivity for the nozzles. Feel free to connect to the two 25o and 40o nozzles that are included in the package. Connect your spray gun to the foam cannon and add any solution inside to apply detergents on the targeted surfaces.

In addition, if you are looking for more tools, Greenworks also offers many useful items, which you can purchase as additions to the product itself. Feel free to work with the black soap nozzle and the red nozzle for a 0o spray angle if you really need these features.

Make use of the useful rotary brush to clean your cars without having to manually rub with your hands. And for more even results on concrete driveways and pavements, you can attach the surface cleaner onto the wand and make better use of it.

Many included tools and additional purchases to improve the experiences

Many included tools and additional purchases to improve the experiences Via: Amazon

Easy connections to work with

And with multiple parts and tools that need to be connected to have the machine running, users will have to make sure that all connections are tight and secured. Knowing this, Greenworks have really paid attention to the designs and setup of their product. Here, the pressure washer comes with the secured and convenient quick connector for the nozzles, which you can easily install within seconds.

As for the water hoses, you can make use of the threaded twist on the hose to guarantee your secured connection and prevent leaks. Plus, the easy yet reliable locking mechanisms for the wand and soap applicator will make sure that you can quickly set them up and guarantee their usages.

All the parts are properly connected to the unit

All the parts are properly connected to the unit Via: Amazon

Enjoy the portable and maneuverable unit

To make sure that you have absolute comfort when working with the light-duty lime green pressure washer, Greenworks had put a lot of thought into their designs to maximize its features and user conveniences.

To start with, you can enjoy working with the portable pressure washer with a lightweight and compact design. At only 17lbs, you can easily carry the machine around without having any trouble. Also, the small size will ensure its proper fits for easier storage.

And when working on your pressure washing tasks, the 35ft electric cable will allow users to easily look for suitable outlets without moving the unit too far. Plus, with inline GFCI protection, you can rest assured knowing that you are completely protected in case of any system failures.

Together with the long power cord, the 20ft high pressure hose will also guarantee better reach when working on extended cleaning tasks. And you can also make use of the adjustable wand for better flexibility when using the machine.

The machine can be placed in both vertical and horizontal position, which allows users to work flexibly with it. If you want to easily access the controls and available tools on the unit, the natural standing position will be more useful. And to increase the unit’s stability, you can allow it to lay flat on the ground.

And last but not least, with added mounting positions for both the nozzles and tools, users can easily access and store their tools in accessible areas.

The unit is both portable and maneuverable

The unit is both portable and maneuverable Via: Amazon

Make less noise with the machine

And if you really prioritize quietness when working on your pressure cleaning jobs, the low-powered motor inside the pressure washer 1500 can produce much less sound compared to other units. As a result, you can always continue your job without disturbing others too much. Not to mention that the electric unit also produces no gas and no pollutants that might bother you.

Make less noises and pollutions with the machine

Make less noises and pollutions with the machine Via: Amazon

Useful instructions and troubleshooting guides to work with

To improve user experience, especially if you are still new to the product, Greenworks also provides many useful guides on the unit’s features and certain troubleshooting instructions that you’ll need. As a result, you’ll know exactly what your machine is capable of and how to fully utilize its features.

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At the same time, if you ever run into any problem with the machine, you can simply check on the troubleshooting list to find the answers. And after that, it’s quite easy for you to access Greenworks’ store and purchase the suggested replacement parts.

Find more of these useful guides in the provided manuals

Find more of these useful guides in the provided manuals Via: Amazon


While the Greenworks GPW1501 is undoubtedly a great option for pressure washing your homes, certain users will also have their own take on the product. And although we are confident that most of them are positive, it’s still important to provide you with other good alternatives. They should ensure your absolute satisfactions after reading our pressure washer reviews and deciding on your own purchases.

As a result, you can immediately check out the list below, which consist of three amazing products that we think can totally rival the Greenworks GPW1501 in certain aspects. Learn more about their features and how they might benefit you differently from the original product. Then, you can make the right purchase decisions.

#1- WEN PW19

For those of you who don’t have a lot to spend, the WEN PW19 is certainly a good purchase if you are willing to make certain compromises.

With better power, the 13-Amp motor can generate up to 2000 PSI at 1.6 GPM. Thus, allowing the machine to be ready for any pressure washing tasks without worries. And to prevent the minerals and potential debris inside the water from clogging the hose, the PW19 also comes with a useful water filter for the hose.

In addition, WEN also provides better nozzle options with 4 different for the 0o, 15o, 30o, and 60o spraying angles compared to the limited white and green nozzles on the Greenworks GPW1501. This will make sure that you can always select the right setups for certain tasks.

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And when it comes to portability, the machine is even more impressive than its counterparts by having an impressive weight of only 14.3 lbs. The compact size remains a great feature on the unit, and the unique briefcase-style also makes the machine more maneuverable.

However, there are still certain issues on the WEN PW19 that you might want to consider before making your purchases. Most notably, it’s the relatively loud noises that it makes when operating. This is largely due to the powerful motor unit being packed inside a surprisingly compact design.

In addition, if you are someone who often shops by brand, then you’ll definitely find yourself suspecting your purchases, since WEN is still a relatively new name on the market. And although it does come with a 2-year warranty and many positive feedback, some users would still have their certain quality concerns.

The WEN PW19 is always a great bargain

The WEN PW19 is always a great bargain Via: Amazon

#2- Greenworks GPW1702

Speaking of which, if you wish to go for a more well-known brand and also want to upgrade your machine from the Greenworks GWP1501, then the Greenworks GPW1702 would be a great option to consider.

Here, homeowners can still enjoy all the great features that have made the original product famous, including its reliability, low noise level, and useful tools. But in addition to that, you can make better use of many upgraded features.

Start by enjoying the enhanced pressure power, now at 1700 PSI and 1.2 GPM. This should improve your cleaning power when working on tougher tasks and make sure that you can finish the jobs quicker. Also, the on-board hose reel will make things a lot easier for you, since there is no need to manually manage the annoying and long power cords.

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But of course, the unit will cost you a little more than the original Greenworks GWP 1501. And that's the only thing that you might want to consider.

Pick up the GPW1702 if you want an upgraded experience

Pick up the GPW1702 if you want an upgraded experience Via: Amazon

#3- Sun Joe SPX3200

This is the most expensive unit on our list, but it is frequently on sale so you can totally get it at a relatively good price compared to the other two. In addition, pricing aside, this is certainly the most capable pressure washer on our Greenworks GPW1501 reviews.

Feel free to unlock the extremely powerful machine that can guarantee up to 2030 PSI at 1.76 GPM, which is absolutely a killer deal for working with patio, deck, fence, car, driveway, and many other jobs.

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In addition, it also comes with a complete collection of quick-connect nozzles, with all available colors for 0º, 15º, 25º, 40º and soap. And with the TSS (Total Stop System) available, for the first time, you can enjoy the automated unit that will stop the pump whenever the trigger is not engaged. This should guarantee the unit’s performances and improve the longevity of the pump itself.

Plus, the stable horizontal position will allow the unit to stay firm during heavy-duty tasks. And the flexible wheels, being able to move 360o will make sure that you can enjoy maximum maneuverability while working on it.

Each product  mentioned  has its own unique advantages and drawbacks when compared to the Greenworks GPW1501. But they are all undoubtedly good purchases that you can buy at the respective price range. Hence, judging from your personal preferences, you can always select the best rated pressure washer from either the GPW1501 or its alternatives.

Always enjoy working with the fully functional Sun Joe SPX3200

Always enjoy working with the fully functional Sun Joe SPX3200 Via: Amazon


For cleaning dirty driveways, decks, vehicles, or other heavy-duty jobs around the house, the compact and capable Greenworks GPW1501 will always satisfy you with its adequate features. Not to mention that the impressive price will make sure that you can all afford the product.

And for those of you who are interested in the product and its alternatives, our Greenworks GPW1501 reviews should be really helpful, thanks to the in-depth evaluations and objective analysis. Feel free to check it out and consider the product if you find our experiences being mutual.

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