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An Owner’s Shark Duoclean Uv810 Review

Time is up and it is time to replace your old trusty vacuum? But you do not know which one to choose for a good replacement?

Well, before you make the purchase, I would like you to have a couple of advice and a great option right below here with this Shark UV810 review.

Why save now when you can save more later? 

Here is a story of mine to get things started. A couple of weeks ago, I was pulling out my trusty vacuum for some weekend cleaning when I discovered that my vacuum had malfunctioned. You would think that this was pretty normal; after all, some accidents while using a machine are inevitable. However, what frustrated me was that this was not the only time it had happened that month.

In fact, it has been like that for a while and the accidents seem to get more and more frequent recently. “Oh no”, I thought to myself, “is it time yet?”. Yes, I was thinking to myself if it was time for me to say goodbye to my vacuum which had been with me for 3 years. Then I asked myself, what are the best vacuum cleaners that I could choose to replace my vacuum with?


Suction power
For cleaning up hair
Quality of material

This is when I was recommended to try out Shark vacuums (my previous vacuum was not a Shark). And I was amazed with how broad the Shark product range is. They really have a vacuum for everyone and every kind of budget imaginable. However, I put my thinking cap on again and I thought to myself: “Should I get one within the same price range as the one I got last time?”. 

If I was going to spend my money on an alright vacuum cleaner like last time, chances are that I would end up spending even more on repairing the vacuum than what I would have saved when first buying. That was when I found a Shark UV810 review and decided that I would buy the Shark UV810 vacuum cleaner, even if it is a premium vacuum option. 

Affordable vacuums are often not really affordable.

Affordable vacuums are often not really affordable

If you are like me, you definitely do not ever want to break the bank over a cheap or an alright vacuum. Yes you can definitely save yourself a few bucks initially, but those same bucks are going to stab you in the back soon enough in the form of numerous repairs you have to make in the future. And no matter how many repairs you do to it, its quality simply cannot be on the same level as a premium vacuum. 

Instead, why not invest a little bit more, and buy a premium vacuum cleaner? I know that it seems a bit pricey at first, but you are actually saving yourself a ton of money and trouble in the long term from potential technical breakdowns. This is why the Shark UV810 vacuum cleaner exists, and this is also the primary reason behind my purchase of the Shark UV810 vacuum cleaner. 

Without further ado, here is my own take of Shark DuoClean UV810 reviews as a real owner and user of this vacuum cleaner.

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Your wise investment in home cleaning 

I am sure that anyone who claims to be an expert on vacuum cleaners must have heard about the Shark brand before. It would be unusual if they have not. After all, Shark vacuums consistently dominate the top vacuum review lists anywhere around the world. This fact alone speaks volumes about the reputation of the Shark brand as a manufacturer of vacuums.

The Shark brand is famous for their vacuums that are equipped with their secret DuoClean technology. Simply put, DuoClean is the technology that allows Shark vacuums to have superior deep cleaning capability on carpets and hard floors. And this is done by equipping their vacuums with a system of dual motorized brush rolls that work seamlessly with each other to beat all stubborn messes. 

The UV series of upright vacuums from Shark definitely inherited this brilliant technology in their design. This is shown with the UV810, which is the newest addition to the series. But to call this Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away Speed Vacuum a carbon copy of its predecessors would be a grave mistake. Surely the newest addition to the family would have something new to offer, and it does, and they are:

  • Versatility: I can guarantee you that no other vacuums can beat the Shark UV810 in a competition for the best versatile vacuum. It only gets better when you learn more about it, which we will get into in the section below.
  • Convenience: With versatility comes convenience. With the countless options that it gives you, the sheer convenience that it offers to home cleaning alone should be the main reason why you should consider getting one of these. 

With that said, let us dig deeper into the great benefits of having one of these Shark UV810 vacuums.  

The Pros

Overall features of the vacuum: 

As mentioned above, I really think flexibility is the main selling point of this vacuum cleaner. For example, a few simple but cool tricks that I have picked up with the vacuum include:

By pressing a simple button, I can control the height adjustment for the vacuum. This in turn controls the suction power more appropriately for the floor type in question. For example, when I turn the button to the lowest setting, the vacuum gets itself ready for bare floors. When I switch the button to the middle setting, the vacuum becomes more appropriate for normal carpets. And lastly, with the top setting, I can make it better suited for higher carpets in my home.

And as also explained above, there are a pair of motorized brush rolls that can be found underneath the vacuum head because of the DuoClean technology. It is thanks to this miraculous technology that I have had no problem cleaning up any kind of mess around my home because of its terrific cleaning power. 

But even with that technology, I still have a little bit of trouble as my poor eyes cannot see the deep dark space underneath my sofa to know where I should avoid gliding the vacuum. Fortunately enough, I found out that the vacuum head of this machine is equipped with some brightly lit LED lights. With them, I never have trouble gliding the vacuum head underneath the sofa again. 

One thing that I have found great about this vacuum is that the cord of the vacuum is long. I used to dislike that I had to unplug and replug the cord to move my old vacuum around my home, because the cord was not long enough. But with the generous length of the new cord, I have not been concerned about that for a long time. 

But that is still not the best feature of this vacuum yet. What I have found the most impressive about this vacuum is that I could separate the dustbin and carry it around with the handle. This is a blessing of a feature for me, because I do not wish to risk hurting my back cleaning the stairs with a heavy vacuum. Instead I can just detach the canister for an ultra-light vacuum. 

Speaking of the dustbin, I have found an interesting fact about it and that is I am able to empty the dustbin through 2 ways. Either I can press the button located on the bottom of the dustbin, or I can press the button located on the top of the dustbin near where the handle is joined to the dustbin. This adds a whole new layer of flexibility to this vacuum cleaner.  

Extra tools made handily versatile:

Are there any other vacuums with more extra tools than the UV810 itself? While I do not know the answer to that question myself, I do believe that the UV810 vacuum has one of the most number of tools based on what I have seen. Right from opening the box, I was greeted with 6 other tool pieces before meeting the vacuum itself. And these 6 lovely extra tool pieces are:

A short tool that has a wide mouth with big brushes along the edge. I think that this tool is the most ideal to be used on upholstery surfaces, especially the sofa, to pick up pet hair with ease. 

The next one I have on the list is a crevice tool. But unlike a normal crevice tool you would see in an ordinary vacuum, this one is unique in that it has an integrated extra brush tool that you can flexibly extend along its length to add extra depth to your home cleaning routine.

Speaking of flexibility, the next one I have on the list is quite versatile too. It is a flexible nozzle head that can adjust its length almost freely up to three times its original length. I have used this one the most extensively due to this fact, because with it I could always get the right length to tackle the nooks and crannies underneath my furniture.

Another tool that caught my attention initially was a stubby tool piece with 2 brushes underneath. This is not to be confused with the motorized brush rolls equipped in the vacuum’s head. Instead, these brush rolls are lighter and they can spin automatically thanks to the airflow the vacuum creates with its suction power.

And even though I have not used it all that often, the vacuum is nice enough to have a special tool for car cleaning. This is the narrow one with a long cord attached to it. While I have not used it a lot myself, I know that car owners would be very happy to have it with them. The narrow design helps it to move along and sink deep into the tight corners in the car’s interior. 

And last on the list, I have a tool that is very flat and yet very long in length. It must be at least 3 feet long, and has a very flat and narrow mouth. If you are confused about the purpose of this tool then no worries, because I was confused like you as well. It turns out that this odd-looking tool is specifically for cleaning very narrow places that other tools cannot reach, like under your fridge or stove.

Other users’ experience 200

With such a wonderful vacuum cleaner, I am sure that I am not the only one who feels great about it. In fact, there are a lot of other users who have had similar great experiences with the vacuum just like I had on another Shark UV810 review! And here are their authentic reviews for my proof: 

 shark uv810 vacuum

User Carrie T. of Influenster rated the vacuum 5 stars. She said that she used to own a vacuum from another top brand, but after trying out this vacuum she has switched to being a Shark fan. She was also amazed at the quality of the customer service that Shark provides.

User Kristen S. of Influenster has expressed great interest in this vacuum. She rated it 5 stars, and she said that this machine fitted perfectly for her laminate floor plan and carpets. Overall she was very satisfied with the quality of this vacuum in specific and Shark products in general.

shark duoclean powered lift-away speed vacuum

User Christel E. from Influenster rated the vacuum 5 stars. She said that despite the price, she was greatly satisfied with its quality, and approved of it being able to work well on both carpets and hard floors. She was also contented that it was easy to clean up a hairy mess. And for all of that, the vacuum scored 10 out of her 10.

Alternative Options

Understandably, the Shark UV810 is a great but also expensive vacuum. However, if you still want to get a similar quality at a more affordable price, I have a few alternative options that you can consider. 

Shark NV803: Somewhat considered as an “evil twin brother” to the Shark UV810 by many people, the Shark NV803 is the default go-to option whenever someone starts looking for an alternative to the Shark UV810. The reason is very simple, and that is because they are nearly identical. Saved for the slightly cheaper price and less features, I find that you would get basically the same Shark UV810. Please check out Shark NV803 reviews to get a better insight of this option.

Shark NV356e: An even more affordable Shark vacuum option for anyone who is interested in a Shark vacuum, yet does not wish to pay big bucks for one. I strongly advise against getting this, because as mentioned from the start an affordable option means you are paying the trade-off somewhere else in the machine. A Shark NV356e review should be able to tell you more in-depth about the pros and cons of this particular vacuum.


The Shark UV810 is a great vacuum cleaner, but it is definitely not for everyone budget-wise. However, if you could afford it, then I am sure that you will regret buying it. 

This is because, as I have mentioned, saving a couple of bucks now might not actually save you in the long term. And the pricier options are oddly the more economical options. That is why a product like the Shark UV810 vacuum cleaner exists, and you can check it out right here.

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