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Shark NV42 Navigator Deluxe Upright Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

When you need a vacuum solution that is not too overkill for your living space while still being capable enough to get its basic job done, what would be the vacuum cleaner that you turn to? It is definitely hard to settle on an option when there is a considerable number of choices out there.

For my choice, it would be the Shark Navigator Deluxe NV42 vacuum cleaner. This trusty and adorable option was love at first sight for me. And the upcoming Shark NV42 reviews are going to shed some light on why this is forever going to be my choice for the question above, and why it should be your choice too.

Pros and Cons

This light Shark vacuum is designed exactly for the purpose mentioned above. The Shark Navigator Deluxe Upright Vacuum NV42 is an easygoing enough vacuum cleaner to not make it seem like you are going too much overboard with house care. And yet the vacuum is still able to perform basic functions like pet hair control and carpet cleaning perfectly just like a pro.


Easy to assemble
Suction power
For cleaning up hair

As reported by many users, they are happy that this vacuum is able to pick up more dust and debris when compared to their old vacuums. The users are also generally happy that the vacuum has a more acceptable performance and noticeably longer warranty than most other common vacuum options. These are all on top of the affordable price tag that it comes with. 

Let’s take a look at a complete list of this vacuum’s pros & cons below based on the Shark NV42 reviews.


  • Quiet to noise-free operation

  • • Respectable suction power

  • • Wonderful pet hair control

  • • Large dust cup capacity

  • • Washable filter

  • • Great maneuverability

  • • Considerably long warranty (5 years)


  • • No “Lift Away” feature

  • • No HEPA filter

  • • Heavier than advertised

  • • Cannot store all attachments on the vacuum’s body

  • • Prone to tip-overs due to improper weight distribution

This vacuum’s ability to manage pet hair effectively takes the cake as the most attractive feature. This fact saves many owners from having to spend more on a specialized pet hair vacuum. And while the many downsides make the operation of this vacuum cleaner seem a bit cumbersome, the vacuum is simultaneously backed by a huge list of good points that more than outweigh the mentioned drawbacks. 

Let’s take a closer look on the perks that make this vacuum special. 

Shark Navigator Deluxe Upright Corded Bagless



“Never Lose Suction” Technology

Just as its name suggests, this technology allows this vacuum cleaner to literally “never lose suction” by employing crazy cyclonic power. This is a very common technology to see in the bagless vacuum world. Essentially, this technology involves the vacuum sucking in the air with great force and thus it is able to create several violent cyclones that “throw” the contaminants around. 

This serves the purpose of swiftly removing the contaminants from the air before carrying them straight to the canister for capture. This simple yet effective technology helps to prevent the contaminants from clogging up the air flow, which in turn helps to keep the filters clean for a longer time. Consequently, this helps to ensure that the suction power output of the vacuum is consistent at all times during cleaning, and that the vacuum is going to have an overall long lifespan.

But while this sounds very nice, what exactly is the thing that sets the Shark Deluxe NV42 apart from other vacuums with this same technology? To answer this question, we are going to look at other special features that this vacuum offers us.

Pet Hair Control

Perhaps it has been mentioned too many times by this point, but one of the best selling points about this vacuum is its pet hair cleaning ability. Specifically, the vacuum can easily take care of hair problems quickly thanks to its motorized brush roll and strong suction. And its performance is on the same level as a real pet hair vacuum while not costing you extra to purchase special pet features.

However, because it is not designed to specifically clean pet hair up, the vacuum lacks the special tools to deal with pet hair effectively. And so, there might occasionally be hairballs accumulating and clogging the hose or the filter. Consequently, you must check regularly for these little devils in the vacuum if you intend to use this for pet hair purposes.

Nonetheless, this Shark Bagless Navigator vacuum still does a pretty good job as a non-specialized machine. With its brush roll tool, it is able to up hair on the sofa and stairs easily. And, that is why it is a great alternative for pet owners who are looking for a good vacuum cleaner with good pet hair cleaning capabilities, but do not want to spend extra on specialized pet features of other vacuums.

Dust Cup

Compared to other vacuums, even some of the premium options, this Shark vacuum has a dust cup with an usually large capacity. Measured at three quarts, this cup is twice as large as the dust cup of many other Shark vacuums. And with this storage capacity, this means that it is very likely it would be months before you need to empty the dust cup. 

But that generosity comes at a significant price for your consideration. It has been mentioned above that this vacuum does not have the signature flexible “Lift Away” feature that is commonly found in other Shark vacuums of the same family. This means you will not be able to lift the dust storage part of this vacuum up freely.

This lack of convenience will definitely make it difficult for you to clean around the stairs. Additionally, it makes the vacuum unsuitable for people with back pain problems and those who want to lighten the load when they are cleaning. Other than these problems, the vacuum is still a great choice if your place doesn’t have stairs and you don’t have any problems with your back.

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Filtration System

As mentioned above, this vacuum cleaner does not come with HEPA filters. While this is definitely bad news for sensitive people suffering from severe allergies, it does not mean that the filtering quality of this vacuum is poor. Even though the lack of HEPA filters unfortunately means this vacuum is unable to catch fine dust and other micro-contaminants, it does have sufficient filters in its system to block out most commonly-found allergens.  

For this vacuum’s filtration system, it uses a complete seal technology to lock the air inside the vacuum and make sure that the air does not leak until it has been properly filtered. There are two filtering parts of this vacuum - one located at the front before the motor, and the other located at the back after the motor. And so, even though the vacuum does not have HEPA filters, it can still function effectively for most homeowners with this filtration system. 

The filters are all washable. For the best hygienic practice, Shark recommends that the filters be washed and maintained regularly. For the pre-motor filter, it should be washed at least once a month. For the post-motor filter, you can ease up on it a bit more and wash it quarterly. Regardless, the filters should be kept clean to ensure your best health safety. And if there are any problems, filter replacement parts can be ordered from Shark’s official website. 

Cleaning Performance

Perhaps one of the most important parts that anybody would want to know before making a purchase for their vacuum cleaner is how well it performs. And fortunately enough, this vacuum delivers. And it surely delivers a lot with its above average performance that surpasses expectations. Let’s have a closer look at this vacuum cleaner’s performance on bare floors and carpets separately below.

Shark Navigator NV42 reviews have been extremely favorable and positive on the performance of this Shark vacuum on bare floors. From small contaminants like dirt and dander to the larger debris, the vacuum has no problem chowing down on all of them and storing them in its large dust cup mentioned above. The only downside is that the rough brush roll might cause problems to your hardwood floors, but you can always turn it off at any time.

Comparably, the vacuum performs just as well on carpets like it does on bare floors. Users are happy that this vacuum is even able to work perfectly on plush carpets, although some advise that by doing so, it might get too difficult for you to push the vacuum around. But with some proper suction power adjustments, this problem can easily be avoided. 

Size and Weight

In terms of size and weight, this vacuum is around 15 pounds in weight. And this number is debatable when it comes whether this vacuum is truly “lightweight” or not. Some owners feel that this weight is perfect and they have no problem with calling the vacuum “lightweight”. Conversely, some Shark NV42 reviews state that this is the standard weight for many of the upright vacuum models nowadays, so calling it “lightweight” would be a bit inaccurate.

Nonetheless, the number falls just perfectly between being “too heavy” (20 pounds or more) and being “too light” (below 10 pounds). And so it will feel comfortable for many people trying it out regardless of how they feel about its weight. Another fact you might want to know is that the length of the power cord of this vacuum is 25 feet. 

While that is certainly not a great-looking number, it offers enough room to compliment the maneuverability of this vacuum. And the vacuum itself has received very few complaints about the cord being too short.

Shark Navigator Deluxe Upright Corded Bagless Vacuum for Carpet


Attachments and Accessories

Even though the list of additional cool accessories of this vacuum is not all too impressive, it does come with enough tools to make your cleaning experience more enjoyable. Some of the accessories that this vacuum comes with include:

  • • Small crevice tool (5 inches)

  • • 24-inch crevice tool

  • • Dusting brush tool

  • • Pet hair power brush

These tools can be fitted onto the machine on the end of the hose or the cleaning wand. And as mentioned above, one of the complaints about this vacuum is that it lacks the storage available on its body to store all of these attachments. And that leaves you with having to find a suitable place to store these tools on your own.


This vacuum offers a surprisingly generous warranty period, up to a whopping five years. Comparably, most other vacuums only offer two years of warranty. And so this is another good point to the already attractive good-value deal.


With such a good vacuum like this, of course I’m not the only one who finds it quite attractive. And to prove my point, here are some customer reviews on this vacuum cleaner taken from Amazon. The reviews are generally very favorable and positive with all of them rating the vacuum from 4 to 5 stars. In fact, the vacuum is so good that one reviewer even said he would rate the vacuum 12 stars if he could!

shark vacuum nv42

Here’s another customer who is overly satisfied with the vacuum:

shark - navigator bagless upright vacuum

Another satisfied customer who finds the vacuum to be a life-changing experience:

shark nv42 navigator deluxe upright vacuum bagless

This owner finds that the vacuum has more room for improvement, but is still very satisfied.


Shark Navigator Pet Plus Upright Vacuum (NV251)

Shark Navigator Pet Plus Upright Vacuum (NV251)

Shark Navigator Pet Plus Upright Vacuum (NV251) Via: Amazon

The Shark Navigator NV251 is the immediate replacement for this top rated Shark vacuum should you ask if there are any other alternatives. The best part of this vacuum is that it has HEPA filters unlike the Shark NV42 while remaining at relatively the same price. That should be very good news for allergy sufferers who wish that this vacuum came with better filtration. 

However, other than the upside mentioned, it should be noted that this vacuum option is considerably heavier and produces less suction power output when compared to the NV42. It is honestly up to you to see which one is the better fit for your situation, because these 2 vacuums are practically the same machine.

Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away Speed Upright Vacuum (NV803)

Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away Speed Upright Vacuum (NV803)

Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away Speed Upright Vacuum (NV803) Via: Amazon

A couple of extra bucks more in the budget and you can consider this Shark vacuum to be the next best alternative option. In fact, it is the best of all alternatives. This is a well-rounded vacuum option that provides you with all what the NV42 offers while having plenty more hidden up its sleeve.

Some additional features that must be mentioned include the HEPA filters, longer cord length, LED lights on the vacuum head, being somewhat lighter and most importantly, the signature DuoClean technology from Shark. Of course a flashy option like this is not the cheapest vacuum out there, but for its price then it offers very good-value.

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The Shark Navigator NV42 reviews above should shed some light for you on why it is a good choice for a budget-friendly vacuum. While understandably you will have to compromise some of the more advanced features with this vacuum option, the trade-off is actually not too bad, proven by the overwhelming amount of positive reviews it has received.

And so, whenever you need a light vacuum that fulfills all basic functions, or if you think of getting a great backup vacuum plan in case your main one fails, you already know which vacuum is the one to turn your eyes to. 

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