Achieving a Spotless Home With the Hoover UH72400


Hoover UH72400: A Practical Choice for Modern Households

Aug 28, 2023

Even though corded vacuums are not the go-to choice of many vacuum users these days, these electrical-powered machines still have their supporters because of their stable electricity supply. What's better than vacuuming your house without being interrupted because of a short battery life? 

But which corded machine is the best? While there are a few top-rated models from high-end brands on the market, the Hoover uh72400 has earned customers’ trust for many years. So in this Hoover air steerable review, we will take you through the specifications of this machine and evaluate its performance. Let’s get started! 


Hoover - A 100 plus-year-old floor care brand that has a rich history


Suction power
For cleaning up hair
Quality of material

Hoover was established in 1907 in Ohio and has been innovating their products since then to keep up with customers' increasingly demanding needs.

There is a series of products under the Hoover brand name. You can find their corded and cordless canisters, uprights, sticks, and handhelds. What if the majority of your floor is either carpet or hardwood, and you need specialised vacuums to take care of a specific floor type? What if you have pets that shed hair whenever they sit? Hoover has you covered with their wide range of products for your cleaning purposes and habits.

All Hoover machines are packed with advanced technologies like powerful cyclonic filtration and the swivel steering head. More importantly, they come with extended warranty programs, so Hoover is always there whenever you need maintenance or repair services.  

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The WindTunnel series of vacuums 

The WindTunnel is Hoover’s patented technology that refers to the powerful suction of Hoover vacuums. Hoover WindTunnel machines effectively pick up ground-in dirt in one pass, allowing users to save significant vacuuming time. 

Now you’re probably asking: “which WindTunnel model should I choose?” It depends on your needs. If you are pet owners and keen on a pet vacuum, then the WindTunnel Air Steerable Pet Upright vacuum would be your ideal choice, as it picks up pet hair with ease. If you have a mix of different floor types, the WindTunnel Max Capacity would be a perfect fit for you. 

Also, you might have come across WindTunnel 3 and 2. Hoover names these products based on the numbers of suction channels, the number “3” and “2” stands for 3 and 2 channels of suction, respectively. The models without prefix numbers only have a single channel of suction.

In this Hoover air steerable review, we will look at the Hoover WindTunnel air steerable upright vacuum UH72400, one of the most popular models in the WindTunnel family. This review will first start with this machine’s pros and cons, then go into the details of its features and performance. 

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UH72400 Hoover review - Pros and cons

Hoover bagless vacuum cleaner earned the Amazon’s Choice badge for highly-rated and well-priced products. But even the best products on the market have their pros and cons. So does the Hoover UH72400! Let’s see what its strengths are first and then its weaknesses. 


  • Affordable and flexible

  • Set up is simple 

  • Easy to maneuver 

  • Has low-profile design 

  • Has three channels of suction 

  • Works well with pet hair 

  • Lightweight and easy to carry around 

  • Easy-to-rinse filter 

  • Low noise level 

  • 5-year warranty program 


  • Small bin

  • Does not include many attachments

  • Might struggle with stairs cleaning 

  • Pet hair can get tangled.

Hoover air steerable UH72400 review

Dimension and weight 

The Hoover corded upright UH72400’s dimension is 14.5 x 12.5 x 44.2 inches, and it weighs only 13.4 pounds. So if you equip yourself with this lightweight Hoover, you can leave back-breaking vacuuming sessions behind. Carrying it across stairs and different rooms in your house is easy.

A quick look at the weight of a few similar upright models with the swivel steering feature would give you a better picture of how lightweight this vacuum is. While other Hoover WindTunnel UH72400 reviews might not include this comparison, we believe it would be of great help for our readers. 

For example, the Bissell Cleanview Swivel Rewind Pet is one of Bissell's best uprights because ofits top-notch performance and maneuverability, but it weighs 16 pounds. Shark Navigator DLX Upright is a corded upright vacuum with about the same dimension as the Hoover UH72400, but it weighs 15.2 pounds.

Not all Hoover WindTunnel models are portable. The Hoover UH72625 WindTunnel 3 Max Performance is a powerful and easy to maneuver thanks to the 30 feet power cord and the swivel steering head. However, this upright Hoover weighs 18 pounds.

Now, if you’re a fan of a corded upright vacuum, but you are still reluctant to purchase one because of its weight, Hoover vacuum cleaner air steerable WindTunnel bagless lightweight corded upright UH72400 is worth your consideration. It is not as light as the cordless devices, but it is compact, compared with other competitors with the same functions.

Suction strength and power efficiency 

The Hoover air steerable vacuum has exceptional cleaning capabilities thanks to the presence of several innovative technologies. We will go into their details one by one right below: 

Input power 

The Hoover UH72400 operates at 11amps, which is 1300 watts. This power input is lower than many other uprights on the market. However, the machine is just as powerful and efficient as a full-sized upright. What is the best Hoover vacuum if not the one that lets you use less power but gives you the same cleaning results? 

WindTunnel 3 technology 

This Hoover upright is equipped with the WindTunnel technology with three suction channels, giving it cleaning capabilities that exceed many customers’ expectations. It picks up accumulated dirt and debris within the first pass, saving you lots of time on your cleaning tasks. 

Hoover’s 3 channels of suction

Hoover’s 3 channels of suction Via: Amazon

For first-time buyers of Hoover vacuums, the term WindTunnel might sound unfamiliar. So here is a quick explanation: WindTunnel is an innovative technology that has been initially used in aviation engineering. These days, they’re used more widely in automobiles and, of course, other home appliances such as vacuum cleaners. 

Wind tunnels refer to the large tubes with air blowing through them to test engines' aerodynamics in aircraft and other machines. So airflow must travel at the same speed across the working part of the tunnels. Hoover uses these tunnels to create strong airflow for their WindTunnel vacuums.

These tunnels are situated in the units’ brush heads to create strong airflow, which leads to the machines’ strong suction power. Hoover devices with three suction channels, like the UH72400, spread the suction evenly across the nozzle to give them better cleaning results.

Multi-cyclonic technology

Multi-cyclonic vacuum cleaners are believed to perform excellently as this innovative technology separates dust and dirt particles from the airflow, therefore, minimizes clogging in the filters. Machines built with this feature do not lose suction, allowing users to vacuum their houses more thoroughly in a much shorter time.

However, not all multi-cyclonic machines are made equally. While other manufacturers make their vacuums with only two cyclones, this Hoover air steerable vacuum is powered with eight cyclones. As a result, its filter is always kept clean to avoid suction loss over time.

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Design and ease of use 

The Hoover UH72400 has earned a black badge of Amazon’s choice, which indicates Amazon’s evaluation as a highly-rated vacuum, thanks to customers’ favorable response. It’s well-deserved this rating for the well-rounded design and usability. In this Hoover UH72400 review, we will go into the details that contribute to its excellent user experience, one by one: 

Steerable technology

As the name suggests, this steerable technology allows the Hoover UH72400 to navigate smoothly around furniture, corners, tight spaces, and other obstacles with little effort. Users simply need to twist the handle in the direction they would like to go.

Hoover UH72400 is easy to maneuver

Hoover UH72400 is easy to maneuver Via: Amazon

While maneuverability and flexibility might not be a determining factor in small-sized or handy vacuum models, it is one of the essential features to consider when buying full-sized machines. It significantly saves your cleaning time and energy as you can guide around furniture with just a flick of the wrist.

Flexible on/off brush roll 

When researching information to write this review article, we came across a few negative comments from customers about this Hoover WindTunnel air steerable upright vacuum UH72400. One of those is the lack of a height adjustment tool to use on multiple floors.

However, we think that this drawback shouldn’t worry you as this vacuum has the brush roll-on/off function so that you can move from carpet to hardwood with a press of a button.

When you need to clean a carpeted floor, turn the brush roll on, then step on the floor nozzle to release the handle. Your Hoover will then automatically adjust to whatever style of carpet in the room, whether it’s freeze, saxony, or anything in between. To vacuum the hard surfaces, simply press the brush roll button off as you would not need the spinning brush roll on timber, tile, or laminate floors.

Filtration system made with AllergenBlock technology

Users of this Hoover upright will enjoy the convenience of a washable filter made with Level 3 AllergenBlock technology. You only need to wash the filter periodically under clean water, leave it completely dry before putting it back.

You’re probably wondering what the benefits of Level 3 AllergenBlock technology are. Simply put, it prevents more than 95% of pet dander, dirt, dust, and pollen particles from re-entering the air of your space. Customers with asthma or other respiratory-related diseases such as emphysema, chronic bronchitis, or pneumonia would appreciate this feature of the Hoover UH72400.

Dust capacity 

The bin size is a drawback of this machine as it is relatively small for an upright at only 0.35 gallons (which is around 1.3 liters), which means you will have to empty it frequently. This weakness is, however, not a big problem if your house is not large. Also, the seamless one-push button release is perfectly designed for multiple times emptying.

Retractable cord 

From our thorough research on customers' habits when purchasing vacuum cleaners, we understand that one of the biggest deterrents of a corded vacuum is its weight. A short power cord is also another deterring factor, as users would not want to keep plugging and unplugging when vacuuming.

Hoover’s engineers seem to understand this customers’ insight well, so they provide this Hoover air steerable vacuum with a long power cord of 30’ feet. Better yet, it’s also retractable, which means it has high flexibility, ruggedness and also saves you storage space. 

If you’re tired of a manual cord wrapping or the electrical power cords, or the wirings of your older vacuums lying all over your home, consider this Hoover upright. Its long and retractile power cord is a plus point that adds to the user convenience. 

A comparison with the power cord length of a few well-known vacuums on the market will help you better envision the usability of this Hoover bagless vacuum cleaner. For example, the Miele Compact C1 is one of the best-selling vacuums from this German manufacturer, and its cord length is only 18’. Another well-known upright model on the market is Shark Navigator Swivel Pro NV150. Even though it weighs 14 pounds, which is not much heavier than the Hoover UH72400, its cord is 25’ only.

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Maintaining and troubleshooting 

The Hoover air steerable troubleshooting is not difficult at all if you know a few simple steps that we’ll take you through below: 

  •  Check the airflow  

When you face problems with the suction power, it’s best to check for the airflow. First, leave your Hoover unit standing up straight on the floor, remove the bin, press the green power button, and check if there is air going through the small tube on the unit's body. If you can feel the air in it, then there is nothing wrong with your machine’s airflow. 

  • • Check the filter 

If you do not feel the air in the hose, open the first filter of this Hoover air steerable vacuum to see if it’s clogged. If it is, then it’s time to replace it. Next, pull the lid of your bin up, take the second filter out and make sure it’s clean. If it’s not, wash it with cold water, then give it a day or two so that it’s completely dry before putting back in.

You can also check the cyclones' holes to see if there is any dirt and debris stuck in there. If there are, simply use a screwdriver to open and then unclog them.

  • • Check the wand 

The hose and wand should always be inserted correctly. Once you’ve done that and still do not feel the air through the hose, then take it off, split the wand and look straight through it to see if there’s a blockage. If there is, take a small broom handle and push it through the wand, the clog will quickly come out at the other end.

  • • Check the hose and its handle 

The hose of all vacuums are usually made of see-through plastic, so all you have to do is stretch it out, look through each part of the hose carefully to see if there are any clogs. If you can not find any clogs in there, inspect the handle of the hose, and use a pipe cleaner to pull any clogs through

  • • Check the brush roll 

If your vacuum does not pick up dirt and debris, you may have problems with the brush roll. We would recommend you tilt the unit back and press the brush roll-on/off button a few times to see if the brush roll spins. If it doesn’t, then remove any debris or hair tangled on the brush roll. 

Once you’ve done this step, recheck the brush roll’s spinning. Now, if it still doesn’t work, then the motor is probably not working. You will have to call the Hoover local maintenance services then. 


Hoover WindTunnel air steerable upright vacuum UH72400 comes with a 2-in-1 tool used as a dusting tool for furniture and a crevice tool for hard-to-reach corners.

Since this Hoover does not include many tools, it might not be a good fit for shoppers who like to have a machine with a series of tools for different vacuuming purposes. However, it has onboard storage space, which means this tool can be neatly stored and handy when vacuuming. Besides, storing it right on the unit itself means that you do not have to worry that it can get lost or mislaid.

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Most full-sized Hoover vacuums come with a generous warranty program of 5 years, and Hoover WindTunnel air steerable upright vacuum UH72400 is not an exception. As you might know, a 5-years-warranty program is only common in hi-end vacuum brands such as Dyson or Shark.

We explicitly said that the five-year-warranty that Hoover offers its UH72400 users is “generous” because other mid-range vacuum cleaners usually have a much shorter warranty program. For example, Bissell vacuums are on-par with Hoover’s machines in terms of price and quality, but most of their products’ warranty is usually valid for two years only.


Yesterday, we ran a test on this machine and a few other uprights to see how it performs on different floor types. We used baking soda, rice, cereal, and pet hair on carpet, timber, and laminate for our test. Below is our analysis of its performance on carpets and hardwood.

On carpets 

We have two four-legged buddies who shed continuously, and we are happy to say that this Hoover picked up pet hair effectively. We didn’t notice that much pet hair was accumulated on our floor without using this vacuum. Its suction is potent, giving us what we need to pick up even the most stubborn ground-in dirt on our carpeted floors.  

Our two Golden Retrievers love to play hide and seek under the sofa, so we’re pretty sure their hair is hidden down there. We still can’t forget the days when we suffered from back pain as we had to bend over to clean under the beds and furniture. In our test with the Hoover UH72400, we did not have to bend over anymore, since the machine has a low-profile design.

Hoover UH72400’s low-profile design 

Hoover UH72400’s low-profile design Via: Amazon

When it comes to vacuuming an area rug, this Hoover bagless vacuum cleaner struggled slightly as our rug is thick. However, it managed to clean it after only a few passes. 

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On hard floors 

Forty percent of our floor is covered in carpets and rug, the rest is sealed timber, so our house became an ideal testing lab for this Hoover vacuum's flexibility on different floor types. The brush roll-on/off feature makes it easy to move from carpet to hard floors.

We live in an apartment, and no matter how well-organized we are or how often we try to practice the minimalist living style, we sometimes find our space crowded. So this Hoover upright fits perfectly in our place as it is easy to maneuver around the furniture thanks to the steerable feature.

We used to doubt when we hear someone say that the best home appliance is not necessarily the most expensive. However, after testing this Hoover air steerable, we have come to realize that even though Hoover is not a high-end brand, some of its vacuums do a fantastic job.

Comparison between Air, Air Steerable and Air Cordless 

We have come across many questions asking about the differences between the WindTunnel Air, Air Steerable, and Air Cordless. All three of them are under the WindTunnel Air family, so there are certain similarities between them.

Even though many other Hoover Air Vacuum reviews do not include a comparison between these three models, we believe a comparison chart would give our readers a better idea of which model would be the best-fitted. So let's take a look below.

Features & functions 

Hoover WindTunnel Air 


Hoover WindTunnel Air Steerable 


Hoover WindTunnel Air Cordless



12.4 lbs

13.4 lbs 

9.9lbs (including two lithium batteries)

Warranty  2-year limited warranty 5-year limited warranty  5-year limited warranty  
Has 2-in-1 tool Yes  Yes  Yes 
Cyclonic filtration  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Low-profile design Yes  Yes  Yes 
Steerability  No Yes  Yes 
Bin capacity 

0.343 gallons


0.343 gallons


0.277 gallons


Extended hose length 

12 feet 

14.3 feet 

10 feet 


#1- Hoover air lift steerable upright vacuum - A somewhat similar machine with detachable canister 

Consider the Hoover Air Lift Steerable if you’re interested in an upright vacuum with a detachable canister. It’s also packed with the outstanding steerable head to give you excellent maneuverability around furniture on multiple floor types.

Hoover Air Lift Steerable

Hoover Air Lift Steerable Via: Amazon

This Hoover Air Lift Steerable allows you to vacuum the stairs, hidden corners, and off-the-floor areas with ease. What’s better than having an upright with excellent suction power and portability?

Aside from the lift-away canister, this 17-lbs machine has similar features with its UH72400 sibling: the AllergenBlock technology to maximize fresh air, the Multi-Cyclonic technology to ensure no loss of suction, and the 30’ long power cord. Plus, users can also enjoy an extended 5-year warranty program when buying this device.

Shoppers who are reluctant to purchase the UH72400 because of their lack of accessories would find this Hoover Air Lift Steerable a great alternative. It comes with four attachments: a crevice tool, a pivoting dusting brush, a turbo tool, and a telescoping wand. Better yet, all of them can be stored onboard to ensure they’re handy when you need them. 

#2- Hoover WindTunnel 3 - A good alternative with illuminating headlight and longer power cord 

WindTunnel 3 is packed with all of the best features of a WindTunnel model. Its users will have a more extensive cleaning reach as the machine’s power cord is 40 feet, so even you’re living in a large house, you would not have to worry about plugging and unplugging continuously.

Hoover WindTunnel 3 

Hoover WindTunnel 3 Via: Amazon

The Hoover UH72630 has a nozzle of 15 inches width, giving users a wide cleaning path on every stroke. Therefore, it significantly saves your cleaning time and your electricity. This machine’s wheels also come with soft bumpers so that they do not leave scratches on your furniture and walls.

While a headlight might sound redundant to many users, it can help you to better clean hard-to-see debris in dimly lighted areas. Spots like in between sofas, skirting boards, floors, or stairs edges would be more thoroughly cleaned if your vacuum is equipped with a headlight. Who knows if your toddlers accidentally drop their cereal or popcorn there?

#3- Hoover MaxLife Pro Pet Swivel Bagless - A perfect alternative upright vacuum for homes with pets 

So, you’re interested in the Hoover UH72400, but its lack of accessories to tackle pet hair leaves you cold. Why not consider the Hoover MaxLife Pro Pet Swivel Bagless? 

Hoover MaxLife Pro Pet

Hoover MaxLife Pro Pet Via: Amazon

As the name suggests, Hoover created this model for homes with pets. Its HEPA media filtration system captures 99% of dust, pet dander, allergens, and minimizes odor to give you a freshly clean space. Moreover, it is also packed with the necessary tools to pick up pet fur on different surfaces effectively.

You can use the crevice tool to get into tight spots like between sofa cushions and along baseboards. The dusting brush would be beneficial to whisk pet hair on delicate surfaces like furniture, bedsheets, clothes, windowsills, lampshades, and blinds. Lastly, the pet upholstery tool is, true to its name, specially designed to clean up pet hair on sofa, couches, and stairs. 

This machine has an enhanced MAXLife system to deliver long-lasting suction power, so you do not have to regularly maintain their filters. Besides, it also has a large and easy-to-empty dirt cup of 0.40 gallons (~1.5L), which means you will have fewer trips to the trash.


We hope our Hoover air steerable review has equipped you with enough information to decide whether it’s the right vacuum for your needs. 

This Hoover UH72400 comes at a reasonable price of a little more than $100 only, but it’s packed with outstanding features of hi-end models. Steerability, maneuverability, and mobility are three of the best determining factors that most customers look for when buying an upright vacuum. We reckon that shoppers won’t be disappointed choosing this steerable machine. 

Even though its lack of tools is not a big concern for us, if you’re interested in other models with many accessories, the Hoover MaxLife Pro Pet Swivel Bagless that we briefly reviewed above is a worth-to-consider option. Alternatively, you can choose to go with the Hoover Air Lift Steerable if you’re looking for a vacuum with a detachable canister. 

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