Hoover Powerdash Pet Carpet Cleaner Fh50700 Reviews


Hoover FH50700 PowerDash Pet Compact Carpet Cleaner, Lightweight, Blue Review

A carpet cleaner would be one of the most important gadgets you could possibly have in your home if your house’s floor plan is made up of mostly carpeting. 

Carpet cleaners are structurally and functionally similar to vacuum cleaners, but while vacuum cleaners can handle bare floors as well as carpets, carpet cleaners are designed solely for carpet cleaning.

What are the benefits, then?

Since carpet cleaners are completely focused on carpeting cleaning, their performance on carpets are obviously better than that of vacuums. They are packed with unique features that vacuum cleaners don’t typically have, which can make your carpet cleaning chores much easier and more efficient.

You will learn about all of these features in the Hoover PowerDash Pet Carpet Cleaner reviews we have below!


Easy to assemble
Suction power
For deep cleaning
Easy to clean


The Hoover PowerDash Pet FH50700 carpet cleaner promises powerful performance and great ease of use at an affordable price. From what we saw, the Hoover FH50700 fulfilled these promises quite well.

The cleaner features a 7-amp suction motor that provides remarkable cleaning power. The suction can uproot dirt, dust, and debris from your carpeting rapidly and efficiently.

On thick carpets and rugs, the FH50700 has the PowerSpin Brush Roll to help it do its job. The PowerSpin is a floor head with a stiff-bristle brush roller inside. The brush is rotated at high speed by the cleaner’s motor. With it, the FH50700 can comb through thick carpet piling and dislodge any dirt particles.

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Most customers are particularly satisfied with the cleaning power this floor head offers. The PowerSpin brush roll can eliminate a wide variety of dirt particles, from caked-on dirt to stubborn debris. 

Other than that, the floor head has been found to work particularly well against pet hair. As a result, the carpet cleaner receives quite a lot of positive reviews from pet owners. It further helps the cleaner’s case that the PowerSpin floor head is anti-microbial, so it doesn’t produce or retain any odor.

The FH50700 is excellent for pet owners with its many pet-oriented features

The FH50700 is excellent for pet owners with its many pet-oriented features Via: Amazon

High cleaning power doesn’t come without a cost, unfortunately.

This Hoover carpet cleaner is very loud. As a matter of fact, it’s among the loudest cleaners we have ever tested. This can be a problem if you often clean early in the morning or late at night.

The cleaning path of this model is also quite narrow, measuring about 10 inches. As a result, the FH50700 can maneuver deep into tight corners around your house and behind furniture.

The FH50700 has a dual water tank design: one clean water tank and one dirty water tank. The clean water tank has a capacity of ½ a gallon. But considering the fact that many carpet cleaners on the market come with a 1-gallon tank, the FH50700 doesn’t shine here.

This Hoover carpet cleaner also benefits from its HeatForce heated drying function. Your wet carpeting will dry quicker thanks to this system.

Design-wise, the Hoover PowerDash Pet FH50700 carpet cleaner is fairly lightweight, at just 13 pounds with empty water tanks. But even with the tanks filled, the cleaner doesn’t weigh more than 15 pounds. Most people won’t have any problem dragging it around for long periods.

Hoover PowerDash Pet FH50700 carpet cleaner

Hoover PowerDash Pet FH50700 carpet cleaner Via: Amazon

The suction nozzle of the cleaner can be removed for maintenance. The brush roll itself is also removable, but you must remove the Phillips screws holding it in place first. This can make removing pet hair from the brush roll an unnecessary challenge.

The carpet cleaner comes with a 20 feet power cord. 

All of the important components/details of the FH50700

All of the important components/details of the FH50700 Via: Amazon


  • • Affordable

  • • Lightweight and compact

  • • Fairly maneuverable

  • • Great cleaning power

  • • Effective against pet hair

  • • Heated drying system


  • • Loud

  • • Small water tank

  • • Difficult to maintain the brush roll


7-Amp Motor

The bulk of the FH50700’s cleaning power originates from the 7-amp motor. Other than generating the vacuum suction flow, the motor also drives the rotating brush inside of the floor head, so it’s safe to say that the electric motor of the FH50700 is quite a powerhouse.

Unlike traditional vacuum cleaners, which may have attachments and tools that could impede the motor’s suction flow, the FH50700 doesn’t come with any. The cleaner can focus the entirety of its power on sucking up dirt and scrubbing out debris on your carpets.

PowerSpin Brush Roll

The PowerSpin motorized brush roll is the star of the show and is how the FH50700 has achieved acclaim. The brush roll is helical in shape and has soft rubber bristles. The bristles are resistant to being tangled by pet hair. If your pets regularly shed and leave messes on your carpets, this brush roll can help a lot.

Other than being resistant to hair tangles, it’s also anti-microbial. Bacteria and mold cannot grow inside of the floor head, so there’s no risk of your carpet cleaner developing any unpleasant odor.

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HeatForce Heated Drying System

This system redirects a portion of the heat generated by the electric motor out onto the wet carpeting so it can dry faster. It automatically kicks in when you’re not pressing the detergent dispensing button.

The heat alongside the cool suction from the cleaner can result in a remarkably fast drying time.

For faster drying

For faster drying Via: Amazon

Dual Water Tank Design

The clean water tank has a capacity of ½ a gallon. Its job is to spritz cleaning solution onto your carpet as you clean to wipe out stains. But compared to other carpet cleaners, which can have a tank as spacious as 1 gallon, the FH50700 is clearly at a disadvantage. If you have a large house or apartment to clean, expect to have to refill the tank often.

You can use the carpet cleaner in conjunction with different types of detergent (or “carpet shampoo”), depending on what kind of mess you’re seeking to clean up. 

For general cleaning and dirt-removing operations, the FH50700 works well with Hoover Deep Cleaning Carpet Shampoo AH30924. Against stubborn stains such as oil or wine stains, Hoover has Oxy AH30950. Lastly, against pet hair, odor, or stains, you can use the Hoover pet carpet cleaner solution (H30933A)

It’s easy to draw water from the tank and perform a “wet” clean. According to the instructions in the accompanying manual, all you have to do is fill the tank up with water and your chosen detergent. After that, switch on the cleaner using the ON/OFF pedal near the base of the machine. Squeeze the trigger on the handle, and the cleaner will spritz water onto your carpet. Release it to return to “dry” mode.

All of the waste water is directed to the dirty water tank to avoid contamination.

Washable Foam Filter

Carpet cleaners generally don’t have filtration systems as robust as the best vacuum cleaner on the market. The Hoover PowerDash Pet FH50700 carpet cleaner has a washable foam filter near the base of the machine, beneath the dirty water tank. It will filter out all of the microscopic dirty particles in the suction air stream.

You have to maintain this filter regularly to prevent clogging.

Customer Reviews

It’s not without a reason that the team picked the Hoover FH50700 to review among literally hundreds of competing models on the market; it’s got fantastic customer reviews.

Here are just a few of the hundreds of positive comments it’s received from buyers over the years. These Hoover PowerDash Pet Carpet Cleaner reviews should give you an accurate idea of what owning and operating one of these is like. After all, they came from the people who have bought and used one themselves.

hoover powerdash pet carpet cleaner reviews

Hoover Powerdash Pet Compact Carpet Cleaner Fh50700 Reviews

Alternatives to Consider

Don’t worry if you’re still not sure whether you should take the Hoover FH50700 or not; we’ve got a few more alternatives for you to check out.

#1- Hoover FH11300PC Compact Carpet Cleaner 

The Hoover FH11300PC is the go-to model if you’re in need of a spot carpet cleaner that’s even lighter and more compact than the FH50700. 

The FH11300PC is an ideal choice for those who need lightness and compactness rather than raw cleaning power

The FH11300PC is an ideal choice for those who need lightness and compactness rather than raw cleaning power Via: Amazon

Despite having a considerably smaller size, the FH11300PC’s cleaning performance remains great. It can clean up carpeting and rugs quite well for its size. The Hoover Compact Carpet Clean reviews from customers also attest to the quick drying time from the high-speed suction flow.

But keep in mind that this small lightweight carpet shampooer is not meant for whole-house cleaning like the FH50700. Instead, it should only be used for small-area or spot cleaning.

It’s quite surprising to learn that the electric motor of the FH11300PC is only 3.5-amp (half the amperage of the FH50700’s motor.) Due to having a smaller motor, this compact carpet cleaner is less noisy. It cannot be called “quiet” by any means, but still, it won’t leave your ears ringing like the FH50700 does when it’s used in confined spaces.

The cleaner comes with a long 5-foot suction hose. It provides the cleaner with both reach and maneuverability, allowing you to weave deep into nooks and crannies in the house to draw out all of the dirt and debris. Furthermore, the hose is self-cleaning. It won’t develop a bad odor over time like others.

Just like the FH50700, this Hoover carpet cleaner also has a dual water tank design. The clean and dirty water is stored separately to avoid contamination.

Though the water tanks don’t leak while the unit is in use or when the power is off, many people have found it difficult to refill the tank with cleaning solution. You’re going to need to use a funnel and a measuring cup to get the correct amount in.

Overall, it’s a solid Hoover carpet cleaner if you’re looking for a compact carpet cleaning machine.

#2- Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe FH50150

The Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe FH50150 was one of the best-selling carpet cleaners in the 2018-2019 period. It’s the carpet cleaner to go for if you want a model that’s a notch more premium than the FH50700.

The Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe FH50150 serves as the premium carpet cleaner in Hoover’s portfolio

The Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe FH50150 serves as the premium carpet cleaner in Hoover’s portfolio Via: Amazon

To start, the Hoover FH50150 is more powerful than the FH50700, packing a 10-amp electric motor. Obviously, without doing a full-scale Hoover vacuum comparison, the stronger motor provides it with considerably better cleaning power than the FH50700.

The DualV nozzle ensures that the suction power won’t be wasted and is always at optimum level.

The FH50150 also benefits from the new SpinScrub system. Rather than the traditional helical brush, the FH50150’s brush consists of multiple counter-rotating brush rolls. The unique design results in better efficiency on carpets and improved dirt and stain-fighting performance.

Safely deep clean carpets of the toughest dirt with powerful 360 degree brushes

Safely deep clean carpets of the toughest dirt with powerful 360 degree brushes Via: Amazon

The Hoover FH50150 uses a dual tank design, in which clean and dirty water are stored separate from one another. The clean water tank has a capacity of 1 gallon. For the price, the water tank could’ve been bigger, but it’s an upgrade from the FH50700’s ½-gallon tank.

The detergent tank also has an automatic detergent mixing system. Basically, it ensures that the amount of water and detergent in the tank is balanced for optimum performance.

The carpet cleaner also comes with an upholstery tool to help you sweep up your upholstered furniture and other delicate surfaces.

#3- Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro Carpet Cleaner

The direct competitor to Hoover in the carpet cleaner segment is Bissell, who have a wide range of excellent models in their portfolio. According to our market data, the highest-rated Bissell carpet cleaner at the moment is the Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro. Though this model is much more costly than even the Hoover FH50150, it has many features to justify the premium cost.

If you have the cash to spare, splurging on the Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution will be worth it

If you have the cash to spare, splurging on the Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution will be worth it Via: Amazon

This Bissell carpet cleaner has the power to uproot stubborn dirt and debris from thick carpets and rugs with ease. For pet hair, the strong suction and brush system can clean them out from thick carpet piling after a single pass. As a matter of fact, the majority of customers reported that the ProHeat 2X Revolution can erase most dirt and waste with only one to two passes.

Bissell also employs a dual water tank design for the ProHeat 2X Revolution, with the clean water tank capable of holding 1 gallon max. It’s quite a disappointment for such a premium carpet cleaner, but the strong performance is worth the constant refilling.

In terms of design and ergonomics, the ProHeat 2X Revolution weighs 19 pounds. However, despite the weight, it’s quite easy and comfortable to use. Most people do not have any kind of trouble dragging it up and down the stairs. There also aren’t many reviews criticizing the ergonomics, either.

It’s versatile and maneuverable. The machine has no problem maneuvering itself deep into tight corners to remove hidden gunk.

Despite the name “ProHeat”, unlike the Hoover PowerDash Pet FH50700 carpet cleaner, the ProHeat 2X Revolution doesn’t actually have a heating mechanism. This is the biggest complaint that I have against this otherwise excellent carpet cleaner.

So what’s the verdict for this one, then?

If you have the money to spare, this Bissell carpet cleaner will be well worth the expense if you can forgive some of its flaws (which there aren’t a lot or deal-breaking, anyway.)

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So, have you found the carpet cleaner of your dreams?

If you haven’t, don’t worry; we’ve got a few more listings you can check out to continue your search. But if you have, then congratulations! Our Hoover PowerDash Pet Carpet Cleaner reviews will have fulfilled their job!

If you want to check out the latest price or see more details about the Hoover PowerDash Pet FH50700 carpet cleaner, you can check out the link below.

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