Dyson V7: Absolute vs Motorhead vs HEPA vs Animal Reviews and Comparison


Dyson V7 Reviews - The Best Choice For Portable Vacuum Cleaning

For those of you who are in the search for their ultimate cordless vacuum on a budget, then the Dyson V7 should be the best option for you. It’s currently the least expensive model when compared to other Dyson’s lineups, but it also comes with all the features that you would want from a product of this brand. And most importantly, you’ll find it extremely easy and comfortable to use.

Learn more about the products with my in-depth Dyson V7 Reviews and also discover other good alternatives if you want more options.

About the Dyson V7

The V7 is Dyson’s mid-tier vacuum product, which mostly targets common consumers and standard household cleaning tasks. With a small and extremely maneuverable design, the cordless vacuum is suited to work on any of your apartment setups. And thanks to the cordless build, you can easily get the vacuum into every corner without having any trouble at all.


For hardwood floors
Suction power
For stairs
Quality of material

And to further improve the cleaning performances on various scenarios, Dyson V7 also comes in  variants, which are built slightly differently for certain cleaning purposes. For that reason, along with general cleaning tasks, your unique Dyson V7 models will prove to be more effective in certain cases.

Here, you can have the product for cleaning pet hairs, dealing with allergens, and a few other tasks. All of which come with similar hardware and feature all the same statistics. But the slight changes in components make them a little different from each other, which I will mention in the in-depth reviews.

But nonetheless, for normal household cleaning, the Dyson V7 should really be worth your consideration, both in terms of power and reliability.

The product is great for most household cleaning tasks

The product is great for most household cleaning tasks Via: Amazon


  • • Dyson’s reliable reputation

  • • Different models for specific scenarios

  • • Powerful motor with decent run time

  • • Extreme maneuverability and portability

  • • Reasonably priced comparing to other Dyson’s products


  • • A little confusing with different models

Features & Benefits

To further discover the product and many of its features, I will introduce you to the complete insights of Dyson V7 and all of its variants. Feel free to take a look at my Dyson v7 reviews and consider how each product will  benefit you in your daily cleaning experience.

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Powerful and reliable Dyson V7 digital motor

All Dyson V7 models are powered by an excellent digital motor, which was designed to enhance airflow and maintain good performances throughout the cleaning session. In addition, the heavy-duty material used will allow your motor to stay functional for a really long time, despite the constant pressures. This, combined with the extended warranty from Dyson, will make sure that you can stay confident with your purchases.

All products are powered by Dyson digital motor

All products are powered by Dyson digital motor Via: Amazon

Simple controls with two power modes

New users will also find the Dyson V7 quite easy-to-use, thanks to its simple power switch. Here, you can simply press the button to have the machine up and running. Release the power switch to let the motor shutdown. And if you wish to change the suction power, there is an accessible knob for changing between the standard and powered mode. All of which should make the controls on your Dyson V7 quite effortless.

Enjoy simple control options with the available switch

Enjoy simple control options with the available switch Via: Amazon

Quick release option for dirt-free bin emptying

In addition, to further promote the simple control experience, Dyson V7 also offers its conveniently-mounted dust bin, which can be easily emptied. Simply scoot the unit over your garbage can, press the release button and you will deposit all the collected dust into the bin, absolutely no hand contact and dirt-free.

The easy dirt-emptying mechanics

The easy dirt-emptying mechanics Via: Amazon

Cyclonic filtration system for sorting debris and dirt

Along with the reliable digital motor, the unit also comes with its proprietary cyclonic filtration system, which offers excellent sorting of debris and dirt. Here, the 2 tier radial cyclones which consist of 15 small cyclones, will generate a strong centrifugal force.

This will allow the airflow to travel in a cyclonic motion and prevent large particles of dust from blocking the filter. Thus, ensuring the proper suction even when your dust cup is getting full.

At the same time, with the Dyson v7 allergy vacuum cleaner, you can also make use of the washable HEPA filter to prevent allergens from causing any trouble.

The 2 tier radial cyclones will promote suction and airflow

The 2 tier radial cyclones will promote suction and airflow Via: Amazon

Up to 30 minutes of run time

To make sure that you can effectively clean your entire house before the battery runs out, Dyson V7 also offers impressive run time with up to 30 minutes in the standard mode. This will allow you to work on most cleaning tasks before you need to recharge the machine. As for more demanding spot cleaning, you can temporarily turn on the powered suction mode, which will effectively boost the machine’s performance. However, be mindful to not always use this mode as it will drastically increase the battery consumption, leaving you with only 6 minutes of running time.

Enjoy the decent running time with up to 30 minutes of operation

Enjoy the decent running time with up to 30 minutes of operation Via: Amazon

Lightweight and convertible design for both stick and handheld uses

And one of the most important features that many consumers would find interesting is the lightweight and convertible design of the Dyson V7. With only 5.3 pounds of weight despite its premium and heavy-duty design, the machine offers absolute portability for you to easily carry around the house.

Feel free to work on multiple areas of the floor with the cleaner head, as it comes with flexible bending and steering mechanics. This will allow you to easily get under furniture or bend into narrow corners when vacuuming with the machine.

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And most importantly, the stick model can be easily converted into a handheld vacuum, which will allow you to work more effectively on spot cleaning tasks. Not to mention that in this mode, you’ll also enjoy the extremely lightweight design of the product, thus, making most household cleaning jobs a breeze.

The lightweight and portable design allow for easy cleaning in awkward spots

The lightweight and portable design allow for easy cleaning in awkward spots Via: Amazon

Useful tools and attachments to get the jobs done

To combine with the impressive maneuverability of the unit, Dyson also offers its complete collection of useful tools and attachments, which will make your overall vacuuming experience more enjoyable.

Feel free to take out the standard cleaner head and connect the unit with the included soft dusting brush for dealing with dust, the combination tool for spot treating on different surfaces, and the useful crevice tool for cleaning on narrow gaps.

These are just the standard tools that you’ll get on all Dyson V7 models. Hence, you can also have access to more options, depending on your products.

Lastly, all available attachments and tools come with their useful and convenient locking mechanism, which will allow for secured mounting and easy release. This will allow you to effectively work with the machine on all vacuuming tasks.

The useful attachments can help you in various tasks

The useful attachments can help you in various tasks Via: Amazon

Convenient docking station for storing and recharging

All Dyson V7 products come with their convenient docking station for storing and recharging your devices. The convenient storage device can be easily mounted on your wall, giving the house a modern look. Plus, you can also use the docking station to recharge your machine without having to use the included wired charger.

Dyson V7 comparisons

The thing with Dyson V7 is that the product comes with a few variants, which can make it a little difficult for consumers to differentiate, especially considering their similar build and design. For that reason, you definitely are going to need my Dyson V7 comparison to better understand each model.

In the following discussion, I’ll point out all the differences between Dyson V7 Absolute vs. Animal vs. Motorhead vs. HEPA, all of which are slightly similar to each other.

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First of all, it’s important to understand that all of these Dyson models have the same form factor and design, which means that there aren’t any differences in terms of added components. This explains many similar features that are available on all products. In fact, you can easily customize your models by purchasing certain attachments and additional compartments for your vacuum units.

As a result, all four Dyson V7 models have a standard running time of 30 minutes and two power adjustments for users to make uses of. All have the same build including Dyson’s digital motor and Direct Drive cleaning head. And lastly, the three standard attachments of crevice tool, combination tool, and docking station will be available in all packages.

All Dyson V7 have the same form factor

All Dyson V7 have the same form factor Via: Amazon


And when it comes to the differences, most of them are featured in the added compartments on your Dyson V7 models.

That being the case, all models, except the Dyson v7 absolute, have the standard motorized cleaning head, which can be used in most cleaning tasks without any problems. However, for dealing with hardwood floors, the added Fluffy cleaning head available on the Absolute model will make the job a lot easier, especially when dealing with large pieces of debris.

The fluffy cleaning head makes the Dyson V7 Absolute different

The fluffy cleaning head makes the Dyson V7 Absolute different Via: Amazon

And if you often  have breathing problems because of pet hair and allergens, then the Dyson V7 Animal and HEPA should make better choices. They all have HEPA filters included , which will prevent fine dust and allergens from bothering you. As a result, you won’t find yourself being affected by pet hair or allergens. Also, the Dyson v7 HEPA filters on both models are easily washable with cold water, allowing you to reuse them multiple times.

Lastly, if you’re interested in more cleaning tools, then the Dyson V7 Motorhead and HEPA aren't going to be suitable choices, as they all lack the Mini dusting brush and Mini motorized brush roll. However, due to the lack of attachments, the Motorhead also offers a slightly cheaper price compared to other models.

Social Proof

When it comes to portable household vacuuming experiences, you can always trust in Dyson and its V7 lineups, especially with all the features and benefits in my dyson v7 reviews above. But to further solidify the given conclusions, you can also check out other users’ opinions regarding their purchased Dyson V7 products, which all are overwhelmingly positive.

dyson v7 absolute vs motorhead

dyson v7 motorhead origin

Other good alternatives

Although the product from my Dyson vacuum cleaner review is undoubtedly a good purchase for a cordless vacuuming, you will certainly need other good alternatives to help illuminate your choices. As a result, in the following sections, I’ll show you the three best alternatives for Dyson V7 and why you might find them better suited.

Shark ION F80

You can completely replace the Dyson V7 with Shark ION F80

You can completely replace the Dyson V7 with Shark ION F80 Via: Amazon

For a fully-featured replacement of your Dyson V7, homeowners can always opt for the Shark ION F80, which is a premium cordless vacuum from Shark. It comes with powerful suction and the DuoClean cleaner head, which should work well on both carpets and hard floors. In addition, the machine can also be converted into handle use, which allows for more flexible cleaning applications.

But most importantly, thanks to the removable and rechargeable batteries, you can easily double the operation time by getting an additional pair of batteries. Thus, making the Shark ION F80 more reliable, in case you need to extend your vacuuming periods.

Hoover Linx BH50020PC

The cheap yet powerful cordless replacement of your Dyson V7

The cheap yet powerful cordless replacement of your Dyson V7 Via: Amazon

On the other hand, if you prefer a more budget-friendly option with your vacuum models, then this cordless unit from Hoover Linx will definitely impress you. With less than half the price of the Dyson V7, you can still enjoy relatively comfortable use of the stick vacuum. Feel free to work your cleaner head on different surfaces and areas of the house without having any trouble. Make use of the low profile design to easily get under furniture and complete your vacuum jobs. The only downside with the Hoover Linx BH50020PC is that it can’t be used in handheld mode.

NEQUARE Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 

Enjoy the mimicking design of Dyson V7 on the NEQUARE vacuum

Enjoy the mimicking design of Dyson V7 on the NEQUARE vacuum Via: Amazon

Finally, if you love the unique and classy design of Dyson’s vacuum, then this interesting Dyson alternative from NEQUARE will certainly be a worthy consideration. The product has quite a similar design and functions when compared to the Dyson V7, complete with being convertible and powerful suction. The only thing that it lacks is the absolute quality and thoughtfulness in design. But when considering the price and its performances, the NEQUARE Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is a great choice.


A lot of people don’t really like full-sized and corded vacuum cleaners, due to their lack of maneuverability. Hence, if you also prefer portability on your machine, then the cordless design should fit you better.

However, to maintain the small size and flexibility, manufacturers will need to make certain compromises on their products. As a result, you’ll find portable cordless vacuums not as strong and functional as full-sized ones, especially on cheap models.

To counter that, I suggest you go for this product from Dyson, not just only because of their reputation, but also since the brand has always been focused on making portable and cordless vacuums. And from the given points, you should find the Dyson V7 and its variants being extremely helpful and convenient.

On the other hand, if you favor other features, then our legit alternatives of the cordless vacuum should come in handy. Judging from your certain needs, you can always choose the right products and make the most of your cleaning efforts.

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