Dyson V11 Torque Drive Vs Animal Vs Outsize Vacuum Cleaner Reviews and Comparison


Dyson V11 Reviews: The Cordless Miracle Of Vacuum Inventions

Fed up with being restrained by the limit of a corded vacuum? Why don’t you try something new and give cordless vacuum cleaners a go? With the right choice, a cordless vacuum can outperform its corded counterpart with ease! 

However, the emphasis here is on the keywords “right choice”. There are simply way too many options out there to choose from, and certainly not all of them have the level of performance mentioned above.  

Have no fears! Because with these Dyson V11 reviews below, you are going to see why this particular line of vacuums should be the default cordless option whenever you need that performance level guaranteed.


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Pros & Cons

It’s hard to imagine any vacuum users who haven't heard about the Dyson brand name. Possessing a wide array of vacuum options that top the performance charts. Dyson is also  well-known for its futuristic vacuum cleaners that use cutting edge technology to achieve the impossible; for instance, the impressive fact that their Dyson V11 outsize and outperform a corded vacuum. And the line of vacuums that we are talking about is their V11 line.

The V11 line is simply so too that Dyson claims they don’t have to make another corded vacuum again. Whether this is true or not remains to be seen, but one fact  sure, this lineup has several serious offers that it brings to the table. Let’s have a quick look below at the advantages and disadvantages of owning one of the best Dyson vacuum

The Pros

- Optimized performance

- Superior run-time compared to other cordless vacuums

- Long battery life

- Very strong suction power

- LCD Control Panel

- Noise-free operation

- Wide range of additional support tools

- Easy to maintain

The Cons

- No “swapping” mechanics

- Long recharge time

- No storage space for the tools

- Large price tag

The only real downside to owning one of these machines is simply just its premium price tag. It’s certainly not the cheapest vacuum to afford, but with the price you pay you get a whole slew of benefits that no other vacuum is able to offer you. Plus, the superior performance of this vacuum means you are going to save yourself a hefty amount on monthly bills in the long run. So at the end, the price of this vacuum is fully justified. Let’s dig into the vacuum through these in-depth Dyson V11 reviews below.

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Performance Optimization

The main secret behind this vacuum’s success is the technology it possesses to optimize its cleaning performance, given the limited resources it has to work with. A downside to most cordless vacuums is that their battery life limits how much you can clean with them before they need to be recharged between each session. And considering that it takes a reasonable amount of energy to power a vacuum motor to acceptable levels, there’s usually not much that you can do with them. 

However, with the help of modern technology, this V11 vacuum is able to run its motors while consuming the least possible amount of energy. This effectively increases its cleaning efficiency while eliminating the main weakness with cordless vacuums. How Dyson did this is still a mystery, but it is known for certain that the Dyson V11 Torque, V11 Absolute and Animal do have energy efficiency and that translates into saving you tons of bills.

This is even more terrifying when you think about how both the battery life and the suction power of this V11 vacuum surpasses the performance of most other common vacuums. With all these features working together, the cleaning potential you could achieve with this machine is huge. We are going to discuss these features shortly to let you see the bigger picture of how frighteningly impressive this vacuum really is.

Durable Battery Life

As mentioned, the battery life of this vacuum is significantly longer. As a result a bigger energy reserve allows the vacuum to work longer hours. It has been measured that the vacuum can work non-stop for approximately an hour in normal settings before needing a recharge. This number is reduced considerably to just 15 minutes if Boost Mode is on, but even this number is impressive when compared to the Boost Mode of other vacuums.

However, a bigger energy reserve comes with the downside that it takes a much longer time to recharge as well. Official numbers showed that it will take around 4.5 hours for this vacuum to reach full recharge. While that is not the worst record out there, it still takes more time when compared to the common 3.5 hours offered by other cordless vacuum models. Whether this is a hindrance to you or not is up to you to decide.

Another downside is that the vacuum has no “swapping” mechanics. “Swapping” is a common practice by cordless vacuums to switch between the main and spare batteries to extend the overall cleaning time. And the lack of this feature is not because this vacuum has no spare batteries. But this is because the design of the battery location on the vacuum makes it cumbersome to switch easily, especially in the middle of cleaning. 

dyson v11 torque vs animal

Dyson v11 torque vs animal Via: Amazon

Suction Power

The last component contributing to this vacuum’s overwhelming performance among the best vacuum cleaners is the amazing suction power. The levels of suction output this vacuum is able to produce is terrific, as it is a lot more powerful than that of any of its predecessors and most other vacuums. With this level of suction power, it only takes a few seconds to get your floor clean and shiny with all the contaminants captured. 

In terms of actual performance on floor types, the suction of the vacuum works wonders equally well on both bare floors and carpets. On carpets particularly, some users have reported that the suction is strong enough to lift their carpets up. That is a really good sign for the level of power of this vacuum’s suction. And because all settings of the vacuum work well on carpets, there’s generally no reason for you to turn up the Boost Mode that the machine offers.

This setting is meant for bare floor cleaning where it is seemingly more difficult to manipulate the contaminants to your will. In normal settings, you might face the problem of the contaminants scattering around due to the spinning of this vacuum’s brushrolls on bare floor surfaces despite the Dyson soft roller cleaner head review. In Boost Mode, the suction power increases to such a level that the vacuum easily sucks up the contaminants before they have a chance to scatter. 

Filtration System

Being of higher standards, the vacuum comes equipped with HEPA filters right from the start and so there’s no need for extra purchase. This is definitely good news for people who struggle with allergens. But that is not the only notable thing to know about the filtration system of this machine. Because the vacuum also features a sealed air filtration system that works in tandem with the already high quality HEPA filters above. 

What this does is that the system locks the air in and forces it to go through the HEPA filters. With this double-layered filtering system, the vacuum can make sure that no contaminants accidentally escape the vacuum and cause trouble. It also ensures that the filtering level of this vacuum is superior to vacuums that are only  equipped with HEPA filters or sealed air filtration. It is known that HEPA filters sometimes let slip a few contaminants, but definitely not this one.

Some other good news is that the filters of this vacuum are washable, which means you can actively keep them hygienic yourself. A Dyson V11 Animal review also endorses the filtering ability of this vacuum, helping to keep pet hair and odors out of the home atmosphere. Economically speaking, because you don’t need to order replacement for them when they get too dirty, it also saves you a lot of bills unlike other vacuums that need replacement once in a while. 

Ultimate Pet Hair Control

The Dyson V11 Absolute has a close cousin and that is the Dyson V11 Animal. These two are practically the same machine, but the V11 Animal is different in that it has superior pet hair control features when compared to other models in the V11 line. Considering that the V11 line represents the highest standards of quality, you can already imagine the level of effectiveness the V11 Animal offers when dealing with pet hair. It gets even better when you remember the filtering quality of this machine.

Attachments & Accessories

A surprising thing to know  is that this vacuum comes with an overabundant supply of tools. In fact, it comes with more additional accessories than any of its predecessors. Depending on the exact version, you would get a different set of tools. But generally, they all include a small motorized brush tool, a crevice tool, a torque tool, a dirt brush, a combo tool and a charger.

The main difference between Dyson V11 Torque and Animal is that you will have a cleaner head better equipped for carpet cleaning with the Torque, and more animal-specific features with the Animal version. The V11 Absolute is better for bare floors with its vacuum head design.

A downside is that the vacuum does not have a place for you to store all these additional accessories. And so user’s complaints about the vacuum have generally been about the inconvenience they face when carrying both the vacuum and the tool. The complaints have also been about these tools going missing or displaced too easily. Perhaps Dyson should take note of this and improve it in their upcoming versions of the vacuum.


Such a superb vacuum only attracts favorable reviews naturally. Truth to be told, here are some customers who are more than pleased with the high quality of the vacuum. No matter if it is the Dyson V11 Torque vs Animal, they all are content with the level of performance all versions of this vacuum demonstrate. And they all gave the vacuum a great review of 5 stars. 

dyson v11 animal

dyson v11 torque


Dyson Cyclone V10

dyson v11 outsize

Dyson v11 outsize Via: Amazon

While the V11 is inherently powerful, it also costs a fortune and we understand if you would like to look for a more affordable option. If you do, the next best alternative to the V11 is its immediate predecessor which is the Dyson Cyclone V10. For this option, you will have to compromise on some of the features exclusively available to the V11 when choosing this red Dyson vacuum. This includes less number of tools, shorter battery life, and an overall lower performance quality. 

Shark APEX UpLight

Shark APEX UpLight

Shark APEX UpLight Via: Amazon

It is almost inevitable that whenever the Dyson brand is mentioned, the Shark brand is going to appear somewhere. That is because the 2 brands are in a constant heated competition for the best vacuum brand. And the Shark’s candidate to go up against the Dyson V11 is this Shark APEX UpLight. For this option, the most immediate benefit is a cheaper price tag. Other than that, another benefit is that you get basically the same quality at a cheaper price. Really, the only downside to this vacuum is that it is a bit more cumbersome to use.


We hope that with the Dyson V11 reviews above, we were able to provide you with a comprehensive look into these popular vacuum cleaners.

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