Bosch Ps31 2A 12 Volt Lithium Ion 3/8 Cordless Drill Driver - Bosch Lithium Ion 12V Review

Bosch PS31 2A: Best Cordless Drill/Power Tools Kit

Dec 23, 2020

The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) movement has grown veritably expansive in the recent years. With just a single search online, you will find tutorials to construct or repair just about anything. If taking up small creative projects and fixing things around your home are things that you enjoy, having a good cordless drill is going to be an excellent investment.

In this Bosch PS31 2A review, we’ll be discussing one of the best cordless drills currently available in-depth: the titular Bosch PS31 2A. Affordable and capable enough to handle most undemanding and non-professional tasks, it’s a great overall buy for the average DIY-er and homeowner.

How to Pick A Good Cordless Drill

In case you’re new to the whole drill-shopping business, here’s a quick guide to help you get started.



Light weight
Battery life
Easy to use

A drill’s speed is calculated using revolutions per minute (RPM). The faster the RPM, the faster the drill can spin its chuck and the more powerful it is in theory.

However, drilling performance depends on a lot more things than RPM alone.

For example, the size of the bit being used will also determine how well the drill performs. If you’re drilling metal and use larger bits, it’s recommended that you reduce the RPM (11/16-inch to 1-inch bit only needs 350 - 1,000 RPM for steel drilling). Smaller bits will need higher RPM (1/16-inch to 3/16-inch bits will need as high as 3,000 RPM).

Most drills nowadays come with a multi-speed transmission system, allowing you to change the speed of the drill at will between high speed and low-speed modes.

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Torque Power

Torque is measured in pounds per inch (in/lbs). It indicates the strength of the force that the drill produced to turn the chuck. Typically, a higher torque force is the hallmark for a high-quality power tool. But you should also keep in mind that higher torque force means it’s easier to lose control of the tool.

You shouldn’t choose any drill with torque force of over 650 in/lbs. It’s risky business dealing with them unless you have specialized training.

Just like RPM multi-speed systems, modern drills usually have a clutch system to manage the torque force. Lower torque force can give you an advantage drilling on soft materials like wood. Meanwhile, a higher torque force is preferable while working on tougher, more challenging materials like steel.

Chuck Size

Chuck size tells you the kind of drill bit that you can use with the drill. There are two common types of chuck sizes: ⅜-inch or ½-inch.

Drills with ⅜-inch chuck size are considered light-duty. They only accept bits with a maximum shank diameter of ⅜ inches. On the other hand, drills with ½-inch are usually heavy-duty and designed with professional users in mind. They accept larger bits (up to ½ inches in shank diameter), which would make them more useful for advanced consumers.


It’s quite obvious from the very first glance that this Bosch 12 volt drill wasn’t designed with professional workers in mind. The drill is quite small and feels very compact in the hand. It’s also a very lightweight drill, weighing only 2.14 pounds. As a matter of fact, the PS31 2A is actually one of the lightest drills in-class.

The head length measures about 7 inches, which makes it highly maneuverable in tight corners.

Bosch 12 volt drill is light and has a soft rubber-padded grip for easier handling

Bosch 12 volt drill is light and has a soft rubber-padded grip for easier handling Via: Amazon

Combining the compact and lightweight design with the short head length, this Bosch mini drill turns out to be an ideal drill for working in awkward spaces. You can use it to fix things in the attic, behind furniture, or on the ceiling with relative ease.

Bosch has also given the PS31 2A a soft rubber-padded grip for easier handling. Your drilling motions will be more accurate. Of course, if you have to work for long periods of time, you’ll be less prone to fatigue, as well.

Bosch 12 volt cordless drill

Bosch 12 volt cordless drill Via: Amazon

When it comes to performance, you shouldn’t expect too much from this Bosch 12V cordless drill. Like previously mentioned, this drill isn’t meant for heavy-duty jobs. After all, it’s equipped with a small ⅜-inch chuck. Fortunately, it still has the drilling power necessary to punch holes through standard 2x12 lumber with a 1-inch spade bit.

Sure, it doesn’t do the job as quickly as more powerful models, but it can do the job without stalling. And aside from 2x12 lumber, it can also drill through steel sheets as long as you pick the right bit for the job.

To get that kind of performance, the drill’s motor drives the drill at a top speed of 1,300 RPM and torque of 265 inch-pounds. The drill’s power is adjustable with a two-speed setting and a 20+1 clutch setting. With these functions, you can flexibly control both the RPM and the torque power to suit the job’s requirement.

The Bosch cordless drill 12V runs on Lithium-ion battery cells. Li-ion cells are more durable and energy-dense than older battery techs, meaning that they are long-lasting and capable of generating immense power. Battery life is solid and each cell definitely holds enough energy for you to complete light tasks.

A bonus that Bosch gave the PS31 2A is an LED headlight. It further improves the drill’s usability by allowing the user to work in the dark.


Powerful Motor

Despite its small size and limited power, you won’t find yourself in need of having the largest, most powerful cordless drills all the time. This is especially true if the bulk of what you often do is small DIY projects and home renovating.

The Bosch PS31 2A’s performance is suitable for most people. Like previously stated, its motor can generate a top speed of 0-1,300 RPM. You can throttle it down for a lower speed (0-350 RPM) when needed.

Its performance is suitable for most people

Its performance is suitable for most people Via: Amazon

As for torque, the Bosch small drill can put out 265 in-lbs of torque force. There’s a 20+1 clutch system for you to adjust the torque to the level you want.

Overall, the drill doesn’t perform half bad if you have reasonable expectations. It can drill through wood and thin metal sheets without difficulty. The drill can also handle some heavier-duty tasks like installing doors and locks without going into overload protection, as well. That’s according to some Bosch PS31 2A reviews we’ve seen from customers.

The motor is quite cool when it’s used for light-duty jobs. But you can definitely feel the motor housing heating up quickly when it’s put to work on tasks that’s more challenging than it’s comfortable with.

Noise level is acceptable. It is most definitely not the quietest drills we’ve ever seen, but it’s quiet enough to not be an annoyance even on maximum power.

Lightweight And Compact Design

Most customers in their Bosch PS31 2A reviews agreed that this Bosch 12V Lithium ion drill is very lightweight and compact. It weighs 2.14 pounds and so is lightweight enough for absolutely everyone from every skill level to handle it easily.

 Bosch 12v lithium ion drill

 Bosch 12V Lithium Ion drill Via: Amazon

The build quality of the drill is great. It is constructed from a combination of ABS plastic and nylon that, when combined, provides excellent durability. If you’re a professional and wish to bring it to your job site, it will definitely be able to withstand the environment without being damaged. According to the Bosch PS31 manual, the drill can survive a 12 feet drop without significant damage.

Soft rubber is used for the front and back of the grip. Bosch also put a patch of rubber on the motor housing to make it easier for the user to drive down the drill when applying force.

It’s not uncommon for us to haphazardly throw the drill onto a table when we’re finished drilling. Thus, Bosch designed the drill with a thick rubber block attached to the side of the body. It serves as a landing contact point and absorbs the impact.

Most people (including us) are pleased with the design. From its size, weight, to durability, this Bosch mini drill stands up well to scrutiny.

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High Capacity Lithium-ion Batter

Since it is a cordless drill, the PS31 2A uses an internal Lithium-ion battery cell for power. We’ve mentioned in the overview how the battery life is solid, and it is.

It’s very difficult to tell accurately how long the battery will last, since it all depends on the kind of material you’re working on, the kind of bit you use, and the power settings.

Nonetheless, most people said in their Bosch 12V drill reviews that they can finish all of their drilling jobs before the battery runs out. This is quite impressive for such a small drill.

There is a battery indicator on the drill to tell you specifically how much charge you got left.

Another thing that we like about the Bosch drill battery 12V is that it is interchangeable. In fact, the PS31 2A comes with two battery cells in the box. When one runs out and you still have things to do, quickly switch the other one in and you’re good to go.

The batteries charge quickly. From the point of depletion, it only takes each about 3 to 4 hours to get back up to 100%. Extra batteries can be purchased if needed. The serial model for the PS31 2A’s battery is BAT414.

Bosch 12V drill uses the high Capacity Lithium-ion Battery for power

Bosch 12V drill uses the high Capacity Lithium-ion Battery for power Via: Amazon

⅜-inch Chuck

The Bosch PS31 2A has a maximum chuck size of ⅜-inch. It cannot accept the larger bit types out there, so this drill is solidly in the light duty team.

Bits can be interchanged quickly and smoothly. The chuck is textured to give you a better grip on it. However, it can get pretty slippery if your hands were to sweat up if you use the drill without gloves.

One thing we don’t like about the chuck is that it’s made from plastic. Plastic chucks have an irksome tendency to loosen up after a period of use. In the same price range as this Bosch cordless drill 12V, you can find models with sturdier chucks. However, they’re almost certainly not as light as the PS31 2A.

Storage Case

The drill comes with a fairly robust and well thought-out protective case. It has a strong zipper and a soft fabric liner is stitched into the case to further protect the tools. You can secure the drill and all of its components using flexible or hook-n-loop straps inside.

Unfortunately, the case only has enough space inside to store the drill, the battery, and the charger. It doesn’t have any dedicated compartments to hold any of your bits. You’ll have to transport them separately, which is a bit annoying but nothing too serious.


Don’t like what the Bosch PS31 2A has to offer? We got a few more drill models lined up for further consideration. The following are comparable models that you could consider instead of the Bosch PS31 2A.

#1- Bosch PS32-02

The Bosch PS32-02 is the improved version for the PS31 2A. The outward experience between either model is extremely similar, but they are a world apart on the inside.

Bosch PS32-02

Bosch PS32-02 Via: Amazon

The PS32-02 features a new brushless motor and an upgraded gearbox. As a result, this drill can run more efficiently and last longer (2 times longer, according to Bosch) compared to previous versions.

Battery life is a fair bit better than the PS31 2A. This model also performs better on the lower speed regime, as well, being capable of reaching 0-400 RPM. The high speed setting is the same as the PS31 2A, measuring 0-1300 RPM.

Torque force is 265 in-lbs and is controllable with a 20+1 clutch setting.

Chuck size is ⅜-inch, so despite the improved performance and efficiency, the PS32-02 should only be used for light duty jobs. You shouldn’t run into any issue pushing it a little bit out of its comfort’s zone.

PS32-02 should only be used for light duty jobs

PS32-02 should only be used for light duty jobs Via: Amazon

The PS32-02 comes with a greater amount of accessories, also. Other than the carrying case, there’s also a belt clip and bit storage. It makes transporting bits significantly easier. Furthermore, since the case doesn’t offer space for bits, you don’t have to purchase a bit holder separately.

#2- Bosch PS41-2A

While the head length of the PS31 2A and the PS32-02 are both quite short already, if you need something even shorter, the PS41-2A is the model to go for. Its head length is one of the shortest in-class, measuring only 5.4 inches. This makes it suitable to work in especially tight spaces and cramped corners.

With its compact size and the driver weighs 2 pounds, making it equally well-suited for continuous overhead work

With its compact size and the driver weighs 2 pounds, making it equally well-suited for continuous overhead work Via: Amazon

The most surprising part is that despite being much more compact than the two previous models, the PS41-2A is significantly more powerful.

Its motor can output a torque force of 930 in-lbs and has a maximum speed of 930 in-lbs. To get the most out of the performance increase, Bosch has given the drill a larger ¼-inch hex chuck. It can accommodate larger bits than the ⅜-inch chuck other models got and make your works easier.

Due to the greater performance, it can be used by professionals as a compact tool in tight spaces.

Bosch PS41-2A

Bosch PS41-2A Via: Amazon

Battery life is similar to the other versions. Each cell can handle a lot of work before running out of charge. When they do, they recharge fairly quickly, so no problem there.

#3- DeWalt DCD771C2

If you want a choice that’s different from Bosch, DeWalt is side-by-side with the company as one of the most reputable manufacturers in the industry. In the company’s portfolio, the DCD771C2 cordless drill is the model comparable to the PS31 2A in terms of performance, design, and price.

DeWalt DCD771C2

DeWalt DCD771C2 Via: Amazon

The drill’s motor has a two-speed setting, ranging from a low mode (0-450 RPM) to a high mode (0-1500 RPM). This is a bit more powerful than the PS31 2A. The torque force of the DCD771C2 is better, too, at 530 in-lbs.

In spite of the more powerful performance, DCD771C2 is still squarely a light duty drill with its ⅜-inch chuck size.

Though DeWalt considers the drill as a “lightweight and compact” model, it is much larger and heavier than the PS31 2A. This is mostly because of the larger motor that’s packed inside of the drill.

DeWalt DCD771C2 was designed to be lightweight and compact

DeWalt DCD771C2 was designed to be lightweight and compact Via: Amazon

Most of the DeWalt DCD771C2 reviews regarding the drill’s battery life is positive. You have an extra battery cell in the box for interchanging.

There aren’t many accessories in the box other than the 2 batteries, the charger, and the protective case. However, there’s an optional drill bit set if you haven’t got some already.


There are many compact and lightweight drill sets, but the models we mentioned are among the best cordless drills on the chart. As long as you keep your expectations about their performance realistic, we’re sure that you’re going to be satisfied with them.

We hope you have enjoyed this Bosch PS31 2A review, happy shopping!


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