Breville Smart Grinder Pro Review - The Breville Bcg820Bssxl Smart Grinder Pro

Breville Smart Grinder Pro: A Real Game Changer?

Jan 30, 2021

For coffee lovers, we all know how important it is to have the coffee beans properly grounded so they provide the best tastes for your brews. Too fine and your coffee will taste quite bitter. Or if the grounds are too coarse, then you won’t taste much of the flavor.

That being said, you should really consider this interesting product from Breville, with the BCG820BSSXL Smart Grinder. With great precision and useful settings, you can always be happy with the quality of your coffee.

Learn more about this product with our Breville smart grinder pro review, as we talk about its features and how they can assist you in brewing the most delicious cups of coffee. And at the same time, also consider our alternatives if you have other priorities when it comes to your coffee brewing preferences


Easy to use
Quality of material
Easy to clean

About the Breville smart grinder pro

The Breville smart grinder pro is the latest and more advanced version of coffee grinder from Breville, following the successful launches of the well-received Breville Smart Grinder. Now, java lovers can have access to many useful settings with upgraded features and improved user experience.

Start by making use of the more detailed grind settings, with up to a few hundred options, which allow you to further customize the coffee grounds, from the finest to the coarsest grinds. This will make it extremely easy for homeowners to work on their different types of coffee and achieve the best tastes for each of them.

Also, thanks to the precision timer, you can easily set the time for your grinds to ensure consistent batches every time. Feel free to adjust the time settings and the amount of shots to have the machine automatically adjust its operations. This will allow you to consistently produce the right grinds.

And at the same time, the machine also comes with a variety of different equipment, which will make it a lot more usable in many cases. All of which should make your entire experience a lot more convenient and enjoyable.

The product is great for home users at any levels

The product is great for home users at any levels


  • Features premium stainless steel construction
  • Many grind settings to work with
  • Precision Electronic Timer to enable different grind times
  • Easy to work with
  • Useful equipment to make the job easier
  • Good price for the values


  • Often struggle with large and hard beans

Features & Benefits

In the following articles, we’ll further discuss the certain features on the product and how it may benefit your everyday uses. Feel free to consider the in-depth Breville smart grinder pro review to decide if it’s right for you.

Premium stainless steel conical burrs

Right off the bat, users should be impressed by the premium look of the product. With a shiny and clean metal finish, which is quite rare in products from this price range, you won’t find a better looking machine than the Breville BCG820BSSXL.

In addition, most of the interior is also made from premium materials to improve the grinding quality. Here, you will have stainless steel conical burrs working to easily grind any coffee beans. The high-quality material is designed to minimize the grinding temperature and preserve the essential oils from the beans. This will make sure that your coffee will taste exactly how it is intended.

The modern and clean metal finish will promote its look

The modern and clean metal finish will promote its look

Many grind settings to work with

And speaking of which, the burr itself features 10 levels of adjustment, which will allow coffee lovers to easily work on refining the grinder settings. Simply take out the burr and turn it to switch the levels.

In addition, the smart Breville espresso grinder also provides many programmable settings, which allow you to work on the finest Espresso or the coarsest French Press batches. Simply turn the knob to adjust between 60 precise grind settings to work on any of your beans.

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This, together with the burr adjustments, will enable a variety of different grinding options for homeowners, with up to hundreds of different choices.

However, the machine isn’t perfect, as you can easily notice its shortcomings when working on multiple batches of really fine Espresso in a long period of time. The grinder might not be up to the challenge and will produce uneven grinds. That being said, for home users who only need a few batches a day, you’ll still find the machine more than capable.

Useful Precision Electronic Timer to ensure the consistency

On the Breville coffee grinder, the included Precision Electronic Timer will make sure that coffee lovers will have the perfect grinding experiences for their every batch and preferences.

Feel free to adjust the grinding time in 0.2 second increments. This will allow you to easily make any changes to coarseness. In addition, you can now change the amount of cups and the machine will automatically customize the grinding time to better match your preferences.

To make things more convenient, the machine can remember your settings to continue with the previously programmed time and cups. This will ensure a consistent dose of coffee every time you use the coffee grinder. And if you wish to make certain changes, feel free to update the settings and let the machine memorize the new settings.

The precision timer control will enable accurate doses

The precision timer control will enable accurate doses

Properly designed coffee hopper

To make sure that you can easily work with any of your coffee beans, the Breville smart coffee grinder pro features the properly designed coffee hopper. An 18-ounce coffee bean capacity means the machine can easily load enough beans for your multiple grinds.

In addition, if you ever need to take out the hopper, then the useful locking system will prevent any droppings. Simply turn the switch clockwise to completely seal the bottom of the hopper. You can then then easily remove or add new beans to your machines without any troubles.

Grind your coffee into any containers

And for those of you who are interested, you can now have multiple choices for the container and filters, which will make the machine extremely accessible and flexible. 

Feel free to grind your coffee on the gold tone filter basket and the standard paper filter without any trouble. Or you could use the portafilter to catch the coffee grind. The machine features two useful portafilter cradles, which can easily fit on the small 50 and 54 millimeter models or the larger 58 millimeter ones.

Plus, you can also store coffee directly into the grind container. Simply close the air tight lid to seal the coffee essences inside and always have it ready whenever you need to brew a new batch. With intuitive marks of volume, you can easily work with your stored coffee grind inside the container.

Also, if you ever notice the grinded coffee is starting to build up over the filter, you can simply pause the machine and give it a few shakes to prevent overflowing. Continue the grinding process with a tap on the pause button.

When using a portafilter, the grinding process is even more straightforward, as you only need to push in your portafilter to trigger the manual grinding button. Simply release it to stop the grinding process on your Breville burr coffee grinder.

Keep the grinded coffee in the container or use filters

Keep the grinded coffee in the container or use filters

Other thoughtful features

And last but not least, while these are not among the main concerns of many consumers when shopping for a new coffee grinder, we do find the additional and thoughtful features on the Breville smart grinder are quite useful and convenient in many cases.

Here, you can always keep tabs on the brewing process by checking the intuitive LCD display. And whenever you make any settings, the changes will be automatically updated on the display for easier monitoring.

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To make it more comfortable when working with the cable, the breville BCG820BSSXL smart grinder also enables the safe and assisted power plug for all users. With the thoughtful finger hole in the middle, you can easily push and pull it from the electric outlet without any risks of getting electrocuted. In addition, the convenient cord storage system at the bottom will enable clean wiring at your kitchen counter.

Last but not least, the burrs can easily be removed and inserted, which will allow you to clean them quickly and effectively. And thanks to the included Breville Conical Burr Cleaning Brush, it’s quite easy to pick out all the remaining and keep your machine completely clean.

The stainless steel bur can be easily removed for cleaning and adjustments

The stainless steel bur can be easily removed for cleaning and adjustments


While the machine is considered the best coffee grinder, we also understand that different users will have their specific preferences which are completely different from others. Hence, we also include in our Breville smart grinder pro review other worthy products, each offering its own top-rated features in the respective categories. As a result, you’ll find it quite easy to select the right coffee grinder for your certain tastes.

#1- Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Get the Baratza Encore for entry-level users

Get the Baratza Encore for entry-level users Via: Amazon

For those of you who are looking for an entry-level grinder that can still scale up when you get more experienced with the art of brewing, the Baratza Encore is certainly a great choice.

It has all the features that you need to get started and the user friendly controls will make it quite easy when trying new brewing options. A simple switch of the on and off knob will enable or turn off the machine, respectively. And during the grinding process, you can easily stop the machine with the pause button. Feel free to make any changes during the time and continue the progress with just one simple tap on the same button.

Feel free to work with 40 different grind settings, which can be easily controlled by turning the hopper around. Follow the marked instructions at the grind scale, you can comfortably select the right level of coarseness for your java. Also, the transparent container will let you see how quick it is to turn your delicious beans into freshly grinded coffee.

In addition, with two choices of color, you can easily fit the machine in your kitchen.

And last but not least, with a relatively affordable pricing, many consumers won’t have any trouble getting the grinder for their home use.

#2- Baratza Virtuoso+ Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Get the upgraded version of the Encore with the Virtuoso+

Get the upgraded version of the Encore with the Virtuoso+ Via: Amazon

If you are interested in the Encore and would love to explore more features with your Baratza burr grinder, then the Baratza Virtuoso+ is undoubtedly a worthy option. Here, users can enjoy working with a fully-featured coffee grinding machine, which will allow them to fine tune their java grind in many convenient ways.

Start by enjoying all the useful features that were available on the Encore, most notably, the 40 grind settings that allow you to freely adjust the levels of coarseness for different brewing methods. This should get your machine ready for many cases of use.

In addition, to make the grinding experiences a lot easier, Baratza also included the useful digital timer, which allows you to control and monitor the grinding time on any coffee bean products. Simply adjust the right time by following the given instructions for certain beans and you can effortlessly get them ready for brewing.

And together with the transparent container, the Baratza Virtuoso+ also features its LED backlit, which will allow you to intuitively monitor the dosing.

However, with a higher pricing, the Virtuoso isn’t suited for many budget users, as it won’t bring many changes in terms of raw power.

For more information, you can always check out our in-depth Baratza Virtuoso Reviews.

#3- Bodum BISTRO Burr Coffee Grinder

Enjoy this affordable and functional model from Bodum

Enjoy this affordable and functional model from Bodum

If you’re really interested in the programmable settings in the Breville smart grinder, but can’t afford the product, then the Bodum BISTRO Burr Coffee Grinder is always a great budget pick for you. In fact, it’s also the cheapest product in our list.

With the budget pick, coffee lovers can easily be happy with what they get from the machine. Here, you can still enjoy the benefits of having the stainless steel conical burr setup, which will ensure the grinding quality.

Also, the machine does come with the useful pre-set timer which allows you to always grind the right amount of coffee. The coarseness settings are pretty much similar to the two machines above, but are reduced to only 12 options. And the timer, while isn’t a digital version, can still work great with its intuitive switch.

Just keep in mind that you’ll need to work with the machine for a few times to learn how to properly set up the right burr settings and grinding time. However, considering the price for its values, you can always be happy with your choice of java grinder.


Thanks to our in-depth Breville smart grinder pro review, you can be completely confident in the product and its benefits.

With accessible and easy to use features, along with the advanced precision timer and coarseness settings, the breville smart grinder pro is undoubtedly a bargain for all coffeeholics, even for its mid-tier price point.

Now, you can comfortably grind your coffee beans and brew delicious cups of java to your personal tastes.

And if you’re interested in other features, then our worthy alternatives will make you happy with your choices of coffee grinder. Feel free to click out the following links to see any of your favorite products.

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