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Salomon x Ultra Mid 2 gtx Review: The Must-Have Boots for Part-time Hiking Enthusiasts

Choosing hiking boots is sometimes like choosing a life partner (for those who see hiking as an indispensable part of their lives of course). For that, the Salomon x Ultra Mid 2 gtx can be a loyal partner during your hike while giving you the utmost support and comfort. Not convinced enough? Scroll down for more!

Are blisters giving you a hard time post-hiking? Do your boots not have enough ankle support (not as much as the manufacturer claims)? Are you looking for a pair of boots that is not too much for a little walk in the woods and, at the same time, good for long-distance hiking?

If your answer is Yes Yes Yes, then the light-weight and multifunctional Salomon x Ultra Mid gtx 2 hiking boots can be your next best trekking buddy!


Water resistance

So, what’s special about the Salomon x Ultra Mid 2 gtx hiking boots?

Salomon Men's X Ultra Mid 2 GTX


A quick look at its features:

≫ 100% Leather/Fabric
≫ Shaft measures approximately 5 inch from arch
≫ Lace-up hiking shoe with speed-hook hardware featuring breathable mesh panels and protective rubber toe cap
≫ Gusseted tongue to eliminate debris from entering the shoe
≫ GORE-TEX waterproof lining
≫ Sensifit cradles the foot from the midsole to the lacing system, providing a secure, snug, and virtually customized fit all around the foot
≫ CONTRAGRIP traction outsole.

Product specifications:

☑ Best use: Hiking
☑ Footwear height: Over the ankle
☑ Footwear closure: Lace-up
☑ Waterproof: Yes
☑ Upper: Suede leather / nylon
☑ Lining: Waterproof breathable membrane/polyester
☑ Midsole: Dual-density EVA
☑ Support: Thermoplastic urethane plate
☑ Outsole: Rubber blend
☑ Weight (pair): 2 lbs. 2 oz.
☑ Gender: Men & Women

In this day and age, it has become somewhat common for there to be more technology crammed into a pair of best  hiking shoes than a space shuttle. Therefore, if some of the technical features sound like language from a foreign land, don’t break a sweat just yet, and bear with me.

In this post, I will summarize some unique features of the Salomon x ultra mid 2 gtx hiking boots that are claimed by the manufacturer and fact-checked by real users. 

This pair of boots are rated at 4.5 on Amazon with many positive reviews, but just like any kind of product, it is subject to imperfections. Also, personal taste plays an important role in choosing an ideal pair of hiking shoes. 

My goal for this Salomon x ultra 2 gtx mid review is not to convince you to buy Salomon but to show you the pros and cons of this pair of hiking shoes. Ultimately, it’s you who decides if this speaks to your hiking needs or not.

Speaking of pros and cons, let’s do a quick run-through of the Salomon x ultra mid 2 gtx hiking boots in terms of thumbs up and thumbs down:

Thumbs up:

≫  Lightweight
≫  Wide, comfortable stance
≫  Water resistant
≫  Cushioned feel
≫  Company backs defects well
≫  Great weather protection
≫  Short break-in time

Thumbs down:

≫  Thin underfoot protection
≫  Sore feet when heavily loaded
≫  Unstable laces: might come off quite easily while walking

What can you expect from the Salomon x ultra 2 gtx hiking boots?

Salomon Men's X Ultra Mid 2 GTX

Multi-surface and multi-weather-compatible hiking boots

One of the things that distinguishes this Salomon is that it works well in many types of terrain, from moderate to technical. I am pretty sure that you would not feel overdressed nor overly prepared when taking this pair of hiking boots on a walk in nature. 

Unfavorable weather conditions would not pose any major problems on the Salomon men's x ultra mid 2 gtx multifunctional hiking boot, as it is equipped with GORE-TEX performance comfort footwear technology that ensures breathable, waterproof protection from outside factors. 

This feature allows you to wear the boots in either hot or cold weather without fear of cold feet or ‘feet sauna.’ Therefore, if you’re planning to go on a hike when travelling to a tropical country with your besties, don’t forget to bring a pair of Salomon women’s x ultra mid 2 gtx hiking shoe with you!

Lightweight, dry, and comfy walks

On average, a pair of hiking boots weighs roughly 2 pounds (equivalent of 907g). The number, however, also varies between men and women, the sizes, and is most affected by the outsole. 

A pair of Salomon men's x ultra mid 2 gtx multifunctional hiking boots (size US 9M) only weighs up to 16.8 oz, which is almost half the weight of conventional hiking boots. 

They sound light on paper and feel light on the feet, too! My first experience with the Salomon x ultra mid 2 gtx women’s was during my weekly hike in Barton Creek Greenbelt Trail (any Austinese folks out there?). 

It was drizzling a bit when my girls and I were driving to the trail, which concerned me about the Salomon’s ability to support my balance on its debut day. 

It felt as light as trainer shoes and sturdy as heavy-duty boots! The hike ended with satisfying results with no twisted ankles or blisters. Thanks to the Contagrip feature, the boots helped me remain upright on slippery, grassy gradients, muddy trails, and rocks.

Even though I felt right ‘at home’ when taking this pair of Salomon boots on the first field trip, depending on each person’s conditions, that might require some break-in time. 

As light and comfortable as they are, make sure you don’t carry heavy loads when wearing these, due to insufficient ankle support. Since the boots are mid-raise, they do not offer enough stability for treks that are long, on overly difficult terrain, or with heavy backpacks. 

Another point that hikers need to pay attention to when considering buying a pair of Salomon x ultra mid 2 gtx men’s is their thin foot protection. The boots may have the advantage of being lightweight, but this also means some protective features have been omitted. 

If the trail you are planning to conquer is notorious for causing torn shoes from scattered sharp-edged objects, be aware and opt for sturdier hiking boots that offer extra underfoot protection. 

Robust physique and athletic look

Salomon Men's X Ultra Mid 2 GTX



If you are someone like me who thinks trekking boots can be both strong and aesthetically satisfying, then a pair of Salomon women’s x ultra mid 2 gtx hiking shoe should be on your Christmas wishlist (it’s never too soon to talk about Christmas, right?).

Overall, I would give this Salomon 4 out of 5 for the interior design. Even though I mentioned the thin underfoot protection earlier, you will not feel the stones poking through the soles like with other lightweight trekking boots. 

On top of that, the rubber toe cap provides adequate coverage at the front of the boot, with heel protection behind, working together to help you smooth your way through rocky scrambles. 

Even though the manufacturer claims that the Salomon men's x ultra mid 2 gtx hiking boots offer optimal waterproofing ability, refrain from crossing a one-mile-long river with this, as some trekkers report small leaks through the stitching. 

With regard to the design, I can say that the company did a pretty good job. It gives a rugged feel without looking too aggressive. 

You can say this Salomon is a ‘hybrid’, as it gives the athletic looks of a trainer but proves itself ready for the most difficult trail. 

One of my favorite points of this hiking boot is the metal eyelet. Compared to most lightweight boots, which often come with fabric incarnations, these metal eyelets work to better stabilize the shoelace, which gives you a hassle-free hike. 

However, some buyers also report experiencing frequently undone shoelaces when wearing a Salomon x ultra mid gtx 2, so make sure to double check the lace’s condition before taking the boots on the trail. 

What do other people say about the Salomon x ultra mid gtx 2?

A quick glimpse at the review section for this product on Amazon, and I can tell that the Salomon x ultra mid gtx 2 receives a respectable amount of thumbs up feedback. 

Many praises were given for its compatibility to different occasions but complaints for its lack of focus for specific activities (a winter mountain trip, for example). 

Since this pair of boots is not equipped for extreme weather conditions, it’s best to bring heavy-duty boots that work best on a particular terrain. 

Other complaints concern its not being completely waterproof as advertised. Honestly, I think that fully water-resistant would be somewhat impossible for lightweight hiking boots (who ever got the best of everything, right?).

Don’t worry too much about this, just don’t take them out too often under heavy rain (or don’t wear them at all, if you’re planning to cross a river).

Highlight features and benefits of the Salomon x ultra mid gtx 2

➣ Multifunctional: work well in different occasions and weather
➣ Lightweight: give extra comfort for hikers
➣ Great weather protection
➣ OrthoLite sockliner technology that ensures healthy, dry environment for feet
➣ Non-marking Contagrip technology works to strengthen grip and stability
➣ Gusseted tongue helps keep the debris out
➣ Protective rubber toe cap
➣ Breathable fabric lining for a great in-shoe feel

Final take-aways:

Overall, I am impressed with what the Salomon x ultra mid gtx 2 has to offer. If you are not too much of a die-hard hiking fan, and only hit the trail for leisure, then this should be a good match for you. Being lightweight while giving sufficient support, this pair of Salomon boots will give you a painless and safe hiking experience on most trails. 

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